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  1. Thanks Steve, will give them a bell in the morning see what they can do.
  2. How much was the sussex autos TC?
  3. cattle grid, mine is now doing the same, torque converter not locking up, booked in next week for a refurb!
  4. Will LCI folding mirrors fit ok plug wise to pre LCI car and what else is needed for them to work? do I need door module like e39 or are they plug and play with coding?
  5. Coding is not an issue just wanted to be sure they bolted on and plugged in, offered a pair quite cheap but with lci switch pack and no door modules, might sound cheap but if I need to add modules and wiring into the price then there not so cheap! not made ant changes to the e61 other than Ipod integration so not up to speed with them yet.
  6. Thanks for that, both switched and adaptor D-Can cables will work, I also have K-Line ones by request, the standard K-Lines have ignition detection but the flash version does not so only go out if specifically requested.
  7. where is it located?
  8. Is it on gas also?
  9. as above and you can check circuits using Inpa.
  10. ballast resistor /stepper for heater blower?l
  11. Bump with a price drop.....
  12. Email replied to.
  13. Anyone removed their's and want rid? looking for a removable towbar for my E61, not looking to buy new as it will be vary rarely used.
  14. F series needs E-Net cable for coding, I have not tried but have read the dcan cable can be used with ista on F series, not had one in for a long time so cant confirm yea or nea,
  15. Whats problem with DIS?
  16. Hi, You dont need an ICOM to use ista, it works well with a K+D Can cable, I have an ICOM and use it very rarely but use K+D Cable all the time,
  17. Did you get it ok bud?
  18. Ues but there not cheap ones, if you have someone elses cable and not mine then you should be able to use the cheaper ones on ebay as mine are wired for ignition detection.
  19. I have also used it on older model e39s with no issues but you will need NCS to code the kombi as well as bmwscanner to correct mileage and vin.
  20. Have a 52 plate 535 sport circa 125k that I was going to break but after a clean up its to good to go by the way of the saw, Chassis number: GE70314 for anyone wanting spec, Vehicle Identification Number WBADN220X0GE70314 Type DN22 Model 535i - EUR Development Code E39 Chassis LIM Steering RL Doors 4 Engine M62/TU Displacement 3.50 Power 180 Drivetrain HECK Transmission AUT Color Topasblau Metallic - 364 Upholstery Standardleder/beige E36 Sandbeige E - N6SN Production Plant DINGOLFING Production Date 2002-07-23 Standard Equipment 202 Steptronic Steptronic 210 Dynamic Stability Control (dsc) Dynamische Stab. Control (dsc) 249 Multi-function For Steering Wheel Multifunktion Fuer Lenkrad 473 Armrest, Front Armauflage Vorn 520 Foglights Nebelscheinwerfer 534 Automatic Air Conditioning Klimaautomatik 555 On-board Computer Bordcomputer 661 Radio Bmw Business Radio Bmw Business 853 Language Version English Sprachversion Englisch Options 302 Alarm System Alarmanlage 337 M Sport Package M Sportpaket 428 Warning Triangle Warndreieck 431 Interior Rr Vw Mirror W Aut Anti-d Innenspiegel,automatisch Abblendend 459 Seat Adjustm., Electr. W. Memory Sitzverstellung, Elektr.mit Memory 470 Child Seat Isofix Attachment Kindersitzbefestigung Isofix 481 Sport Seats F Driver/front Passenger Sportsitze Fuer Fahrer/beifahrer 494 Seat Heating F Driver/front Passenger Sitzheizung Fuer Fahrer/beifahrer 500 Headlight Washer Sys/intensive Cleaning Scheinw.waschanl./intensivreinigung 508 Park Distance Control (pdc) Park Distance Control (pdc) 521 Rain Sensor Regensensor 651 Md Player Md-laufwerk 676 Hifi Loudspeaker System Hifi Lautsprechersystem 694 Preparation For Cd Changer Cd-wechsler Vorbereitung 705 M Sport Suspension Ii M Sportfahrwerk Ii 710 M Leather Steering Wheel M Lederlenkrad 715 M Aerodynamics Package M Aerodynamikpaket 760 Individual High-gloss Satin Chrome Individual Hochglanz Shadow Line 761 Individual Sun Protection Glazing Individual Sonnenschutzverglasung 773 Wood Trim Edelholzausfuehrung 775 Individual Roof-lining Anthracite Individual Dachhimmel Anthrazit 785 White Direction Indicator Lights Weisse Blinkleuchten 788 M Lt/aly Wheels M Leichtmetallraeder 812 England Version England/irland Ausfuehrung 850 Add Fuel Tank Filling For Export Zusaetzl. Tankfuellung Export 863 Europe/dealer Directory Service Kontakt-flyer Europa 877 Deletion Cross-over Operation Ueberkreuzbedienung Entfall 880 English / On-board Documentation Englisch / Bordliteratur IIRC topaz on beige with memory electric seats, hifi stereo, high gloss trim, sun protection glass (fronts also have minimal tint added) 17 staggered 66 wheels (unsure on tyres) needs a front bumper as it was backed into while parked, also needs rear box re fitting as it was removed by previous owner so he could remove/refit exhaust on his own! anyway sounds awesome as is and I would be tempted to just fit a straight pipe to diffuser, few scabs on front of sills and around boot lock otherwise quite tidy and would polish up very well, will stick some phone pics up shortly but will take better pics when I can, bottom line as £1000.
  21. Breaking 2 x e39 3.0d tourers First is met black 2000 (cosmos?) Rad pack is gone as is pusher fan, wheels have gone so anything that you may need give me a shout, second is a 51 plate sport which is still complete as Im still using it daily, has: Xenon headlights Gen xenon headlights need a polish and maybe adjusters £180 SOLD Rear Cellis lights inner 2 will need a polish £60 posted SOLD standard halogen facelift lights again may need adjusters - £80 SOLD Pair of halogen lights need polishing adjusters all good, £80 pair Drivers side SOLD passenger side £40 adjusters both good. Rear Sport rear bumper - £175 NOW £150 COLLECTED. Nav system including widescreen head unit BM54 radio mk4 DVD nav and disc, analogue tv module with audio/video inputs (used with iphone) intravee and alpine interface, and to include loom so full setup for a tourer, Head unit £120 - DVD nav drive - £200 - BM54 - £100 - TV module + av lead - £20 - intravee + Alpine converter £160 - loom £50 Complete £450 can also help fit if you come to me. SOLD Staggered M Parallels style 37's - £450 SOLD slide out boot floor and all fixings - £80 - SOLD hydraulic tailgate lifting kit everything needed for conversion - £180 SOLD sport wheel and airbag - £80 now £70 Posted sunroof headlining A B C pillars sun visors grab handles and lights to include all black bits for fitting - £100 NOW £75 collected ecotune decat - £80 Prov SOLD Westfalia removable towbar and electrics - SOLD lcm3 coded to your needs, - £30 inlet manifold with swirlflap blanks and egr removal pipe fitted - £80 Delivered. glass sunroof cartridge complete - £50 Prov SOLD extended leather center console only (black) - SOLD leather arm rest (black) - SOLD extended leather door cards (black) - SOLD 4 X Jacking pads - £15 delivered 120 amp alternator (Valeo) £40 delivered suspension air pump - £75 lock set to include barrel keys (x4) ews, remapped dde - £140 abs pump £80 170k engine bare £200 turbo - £120 good gearbox (auto) - £250 (can be driven to check no faults) etc. etc. will update post later with prices and condition once I have had a good look round everything, collection only on big bits so there is no it arrived damaged complaints. add postage at cost for smaller items, I may be doing a run down south soon so "maybe" can move some of the bigger bits for a small fee! If im over priced tell me if im under priced tell me!! I wont bite but please dont take the piss. Pics here: https://www.e28m5.co.uk/#share?id=3091e681-06d5-4e35-ac29-39761201aa02