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  1. jonah

    Ginger biscuits

    How weird is that?! I was in an out of quite a few shops yesterday and wondered why they all seemed to be out of stock at the same time...
  2. jonah

    RIP Donut

    Oh wow! Don't get on here too much these days, so I've only just seen this. Sad news.
  3. jonah

    535i gearbox old chestnut question

    The integral bellhousing box is the Getrag 260, but as there are 260s without the bellhousing sensors you'll have to make sure it's specifically for the b34 motor.
  4. jonah

    e28 engine mounts

    A late 520 will have dogbones. The front panel is different on a 520, you will need to remove some sheet metal to fit the 2.8 radiator.
  5. jonah

    Starting issue, starter actuator?

    If you replace the starter fit the e34 m30 type, the body is thinner and it's much easier to get to the mounting bolts.
  6. jonah

    Lancaster bombers over Derwent dam today

    Saw them at Southport yesterday, fantastic! Let's hope Harold Panton achieves his dream of getting another airworthy, and we may yet see 3 of them fly together.
  7. jonah

    What do we as a nation do with ISIS?

    What sane person wouldn't have a dim view of obviously man made nonsense that's ruined, and continues to ruin, the lives of millions of people? Misguided? Is that coming from someone with an imaginary friend?
  8. jonah

    What do we as a nation do with ISIS?

    Why do you think your muslim brothers and sisters so mentally deficient? Can they not think for themselves? The last thing human kind needs is Islam to be in charge of anything, all States should be secular. I know the Quran teaches muslims they are superior to anyone else, but why should muslims have the right to rule over others who don't share their evidence free beliefs? Or should Islamic countries be cleansed of infidels? This notion of superiority is hardly borne out by facts either, or why is the Islamic world so backward? This guy gets it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAMv7c2YEPs
  9. jonah

    What do we as a nation do with ISIS?

    All religion is bullshit, but at this moment in history Islam is without doubt the worst of it. ISIS get the warrant for what they do from the Quran, they don't have to twist their faith because the Quran is full of savagery and barbarism. muhammad spread Islam by the sword, and ISIS are just following the lead of their mentally ill prophet, and the will of his imaginary friend. We can only hope that sometime in the not too distant future, the god of Abraham will be thrown into the dustbin of history with all the other man made gods that nobody worships anymore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9yug4o6G08
  10. http://turbochargingdynamics.com/?wpsc_product_category=m30-turbo-exhaust-kits
  11. jonah

    Metrics What should I do?

    The 15 indicates they are 15 inch diameter tyres, so unless someone has managed to fit them to metric rims, impossible I'd have thought, they're not metric. An e34 metric wheel would have a 390 (mm) diameter tyre on it.
  12. jonah

    e34 M5 engine conversion

    Yes, obviously the opposite for a RHD car, n/s mount bolts on, o/s requires some imagination, or Jimmy to do it for you!
  13. jonah

    e34 M5 engine conversion

    Sorry Jimmy only just seen this. Yes, the plate you made gives the offside engine mount the required 4 points to bolt to, as there are only 3 bosses available, at least on that block anyway. Works perfectly. I do have some pictures somewhere if anyone wants to see them?
  14. jonah

    Anyone had an E32?

    The first 3.5 e32s had the b34 in, but as the b30 and b35 were replacements for the b28 and b34, I imagine a 730 would be set up for the later version of the engine?
  15. jonah

    e34 M5 engine conversion

    Have a look here: http://www.m535i.org/officers/ra/38.html