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  1. Do a bit more googling as thats just the software not the cable, its just Ista-d which has F series included, as I said I can do cable and ista just not e-sys as I have never used it so cant support it.
  2. Glad its all sorted now Andy,
  3. arent they plug and play?
  4. If its showing FA when you read car then its how you are trying to enter FA to make the changes, what are you trying to do?
  5. Went to the graveyard last year and does still have drivers wing on but IIRC it has rust on the arch and lower rear so not really a replacement.
  6. Retrofit? use ncs its easier.
  7. sshhhh!
  8. Nice comeback!
  9. Thanks for that Paggers, always good to advertise other peoples wares before mine, For your 08 e6x you would need the D-Can cable, comes with everything you need included (except laptop) and it does a lot more than just read codes!
  10. com1 and latency down to 1, make sure you use same usb port when you use it.
  11. Hi, if your reading some of the modules you should be able to ream them all, what cables are you using now? have you tried with dis?
  12. XP Vista 7 8 or 10 will work but I would go for XP or win7 myself.
  13. so when the cable is plugged in, device manager reports it as usb serial port com1?
  14. I have part of a gen kit if anyone needs sizes to get some made up.