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  1. jimmy

    E28 M5 Alloys

    Hi Mar, Is this up in the north east?
  2. jimmy

    Sold - Focal IFBMW-S Component Speakers Used

    £100 posted any good Dave? Just thought Id ask.
  3. jimmy

    To be removed

    Could be junction box related??
  4. jimmy

    To be removed

    Does sound cas related.
  5. jimmy

    E28 garage sale part 2

  6. jimmy

    Daten files to update CAS

    Send me an email to support@cable-shack and I will send a link over.
  7. jimmy

    F10 520d 2010 Won't Start

    Do you mean you plugged into Ista? if so then you can check HP pressure and test in tank pump, how many miles has it done?
  8. jimmy

    Cable to connect laptop to my E39 530

  9. jimmy

    E28 garage sale part 2

    is that delivered? if so whats payment details.
  10. jimmy

    E28 garage sale part 2

    What do you want for cover?
  11. jimmy

    What power supply units are people using for coding?

    In that case you do!! depending on what your updating, should have a regulated supply around 14v, I only use one if im updating full car.
  12. jimmy

    What power supply units are people using for coding?

    Shouldent need one for coding.
  13. jimmy

    Program a blank key?

    You never know!!
  14. jimmy

    Program a blank key?

    So do I!
  15. jimmy

    Program a blank key?

    No you need locksmiths tools or specific key programming equipment.
  16. jimmy

    INPA not recognising power

    ediabas error, either wrong com port or ignition not on fully.
  17. jimmy

    Trying to install dis and progman

    Ver 253 should be fine on XP, its good for up to win7, never had an issue with it before, I would re extract DIS and try that first, how long you had cable? if its from cable shack use the support email and ask for help, I dont receive notifications on here so posts can be unanswered for a short while.
  18. jimmy

    MS Windows laptop running Win 7

    Hi Dan, Yes runs on win7 no problem.
  19. jimmy

    Excellent service from Jimmy as usual!

    No problem, I aim to please!
  20. jimmy

    E28 M5 #176 Royal Blau restoration project

    its nearly done body wise and will be visiting ML in the near future for engine work.
  21. jimmy

    E28 M5 #176 Royal Blau restoration project

    Does anyone know if this was ever finished? Looked like some good work going into it, could do with the same being done on one of mine!!
  22. jimmy

    M535i headliner finally fitted

    Ill get me coat.
  23. jimmy

    e28 Alpina Boot Spoiler

    Same place you might find some hens teeth!
  24. Breaking 2 x e39 3.0d tourers First is met black 2000 (cosmos?) Rad pack is gone as is pusher fan, wheels have gone so anything that you may need give me a shout, second is a 51 plate sport which is still complete as Im still using it daily, has: Xenon headlights Gen xenon headlights need a polish and maybe adjusters £180 SOLD Rear Cellis lights inner 2 will need a polish £60 posted SOLD standard halogen facelift lights again may need adjusters - £80 SOLD Pair of halogen lights need polishing adjusters all good, £80 pair Drivers side SOLD passenger side £40 adjusters both good. Rear Sport rear bumper - £175 NOW £150 COLLECTED. Nav system including widescreen head unit BM54 radio mk4 DVD nav and disc, analogue tv module with audio/video inputs (used with iphone) intravee and alpine interface, and to include loom so full setup for a tourer, Head unit £120 - DVD nav drive - £200 - BM54 - £100 - TV module + av lead - £20 - intravee + Alpine converter £160 - loom £50 Complete £450 can also help fit if you come to me. SOLD Staggered M Parallels style 37's - £450 SOLD slide out boot floor and all fixings - £80 - SOLD hydraulic tailgate lifting kit everything needed for conversion - £180 SOLD sport wheel and airbag - £80 now £70 Posted sunroof headlining A B C pillars sun visors grab handles and lights to include all black bits for fitting - £100 NOW £75 collected ecotune decat - £80 Prov SOLD Westfalia removable towbar and electrics - SOLD lcm3 coded to your needs, - £30 inlet manifold with swirlflap blanks and egr removal pipe fitted - £80 Delivered. glass sunroof cartridge complete - £50 Prov SOLD extended leather center console only (black) - SOLD leather arm rest (black) - SOLD extended leather door cards (black) - SOLD 4 X Jacking pads - £15 delivered 120 amp alternator (Valeo) £40 delivered suspension air pump - £75 lock set to include barrel keys (x4) ews, remapped dde - £140 abs pump £80 170k engine bare £200 turbo - £120 good gearbox (auto) - £250 (can be driven to check no faults) etc. etc. will update post later with prices and condition once I have had a good look round everything, collection only on big bits so there is no it arrived damaged complaints. add postage at cost for smaller items, I may be doing a run down south soon so "maybe" can move some of the bigger bits for a small fee! If im over priced tell me if im under priced tell me!! I wont bite but please dont take the piss. Pics here: https://www.e28m5.co.uk/#share?id=3091e681-06d5-4e35-ac29-39761201aa02
  25. jimmy


    Hi Chris, You never purchased e-sys from me unfortunately, I dont sell it on ebay, I would guess you bought it from Bcables or Bm cables Im cable-shack.