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  1. Evidently it does. It isn't burying your head, it is denying them the information that they need. If I have to contact them to put right their fuck up, then I want paying for it and my time.. no pay, no play.
  2. Peugeot? No mate, Rover.....
  3. And so have I... Folk here will decide for themselves which course of action is best for them..
  4. I'll have to have a look the next time she forces me to go to the gym but I have never really noticed if I get a selection of numbers, I regard such systems with disgust as it is just one more thing that irritates me that I have to do, so I never check to see if the number is even correct.. It is something that isn't important, serves no purpose other than provides some idle donkey appendage a handsome income....
  5. FFS.. the internet isn't for educating anyone.. It's for watching porn and arguing with people who think that they are educated because they read it on a website. Oh! and for buying mad shit on Ebay when you are drunk...................If anyone happens to be in need of a life sized GRP elephant in purple, then drop me a line.
  6. I think that the other half has just had a demand for £85 for not typing in her number into the keypad at her gym... But I know that she never forgets that kind of thing. The thing is, if you mistype your number, then potentially leave yourself open to a ticket with no defence. My last one was for £85 too if I remember rightly... but I'm not sure as I open the envelope, see it is from parking leeches and into the shreadder it goes... Me? a Pig?.....Hell yeah,if there are any birds who'd like to fcuk me to death, here's my phone number....... (Only fit ones please)
  7. Ok.. let's put it this way.. if I get a demand for £100. If I have to go to court, then how much is my fine likely to be. Bearing in mind, the way I deal with these cockroaches has resulted in my paying £0 in around 23 demands. It seems that for all your supposed knowledge of the law and trawling through websites where the contributors have an interest in making their lives easy.. my way is the more successful approach. I don't get stressed about these tickets, I don't have to waste my time trying to prove my innocence and discussing the situation with a person who's only interest is to extract cash from me and I certainly don't pay these blood suckers. There are better ways of killing a pig than fcuking it to death.
  8. There is nowt more entertaining than a scouser trying to put on a posh accent.... Some of them may still bear the mental scars of a conversation with me....
  9. There used to be a solicitior but he never commented on legal matters..... When I have to go to court over a private parking ticket, then I shall revise my opinion but I get loads..... Always pay parking tickets from the council or police though as they will persue you for ever, so they get paid by the end of the day. If I park for fifteen mins too long on a retail park where I am spending my money or at a gym where I am paying through the nose for membership, then I will not pay a private parking ticket and if they take me to court (It has never happened) then I will have my hour in court and get my moneysworth..... I went to court 6 times in my younger years over the Poll Tax...Never paid it!
  10. So you want me to go an have a look at a website? Who owns it? You are jumping the gun a little, if a parking company wishes to prove that it has sent a letter and it has arrived, then the only way is to send it signed for, other than that, presumption is no proof. When a letter from the court arrives, then I shall prepare my evidence to prove my innocence or admit my guilt.. It seems that the court fine is no difference than the parking fine, except the parking company has had to do all the legwork, something that costs them money, and they still have no idea if they are attempting to prosecute an innocent person so the gamble is for them to take. You are saying that a private company can if it wishes prosecute the keeper of a car for a breach of contract carried out by someone else? Are you really saying that?...What if the driver has moved abroad?.....Outside of the EU. Is the court going to track the driver down over a parking ticket? Granted, technically the law may be on the side of the parking leeches but in reality, the leeches are in business to make money, not to see justice done, so will know when they are on to a loser and will continue with the easy pickings from folk who are too frightened of going to court, so pay up.... If you want to continue being shafted, then that's great, it makes life easier for me.
  11. I used to regularly get invoices from Barrington house advertising for adverts that I did not place. They work on the theory that foolish people pay their totally random invoices, these names are then sold on to an "idiots list" and the cycle of bogus invoices increase.. if you contact them, they apologise and sell your details on to a "live list" and you are inundated in more scams.. it is the same with charities. So the best option is stay silent. After all how would parking eye know that you have received their letters? They don't know your name so they don't know who is in breach of contract.. if it did go to court it is because you have contacted them and given them information with which they can hang you with..
  12. So why should anyone have to use their valuable and expensive time trying to prove themselves innocent when it is someone elses fcuk up? Who is going to compensate for the time wasted?
  13. You seem determined to press your hard earned dough into the hands of those who do not earn their money... Rock on dude, pull your pants down and get the KY out.
  14. I'm sure it used to be in Sheffield or somewhere in that area, I did some research on their solicitors about 8years ago
  15. Parking eye's head office is in Yorkshire...