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  1. Karl

    How to pick a good boiler

    To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Viessmann, for me their only real advantage is the excellent turn down rate on the 200 series, down to around 1.7kW i think.. Problem with Viessman is that, like many German manufacturers, they like to give options that no one needs and try to make sure that only their own controls and cylinders are used with their kit, I like to mix and match to get maximum bang for the customers buck..... the 200 series has a lambda sensor so that it will burn varying qualities of gas.. Just in case Mad Vlad Putin pulls the plug on Germany and they have to heat their homes with gas made from reprocessed potato tops but in the UK, we will have a decent supply of Natural gas for some time to come so it is just another component to fail. I like the Dutch Intergas boilers, one boiler can be any kind of boiler that you might need, a combi can be a combi, a system boiler, an open vented boiler or a water heater and will connect to any control system or cylinder without spitting its dummy.. ATAG are good boilers too but they are as ugly as sin.
  2. Karl

    How to pick a good boiler

    Yeah, Gas, Oil, Biomass and the odd aircon.. Worcester have a really great marketing strategy. The installer becomes a Worcester accredited installer and then to maintain that accreditation and to get Worcester kick-backs they have to sell a set number of boilers so clearly the installer will tell the punter that a Worcester is the best boiler in the Universe....
  3. Karl

    How to pick a good boiler

    Anything with "Greenstar" on it makes me lots of money as the plastic hydraulic components degrade and finally leak. Viessman can be good if you get the right one and it's fitted by someone who knows how to set them up correctly... Alpha are pretty good too but the parts can be pricy. If you want a conventional style combi then I would say fit a Baxi600 series (Or equivalent Potterton as they are both owned by the same bunch) 600 series still has brass hydraulics and is a doddle to service and work on. My choice would be and is an Intergas.. They are the product of engineers having a spliff and deciding that a lot of parts that we think that we need are surplus to requirements, so no secondary heat exchanger or diverter valve, the hydraulics are all brass, the water inlet will accept pre heated water up to 80c so fine if you decide to have a wet solar system or in my case, feed it from a wood boiler in the shed. Even a combi can be configured to change with your needs, so it can be a heat only system boiler, multi point water heater, or open vented boiler. They boast that there have been no main heat exchanger failures in the last 20 years and have only four moving parts.... Best of all, they are well cheaper and better built than the German owned shyte.
  4. Karl

    Post Brexit Result

    Since you have asked in a civilised way, then I will reply in a civilised way, Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/ EC affects every one of us, me in particular, when you have to explain to a customer who is on the breadline that the reason why the circulator pump on their ErP boiler is £240 when the pump on a non ErP boiler was £80 because of the EU. I also objected to being told that I was committing a criminal offence by fitting a non ErP heating boiler which wouls have a longer service life and be cheaper to repair with less repairs likely
  5. Karl

    Post Brexit Result

    The question has already been asked and answered several times in posts of old. If you are too bone idle to even move your fingers to go and find them then it is not our fnucking problem. However, I take it that since you are a EU backside licker, then you are familiar with Directive 2009/125/ EC but since you are a lazy sod who wants everything put on a plate in front of you, then I doubt that you will bother to read it
  6. Karl

    If this ever happens to you....

    Right tool for the right job.....
  7. Karl

    Post Brexit Result

    Unfortunately for the remainers, this is one situation where we are really all in it together, like it or not. They can either continue to undermine brexit and find themselves in the same shit situation as everyone else or they can hold their noses and back it and make the best of it.. the real problem makers are the people in power who wish to remain due to their own personal interests.. Phil Hammond anyone? There are some remainers who are determined to make what they call a disaster (for themselves) into a catastrophe for us all, and then they will crow that they told us so.. Perhaps it is time for Maggie may to take a leaf out of Tony Blair's book.
  8. Karl

    Post Brexit Result

    So there is no truth that fast food chains are now concerned that they will have to pay more to retain their staff and offer better terms because their supply of cheap EU workers is drying up?
  9. Karl

    Post Brexit Result

    Corbyn still won't say whether he is in favour of remain or leave but his history shows that he is a Brexiteer....Sadly a fair numer of his younger supporters are remainers.....Oh Mr Corbyn! What a pickle you are in
  10. Karl

    Post Brexit Result

    But the British tax payer has shares in EU assets... Surly if we leave, then we are entitled to it to be returned. If the EU wishes to present a claim for cash from the UK, then they could prove their claim by showing us their signed off accounts for the last 30 years
  11. Karl

    Post Brexit Result

    You don't negotiate to stay... You are given a list of requirements that you are expected to comply with.
  12. Karl

    Post Brexit Result

    And there we go.... The man who gave up on life before he could even be bothered to get out of bed. So terrified of being beaten, he didn't even try.
  13. I think that was a message from your Transit van through the Sync system....A comment on your driving perhaps?
  14. Karl

    Post Brexit Result

    I am quite bemused by the doom mongers... I feel that they are determined to do everything that they can to ensure that Brexit and by default the country fails... Perhaps this will make them happy. The situation is what it is, you can either sit on your backsides crying like little girls about it or you can look for the opportunities in Brexit, opportunities that could take you to places other than behind a desk in a bland uninspiring job... Everything is up in the air and everything will be new and exciting....And that will give some of us here a real buzz. Or you can go to your graves feeling that the Brexitees have stolen the future that you never had
  15. Karl

    Post Brexit Result

    The EU is not a distant evil body consiously trying to ruin us but it ruining us is an unfortunate byproduct of what has become a large and out of control beurocracy filled with people whos only aim in life is to perpetuate their non productive and worthless position. The EU has clearly demonstrated in its dealings with Greece that its core policy of standardisation over such a short period of time cannot work. The use of one single currency when each state using it has a differing fiscal policy cannot work for long and they know this.... FFS a blind man on a horse can see that! The policy of accepting migrants from Africa should have been discussed at length at the EU and approved by each member state, stating how many they are willing to take, however this decision was taken unilateraly by ONE member state and the result has been forced upon the other members, so clearly any one believing that membership to the EU means that you have some kind of influence is off their rocker