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  1. Check PM.
  2. You will need the D-Can cable to work with mini and post 2007 e60, there backward compatible so will cover e36, yes they have ignition detection, may well be the same software that you have but it gets updated as and when needed.
  3. e60

  4. Sorry not to have stopped and chatted with anyone, friggin gout, was in so much pain walking had to get away home quite early, saw Mark and Jamie but they were both busy biggin up there rides!! maybe next year will have a car ready to show!
  5. Started to work on #70 complete back to metal, new front panel, rear panel, abs panel and repaired battery panel, now shells been blasted the smaller holes that could be seen have grown in size but to be fair its not to bad at all, worst bit is passenger inner sill, detached from the floor pan about 8" across, will get replacement panel from doner and get that sorted, will sort some pics as soon as I get some time.
  6. you get all the software free with the cable, dvd is for people that have lost/damaged there dvd and does not need to be purchased with cables.
  7. wow bargain, too far for me unfortunatey.
  8. What name was used?
  9. you dont install a driver in the vm, the drivers are on the host as is the usb port, if its working it will run right away as long as dis is running and connects without error, what year is car as it only covers up to 2007.
  10. I will be there.
  11. very nice indeed.
  12. was just thinking the same? looking good though all the same!
  13. same on new post!
  14. Will LCI folding mirrors fit ok plug wise to pre LCI car and what else is needed for them to work? do I need door module like e39 or are they plug and play with coding?
  15. make the linky ting work and you may get more views!
  16. Great day for it Gary.
  17. Thanks Steve, will give them a bell in the morning see what they can do.
  18. How much was the sussex autos TC?
  19. cattle grid, mine is now doing the same, torque converter not locking up, booked in next week for a refurb!
  20. Coding is not an issue just wanted to be sure they bolted on and plugged in, offered a pair quite cheap but with lci switch pack and no door modules, might sound cheap but if I need to add modules and wiring into the price then there not so cheap! not made ant changes to the e61 other than Ipod integration so not up to speed with them yet.
  21. Thanks for that, both switched and adaptor D-Can cables will work, I also have K-Line ones by request, the standard K-Lines have ignition detection but the flash version does not so only go out if specifically requested.
  22. where is it located?
  23. Is it on gas also?
  24. as above and you can check circuits using Inpa.