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    The story of E39 M5 AK03 DJJ (so far)

    I suspect it's a little highly strung to be quite as good an all rounder, although in theory it should be more versatile. Pretty much nut and bolt resto.
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    Underside Engine bay you'll have to wait for a thread on it for any more!
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    F10 535d

    FWIW I've just gone from a 530d to a 535d. The 530d was an absolute peach. The 535d is two peaches wearing some extremely fashionable trousers.
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    Or ze Germans didn't want her to leave.
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    E39 2003 525dat - biturbo project

    the engine is for sale with broken pressurepump and injectors, its to expensive for me to fix it... i can buy a way more powerfull engine for the price of the repair. meanwhile i have sold the 535i and bought a 530dat 2003 msport as a dailydriver . I went to bmw syndikat, nurburgring, Switzerland, Italy and Austria with it this summer and few months ago i bought my first M5 a 2002 m5 with individual hifi and carbonblack , and upgraded it with brand new KW v2 coilovers i dont know how to take pictures smaller than 1,35mb so i cant upload any pics of the m5...
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    Which Dashcam do you use?

    Most SD card problems stem from fake cards. Scammers sell the '64gb' cards, but they are actually as little as 512MB - but windows and all devices will see them as 64GB. h2testw will write to each part of the sd card repeatedly - to ensure that it can actually hold 64GB as advertised. No matter where you source your card from, run h2testw on it in order to check it is actually what you paid for. Do this within 14 days and you're onto a winner, if it's faulty send it back. Even Amazon get fake stock and they are pretty hard to tell apart - no fakes can pass the h2testw testing so far as I know. Other than that, reliability of SD cards should be pretty good these days.
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    F10 to G30 - 530d M Sport

    Like this?
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    Kit's E34 535i

    And here they are in 20:
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    The Flying Banana

    Kit's E34 535i

    The 32s do look goo d, the whole car looks amazing .. love a nice 34 Here is what 18s from a 7 series would look like
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    1983 E28 528i - Head Gasket!?

    That wasn't a leak, that was the patented BMW chassis preservation system; without that small weep from the front of the engine spraying oil liberally all over the chassis rails most of the cars would have been long gone years ago.
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    F10 to G30 - 530d M Sport

    Don’t make the mistake I did, I told my mum to kick under the car to open the boot and she kicked the bloody rear bumper
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    My E30 M3, the story so far....

    A couple of pics from the track day last Friday at Abingdon. http://www.motorsport-events.co.uk/abingdon.php The car behaved very well and was a joy to punt along, most notable were how good the tyres were! It has highlighted a couple of areas that need addressing one of which is the wear in the gear linkage giving a less than positive gear change and despite overfilling with oil to the first kink, the constant fear of oil starvation means a decent baffle is going in!
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    Paddy O'Furniture

    Anyone know what this is?

    They're off a Schmitz trailer.
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    Chris Margetts

    Which Dashcam do you use?

    yeh pretty good. Both channels go to the same image file which took me a while to figure out. Dealer never gave me the manual but I found it on the web. Ah sure as you know, BMW knows how to charge!
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    Which Dashcam do you use?

    Wow what a rip off. What’s the video/audio quality like?
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    Which Dashcam do you use?

    I've had a BlackVue DR650S 2 channel for about three years and it has been faultless. In previous vehicles I have used a power magic type device, but have had to use an external power supply in the 5. Highly recommend the BlackVue.
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    I seem to recollect some fuss about the difference in price being unjustifiable and the prices levelled out. This was a couple of years ago. I assume ‘they’ think we’ve forgotten. I think I’ll have my car converted to operate on the Stirling cycle and run it on coal.
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    Genuine E39 18" Staggered Parallels

    Hey Stu, sorry, as I've stated, I have a summer set, and winters are going on tonight, so unfortunately I don't need a third set of, albeit lovely, wheels. Thanks.
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    Diesel 11p a litre more than petrol

    Absolute scam. License to print money
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    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    I can't find any pictures of my first 2 BMWs, I probably have some somewhere, but they looked exactly like these (colour, wheels etc) : 1) E30 325i manual Touring in Brilliant Red. 2) E36 325i 4 door manual saloon in Boston Green. 3) E36 328i manual Touring in Montreal Blue 4) E46 330i manual Touring in Oxford Green II (one of those colours that can look awful in pictures, but is much better in the flesh). 5) E46 330d manual Touring Individual in Le Mans Blue Then the ones I still have E39 M5 in Carbon Black F06 M6 in Sakhir Orange E26 in white And finally, currently undergoing rebuild, something in Avus Blue that is powered by this (I am missing not having a Touring). Should be ready soon.
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    Passed the MOT today
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    Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    N47 timing chain

    Sounds more like the flywheel.
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    Thought I could use a boot socket in my saloon for the cool box and thought I'd do a write up for anyone else interested. These instructions could also be followed for a touring if you don't already have the OEM socket fitted. I got the whole socket assembly from an Ebay seller. Note the socket I bought is for an E46 Compact as that has a flat panel fitment suitable for where I decided to put it in the saloon. The E39 Touring socket is a different part with a curved fitment to suit the curved panel it's mounted on in the OEM fit. I believe you could also buy the socket parts seperately from BMW, Bmminiparts, etc and possibly save a few quid. Having a look at RealOEM... Common parts: Plug in socket (metal socket part itself) - 61346973037 Socket mount (plastic part with spring-loaded flap) - 61346904008 Saloon install: Socket mount (outer bezel - E46 Compact flat panel fitment) - 51477040621 Touring install: Socket cover (outer bezel - E39 Touring curved panel fitment) - 51477077851 Optional (if you want the proper plug - I just used normal spade connectors): Plug housing (plastic plug part) - 61131351144 Cable socket female (metal contacts) - 61131362868 (2x required) Please confirm the above to your satisfaction if odering the parts individually. Anyway, here's the saloon boot right side. In my case I have the DSP sub box taking up some space. I decided best place for the socket was up high on the fixed panel just in front of the opening section With the panel removed you can see that's the only place you really have any space behind the panel Made a cardboard template and transferred that to the panel on some masking tape A quick dremelling later and we have a hole. I made sure it would be a nice and tight fit to the socket. The masking tape wanted to move around and peel off a bit, so better solution ideal, but I got by I thought the panel would be too thin and flexible to hold the socket well and would probably need reinforcement of some kind - maybe a sheet of ally or plastic sandwiched in. Actually it clipped in really tight (the importance of a tight fitting hole ) and the rigidity of the socket itself supported the panel. Furthermore the location close to the panel fixing plastic rivet meant the panel and socket is all well supported. Certainly doesn't feel like you're plugging into a sponge-mounted socket or something like that, like I thought it might - it's good and solid Backside On to the wiring. For OEM OCD geekiness I decided to use fuse 52 as per the OEM touring socket. You can order the metal contacts for populating empty fuse positions from BMW, Bmminiparts, etc, but I just happenned to have a spare wire of the correct guage so prepared from my OEM heated seat retrofit loom which comes with more wiring than I needed They clip in the back of the fuse holder and dont come back out. Supply side was already populated, so I just populated the load side of fuse 52 For the socket side I just used normal spade connectors with heat shrink to insulate as I hadn't checked out the parts on RealOEM, but as above you can order the correct plug parts if you're even more OEM OCD than me Here's the socket fully wired up For ground I used a ring terminal and borrowed a bolt for one of the ground connectors beneath the rear light, but again you could also order the correct metal contact to use a spare slot on one of those ground connectors in the 'proper' way Here's the socket all complete And working. Mmmm cold beer - just what you need for when your out driving... er... If you're worried you might leave something plugged in and flatten your battery, you could always find a suitable ignition switched 12V, but as per OEM wiring diagram was fine for me.
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    Diesel vs. Petrol

    Legal??? Could not care less if people gut the DPF! The government brainwashed everyone to buy diesel and we followed like sheeple. Measuring emisions by CO2 only was a con! Now diesel is going to be phased out in favour of hybrids and electric cars which will be powered by electricity generated by burning fossil fuels. All nonsense!!!!!! Buy a V8 if you can afford to run it and be done with it.
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    Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    I have a new 2 Series

    Because it's not what BMW should be making. Leave that sort of thing to Ford, Kia etc. I daresay the latter would have been both considerably cheaper and rather more reliable. The engine (also fitted to the Mini) has a track record for thrust washers wearing and dropping out causing massive crank end float. The other problems are common enough but check the seat runners for rust as they're prone to that too. The new X1 is an overpriced heap of shit as well, a very average car with shocking road noise, awful steering (directional stability is atrocious) and a standard of build no better than Vauxhall with some very poor plastics. All for twice the price of a Quashquaii, bargain. The X3 isn't a bad car - it's a proper RWD BMW converted to 4WD in the proper manner and it drives well as well as being built to a good standard. It's due to be replaced but you can guarantee the new one won't be as good. Like the G30 it will be laden with stupid electronic crap you don't need and which just makes life harder.