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  1. I'm struggling to see which of he policies are far right, at worst she is center right with a healthy dose of French Socialist. I am however concerned about how her opposition has funded his rise from obscurity to having a shot at the big seat in France, his failure to win will result in the end of the EU...Any thoughts who has funded Macron?
  2. Happy St George's day to you too...
  3. Best build a few coal fired power stations to keep the Greenies mobile then...
  4. So now we know what happened to moominmama.
  5. I shall seek it out and watch it... I'm not a supporter of capital punishment but for Blair, I shall make an exception.. Hell, I'd volunteer to throw the switch for free.
  6. Indeed, Mr Blair is the very man I was thinking of. One of the main architects of the current Middle East situation and the man who promoted the import of people from those regions.. The father of Multiculturalism.
  7. There are also those who believe that storing Sodium in water is a good idea, despite all previous attempts have failed
  8. Yeah, we are all at peace here in Multi-culti world aren't we?
  9. The thing is folk do some pretty sick things for a belief but just as sick is trying to mix people with two opposing beliefs and expect there to be no trouble... The people who promoted the "Multicultural project" knew exactly what would happen and should be dangling at the end of a hangmans noose... I would argue that it is pretty easy to swipe a truck and drive it if you have the keys, most controls are common to a road car.. You could, I'm sure that you could look it up on youtube...Theonly real thing that could cause an issue could be the safety brake on Scandinavian trucks and then only if the air pressure had dropped.
  10. Never give 'em your name, Pike!
  11. It's only a mess if you want it to be, it seems that you want it to be...To the rest of us it is vocal posturing, a bit like you see before a boxing match, lots of hot air before they get down to business. Junker was recorded on video threatening to try to break up the US, there is a link further back, Howard never threatend war, he said that Maggie May would show the same resolution as Maggie T did is the Falklands war... The media then did what it is famous for and made the rest up. And you believed it.. Yesterday we owed the EU tens of billions, today they owe us tens of billions, tomorrow they'll be banning us from riding one legged kangaroos across Luxembourg on Thuresdays, the papers will put it on the front pages and remainiacs will be offended
  12. You'll be telling us next that the Tories have threatened to declare war on Spain over Gibraltar.
  13. Exactly.. the £500mill is to completely upgrade the security of the passport.. The current one has cost around £400mill and needs to be updated anyway to help prevent forgeries.
  14. What? Like this one? What's the problem with a blue (I always thought it was black) passport? By the time the new passport comes on line, the existing one will be close to 10 years old... The current one has cost us £400million before folk start huffing and puffing about the cost of the new one... It's all about making it secure, not about colour.
  15. It would be totally mental to throw out all of the laws, rules and regulations leaving a hole.. far better to absorb the current laws into British law and to adjust them or delete them at our leisure as we and the EU go our separate ways.. keeping the ones that work for us