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  1. roofer

    My E34 540i 6-speed manual.

    Much lust for this
  2. roofer

    G30 530e Msport Arrived Today

    Me too, and the badges on the C Pillar. Epic colour though.
  3. roofer

    Dpf regen help?

    Carly will usually show glowplug faults. You need to clear these on the move. last one I did was on an 09 X5, it took multiple clears before the regent bit. Over half a tank, and correct temp also required. Took about 20 miles at a constant 70 mph. Which isn’t easy!
  4. roofer

    Van drivers

    Bet that van driver was a woman as well !
  5. roofer

    Bloody women drivers!

    Mumsnet.... it’s >>>>>
  6. roofer

    Bloody women drivers!

    Whatever turns you on....
  7. roofer

    Bloody women drivers!

    Says the bloke with a womans arse as his avatar ? It was a woman that did it, in a Disco....does it get any worse ? Or has pc bollox infested the forum ?
  8. roofer

    Motormania 2019, Grantown on Spey

    Some nice motors there. Makes me feel,old knowing i’ve had at least half of them in various versions I’d still like to get a mint black DS though, always wanted one after watching Day of the Jackal.
  9. roofer

    Rear tyres

    My X5 used to knock the inner rear out in 20k miles. Current 330d has 33 k on the clock, and tyres are still at 5mm, no inner edge wear of note, but front shoulders are looking on the way. Bridgestone RFT things.
  10. roofer

    Secondary trailer couplings.

    Your existing with one of these ? http://www.gsproducts.co.uk/chain-repair-links/
  11. roofer

    Really liking this, but....

  12. roofer

    New wheels

    That looks the danglers
  13. Driving to the petrol station this morning and filling up....leaving my wallet indoors. Much effing and blinding, and the sloth at the till didn’t help matters.
  14. roofer

    2001 E39 M5 - SOLD

    Nice to see one sensibly priced for a change. Best of luck with the sale bud.
  15. roofer

    Peaceful protest.

    Guardian, the lefts Daily Mail.