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  1. as above and you can check circuits using Inpa.
  2. ballast resistor /stepper for heater blower?l
  3. Bump with a price drop.....
  4. Email replied to.
  5. Anyone removed their's and want rid? looking for a removable towbar for my E61, not looking to buy new as it will be vary rarely used.
  6. F series needs E-Net cable for coding, I have not tried but have read the dcan cable can be used with ista on F series, not had one in for a long time so cant confirm yea or nea,
  7. Whats problem with DIS?
  8. Hi, You dont need an ICOM to use ista, it works well with a K+D Can cable, I have an ICOM and use it very rarely but use K+D Cable all the time,
  9. Did you get it ok bud?
  10. Ues but there not cheap ones, if you have someone elses cable and not mine then you should be able to use the cheaper ones on ebay as mine are wired for ignition detection.
  11. I have also used it on older model e39s with no issues but you will need NCS to code the kombi as well as bmwscanner to correct mileage and vin.
  12. Jimmy could you help me with my dis +inpa software keep getting diagnostic head impaired 200.166 thanks