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  1. jimmy

    Program a blank key?

    You never know!!
  2. jimmy

    Program a blank key?

    So do I!
  3. jimmy

    Program a blank key?

    No you need locksmiths tools or specific key programming equipment.
  4. jimmy

    INPA not recognising power

    ediabas error, either wrong com port or ignition not on fully.
  5. jimmy

    Trying to install dis and progman

    Ver 253 should be fine on XP, its good for up to win7, never had an issue with it before, I would re extract DIS and try that first, how long you had cable? if its from cable shack use the support email and ask for help, I dont receive notifications on here so posts can be unanswered for a short while.
  6. jimmy

    MS Windows laptop running Win 7

    Hi Dan, Yes runs on win7 no problem.
  7. jimmy

    Excellent service from Jimmy as usual!

    No problem, I aim to please!
  8. jimmy

    E28 M5 #176 Royal Blau restoration project

    its nearly done body wise and will be visiting ML in the near future for engine work.
  9. jimmy

    E28 M5 #176 Royal Blau restoration project

    Does anyone know if this was ever finished? Looked like some good work going into it, could do with the same being done on one of mine!!
  10. jimmy

    M535i headliner finally fitted

    Ill get me coat.
  11. jimmy

    e28 Alpina Boot Spoiler

    Same place you might find some hens teeth!
  12. jimmy


    Hi Chris, You never purchased e-sys from me unfortunately, I dont sell it on ebay, I would guess you bought it from Bcables or Bm cables Im cable-shack.
  13. I was at the 40th Birthday bash at Alpina with this car, it was over was over getting the Alpina logos put on the seats as it was built without, IIRC it went off at a silverstone BMW day not too long after the Alpina visit, was a very nice car back then.
  14. jimmy

    M535i headliner finally fitted

    was it expensive to have fitted?
  15. jimmy

    WinKFP Programming problems

    Try this: Just do the ZUSB update, pick the ecu, enter your VIN, hit back, then hit Prog ZB. Update I think thats what its called! It'll then come up with a txt box saying Current version 12345. New Version: 23456. Update? Yes or No, I have done this a fw times when doing it the other way I get zb number not recognised. sorry for late reply but Im not getting notifications so PM or emails quickest.