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  1. Staying in France

    Dover, hth.
  2. which obd2 tool for dpf Regen?

    I have used Carly, but you have to keep clearing fault codes . Didn’t last long though.
  3. BMW CIC Drive

    Any recommendations for a decent repairer ? Mates 2009 X5 unit is playing up.
  4. 5s here, and it is laggy. Cunts at Apple.
  5. X looks like a Volvo !
  6. Terror incident on the Tube in London

    Outlaw Islam in the UK ? Why is it here ?
  7. What a landing!

  8. Eejit of the week award?

    Ignorant bastard, i'd have given him a tug as well. Well done, twat might think twice next time.
  9. No preference here....
  10. RIP Keith (Urquattro)

    Sad news indeed. May the man RIP.
  11. Mayweather vs McGregor

    Biggest mis match of all time. M'Cregor wouldn't be used for sparring in the local ABA club.
  12. Mayweather vs McGregor

    Mayweather will slap M'Cregor around for a few rounds, then deck him. There's always a punchers chance, but a brawler fighting a scientist is only going to go one way.
  13. XC90 yeah or Nae?!?

    Had a sales rep visit today in one, he reckoned 400 odd brake and 60 in under 6 seconds ! Was a piece of kit with 21's on the lot.
  14. Done a stone in 6 weeks, grilled meat and salad, cut the Bacardi down to a litre a week All,in all, it means i'm not as fat a yowwww.