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    Excuse me for posting this on the F series thread, but i thought this may help someone in the future... I had to order a spare for my G30 with comfort access after my daughter binned mine. I usually use the display key, so luckily it wasn't that one. Standard key - £494 including coding at the dealer!!!. I waited a while and in the meantime took out separate key insurance for £27 per year. No excess applies. I claimed for lost keys and after a three day waiting period I was given the go ahead to replace the key. Invoice emailed over to them and reimbursed within a week.
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    Recommendations for garage shelving.

    I made my own out of 2x2 battens and flooring sheets cut down and held together with coach bolts and secured in to the wall and each sheet screwed in to the horizontal battens.... Price wise it was probably cheaper than buying some pre-manufactured shelving system.
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    Cadwell Parker

    Goodbye my friend.

    That sounds like an awful experience for all concerned. Glad to hear you and your family were relatively unscathed. Lets all be careful out there.
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    Over heating

    Okay guys today nick and myself got the airlock out today. Thanks Nick for making time to come over... also a big thank you to everyone who advised and suggested. Very much appreciated
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    Loose pipe in F11 engine compartment

    Just when I thought I had discovered all the clever things about these cars, another one pops up...
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    Just caught up with this, I've had both the wheel styles you're looking at, on my touring Staggered 17" Style 16 Staggered 17" Style 19
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    @readie: So happy I have an alu one for my project! [emoji847]
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    as 'Bob' is now semi retired, took him for a drive to Deal in Kent then cam back and decdied to refurb the airbox - WIP - further to follo...
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    New to me 2002 e39 Touring.

    Test. Bare with me whilst I try an work if out.
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    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Sort of an update. Finally finished pulling everything out of the old car, so yesterday it went to the scrappy. Which was a little bit sad, had a lot of fun with that car. 70k in 3 years and only the airbags failed. It got me totally hooked on E39s.
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    Clutch judder.

    Not necessarily. It's all about having the time, patience and motivation to get these niggly little things sorted. I know what you saying though, I'm the same. I'm a little fussy too. If I hear a rattle or squeak coming from somewhere, it gets to the point where it irritates me so much that I have to dig in and get it sorted until it's gone/fixed!
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    Eibach spring kits

    I've been fitting the new spring and for the life of me can't get the strut back into the tower to line up with the 3 topmount holes. I understand from the TIS page above that the top hat arrow needs to line up with the lower shock bolt hole, but it doesn't say which side! I got it wrong initially and the holes didn't have a chance of lining up. So I took it all apart and lined up the arrow with the mounting stub side of the shock. Will have another go in the morning !
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    In fairness it looks as though it is doing the decent thing and heading for the ditch.
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    e34 recommissioning

    First pic I took of the car Collection day , unfortunately wouldn't start with a brand new battery , so had to be winched on. 1st inspection once home Plan is to return to as close to OEM as I can within my budget . MOT and see where we are from there. Engine recommissioning: Oil and filter 6 spark plugs renewed vacuum lines that were missing/perished metal thermostat housing to replace leaking plastic one new hoses top and bottom aircon belt (perished) replaced g48 coolant engine flush due to some crud inside coolant channels new radiator cap (old one holding no pressure) new thermostat new solenoid on starter (to cure the not starting issue) Once she was running , noticed , 11v on the charging , and no batt light . So set about replacing the rectifier. Fiddly little job , but... Good as new ! Took her for a quick drive down the private road , she is a bit boaty and clutch isn't very positive , i suspect master cylinder maybe due to it not actually slipping under load , just being lazy to disengage! Coilovers obtained for future fitting , FK I then proceeded to inspect for usual e34 nasty spots. Pleasantly suprised , not seen an e34 sill like this for 20 years , then I went mental and degreased the underside and treated the problem zones with some decent protection.
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    e34 recommissioning

    I'm at a loss on where to go once its MOT'ed , i've not got the money to have a full respray like it deserves , and its not exactly going to be used a lot , I have a 540i on the way I couldn't say no too. (I have a problem with saving cars I think , must be my penance for drifting BMW's for 10 years ) , I think i'll see how I get on with the interior , and MOT , the interior is testing my patience at the moment , i've only got 2 out of 4 weekends at moment to work on it... Won't be beaten.
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    If I had that accountant, they'd be FIRED!
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Got myself some new wheels today..
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    Over-tightened Wheel Bolts

    I've just had a read through this article which gives some clues on torque sticks and tightening in general. As they used to say in WW2 'Careless torque costs lives'. I'll get me coat...
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    Road noise

    I have done some quantitative analysis: Installed Decibel X app (SkyPaw Co. Ltd) on iPhone 7 Plus and used to measure the dB following the procedure described below. records are reset before each measurement. Each measurement lasts for 60 seconds. Average reading is used. Room: a Double glazed ground floor room, no fridges etc (no artificial noise). This can be used as a reference for different users to calibrate the readings. Cars Polo: a 15 Years old 3-cylinder VW Polo 1.2L 530d: 1 year old BMW 530d SE Results Room: 40 (-+8) In cars driver seat engine off: Polo 58 (-+8) 530d 55 (-+7) In cars driver seat engine on, idle Polo 68 (-+3) 530d 75 (-+1) I have also measured on roads, but this can be only indicative, not really reliable 530d, 50mph new road: 75 old road: 85
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    Dutch project

    Few days ago removed al the hydro stuff from the engine bay in prep for the paint job. This will give me the chance to do some proper cleaning on these parts as well. When removing the steering house i found out that the bracket it is mounted on came loose, so I will have this fixed and also reinforced so it won’t happen again. Than yesterday my engine arrived home again! Hope to find some time this next week to do some more prepping of the engine bay before painting. There is no big rush yet as they will first have to cut out the US bumper brackets and replace them with the Euro ones I provided.