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  1. OEM DAB Retro-Fit Guide

    Quick question on this, folks. I don't suppose the OEM BMW unit for the E60 CCC is DAB+ compatible?
  2. Rough idling 1997 523i

    Welcome Probably a camshaft position sensor. No great shakes, not a lot of money. If it's that, you'll probably find that when you say it accelerates OK, you'll find out that it wasn't.
  3. Deer oh deer

    An insurance repair quote will be a lot higher than a personal quote, in the great majority of cases. One bodyshop close to me actually advertises significant discounts for non-insurance jobs, on the basis that it's more affordable to the punter, and better for the shop as they get paid straight away instead of having to wait. Is it worth getting a second opinion? Good used parts can be used too. I didn't go through insurance for mine because there was no point, they'd write off my E39 straight away. I sorned it, garaged it and had it fixed (properly) at my leisure over the next couple of years. No Cat classification, and I still own the car. A 550 is a rare beast, worth considering other options for, IMO.
  4. Bremslicht Prüfen but brake lights are ok

    That would cause the error in my experience. Either wiring or the unit itself.
  5. Bremslicht Prüfen but brake lights are ok

    Both brake lights are working, and the centre one? The centre one is the light that a number of people miss.
  6. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    It's in and it works. For how long, who knows. Was a bit of a bugger of a job getting it to fit flush with the comedy replacement cage. It needs to be built up and then persuaded to adopt the right shape to fit, it's the first time I've used a hammer in a tool kit to fit a radio. It also took a while to figure out that rather a lot needs to come off the get the OEM cage out. I have left the MID connection accessible for clock resetting and other things, coming out into the drivers footwell. The trouble with the DSP setup is that it remembers the last settings and the new headunit operates within those parameters, so having the old radio turned down nice and low when you take it out means the new one doesn't go very loud. So, the volume control is on the MID and I can plug it in easily. It's not particularly elegant though, will probably find a way to tuck it somewhere so it cannot be seen.
  7. Deer oh deer

    My E39 cost about 3.5K to fix after it's deer strike. Repaired and painted wing, bonnet and drivers door, replaced bumper, arch lining, radiator, foglight and headlight which were destroyed. Didn't go through insurance. It wasn't a big animal though.
  8. 535i vs 535d

    I've been looking for a 535i for a year, they're rarer than unicorn shit in the spec I want. What few that come up are often black which I don't want, or poverty spec which I don't want, or stupidly priced because they are suddenly very desirable, which unsurprisingly I don't want either. I've given up now, gonna stick with my E60 535d till it dies.
  9. Japanese Import E39s

    Clocks would be in Km/h only. Do they change those for the UK? I think it is a legal requirement. I have a Mazda Bongo bought from the importer, and they changed the speedo face to MPH, but mileage is still recorded in km.
  10. Japanese Import E39s

    When all the local stock are high-mileage shitters, a low mileage minter from across the sea (which has most likely spent its life in an underground apartment block garage) would cheerfully attract decent cash from me. Undersealing would be recommended though.
  11. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Acquired a Dynavin N7-E39. Will fit it after Christmas. Chinese shite, and I have DSP. Wish me luck
  12. Nice low miles e34 535i Sport

    That is lovely.
  13. New M5 owner in edinburg

    It's about 40K for the 5.0. New. I know this because I'm also smitten. Rented one in Florida for a couple of weeks. It was the 2.3 ecoboost but that gets down the road well enough with 310bhp. Interior is not BMW standard but unlike a BMW, it's properly equipped.
  14. E39 restoration project.

    ^^ I've used Lepsons before and they are fantastic.
  15. Auto Transmission on a 1997 BMW E39 523i

    That is in stunning shape. Were those wheels available on that model or were they all steel wheels? They look a bit like the TRX wheels I had on my E28.