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  1. jimmy


    Just realised mine has them, will check fuse tomorrow!!
  2. jimmy

    Omega SMP300 Full Size Auto

    It is but you cant wear them all the time, so it was a toss up between the PO or this and the PO has been daily for around 2 years now so a little rough around the edges, this ones very good so think this would go sooner.
  3. jimmy

    Steinhart Ocean One GMT

    Steinhart Ocean One GMT A very nice looking watch in the lesser price range, got this after I sold my R GMT as I like the look of the original but never wore it, there around 500 euros to buy if you can find one, this is in new new condition only worn a few times and around 15 months old (have ori purchase receipt here with watch) would like £320 for this one again as its not being worn,
  4. Omega Seamaster pro 300 Full sized auto in very good condition with box book and warranty card, another just sat in the safe, these will only increase in value being the original bond watch in great condition, scratch on clasp as in pic but will easily come out with a little polish, Quartz models are making close to this on eBay, will post at cost if needed but would prefer face to face so you can see what your buying, £1400
  5. Breitling Superocean Abyss 42mm with blue dial accent, in very good condition complete with box and papers, very nice watch that just does not get worn, prefer face to face but will post at cost if need be. £1450
  6. jimmy

    Quick Ques. about ITool )Radar & Esys, Dr Gini??

    Hi nelsonjmbf, All you would need for an e60 would be inpa ncs expert and disv57, none of the other software is needed or relevant to your model car, unsure if dr gini has e series compatibility as I dont use it. e-sys is for f series coding.
  7. jimmy

    NCSExpert coding different used LCM3

    Vin and miles with PAsoft 1.4 then code with NCS to finish.
  8. jimmy

    535d The Extra Thermostat fitting Guide.

    use a little grease or similar around stat to help with insertion, it is a tw@ to get in but it does go in far enough.
  9. jimmy

    E28 M5 Alloys

    Hi Mar, Is this up in the north east?
  10. jimmy

    Sold - Focal IFBMW-S Component Speakers Used

    £100 posted any good Dave? Just thought Id ask.
  11. jimmy

    To be removed

    Could be junction box related??
  12. jimmy

    To be removed

    Does sound cas related.
  13. jimmy

    E28 garage sale part 2

  14. jimmy

    Daten files to update CAS

    Send me an email to support@cable-shack and I will send a link over.
  15. jimmy

    F10 520d 2010 Won't Start

    Do you mean you plugged into Ista? if so then you can check HP pressure and test in tank pump, how many miles has it done?