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  1. Hi, Guaranteed next day delivery is Special delivery, I send out first class recorded as standard which is usually next day but not guaranteed, what email (and name) did you send message to as I dont recall seeing one?
  2. these not have 3 position bottom mounts on them or am I talking out my arse again?
  3. Maclaren!
  4. What was outcome Eamo? was it any good for you or did you not go see?
  5. It looks like the one to me, check wire colours and see if same colour terminates in the white plug on the rear of the radio head unit, 99% thats the right cable as all the ones I have checked have never had the wires in so for yours to have it for me means its the aux cable.
  6. Anyone breaking a later model e28, need pedal box section from bulkhead cutting out?
  7. Jay by any chance!
  8. Its a nice car, seen it a while ago but thought it had sold, give the guy a ring hes a genuine e28 guy and owns a few e28's inc. B9 B10 and M5.
  9. As above cars have long since gone.
  10. Do a bit more googling as thats just the software not the cable, its just Ista-d which has F series included, as I said I can do cable and ista just not e-sys as I have never used it so cant support it.
  11. Glad its all sorted now Andy,
  12. arent they plug and play?
  13. If its showing FA when you read car then its how you are trying to enter FA to make the changes, what are you trying to do?
  14. Went to the graveyard last year and does still have drivers wing on but IIRC it has rust on the arch and lower rear so not really a replacement.