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    gary francis

    Bradford abbas car show

    A few photos of my m535i now I definitely going to keep it
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    Civil Parking Charge Notice

    Appeal, but also get on the case of the manager of the store and use your receipt as evidence... does it have a time stamp as to when you paid ...? Also hit up their Facebook page and make a complaint - you may even get some vouchers sent your way for the inconvenience ...
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    CLS55 AMG

    Right! I’m getting one if that doesn’t make your balls twitch there’s something wrong with you....
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    Sold it for less than I wanted though. A few X5 pics from the night I picked it up. Already removed the mudflaps, replaced the rea tyres and painted the chrome window surrounds.
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    Civil Parking Charge Notice

    I fail to see where I told dan his advice was wrong? You actually stated my advice was either old or wrong! Anyway, I’ve just had a low carb chicken sandwich and very nice it was to... can you tell I don’t care?
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    Dr Taylor


    Cool - first post: I thrashed it, and pressed my intercooler spray button lots.
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    Dr Taylor


    Ok. Cards on the table: women love this car, and guys f*****g hate it. Every AUDI, white van driver, Civic Type R noob - Fiesta ST chav...you name it - they take me on. Women though...my God. I never thought the clichés were true. Seems they are. So - yes. To answer the question.
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    Excellent, we should start our own thread - 'What did you do to your non F07/F10/F11 today?'
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    Gave the old boy a right old caning on a 450 mile round trip from Berks to Cheshire and back. Even managed some fun on a couple of twisties as the shat Nav redirected. Never fails to amaze me that for a battleship that feels a bit floppy under 5 tenths, when you REALLY push on, it really comes alive and handles extremely well. Like a big hot hatch. Almost. All whilst being cosseted by lovely camp oyster leather! Marvellous!
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    R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    Another minor update: I went to see Baris / CarPhonics over the weekend.. I went for the stage 2 BM54 and converted my analogue TV tuner to digital. The stage 2 BM54 is well worth doing! the sound difference is phenomenal! The freeview reception is spot on! only lost reception a few times during a 45 min drive. I have my M Audio Sub Woofers in transit from the states, I am hoping to amp them up as thats what everyone suggests on M5board...
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    Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

    Wow that old stuff looks shot!!! When I did my rear end I couldn't really see visually the damage to the old parts, but it still transformed the car - the rear end going from a bit vague and unpredictable to totally planted! Yours is gonna be absolutely night and day - will be well worth the effort!
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    What Are These Protrusions?

    The JDM cars use a certain amount of japanese produced parts to comply with japanese local content laws/taxes etc. I don't know what all the parts are, but the nav systems etc are japaense sourced for their market, and some models use japanese made transmissions - certainly the JDM E36 6 cylinder variants used a Jatco transmission, as did (some?) JDM Pre-facelift E39's - not sure about facelifts. Some of it may be entriely for packaging reasons, to fit the stuff in.
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    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Welding's all done. Needed best part of 18" of driver's side rear sill cutting out/chasing back and the a new jacking support fabricating. It's been seam-sealered/stonechipped and the new sill section filled with cavity wax - lovely and warm/dry at mo so minimal chance of any moisture being in there. Exhaust, prop, fuel tanks all had to be dropped and the rear brake hard lines removed to sort (as they run down the inboard side of that sill, around the fuel tank). If it was a straight-forward in/out job it would have been 2 days work but I took the opportunity whilst everything was off the bottom of the car to do some further preventative maintenance (tidying up some minor areas of surface rust on floor pan, replacing brackets, fixings and fasteners). At the mo car's about to be trailered back to mine for new brake hard lines to be fitted before she's back on the road again. She's sporting a grey/primered rear driver's sill as I was so impressed with the guys work I've decided to get him to do some more bits of bodywork (looks like ~80% respray) when his spray booth is free in a month or so. Pics to follow once I find my phone's lead!
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    Back box delete today. Top job by the guys at Redhill Classics in Surrey. Achieved the perfect level of sound as well, which is what I was hoping for. A moderately loud rumble on start up which settles down to a very subtle burble, which remains that way up until 3000 revs or so. Then, erm, it all happens!
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    Had a quote from Sussex auto to replace the gearbox for £1893+VAT which doesn't seem unreasonable to me
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    Got the drivers seat base re-leathered and bolster shape made good. Feels like a new seat again. Not great photos, before and after. Happy with that!
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    Civil Parking Charge Notice

    http://www.pepipoo.com Best place for current advice and knowledge.
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    R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    Update: I have started to concentrate on the exterior / chassis I managed to secure the last remaining stock of the E39 M5 SACHS shock absorbers via EuroCarParts. These are OEM (M5 are silver painted shocks) and unbelievably lightweight! so much so that I had to open the boxes to make sure they had the shocks inside! they are made of aluminium. Also got ATE front/rear discs (OEM again) and Ferodo DS2500 pads. I have been wanting a M5 for 15 years or so - i have been planning the restoration in my head for years!! I know the E39 M5 ring taxi was totally OEM apart from ducting and aftermarket brake pads. If that setup was good enough for the ring taxi then I am sure it will be fine for me!! For anyone wondering why I did not go aftermarket (Bilstein Shocks / coilovers), the main reason is because so many E39 M5 owners regret changing from OEM to aftermarket as the car does not handle as good as OEM. Another point to consider is that the car is 15 years + old... replacing the suspension will be a night / day difference! I am removing the calipers and sending them away for a refurb (possibly painting them BMW Performance blue) and refurbishing the alloys in the original shadow chrome finish...
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    Never mind all that (which does sound great fun by the way), does it really still attract the odd Shaz and Tracy?!
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    Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

    @Andyrt200 - I had a similar jack for my Integra DC5, no way as heavy as the E39, but I never felt safe with it TBH. A great idea, but just didn't feel 'right' with a large car on it! I did try to use it to get the rear of my old E38 up, but it was too big Still prefer to use a decent high-lift trolley jack and axle stands
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    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Put into perspective the timing chain is the big one, make sure it's been sorted, the paint is no big issue (imo) and the water is an easy fix. The F10 is a superb car and you will enjoy ownership I'm sure.
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    You need to up your game if your wine is £1.40 a litre...
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    What are you listening to?

    This is a tune for when you're chillin with a ice cold beer on the beach
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Had a quick go at the headlights earlier. Made a decent difference but I need to get the sandpaper out for a perfect finish. Leather done yesterday and I ordered some new centercaps for the alloys, an m sport badge for the boot and the 3 m sport stripes for the front grill. That's it for mods ! The car is fine as it is apart from I'd like a little more noise from the V8..so maybe one more