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  1. Email replied to.
  2. Anyone removed their's and want rid? looking for a removable towbar for my E61, not looking to buy new as it will be vary rarely used.
  3. F series needs E-Net cable for coding, I have not tried but have read the dcan cable can be used with ista on F series, not had one in for a long time so cant confirm yea or nea,
  4. Whats problem with DIS?
  5. This was the wifes car now replaced with an e61, This was a friends boss's car bought new and used for his business so done mostly motorway driving up and down the country, its has circa 180k, drives ok with no knocks or bangs, carbon black with black leather, has usual I drive issue where sometimes it takes a min or 2 to turn on other times comes straight on,everything else is working fine, being a motorway car it has plenty of stone chips across the front but has had a new windscreen and new headlights so just the paint that could do with sorting, has also had a gen DPF fitted at bmw, have all the BMW service history with it up until we got and I have serviced it a month or 2 into our ownership, it does have a noisy wheel bearing and wheels could do with a refurb, both bumpers have scuffs etc, a few marks around body with age, not a bad old bus just surplus to requirements hence £3100, (chassis for anyone that wants to check build: CU30029) not realy looking for swaps as it replacement is already here but you can try, MOT'd till October, private plate now removed and log book with me so ready to go. Clean pics added, went out in it myself today to have it washed and it drives well, also found out today it has CD changer and bluetooth!. https://525d.e28m5.co.uk/#share?id=849e1ce4-b5ec-44cb-959c-ed311e3e47e5 Options S1CAA Selection Of COP Relevant Vehicles S205A Automatic Transmission S2NPA BMW Alloy Wheel M Double Spoke 135 S302A Alarm System P337A M Sports Package S339A ShadowLine S428A Warning Triangle And First Aid Kit S431A Interior Mirror With Automaticdip S441A Smoker Package S481A Sports Seat S494A Seat Heating Driverpassenger S4M3A Interior Moldings Alu Cube Pure S508A Park Distance Control PDC S540A Cruise Control S609A Navigation System Professional S612A BMW Assist S620A Voice Control S633A Preparation Mobile Phone Business S672A CD Changer For 6 CDs S698A AreaCode 2 For DVD S704A M Sports Suspension S710A M Leather Steering Wheel S715A M Aerodynamics Package S775A Headlining Anthracite L812A National Version England Ireland S850A DummySALAPA S863A Retailer Directory Europe S877A Delete Crosspattern Operation S880A Onboard Vehicle Literature English S8SAA Navigation Access Requestcountryspec S8SMA Car Ident Number Visible From Outside S8SPA Control Unit COP S9AAA Outer Skin Protection S216A HYDRO STEERING SERVOTRONIC More pics added: https://525d.e28m5.co.uk/#share?id=f2de1677-ab59-471a-8b97-a7e803b22591
  6. Hi, You dont need an ICOM to use ista, it works well with a K+D Can cable, I have an ICOM and use it very rarely but use K+D Cable all the time,
  7. Did you get it ok bud?
  8. Ues but there not cheap ones, if you have someone elses cable and not mine then you should be able to use the cheaper ones on ebay as mine are wired for ignition detection.
  9. I have also used it on older model e39s with no issues but you will need NCS to code the kombi as well as bmwscanner to correct mileage and vin.
  10. Jimmy could you help me with my dis +inpa software keep getting diagnostic head impaired 200.166 thanks 

  11. Sorry all glass stayed with cars.
  12. I run a couple of dells as backups and there great for the job, cheap as chips on ebay, or as you say bootcamp or parallels using windows os.
  13. Hi, Guaranteed next day delivery is Special delivery, I send out first class recorded as standard which is usually next day but not guaranteed, what email (and name) did you send message to as I dont recall seeing one?
  14. these not have 3 position bottom mounts on them or am I talking out my arse again?