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  1. Not quite so popular if you are Dutch or German since those two countries banned Turkish Government officials from holding political rallies in their countries
  2. I'm curious..... Where do these people get their ideas to drive cars and trucks into people and how do you guys feel about a large number of experienced fighters returning to the UK from Syria unchecked?
  3. There's something very fishy about those two..
  4. It is ultimately down to Maggie May as to whether or not Sturgeon gets her sideshow, I don't think that she will be permitted. The SNP have had their go and lost... Of course if they were to be allowed a second referendum, number 10 would be the ones to set the date which could well be after we leave giving time for the Scots to see how things pan out and also for Sturgeon to make herself unpopular by driving the economy of Scotland into the ground..
  5. On the Scottish question, the answer is one of three answers, Pound, Euro or a new Scottish currency. They have had several years to ponder this question.. The issue of how the economy will perform following brexit is impossible to answer 'till we start negotiating with the EU... If Davis had given an answer, then we would have known that he was bulshitting.... Interesting to read today that the convicted fraudster and head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde has claimed that the UK economy will do well following Brexit, yet the same person claimed that the economy would bomb when discussing Brexit before the referendum.... I can't help feeling that she is full of shit and would say whatever she was paid to say to influence events.... Perhaps this is why "Experts" are now regarded with such suspicion... It seems that these days folk demand a certain and definite answer to factors that are as fluid as the weather and can't understand why events take an unexpected turn.
  6. It seems that Sturgeon has played down her intention to re join the EU... Partly because a fair number of her potential voters actually voted to leave and partly because the EU aren't really all that keen on having Scotland as a member.... Least of all, the Spanish Given that one of the biggest questions of the last indi Ref was, "what currency would Scotland use?" and the answer was always fluffed, I would have thought that they would have given it some thought for this time, yet Salmond was asked this a few days ago and he still couldn't answer it
  7. Fair do's.. The opposition tried there best but as I said long ago, this is a battle fought not just with the head but with heart and soul and federalism has no soul.
  8. This could well be the Sturgeon's Waterloo..
  9. It seems that Wee Jimmy Krankie has announced a referendum on Scotland leaving the UK to remain in the EU.
  10. These days, truth depends on your personal opinion.
  11. If you ask the media, then UKIP is permanently in total disarray... Nuttall has only been the leader a few weeks and is taking the party from a Brexit footing to being a real alternative to Labour who have now been overrun by Militant Tendency. May and the Tories are on a high at the moment as they appear to be pushing Brexit forward... I'm surprised that Carswell hasn't jumped ship again yet, it is clear with many that he isn't really welcome in UKIP... There will be several big names from Labour moving to the dark side soon. Whatever you may think of the Labour leadership, it has a highly experienced and slick machine behind it, far better than the keen amateurs behind UKIP and they need to build a well organised team behind it to make it a winning team
  12. I fail to see what he did wrong.. The guy parked behind a van with his boot open.... It's not as though it was a Police van or anything. Folk park behind my van frequently. As for those who cry about folk breaking the speed limit killing children... Please! Next time you are on the road, have a look at those driving at ten or twenty mph below the limit for no good reason, eyes glued to the speedo and nothing else... It used to be us old biffers who did that but these days it is the younger generation who are motoring fuckwitts.
  13. iPost works well for me... Never let us down
  14. But what about the riots in Paris? It seems that they don't get reported on main stream news... Are they real or are they just an invention of Youtube? Why has Sweden been nick named the Rape capital of Europe? What if the Swedes are denying riots? The Germans denied the New Year rapes a couple of years ago..
  15. Maybe they didn't understand what they were voting for....