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    Winter advice from the AA....

    The AA have warned that due to the extreme weather conditions if traveling it is advisable to take the following: A fully charged mobile phone Sunglasses. Personal medication. First aid kit. A road atlas – in case of diversions. Sat-nav or a printed route for an unfamiliar journey. A blanket, rug or sleeping bag. Shovel. Ice scraper and de-icer. Torch and batteries. Snacks – chocolate or cereal bars. A warm winter coat, scarf, hat, gloves and warm clothes. Waterproofs. Sturdy footwear. A flask of hot drink. I felt a complete twat getting on the bus!
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    Oh the irony!

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    The story of E39 M5 AK03 DJJ (so far)

    15 years today since she rolled off the production line.
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    Alpina B10 V8

    A few pics after giving the old girl a bit of spit and polish today
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    Collection day!!

    Pretty terrible weather in the UK... but snow cannot stop collection day!!
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    Warm enough to take the beast out of the garage for a wash, wax and a quick run. Looking forward to spring and being able to use it more regularly. Got chased out of industrial unit car park by security guard for taking photos!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    MOT today. First one since I bought it exactly a year ago. Mileage is now at 60k and a bit so wasn't really expecting any issues. It was nice to hear the Tester querying the age of the car relative to its overall condition. Though you can't see it in the picture there was a chap with a four year old Range Rover sport getting his MOT done in the adjoining bay. A sporty sort, sheepskin jacket, Churchill brogues, golfing trousers, you know the type, anyway he looked over at my car and with a patronising tone in his voice said 'they don't make them like that anymore do they' I smiled and let it go then he had to ruin it by adding 'they go for ever those old bangers' A short while later he was in an uproar as the examiner failed his Rangey on a leaking suspension strut, excessive play in the steering and a worn wheel bearing. As I collected my new MOT certificate I nodded towards his car and said 'they still make them like that then?' That shut him up.
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    Captain Beaky

    What did your wife do today?

    Quick back story For a few years now a couple of the lads and I have had a stupid wife board, just a bit of banter because we all know each other and the wives give us as good as we give. But today I am king of the board. She only went to make heart shaped pancakes for me on Valentines day, what a darling wife! how she achieved it is priceless she only tried to use a plastic heart shaped cake cutter as a mould on the frying pan and pour the mix in. awesome!! Now i have plastic poisoning and have to buy a new frying pan
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    Re Mapping G31/G32

    Ah, right, I'd better play ball. A weekend away in the Peak District.
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    M88rt j

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Detailed the engine bay after finally fitting the m5 arch liners, changed my vacuum hoses for some funky orange silicone ones to try and brighten up the bay a bit whilst I was in the engine bay too,
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Even dirty E60 is still beautiful! I know most prefer E39 but I find an E60 beautiful on it's own way! Non-classic way!
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    Had some stuff done on the M5 touring

    Had the M5 in for a tidy up and a few details: Front bumper re-sprayed Kidney and side grills sprayed contrasting body coloured / frozen black Black M5 badge Detailed + ppf on back bumper Engine steam cleaned Full wheel refurb Oh, and the engine cover done to match the Indianapolis red leather Took to many pics but sorry not sorry!!
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    My new favourite BMW saloon

    There used to an Alpina B12 5.7 lwb in Aberdeen, one of only two rhd UK cars. Edit; I've just checked, and it's still on my drive
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    F**k all, it's a Yank thing. We've got enough of their ott customs over here already, what with baby showers, trick or treat and school proms, we don't want any more thank you very much.
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    My M6 Gran Coupe Thread

    Final payment made yesterday. Even the lowball valuation from the dealers based on a cash purchase was higher than the payment so the car is finally now all mine! MOT passed without any issues as expected too.
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    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Need to go through the thread and relink the now dead photobucket images, but in the meantime have switched to Imgur so on with the thread! - 2017 Autumn Update - Gave the headlight lenses a 'refurb' earlier in the summer. Removed them, sanded down and re-lacquered them. Muchos better! Visited Custom Chrome in Nuneaton for a "muffler delete". My previous M5 had H&S backboxes on and was LOUD. This one has stayed with standard exhaust system as I now live in a relatively civilised village where we all get on well with each other - and I didn't want to upset the harmony. However I heard a few "muffler deletes" and found they were nowhere near as loud as the H&S system so I booked in at CC: Original backboxes: Gone: Straight-thro pipe: The Y-piece and 3" tailpipes I chose next to an old silencer pair: Tacking into position: No after pic taken unfortunately, but they looked pretty standard from a distance after a week of getting caked in grime/mud/etc. The SOUND is glorious now though. Full throttle NASCAR goodness. Can't recommend Custom Chrome enough - great bunch of lads. Had an error with the DSC system where it would sporadically throw a bunch of ambers on at me. Key on/off and the problem disappeared and didn't return anytime soon after. Did it enough times to annoy me so plugged the laptop in and found it to be a faulty brake pedal switch - the DSC system thought the circuit was open/brakes were on all the time. Brake lights behaved normally though. So order a new switch from Phil at Cotswolds (thanks mate) and changed that yesterday. I had a look at the online vids/how-to's and they all must be for a pre-facelift switch as it was different to the one in this (2001) - there was no plunger/pin on the end. I also diverged from the online How-To's and removed the bit of dash where the OBD socket is. For 2 mins extra work this made access for my grande paws much easier: Nothing obviously wrong with the old switch (it was original) but the problem is gone now. It's nice to have DSC/TC back with the shitty autumnal roads here. And finally, I picked-up a set of Evolve headers and cats at the start of the year. After a drawn out affair they're back from blasting/coating (cats not shown), so I'll be fitting these shortly: Cheers, Rob
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    My E26!

    Apparently winning the BMW Car Club National Festival event allows the car is be displayed at the NEC Classic Motorshow in November on the Meguiars stand as part of their Club Showcase. http://www.necclassicmotorshow.com/meguiars-club-showcase
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    Not sure how to reply to some of these messages on here, I am pretty sure I am younger than most of you on here and yet your maturity level is disappointing at best. I am happy to take all kinds of feedback, both good and bad as long as it has a point. So let me answer a few things for you: 1. "It's nice but not 13k nice" - Find me a nicer one for 13k or less? And no, I mean one with every single option this car has, with every single item it has had changed in the last 3 months (2k miles) and with such service history background, then I ll lower it. 2. "car is F10 money bla bla bla". No. Just no. This car is some bottom of the barrel F10 money, with crappy spec and definitely not a 535d M sport either. So please, keep that to yourself. 3. "up there on mileage". So? I turned down 3 E60s before buying this, which were cheaper than this car funnily enough and had about 40k less miles. They drove like dogs, had turbo whine and many owners trying to hide obvious oil leaks and pretending like there are no bangs from their suspension. 4. If you don't have any intention on purchasing this, why are you commenting? Most importantly, a car is worth what somebody is willing to pay for it. Someone out there will be looking for a top spec E60 535d M Sport in top condition, and that will come at a cost. I've had a lot of interest, and many questions, so it will just take a little bit of time to find it's new owner. This is exactly why I don't normally post car sale threads on forums...
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    Hey everyone, a quick update here. I've taken some photos of the car with the Bilstein B12 kit fitted, so you can get an idea of how it looks on original 15's. As you can see, it's pretty much spot on with very little gap between the wheels and the wheel arches. The tyres fitted are factory fitment, i.e. 225/60/15 all around. Also I managed to find a nice, staggered set of E34 17" Throwing stars (Style 21) with covers in original condition, so very happy about that. And I even got a spare wheel too, but the centre cap is missing. They also have the correct size tyres fitted on them (235/45/17 on the front and 255/40/17 on the rear) with plenty of tread left as well. The fronts are Dunlop with about 5-6mm of tread and the rears are a budget-brand, Barum, but they are like new with 7mm of tread remaining, so I think I'll keep them for now and see how they perform. Here's the spec of the wheels: The front wheels are: 8x17 ET20 - BMW part number: 36112226706 The rear wheels are: 9x17 ET22 - BMW part number: 36112226707 I balanced the wheels last week and they are all 100% straight, which is of course, good news. The paint is slightly bubbling on the covers in some places, but I'm not too bothered about that for now. However, I've ordered a set of 4 new BMW badges (they just stick-on), as the existing ones are in poor condition, and actually one of them came off by itself. They are quite reasonably priced - you can get a set of 4 from BMW for 20 quid. The part number for the BMW badges for Throwing star covers is: 36136758569 (they are 70mm in size) Those of you who know these wheels well, will notice that I've got 2 driver's side covers on both front wheels, which is obviously incorrect. Since these covers are directional, originally designed for cooling the brakes on the M5, you are supposed to have a separate set of covers for left and right side. Fortunately, the spare wheel has a left side cover, which is what I need to make the fronts perfect, but what I noticed is that the bolts that hold these covers to the wheels are quite rusty, so let's hope it won't be an issue taking them off. I've ordered 30 new cover bolts anyway, as I'd like to replace them on all the wheels, so I won't have any problems with them in the future. The BMW part number for the cover bolts is: 36112227124 (you'll need 5 of these per wheel) I'm currently waiting to receive all the bits from BMW, so when it's all here, I'll take a few pics while swapping the covers and then will get some photos with the car on Throwing stars as well. Really pleased with the wheels, so I've got a feeling that the handling/suspension setup will be spot on....Just one thing that gives away the age of the car dynamically, is the play in the steering, which to my liking, is a bit too excessive, so I'll need to look into that after the wheels are sorted and see what's the problem. That's it for now, I'll be sure to update the thread soon enough. Thanks for following.
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    What a fu**ing joke

    Their country, their rules.
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    Have to love the 535d....

    the other 2 pipes start working when the car is in for an MOT . . . . . .
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    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    We are also looking forward to this project, Its nice to have gone for a car for wanting it not because we needed one if that makes sense? Coming up Update One 26/9/2017 Well let me introduce Boudica Brocade. 22016277_526146471060284_669611632_n Specification Sheet Untitled Untitled SPEC The Story She started life in London from what we can gather she was owned by a club owner in her early years and that is about as much as we can piece together, shes been off the road for most of her life from 2002 till last Monday ( 18/9/17 ) we found out about her existence last Thursday ( 21/9/17 ) and went to view her on the the following Saturday ( 23/9/2017 ) I'd feel in love with her from just the advert... We had a figure in our mind and if we could do a deal we would. Upon arrival the seller seemed very open and honest he was more of a Jaguar enthusiast and explained that the car come with two other Jaguars in a bulk buy package, We looked around and could see potential but the ECU/Alarm had broken and the gearbox linkage has seized. When we asked the price knowing the new problems found he said the exact figure we had in mind and a deal was done on the basic we would pick it up the next day ( 24/9/2017 ). 22053237_10214240970235955_211956500_n 22016437_10214240970275956_1952020674 I don't trust my regular tow company anymore though letting us down and stranded on a Sunday evening luckily a local company was more than happy to get Boudica Brocade back to Butler HQ but by the time we was all back there wasn't much time for progress blogs. 22052612_10214240970035950_52553486_n 22052704_10214240969915947_9913882_n The risk is we brought her without hearing her run which i know isn't advisable .. But this is us right!.....But seriously we still have the Silver Units power plant if the situation was to go south plus the interior would be worth 75% of what we paid for her and the shell seems very good.shes only covered 124k miles and missed many winters and the seller assured us when it went away it was fully working and I do trust him. The Morning After 25/9/17 22053040_10214240977836145_1146203955_n 22052954_10214240977596139_159415053_n 22052948_10214240977236130_1179347572_n 22052907_10214240977396134_865436241_n 22052810_10214240977676141_990860336_n 22052449_10214240977476136_1468547369_n First job was cleaning the drain pipes. 22091855_10214240971235980_1678650425_n 22052646_10214240971195979_1323647361_n 22091670_10214240971275981_1525312259_n Why this was happening mom set about cleaning the boot out.. Amazingly shes took to the new car very well as she was adamant no more E34s especially ones arriving on low loaders 22093705_10214240971835995_1616501546_n 22053036_10214240972716017_653049555_n 22016491_10214240973916047_1701669079_n Unfortunately I have no before photos of the boot but you will just have to believe me and let me tell you it was very dirty bags of unused paint brushes old jeans and loads of club flyers.... We then went onto conditioning the interior I'm in love with this interior. 22016538_10214240975276081_2107352576_n 22016611_10214240974556063_340506667_n 22016656_10214240976196104_1838009399_n 22052742_10214240976036100_1948780527_n 22052893_10214240974796069_570285567_n 22053068_10214240975356083_1813167043_n 22053196_10214240975116077_1024630179_n 22054667_10214240974356058_439228250_n 22091483_10214240975076076_1754422993_n 22091839_10214240975156078_602736613_n 22054641_10214241404326807_1476606046_n 22054241_10214241404126802_1757217509_n we always clean new residents at Butler HQ before before the real work start.to get a feel for the car. We washed her down and mom took a leaf out of forum member ( V8GEE ) book and polished the whole car with pledge then waxed it 22016455_10214241404646815_1726575158_n 22052615_10214241405006824_539777115_n 22052935_10214241404766818_979372390_n 22054667_10214241404566813_1444928026_n Well that's enough for today's update. Comments Welcome As Always.