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    I was at Gaydon yesterday for the BMW Car Club festival, and took part in the concourse on Saturday. Staying up until 9:30pm until it got dark, and then getting up again at 4:30am just as it was getting light to finish prepping the car payed off. On another note, I'd noticed that my car was missing two parts in the engine bay. Looking at other cars, there are shaped plastic uprights that fasten on to two bosses on the main chassis. They fit into the buttresses on the engine bay cover, presumably to change the airflow in some way. There appear to be at least two versions, you can see them on either side in these two pictures, above the expansion tank and dip stick. Early version from chassis number 4301013 Later version from chassis number 4301108 Most cars seem to have these parts. They attach by 2 bolts to the boss on the chassis. However, not only was I missing the parts, but there are no holes in the boss to fit the bolts to! Appologies for the back focused picture The parts are NLA from BMW and they are not just a flat plate, they have a hoop on which goes round the tubular chassis member. So, I borrowed a pair from another M1 owner had them digitised and 3D printed Using the highest quality printer and mode, these took over 20 hours each to print. The finish is not identical as the originals are moulded, but they are not bad. I also noticed that some cars had the top edge wrapped in a trim strip and others did not. The variations may all just be due to the way the Italian assembly operators felt on the day, the availability of parts, of that bits have fallen off or been removed at some point over the last 37 years, who knows. As the parts only arrived last Friday, I temporarily attached them with double sided foam tape.
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    So after a post in the "What have you done to your car today?" thread a couple of people wanted to see dashcam install. Transcend 220 with permanent mount from Amazon and Nextbase wiring kit from Maplin: Power wire goes up in to the gap between trim and windscreen: Runs to the nearside A pillar and crosses over in the gap between the two pieces of trim (red line to show): Wire then goes under the rubber door seal: And runs down the door seal to the little panel where the passenger airbag switch is: The switch panel is removed by pulling: And working your way round: When you get all the way the panel just pops off: You can then push the trim to get the wire in to the area behind the glovebox: Piggyback goes to fuse 54. I needed to trim the piggyback slightly for it to fit: Metal framework behind the glovebox gives you a good place for the camera ground: And that's it. Took about 20 minutes to do.
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    My E39 has to earn its keep. Today was towing duties, taking my Sunbeam to the paint shop. Its been a hard graft to this stage !
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    I think once hybrids become a viable fleet car alternative to diesel, the market will do the rest. As far as I can tell, that's still along way off though. Sure diesel cars aren't great but: Ships run on heavy fuel oil which is like the shittiest diesel imaginable. Jets crap through what is essentially kerosene like it's going out of fashion. Trucks aren't going to be anything but diesel without a step change in battery tech, or a workable hydrogen infrastructure. Even getting rail freight fully electric would be one hell of an undertaking. Attacking diesel passenger cars is like putting some Savlon on a severed leg.
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    Your amazing post made me hunt out my M1.... not on the same scale as yours but it gave me hours of fun... Thanks for sharing!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Hello all. I have recently taken on my wife's dad's old BMW 520i. A bit of a back story he was the only owner from new (he even drove it from the factory). But unfortunately he died around 6 years ago. Anyways I didn't think anything of it for a while until I went to my wife's uncles. He had just parked it up and left it to rot. Anyhow I have had it carted to my house and the hard work starts! So far I have cleaned it and changed the fuel and oil. I have also had to put a new battery in. I have received all new brakes all round which need to be replaced. I also need to sort that the battery light is on. I am guessing ever the alternator is dead (would be a little unlucky), or I think it's the ground. Which may sound a bit far fetched but if it is on the engine or sub frame there is quite a bit of surface corrosion. Anyhow plenty of time for technicalities for after. This post is to say Hi.
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    We have relatively good quality fuels in the UK and I doubt paying for "Superior" diesel is going to do anything special for your car. With the EGR your inlet tract will gunk up just as well with standard diesel as with a "Superior" fuel. Fuel prices are on the increase again and I'm definitely not going to add any more than I have to to the oil companies' coffers (nor the government's).
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    As you asked so nicely lol Top steering wheel section now covered in alcantara Also covered the steering cowling in alcantara as had a accident with an air freshener burning my original Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I finished my rear seat + mounted rear footrest from a 740il e38 .
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    so a little more on Adriana... this car was involved in a massive accident last year, and until about a month ago was still a wreck nakaisan and the team worked tirelessy to bring her back and in his words " i have pride in my work, in my cars, i couldnt just fix her back to normal, i had to bring her back bigger and better" and that he did, with the reveal of the new "heavenly" wide kit, measuring 87" across! the kit is still in prototype form and a few laps of motegi would be the test run to see how adriana performs after the repairs and new kit. so the fastest lap was a 2017 GT3RS settin times in the 2min20secs region then along came Nakaisan, in a 20 odd year old 993, standard 3.6 with manual box, on a test drive after the rebuild, an electrical issue meaning the engine wasnt running perfect, it was a damp to slight wet track, the car was on slicks, and he smashed the lap times setting 2min19s... he really is super skilled on track aswell as the workshop. anyway after the race, it was time to pack up n head back to the garage arriving there around 2am on monday morning. it had been a long 2 days wide awake but somehow i wasnt tired at all! monday after some sleep we went back to the garage and helped clean up the cars, youd never know theyd just spent 12hrs flat out round motegi i did get to see some parts of tokyo while i was there, Nakaisan was kind enough to take us to dinner a few times which was quite the experience too, not just the food but getting there in his v8 chevy truck, gangsta tunes blasting as he drifted it at speed round the tokyo freeways! plenty more pics and video on my facebook, click the link in 1st post or the Taiwan team took some really excellent pics here, well worth a look and make my iphone snaps look so crap! https://www.facebook.com/pg/rwbtaiwan.com.tw/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1242162359229331
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    When you are young and single you come in from a hard day and look at what's in the fridge and decide to go to bed. When you are older and married you come in from a hard day and look at what's in bed and decide to go to the fridge.
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    Squeezed a whole e34 sports interior in the back of a mk7 golf. With headrests (removed obviously) and 3 doors cards + two front passengers Impressed! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sold my M5, first to view it bought it. Went to its new home just now, i'm a bit sad unsure it was the right thing to do. Lets hope the new E34 can fill its boots!
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    I've been thinking of making a moon roof in the touring for a while and eventually got around to it....well, it's still in project stage although it's fully functional as it is. It's a case of tidying up and details now. In case anyone is interested, here's what I did. Remove the seized panels by force to access and clean out the drain pipes. Remove the inner framework from the panels. Ordered UV resistant 5MM Plexiglass in correct size and shape corners using metal panels as template. The corners have to be exact, or the panels won't fit correctly. Attached the plexi to the frame on the front panel in an offset fashion, this allows the panel to lock into place without designing an actual locking mechanism. Once the rear panel is in it stops the front one from moving so you only need to create a locking method for the rear. I've used twist locks from a caravan window to do this. I've used a weatherstrip to seal the section between the front and rear but this might change to something more low profile as will the fixings used. The inner frame will be covered using foam backed cloth over a plastic cover. Here's some pics of before, during and after. As I said....it's still not quite finished but I'll update as I get more done. I'm also trying to get a motor swap done and replace the interior with a silver E61 M5 leather setup if I can get the seats to operate as they should without all the nonsense that is usually required for the Active functions.
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    While we were on the topic of protecting the glass/paint, here's the effect of using G1 on the glass, and Hydr02 Lite on the paint...I am pretty happy with the sealing you get from both so far.
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    I was never a big fan of the E60, although to be fair, I didn't spend much time driving one. I think that a few years ago, some people weren't really drawn to the E60, and there was some doubt about build quality too, which kept values of the E39 up. Now we have the F10 becoming accessible to more people, and as a newcomer to that car, I have to tell you that all the good things about the E39 live on here. It won't be long before the F10 is dipping down below the £10k mark, and I know which I'd choose if I were asked to pick between a £7k E39 or a £10k F10. I love the way the E39 looks and feels, and I would certainly say that it's a more resolved all rounder than any pre LCi E60. If I wanted a classic BMW, I would rather have something like a well specced E32 or E34 - or maybe even an E36. The E39 still has a talent for throwing up. If bills and specialist only problems which the previous generation just doesn't. Don't get me wrong - a well sorted E39 is still a fantastic, great looking car, and I certainly wouldn't mind driving one - I just wouldn't pay big money for the privilege any more.
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    If that were mine, I'd pop the screens out and go at the rusty bits with a wire cup brush in a grinder and see what occurs. It might be heavy surface rust - if it is then dose of Kurust and a tidy blow in with a rattle can will do, and Zinnober isn't a bad colour to match with the cans from Halfords. If not, a good welder can fabricate and weld in some sections - the E28 has lots of swage lines and creases to paint up to. Rattle can blow ins take a fair amount of skill but...... Respray - £2-3000. Can from Halfords - £7. Exactly.
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    Right before I order one of these for the wife thoughts below please!!!! XC90 R Design and all I'm adding as it's loaded is the winter pack... Then I get the 535d back and change that next year.... potentially!?! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    My rough criteria for picking a parking space is: 1. End bay if possible. 2. Not next to a 4x4, pickup, white van, builder's truck, or anything that's full of toys and/or has a kid's seat in the back. I will often park half a day's march away in an effort to achieve this but can almost guarantee that, even if there is nothing else parked within 50 yards when I park, on my return any 2 of the above vehicle types will have parked next to me. [emoji1] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    I honestly cannot remember the last time I parked in a 'middle' parking bay, I always look for an end space. Even my daughter said yesterday when she came back in the car from taking the dog to the country park she waited ages for an end space. She's been driving 3 weeks, and also always reverse parks in spaces.
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    My wife has said though that she is going to have my gravestone engraved with words to the effect of "he has finally found his parking space".
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    I don't know what's worse, the bad parking in that pic or the fact that someone (you) has bothered to take the picture!
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    RIP Bruce. As someone who grew up watching his humor, it actually did make me stop for a moment and think about life. His shows made my childhood and my grandparents for whom english isn't their first language, they really enjoyed his shows. Here's to him sharing his happiness up there.
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    I love this car. Did an oil flush before doing oil service in preparation for annual pilgrimage to Edinburgh for summer holidays: 516 miles on one tank! The other good thing is it's big enough to keep the kids from squabbling.
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    Politically correct authorities, soft arsed politicians and unchecked immigration of people from shitholes in the Middle East and Africa who want to turn nice European countries into shitholes resembling the places from which they came, by forcing their ideas on us and introducing their sharia laws. Western countries interfering in countries whose issues they know feck all about, to protect oil supplies they want, and pat themselves on the back for forcing democracy on countries ill equipped to deal with it. We had very few issues while dictators like Gaddafi and Saddam ruled the roost. Ask people in those countries whether they were better off with Western Democracy, where their countries are reduced to a car park, or under their dictators. I don't think I missed anything there.
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    So picked up the car last night .. and forgot how much I love the 5 series after my last bad experience (I hope this is a better one). so on picking up the car last night I proceeded to start to take to bits lol ( only the scuttle plates) .. so on taking the scuttle plates off .. realised I NEEED new cabin filters. but then on inspection both sides were dusty , couple of leaves and I turfed out some eight legged freaks but was dry as a bone Happy days . Next was replacement of drivers side wingmirror glass as someone before had replaced with plain silver rather than the blue tinge one . one You tube clip later and the glass was fitted ( again evicted some 8 legged freaks 'Shudder') and this time the heated glass was connected ( roll eyes at last owner). Now to LED replacement .. have got the Number plate to replace and all cabin .. (now don't judge I bought the car in the light and didn't notice) ... upon inspection .. all of them had been replaced already down to the boot and the number plates :D:D:D... so Now just need to replace a missing cap on the engine cover and Clean the interior and have the car detailed and replace the front BMW badge as there is a chip (I know I have OCD) any one bought a new Badge for the front of their car ? if so was it an Ebay or Stealer purchase just wondering on price difference and if the Ebay ones fade daily .. many thanks .. oh and heres the car
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    Yes, my thoughts are the same as others on here and I am happy to be proved wrong. Also, sshooie is right, there does appear to be some anger in your words sir. We are very nice people on this forum and we share the love, so relax, and thanks for your contribution, I have learnt something on this so appreciated.
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    £20,000 for a 530i Sport with 2000mls,i,d rather spend £2000 on one with 120,000mls,surely the 2000ml car is only going to cause financial heartache if it were to be pressed into regular service until all perishable items had been replaced, Personally speaking i don,t get hung up on mileage as long as there is evidence of servicing and maintenance,only my opinion of course.
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    I was wrong, you were right, I'll take myself outside and give myself a good thrashing. You sound angry, too much red meat?
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    How about the V70 R AWD? Used to love these.
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    On cars registered before 2010. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-41005208 £2k off cars above £12k when you trade in your petrol or diesel, car or commercial. Which is pointless because A. a new car will immediately drop by £2k the minute you drive if off the showroom. B. a new car will be £2k over priced. C. The new car being built will generate far more greenhouse gasses than running an old one. So who is off to buy a new 5.0 Mustang then? Can really see what other brand new Ford that would be worth buying to compensate for the lead like depreciation that cripples all Fords.
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    If you want a car that is or will be a sure fire classic, go out and get a decent spec Saab Turbo / Aero. Lots of the pre 2010 9-5s about, and second to last 9-3s too. the old 900s and 9000s are already classics, and hard to find decent ones at reasonable money. If I had a big shed, and enough capital, I'd be buying a fleet of them. Not too many issues that kill them - the 9-5 Aeros suffered from blocked oil pickups and sludged up engines if they weren't serviced on the button using only the correct oil, but it's a very well known issue, and many will have either been sorted or scrapped.
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    Just found this board after buying an E60 M5. I'm used to BMW's having had a few M3's previously.
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    Just to show I did take some notice of your suggestions I now have a soldering 'station' I think my soldering technique is improving as well: The funky arms have a magnetic base so I can detach them from the wooden base and stick on the metal of the car which is actually very handy.
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    The wife's mokka takes another beating
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    Only thing I'm weary of are the parking company slags that will fine you for being outside of the bays. Son has been driving for two weeks and although he's only been out with me as a passenger for now I'm confident he'll be the same reverse parking, end bay wise. A couple of pics she sent me today, she was chuffed with her attempts...
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    It took me no more than 45 minutes to get the bumper off. ISTA is BMW's diagnostic software that includes, as @535i Andrew says, an electronic version of a very comprehensive Haynes manual. I mentioned www.newtis.info earlier and this is an open website that has nearly all of the "Haynes manual" information so you no longer need to have ISTA installed. If you do want to download and install ISTA, get yourself and Enet cable too so you can do diagnostics on the car.
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    Agreed with you. I am starting to blame political correctness, because we need to stop pussy footing We have serious problems in the UK, and other in developed countries. However when we address the reasons behind these attacks or other disturbing behaviour - whether it is to do with race, religion, creed, sex etc. Someone from that group or culture will feel that they are all being branding as a terrorist. Therefore as not to offend the group we don't talk about reeducating the individuals who are the evil extremists, or placing them behind bars. Anyone of a sane mind knows it is not a group of people. As most people just want to live a peaceful life. It is individuals who are deluded and commit these ungodly acts.
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    I walk about 10 miles a week with the dog,am on my feet all day,dont particularly eat badly as the missus is a vegan and has her eye on whats cooked...I never eat breakfast ( i know i should),rarely have fried food...Dont like cake or sweet stuff... Drink about 10 pints a week in various strengths.. And im a Colossal whopper... Im past hope or caring now..
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    Lalalalala lala UK about to be "mugged by reality" due to negative supply shock from putting up trade barriers. https://piie.com/newsroom/short-videos/posen-discusses-damage-brexit-british-economy Who do these so called experts think they are coming here with their knowledge and experience and telling us how to do it. Lalalalalalala land. Fingers in ears.
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    Could you exercise more? Not talking marathon running but a walk at lunch time etc My stance is moderation (easier said than done) but if you go "right i'm joining a gym, eating dust and drinking water" you'll never stick to it> Don't beat yourself up if you have a lapse day. I run and allow myself to fail - sometimes i've done 6k say and i'm aiming for 10k but i'm just not feeling it so i stop. I havent failed i've done 6k more than most, this encourages you to do the 10k another day.
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    Bung a 188 in it instead. But bear in mind that any used LSD will be utterly f*cked by now and will need a rebuild anyway...
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    ^^^ All irrelevant anyway as the result was out.
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    Back at my parents over the bank holiday weekend - first time since Xmas - so thought I'd treat her to an oil change and coolant change. Coolant has been done in my ownership (5 years) so thought it'd be very much needed but in fact the stuff that came out looked like new. Good stuff. Went for the Comma G48 coolant. Read-up on the job and all I can say is that with ramps it is a piece of cake. M5board makes a hell of a meal out of doing this job - difficult to drain, hard to fill/bleed after but I followed the TIS instructions to the letter and it was easy. Got about 4 litres out the rad drain, 4 litres out of the RHS block drain and just under 2 litres out of the LHS block drain - 10 litres in total (system has 11.75 capacity). One of the to do's is a thorough steam clean under here! Using all year round means that everything that's not got a cover/undertray gets caked in road muck. Onwards and upwards!