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    Winter advice from the AA....

    The AA have warned that due to the extreme weather conditions if traveling it is advisable to take the following: A fully charged mobile phone Sunglasses. Personal medication. First aid kit. A road atlas – in case of diversions. Sat-nav or a printed route for an unfamiliar journey. A blanket, rug or sleeping bag. Shovel. Ice scraper and de-icer. Torch and batteries. Snacks – chocolate or cereal bars. A warm winter coat, scarf, hat, gloves and warm clothes. Waterproofs. Sturdy footwear. A flask of hot drink. I felt a complete twat getting on the bus!
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    E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    After many weeks, mainly due to the DVLA dragging their heels to correct theur mistake, the 540 finally becomes mine. It's bloody awesome, its immaculate, it looks the mutt's nuts and it's mine! Gave it a rinse and drove it around, just to get used to it! More later, and a few questions from me no doubt.
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    Oh the irony!

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    Never expected to see this.....!

    Just ticked over the 100k mark. Bought in 2006 with around 33k on the clock. Thought about selling it many times as I hardly use it BUT cannot bring myself to do it. What would I buy to replace a car that has never missed a beat in 12 years and that I still enjoy driving as much as the day I picked it up from BMW Vines at Crawley for £23,000 more than a decade ago? Upgraded a few things over the years (TV and satnav) but it is pretty much as it left the factory. It still has an original Motorola phone, glove box torch and 1st Aid kit! Thanks to my gentle driving (most of the time!) it is still happily running on its original clutch and suspension and I have had no major mechanical issues. (Sod's law something will happen now!) The biggest expense over the years has been having the wheels refurbished at Lepsons (x3) as I am a bit of an anorak on that front. Got to have perfect wheels! Bodywork not so perfect but pretty good with no rust other than a few bubbles in the petrol filling area and they were there in 2006 and have not worsened over the years. Fixed the traditional missing dashboard pixel and dodgy rear view mirror issues and replaced quite a few suspension bushes, roll bars, hoses, MAFs, but nothing major. And thanks to people on this forum I learned recently that my M5 is unique - the only right hand drive individual black sapphire metallic car exported to the UK. Anyway, here's to the next 100k....or will I sell it now we have passed such a landmark mileage? Hmmm A couple of pix if anyone is remotely interested.....!
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    Been dismissed at Work

    Hi peeps got the job, starting on Monday ☺
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    Can't believe it's virtually 4yrs since I bought this car and for something that cost under £2k back then it's given service of a car costing 10x more. We had decided to change it this month as the loadspace and interior size is no longer essential to us... but I test drove a non-premium car 10yrs newer and it was so unrefined we have decided to keep the E39 another year. I keep full records and thought the work needed to keep it in top condition might be of interest. You can take it as read it's had an oil/filter change each year with the other filters changed according to mileage. On top of that it needed no further work than above in 2015. During 2016 it needed a pair of rear tyres and I kept to matching Dunlops. I replaced a cracked foglamp with one from Ebay. Fitted new aux drivebelts and front brake pads. It failed its summer 2016 MOT on rear brake effort so I fitted new rear discs, pads and handbrake shoes to get it spot on... then passed with no advisories. On a whim I removed the EGR to clean and check it's operation then refitted. In 2017 I fitted new front tyres, Dunlops again. I had to re-polish one headlamp as it had gone cloudy again. One rear suspension upper front top link had play so I replaced both. Also replaced one front wheel bearing. At the summer MOT when they did the test that raises the rear on its suspension the nearside rear airbag split so that was a fail. I replaced it with a new Arnott type and received a pass with no advisories. The final thing that year was the dealer driver's airbag recall which I had completed locally. Not great service from the main dealer but perhaps I was regarded as well down the pecking order with a 15yr old car? One aspect that has kept me on my toes is the airbag lamp. Initially as mentioned above I had a problem passed on by the previous owner which turned out to be a high resistance on one of the driver airbag connections. Then carrying a load on the front seat temp shorted out the passenger sensor which reset OK. Then it threw up several passenger airbag codes which reset a couple of times but then stuck on. Eventually I sorted it late 2017. When the dealers replaced the driver's airbag under recall I asked them to diagnose the passenger code fault and they were useless. This prompted me to buy two £20-£25 Ebay airbag ECUs that closely matched the part numbers on my own (two as I thought the chance of getting one that worked first time was slim and I preferred to hit the job all in one). Both were U/S so returned for refund. I ordered and tested two more at similar prices... both perfect so fitted one and kept the other as a spare. The light hasn't come back in many months so I'm calling that a result. Now in 2018 and having decided to run it another year I will replace the rear suspension lower links and rose joints. Also I'm putting a new Arnott suspension airbag on the o/s rear to match the one that I fitted after the original n/s burst last year. It's not leaking but we carry a hell of a holiday load and I'd hate that to go halfway to Cornwall. Daft really that a 16yr old car worth peanuts can be totally rust free... have all gadgets working... and still be a refined load carrier.
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    Not the place for this kind of discussion IMO If you're interested in the car, fine, ask away, if you're trying to pick holes, do it via PM or over in E39 tech chat/general chat etc...! Each to their own when it comes to selling cars and prices. However, the OP started a useful thread re this and he's priced it on the back of that discussion...
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    Trip to ZF dortmund

    My appointment was yesterday at ZF to get my Gearbox serviced. I have 155k on the F11 530D and with BMW dealer telling me that the Gearbox oil is for life and refusing to carry out a service. I read on other forums of people who travelled from UK to ZF in Dortmund to get the job done. I arrived at ZF @ 7.30 and went to reception and met Klaus Hennemann the guy who took the booking. He asked me if there were any issues i was facing with my gearbox and said that if they found anything they can repair it or if its really bad they can do an exchange for a brand new box one for 2k euros. They took it for a test drive and carried on with the work (took 3 hours) On the forums, you have seen people taking pics etc and standing there while the work is carried out. But Klaus told me they had an incident a few months ago where a customer filmed the entire thing and put it on youtube and it caused some issues for ZF so now they stopped allowing customers in the garage and taking pics etc. I was disappointed as i would have loved to seen up close what they did but i can understand their point of view. But he said if we find a problem they would take me in and show me while its all open. they did the Oil drain including TC, changed oil and new pan. They also stripped the Mechatronic and cleaned that out and change parts. Klaus said that the gearbox was not too bad but good job i put fresh oil in. He said next change should be at 50k miles. He was pissed that all the manufacturers (BMW, LAnd rover, Jaguar etc) are saying its for life when ZF are saying no its not. The gear changes are super smooth. The picture below is of the Gearbox of the one in most F10/F11 but 8 speed. He even stamped my service book. He said he has lots of people coming from the UK to have gearboxes repaired and serviced, i did suggest he speak to his managers and get a service centre opened up in the UK. Costs it was 24 quid for one way (50 return) on the euro tunnel, Service was 540 euros, the hotel was 30 pounds and me and the wife are chilling here until tomorrow so do make a weekend getaway then getting the car serviced dont seem too bad. So for someone who is wanting to keep their car forever and does a great deal of mileage then i do recommend this type of service from ZF. Who better to service and repair your gearbox then the manufacturer who made it.
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    Collection day!!

    Pretty terrible weather in the UK... but snow cannot stop collection day!!
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    Warm enough to take the beast out of the garage for a wash, wax and a quick run. Looking forward to spring and being able to use it more regularly. Got chased out of industrial unit car park by security guard for taking photos!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    MOT today. First one since I bought it exactly a year ago. Mileage is now at 60k and a bit so wasn't really expecting any issues. It was nice to hear the Tester querying the age of the car relative to its overall condition. Though you can't see it in the picture there was a chap with a four year old Range Rover sport getting his MOT done in the adjoining bay. A sporty sort, sheepskin jacket, Churchill brogues, golfing trousers, you know the type, anyway he looked over at my car and with a patronising tone in his voice said 'they don't make them like that anymore do they' I smiled and let it go then he had to ruin it by adding 'they go for ever those old bangers' A short while later he was in an uproar as the examiner failed his Rangey on a leaking suspension strut, excessive play in the steering and a worn wheel bearing. As I collected my new MOT certificate I nodded towards his car and said 'they still make them like that then?' That shut him up.
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    April is bowel cancer awareness month. This post is simply to help educate and raise awareness about one of the most common cancers but also possibly one of the least talked about and deadly - its the second most common cancer killer but can be treated with great rates of success if picked up early. Reason for posting is personal, ive been battling it for the last 18 months and if there's even a chance I can persuade someone to get checked out earlier and give them a better chance of survival then sharing my story here is worth it. I'm lucky to have got this far because although i had a couple of symptoms I explained them away to myself. As a healthy half-marathon running 40 year old why would I think different right? Well by the time i went to my GP with 3/5 symptoms it had spread to my liver and later my lungs and bits. Survival is a constant cycle of chemo and rest right now, I dont recommend it, but the alternative when it comes (and there is no question, it is incurable this late on) is obviously far less desirable. So please just have a quick look at this stuff, only takes a few seconds, and take a minute to think about whether you have any of the symptoms or if you're old enough qualify for the easy home screening kits-its rare in young people but incidence rates are growing frighteningly quick. SuperDave https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/bowel-cancer/symptoms/
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    Captain Beaky

    What did your wife do today?

    Quick back story For a few years now a couple of the lads and I have had a stupid wife board, just a bit of banter because we all know each other and the wives give us as good as we give. But today I am king of the board. She only went to make heart shaped pancakes for me on Valentines day, what a darling wife! how she achieved it is priceless she only tried to use a plastic heart shaped cake cutter as a mould on the frying pan and pour the mix in. awesome!! Now i have plastic poisoning and have to buy a new frying pan
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    Re Mapping G31/G32

    Ah, right, I'd better play ball. A weekend away in the Peak District.
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    M88rt j

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Detailed the engine bay after finally fitting the m5 arch liners, changed my vacuum hoses for some funky orange silicone ones to try and brighten up the bay a bit whilst I was in the engine bay too,
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Even dirty E60 is still beautiful! I know most prefer E39 but I find an E60 beautiful on it's own way! Non-classic way!
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    My new favourite BMW saloon

    There used to an Alpina B12 5.7 lwb in Aberdeen, one of only two rhd UK cars. Edit; I've just checked, and it's still on my drive
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    E60 M5 finally bought

    So I've been thinking about this for years now, infact I have a thread on here two years ago where I was mulling it over but I've finally done it. For me the story of an E60 M5 goes back more 12 years to a strange time in life when I was considering a career change from IT into the automotive side of things. I ended up applying for an apprenticeship at the tender age of 18 and getting down to the final two. Part of the end of the selection process was to spend two weeks working at a main dealer. I have to say a huge thanks to the master tech at this dealer as I learnt so much in those two weeks about the principals of car diagnosis and how to use. Sadly it wasn't meant to be, I found out the other guy was a relation of the owners of the dealer so really I didn't have a choice which was a shame. Interestingly despite the time I still remember many of the cars we worked on. KDS on an E46 M3 that had been bumped, an early 136bhp 320d with running problems (MAF), a 750il in for battery drain issues (she was a thing of beauty), an E60 with active cruise control, but by far the best one was an E60 M5 in Silver. They were nearly new back then, I seem to recall we fitted a tracker to it. However the treat for me was the master tech took me out in it for a test drive. Looking back I feel sorry for its owner but it was jolly exciting. Lets call the tech Dave, Dave thought he would impress me with this car so off we trundled through Blackpool and once it was warm he gave it an absolute boot full on what was a fairly busy road with small shops either side. I'm not sure if it was in 400 or 500bhp but it was in manual and it must have been at least S4 or S5 and as you might imagine it absolute leapt down the road to 8250rpm at which point Dave had been so overwhelmed by the performance he had forgotten which paddle to pull. This must have only been for a fraction of a second but it felt like a life time. The noise was incredible and when he did remember which paddle to pull the shift into 2nd and the resulting acceleration was a memory I've distinctly held on to all these years. Obviously back then the idea of owning an E60 M5 was utter fantasy. I had an E39 M5 a few years ago and whilst a wonderful car it was getting tired so I swapped it for an E63 650i. I do always wonder if I should have borrowed some money and had an M6 but I've never been a fan of owing money on cars especially as my cars tend to sit all week as I have a company pickup that I use for work. The M5 had crossed my radar again at this point but it was also beyond my budget at that time. After 3 years I swapped the E63 (disclaimer here, the 650i was a superbly capable car here and we both miss it dearly) for a Supercharged Range Rover which was great for doing a tour of Scotland and for family work but it was pretty numb and seriously thirsty and not really that fast. I also had a 330ci Msport which I used for track days but the cost of running two cars (as I have for the last 6 years) had begun to grate on me plus I was at risk of loosing a parking space. I went some through the obvious of what other fast saloon which would provide family space with some fun for me and really there is only one car, an M5 and with the F10 beyond my budget we came back to my old friend the E60. So to my E60, well I happened to join a group and naturally when you say you are interested in buying a car the inbox is rapidly filled with people trying to offload all sorts of rubbish but there was one message of a nice looking car that had plenty of work done over the years and the last owner for 10 years. It was with great excitement I first went to see this car and whilst the pictures look good the exterior cosmetic condition was befitting of its 13 years on the road. Not bad, but not perfect. However luckily I have a tame bodyshop man who will sort out some of the passage of time. It was worth noting that I hadn't actually been in an M5 or M6 E6x since that initial encounter all those years ago but my word it was just as impressive as I remember. Quite an achievement for a car that's a few years old. The car was mechanically wonderful and very well maintained and the only one of the 5 I viewed that didn't have some sort of error on the dash or obvious fault. The problem then was finding a buyer for my other two cars but things fell into place to allow me to finally go and collect the E60 last Monday. It was in Scotland, so a friend and I managed to dodge the snow of the previous week and despite having to dig it out of the previous owners drive my very first driving experience of an E60 m5 was to drive it through the snow onto the main road. Certainly a baptism of fire (ice?) but off we trundled in 400bhp auto default mode. It felt wonderful, even in Mong mode as we could call it. Standard for an E60 there wasn't much fuel in it so a quick fill up and we hit the road to get home before the weather got any worse. In our younger days we might have gone for it on the motorway but it was nice to cruise down the M74 and M6 in superb comfort and it even managed 24.5mpg which I was very impressed by. In similar conditions the Supercharged Range Rover might have done 21mpg if I was very lucky. I did give it a little tickle at one point, we both agreed it was a quick car. 15 minutes later I started to chuckle, realising it was still in 400bhp mode... Since collecting I've done 500 miles in her and apart from the PDC failing (irritating but a fact of life on older cars) its been wonderful. I have rapidly learnt to use the SMG box and in full crazy mode it still one hugely impressive car. Dad had a little go and needed 5 minutes to sit to let the Adrenalin go down. As you might imagine friends old and new have appeared out of the woodwork, very few having experienced a true 500bhp car all have been impressed. It is the only car I've ever owned that I've genuinely thought this is seriously quick and had to learn to respect from the first day. I cant believe just how much more power there is than the E39 M5 and the 650i. Yours, a smitten owner 1 week in.
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    Sunrise at Gatwick

    Dropped my wife off at Three Bridges Station at 06:00 this morning to catch the London Marathon coach up to London. What a lovely morning, had to stop on the way back for a misty sunrise photo. Aircraft is a 787 of Norwegian on short finals to Gatwick.
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    535i Andrew

    How to choose a parking spot

    As we all have nice cars, we can be right fussy bu%%ers when it comes to finding the right spot to park in. Looking for end bays, next to pavements, safe place for the litt'un to get in and out off etc. On a family trip out to the Riverside Museum in Glasgow, I found the perfect spot. Drove around the car park until I found a parking bay that I could guarantee that no one would park next to me. Park next to the electric car charging bays. They are guaranteed to be empty and sure enough, not only were all EIGHT electric charge bays empty but some of the chargers were broken/not working/prevented from being used! Plenty of room to open the doors and a safe spot for getting the littl'un in and out of her car seat.
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    My E26!

    More rocking horse shit discovered in Germany arrived yesterday. The boxes have seen better days But, oh, the contents! Never been used. The first thing that strikes you is just how badly these wheels are finished when new! Quite shocking quality from the Italians. You want the centres painted black? Well this will do, never mind that it's not quite central, I had a bit too much Chianti at lunch ... Inside the wheel bolt holes need to be painted too? Ok, if we must, but I can't be bothered really ... The finish is very rough on the outside to, but better on the inside - the reverse of the wheels I have on the car which have a bit of texture on the outside and are very poor on the inside. I can now however say with some confidence that the Campagnolo logo should go opposite the valve. The cars in Munich in September 2016, both privately owned and BMWs cars, had them all over the place, if at all. I do however much prefer my transfer type decals over the genuine article (again stuck on with typical Italian precision).
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    Finally, the first update of 2018. Started the year off by putting the covers on the Throwing stars the right way round, also got rid of the old securing bolts and put the new ones it. I previously mentioned that someone fitted incorrect bolts for the covers on the rear wheels and here's what they looked like: As you can see, they are hex bolts with washers, but originally you're supposed to have spline bolts in there, which fit flush with the wheels and don't stick out. The good thing about these "wrong bolts" was that they came off easily, since they were replaced quite recently. The covers are aluminium and here's what they look like once taken off: The plastic cap in the centre is separate and you can see the correct spline bolts, which is what BMW uses to secure the covers to the wheels. I cleaned the threads on the covers with some WD40 and also put a bit of copper grease on the new bolts before fitting them. Here's the first wheel finished: The front 2 wheels and the spare one had very tired-looking bolts on the covers, so I wouldn't be surprised if no one touched them for the last 10 years or possibly even from new. Had to be careful not to round the head on the splines, as otherwise I would end up drilling them, which obviously I wanted to avoid. Here's one wheel with the old bolts: Surprisingly, all the bolts came out in one piece and there was no drama after all. Here's the collection: With the covers sorted, I moved to the badges, which was a lot easier to deal with. They are just stuck-on, so all you need is a thin scraper to pry them off and then carefully remove, paying attention not to damage the surface of the cap. Then clean off the remaining glue with a degreaser and you are ready to put on the new badges. My old ones kind of felt apart, as I took them off. They weren't genuine either, as the letters on the genuine BMW badges are engraved, so you can feel a slight groove as you move your finger across them. That's for BMW pedants out there... Having previously driven on 18" M Parallels, I can definitely say that 17's are a better choice for an E34, both in terms of looks and ride/handling. Of course, looks are subjective, but I think 18's are just a bit too big and the ride was a bit too harsh for my liking as well. That's not to say that 17's are not hard, because compared to original 15" style 5's with 60-profile tyres, they are without a doubt harder, but it's something I can live with, considering the E34 is my daily driver. The car feels much more stable and planted on the road, especially giving more confidence at high speeds, since it doesn't bounce around, like it did on 15's. As for looks, it currently looks just perfect to me - Bilstein B12 kit + Throwing stars is an ideal combo, in my opinion. Here are a few photos: The next job on the list is probably sort out the exhaust. To be honest, there's nothing specifically wrong with the exhaust itself, but the catalytic converter has fallen into pieces and I'm thinking of getting an OE Klarius, type-approved replacement, so I might as well get a decent exhaust too - however, nothing too loud, as I'm quite happy with the original BMW exhaust anyway. I'm thinking possibly a Jetex cat-back system or maybe get something custom-made by Powerflow? Will need to look into this further and do a bit more research before I decide what I'm going to go for. Still need to see what's wrong with my rear window regulators and my driver's seat is torn on base, so again, a few things that need to be sorted, but obviously have to prioritise things and get more important stuff done first. Talking about important stuff, planning to replace the clutch this year, along with the gear linkage and other bits, like the clutch slave cylinder, etc. Let me sort out the exhaust first and then I'll probably start looking into getting the parts for the clutch change. Thanks for the following.
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    F**k all, it's a Yank thing. We've got enough of their ott customs over here already, what with baby showers, trick or treat and school proms, we don't want any more thank you very much.