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    E60 535d M sport - My new daily

    Hi All Here are some pics of my new daily smoker. Having a car related business, one particular customer owns a number of very exotic cars (599 GTB, F430 Suderia, Alfa 8C) and this particular car was his daily drive that he used for travelling the length of the country and over to italy. It's done 140k but has a mega FSH at BMW and everything needed doing had been done with no expense spared. Traditionally I'd always swerved higher mileage cars thinking they would be a wallet opener but this beauty is testament to the fruits of correct maintenance and what I see as one of BMWs better periods. The base spec is great and has been complimented with a few very nice upgrades. Upgrades F10 CIC and software TV in motion code Quaife Limited Slip Diff (fitted by Birds) Standard spec M LA WHEELS DOUBLESP. SPORT AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION EMERGENCY WHEEL M SPORT PACKAGE GREEN STRIPE WINDSCREEN INTERIOR TRIM FINISHERS ALU PENTAN FLOOR MATS, VELOUR INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR MIRROR PACKA INTERIOR RR VW MIRROR W AUT ANTI-D SEAT ADJUSTM., ELECTR. W. MEMORY CHILD SEAT ISOFIX ATTACHMENT SPORT SEATS F DRIVER / FRONT PASSENGER SEAT HEATING F DRIVER / FRONT PASSENGER LANE DEVIATION WARNING HEADLIGHT WASHER SYSTEM PARK DISTANCE CONTROL (PDC) XENON LIGHT ADAPTIVE HEADLIGHTS DVD SYSTEM AT REAR, PREPARATION USB- / AUDIO INTERFACE TV FUNCTION NAVIGATION SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL BMW ASSIST BMW ONLINE VOICE INPUT SYSTEM PREP.MOB. PH. BUSINESS BLUET.INTERF. DAB TUNER CD CHANGER BMW FOR 6 CDS M SPORT SUSPENSION M LEATHER STEERING WHEEL M AERODYNAMICS PACKAGE M REAR SPOILER INDIVIDUAL HIGH-GLOSS SATIN CHROME INDIVIDUAL SUN PROTECTION GLAZING INDIVIDUAL ROOF-LINING ANTHRACITE CUPHOLDER AUTOMATIC AIR CONDITIONING CRUISE CONTROL WITH BRAKING FUNCTION Modifications EGR delete Swirl Flap delete Modified engine map Big ticket replacements New small turbo New boost pipe from turbo to intercooler Vac lines Turbo pressure controller Main thermostat New brakes (BMW) In a nutshell I couldn't turn it down when he asked if I wanted to buy it. I own a couple of tasty petrol cars but I'm a sucker for a big TDI for lazy driving. What has surprised me the most about this car is the power. It's extremely fast. Staggeringly fast to be honest - way more power than needed for daily driving and family transport. The seats are great - everything on them is electric; even the leg extension and headrest. The steering wheel is electric too - not seen that before. Here's a few hasty pics - I'll post some better ones when I get chance
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    Battery problem solved....
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    My E26!

    I was at Gaydon yesterday for the BMW Car Club festival, and took part in the concourse on Saturday. Staying up until 9:30pm until it got dark, and then getting up again at 4:30am just as it was getting light to finish prepping the car payed off. On another note, I'd noticed that my car was missing two parts in the engine bay. Looking at other cars, there are shaped plastic uprights that fasten on to two bosses on the main chassis. They fit into the buttresses on the engine bay cover, presumably to change the airflow in some way. There appear to be at least two versions, you can see them on either side in these two pictures, above the expansion tank and dip stick. Early version from chassis number 4301013 Later version from chassis number 4301108 Most cars seem to have these parts. They attach by 2 bolts to the boss on the chassis. However, not only was I missing the parts, but there are no holes in the boss to fit the bolts to! Appologies for the back focused picture The parts are NLA from BMW and they are not just a flat plate, they have a hoop on which goes round the tubular chassis member. So, I borrowed a pair from another M1 owner had them digitised and 3D printed Using the highest quality printer and mode, these took over 20 hours each to print. The finish is not identical as the originals are moulded, but they are not bad. I also noticed that some cars had the top edge wrapped in a trim strip and others did not. The variations may all just be due to the way the Italian assembly operators felt on the day, the availability of parts, of that bits have fallen off or been removed at some point over the last 37 years, who knows. As the parts only arrived last Friday, I temporarily attached them with double sided foam tape.
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    Anytime, I'm sure he has some pain left All finished today just need to source some arch liners and clips for the screen trim
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    BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    Today was a good day. One I will remember for some time. I've owned this car for over 4 years and today was the first time I drove it. What can I say. After 6 months in my garage fettling away she was ready for a test drive and boy did she not disappoint. She drove like a dream and pulled really hard in all gears. The noise is something else similar to my m3 but still different. Not sure what exhaust is on it will have to check but it does sound sublime. The car is still far away from being finished but atleast now I can drive her. One thing the test drive revealed was a high idle something I'll need to investigate further. I'm literally over the moon today a car I dreamed of when I was younger I now own. Still get a kick out of that [emoji16][emoji1417]
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    The story of E39 M5 AK03 DJJ (so far)

    15 years today since she rolled off the production line.
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    Alpina B10 V8

    A few pics after giving the old girl a bit of spit and polish today
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    Would you sell your e39 for an e38??

    Well....collected the e38 yesterday Amazing car! Drove home to Leeds from London and it drove without fault. Was a bit worried it might have the 'dreaded shimmy' like my last e38 had but nothing, no judder/vibration at all and perfect under braking. Automatic gearbox works perfectly and temperature level sits at 12 o'clock. Only bit of rust I can see is tiny bit on the panel beneath the boot, just like many e39's suffer from. Has the sat nav, tv, cd changer and radio/tape. The volume wasn't working, removed the amp today and re-soldered the 'dry' joints, now works fine. Key fob didn't work, reprogrammed key and now have remote central locking and alarm. Few other jobs to do, in particular it needs a 'proper' clean! Few pics of car taken by previous owner.
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    RIP Keith (Urquattro)

    God bless Keith! A man who loved the 5 Series. He will be missed
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    My 535d

    Just picked my 535d yesterday really nice car first e60 I've owned
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    E28 at sundown

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    The Flying Banana

    Being Tailgated

    keep cool and dont let it bother you ... i get it all the time ..its their issue not yours ..i just sit back and enjoy i am in the right ..only ever had one guy pull me up as he was hacked off i was sitting at speed limit ..he wont oull anyone up iagain i dont think I am totally of the mindset now its not worth arguing .. alot of britians drivers are arrogant, poor at best and if you let it all bother you then you will just become an angry man ...let them do their thing ..it will creep up on them eventually
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    F**k all, it's a Yank thing. We've got enough of their ott customs over here already, what with baby showers, trick or treat and school proms, we don't want any more thank you very much.
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    My M6 Gran Coupe Thread

    Final payment made yesterday. Even the lowball valuation from the dealers based on a cash purchase was higher than the payment so the car is finally now all mine! MOT passed without any issues as expected too.
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    So, I bought this, and went down to Mansfield to collect it. Drove the 430 odd miles home without incident, only stopping for fuel and food. It's a cracking car - bodily, there's no rust, and is better than you'd expect given it's age. There are a few things to do - one of the headlamps is broken, although Andy gave me one for it - can't wait to do that one! Being fussy, the wheels would benefit from a refurb. The windscreen is delaminating, so I will need a new one at some point, which is a shame as it's good otherwise. Someone had covered it up with some sort of black paint - I didn't notice it at first. Hard to see actually. I'll do it after the winter. I'll need to get the whole car body properly deep cleaned, some blemishes buffed out and a good wax / sealant applied. I might pay to get that gone, as I don't have a garage and weather is running out! Interior is pretty good too, with no rips or tears in the seats. Vinyl is lifting a bit from the door cards, so I'll be on the lookout for suitable replacements. Sony stereo was only working on the front speakers, and the cd changer worked on the rears - with volume either highest or lowest - no in between! I discovered that someone had the audio inputs from the autochanger going into the line out sockets! With that sorted, it is now working perfectly. The heater panel doesn't illuminate, which from experience is cheap to fix, but a bit of a pain to do. Might see if I can get a good working one somewhere. Mechanically, I can't see anything it needs other than a couple of bonnet struts and some proper wiper blades. So - so far so good!
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    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Need to go through the thread and relink the now dead photobucket images, but in the meantime have switched to Imgur so on with the thread! - 2017 Autumn Update - Gave the headlight lenses a 'refurb' earlier in the summer. Removed them, sanded down and re-lacquered them. Muchos better! Visited Custom Chrome in Nuneaton for a "muffler delete". My previous M5 had H&S backboxes on and was LOUD. This one has stayed with standard exhaust system as I now live in a relatively civilised village where we all get on well with each other - and I didn't want to upset the harmony. However I heard a few "muffler deletes" and found they were nowhere near as loud as the H&S system so I booked in at CC: Original backboxes: Gone: Straight-thro pipe: The Y-piece and 3" tailpipes I chose next to an old silencer pair: Tacking into position: No after pic taken unfortunately, but they looked pretty standard from a distance after a week of getting caked in grime/mud/etc. The SOUND is glorious now though. Full throttle NASCAR goodness. Can't recommend Custom Chrome enough - great bunch of lads. Had an error with the DSC system where it would sporadically throw a bunch of ambers on at me. Key on/off and the problem disappeared and didn't return anytime soon after. Did it enough times to annoy me so plugged the laptop in and found it to be a faulty brake pedal switch - the DSC system thought the circuit was open/brakes were on all the time. Brake lights behaved normally though. So order a new switch from Phil at Cotswolds (thanks mate) and changed that yesterday. I had a look at the online vids/how-to's and they all must be for a pre-facelift switch as it was different to the one in this (2001) - there was no plunger/pin on the end. I also diverged from the online How-To's and removed the bit of dash where the OBD socket is. For 2 mins extra work this made access for my grande paws much easier: Nothing obviously wrong with the old switch (it was original) but the problem is gone now. It's nice to have DSC/TC back with the shitty autumnal roads here. And finally, I picked-up a set of Evolve headers and cats at the start of the year. After a drawn out affair they're back from blasting/coating (cats not shown), so I'll be fitting these shortly: Cheers, Rob
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    My E26!

    Apparently winning the BMW Car Club National Festival event allows the car is be displayed at the NEC Classic Motorshow in November on the Meguiars stand as part of their Club Showcase. http://www.necclassicmotorshow.com/meguiars-club-showcase
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    Not sure how to reply to some of these messages on here, I am pretty sure I am younger than most of you on here and yet your maturity level is disappointing at best. I am happy to take all kinds of feedback, both good and bad as long as it has a point. So let me answer a few things for you: 1. "It's nice but not 13k nice" - Find me a nicer one for 13k or less? And no, I mean one with every single option this car has, with every single item it has had changed in the last 3 months (2k miles) and with such service history background, then I ll lower it. 2. "car is F10 money bla bla bla". No. Just no. This car is some bottom of the barrel F10 money, with crappy spec and definitely not a 535d M sport either. So please, keep that to yourself. 3. "up there on mileage". So? I turned down 3 E60s before buying this, which were cheaper than this car funnily enough and had about 40k less miles. They drove like dogs, had turbo whine and many owners trying to hide obvious oil leaks and pretending like there are no bangs from their suspension. 4. If you don't have any intention on purchasing this, why are you commenting? Most importantly, a car is worth what somebody is willing to pay for it. Someone out there will be looking for a top spec E60 535d M Sport in top condition, and that will come at a cost. I've had a lot of interest, and many questions, so it will just take a little bit of time to find it's new owner. This is exactly why I don't normally post car sale threads on forums...
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    Matthew Ashton

    Windscreen Rainwater Drainage

    This is a follow on to the long thread titled "Heavy Rain, Water Leak": I did a bit of a strip down of my car today to investigate the flow of water coming from the windscreen in to the engine bay on the near-side on the F10/F11. Here is the Panel behind which is the yellow grommet that is causing people so much grief with wet carpets It is the panel on the left of the picture: This is what you find behind that panel once you remove the 4 screws and remove it: The first area I looked into was the grill shown on the left - water that enters through that grill goes straight down and into the yellow grommet plenum that a number of us have accessed recently. I put the camera down in this position and it comes out directly into the plenum area... The plenum cover has been removed and the screw hole you can see next to the camera head is the top mounting screw for the cover. Next, I removed the wheel arch cover to look for a drain hole... And there it is, circled here: You can see some leaf debris peeping through along the left hand side of the grommet Now I turn to investigating the right hand grill and drain... I put the camera down in the area circled on the right... So looking straight down between those 3 black pipes, this is what you get, another catchment cavity filled with leaves... I removed the camera and put the hosepipe down there and gave it a good blast and most of the water came out from the drain I showed you behind the wheel arch liner. With a bit of help I managed to remove most of the leaves through the drain hole. Note that some water did trickle back into the yellow grommet plenum but most came out of the drain. Lastly I investigated the cavity beneath the nearside bonnet hinge between the wing and the blower motor housing. I put the camera down but couldn't get a good view as to what was happening down there so I put the hose down and again the water poured out of the drain behind the wheel arch liner with some water making its way into the yellow grommet plenum. I think the pipe shown here (just a hole in the bodywork on other's cars) is to drain the plenum as the water coming down from the grill/drain on the left in the first picture only goes into the plenum and needs to get to the drain grommet. In summary, The grill on the left in the first picture goes straight into the plenum. The grill on the right in the first picture goes down into a body cavity that leads to the drain grommet behind the wheel arch liner. The cavity under the nearside bonnet hinge also goes directly to the drain grommet behind the wheel arch liner. But all of the above are linked too via the hole/pipe to the lower left of the yellow grommet. There is a design flaw as those leaves you see 2 pictures above are nigh on impossible to remove (they come from the grill to the right in the first picture) and will keep on flowing to and blocking the drain grommet and any leaves coming from the grill to the left in the first picture will enter the yellow grommet plenum and stay there causing havoc. Finally, I cleaned and polished the wheel inside and out before refitting and torqued the wheel bolts to 140Nm.
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    My E34 525i

    It's a bit rough but gets me around
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    Could this cyclist not have...

    So he knowingly takes a bicycle out on to a public highway that doesn't have brakes and tries to absolve himself of all responsibility of the accident saying it wasn't his fault... In London - the most populous city in the UK... FFS he needs to grow up and accept that he was in the wrong in the first place... he made the choice, no sympathy from me for him (if the reporting is accurate and true). Whether or not she was on her mobile is irrelevant in his defence as it is not illegal to use your mobile as a pedestrian.... Try defending riding a motorcycle or driving a car on the public roads without brakes... Another prime example of parts of today's UK society who can't take responsibility for their own actions... "It's was someone else's fault"...
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    Been at ignition festival all weekend awesome time.
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    My E26!

    At the Silverstone Classic at the week end. A few nice cars in the hotel car park, the M1 was at the front obviously! Not the best photo as it was just on my phone, but see what you can spot.
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    Not very artistic but the car I had for the day while mine was being serviced