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  1. M535i headliner finally fitted

    was it expensive to have fitted?
  2. Looking for a set of seat covers for my e60 sport, all I have tried get stuck or go tight over side bolsters, any recommendations?
  3. WinKFP Programming problems

    Try this: Just do the ZUSB update, pick the ecu, enter your VIN, hit back, then hit Prog ZB. Update I think thats what its called! It'll then come up with a txt box saying Current version 12345. New Version: 23456. Update? Yes or No, I have done this a fw times when doing it the other way I get zb number not recognised. sorry for late reply but Im not getting notifications so PM or emails quickest.
  4. BMW Scanner 2.1.0

  5. WinKFP Programming problems

    are you selecting zb from list or letting it do it auto ? (zb update?)
  6. cableshack k+dcan owners, I have a question

    then change ediabas setting to show battery on permanently. it will still show as on once removed from car.
  7. E60 & R55 mini question.

    plug it into pc and car no lights on inpa, 12v power is shown with led on cable, turn ignition on and both battery and ignition turn black.
  8. BMW 1series steering wheel lock symbol

    Use dis its much easier and in English.
  9. cableshack k+dcan owners, I have a question

    Both Batt and Ign come on with ignition, battery is detection from obd port which you can see from the led, the only time you would need battery detection that I have come across is when doing smg reset using dis, it needs to see ignition off but battery on to finish job, this is done by changing a setting in an ini file, I have only had to do this once in the 7 years I have been using these cables.
  10. E39 M5 CAT C

  11. xHP Flashtool for 6HP Boxes - cable compatability

    Sorry just seen this, Not receiving notifications, the K+Dcan cable is £37.99 I dont sell the OTG cables but dont buy cheap if you dont have one as they are quite unreliable.
  12. E60 & R55 mini question.

    Hi, No, Thats done with ediabas settings mine dont detect until connected.
  13. Sorry bud just seen this, no I dont only touring one.
  14. SP-Daten files for E60

    Check PM.
  15. E60 & R55 mini question.

    You will need the D-Can cable to work with mini and post 2007 e60, there backward compatible so will cover e36, yes they have ignition detection, may well be the same software that you have but it gets updated as and when needed.
  16. E60 2003-2010 Ignition wiring

  17. Gaydon 2017 - 13th August

    Sorry not to have stopped and chatted with anyone, friggin gout, was in so much pain walking had to get away home quite early, saw Mark and Jamie but they were both busy biggin up there rides!! maybe next year will have a car ready to show!
  18. Started to work on #70 complete back to metal, new front panel, rear panel, abs panel and repaired battery panel, now shells been blasted the smaller holes that could be seen have grown in size but to be fair its not to bad at all, worst bit is passenger inner sill, detached from the floor pan about 8" across, will get replacement panel from doner and get that sorted, will sort some pics as soon as I get some time.
  19. Fault Code reader - C110 or C310?

    you get all the software free with the cable, dvd is for people that have lost/damaged there dvd and does not need to be purchased with cables.
  20. wow bargain, too far for me unfortunatey.
  21. Just Order K-Line

    What name was used?
  22. Progman VM cannot see the D-CAN cable

    you dont install a driver in the vm, the drivers are on the host as is the usb port, if its working it will run right away as long as dis is running and connects without error, what year is car as it only covers up to 2007.
  23. Gaydon 2017 - 13th August

    I will be there.
  24. E39 2003 525dat - biturbo project

    very nice indeed.