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    535i Andrew

    Headlight dance?

    Adaptive means the clever bit to make the lights do their dance. On mine I turn the light switch to the 11 o'clock position to switch on the adaptive function. This automatically switches from side lights to dipped headlights as the ambient outside light gets darker. It also allows the headlights to turn their beam to point in the direction of travel. As you turn the steering wheel the beam is moved to point the way the car is travelling. Also when the indicator is switched on an additional 'cornering' light is illuminated. This is the light either side of the kidney grill. Normal headlight is the bulb next to the indicator. On cars with Xenons there is only one bulb 'on' when you change between dipped and full headlights, a mask moves to reveal more of the bulb to give the full headlights. In halogens switching on full headlights switched on the lights either side of the kidney grill. Park up the car against a wall and turn the steering wheel and you will see the beams move and the turning light come on but I don't think one of the cornering lights comes on when steering when stationary to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers.
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    Headlight dance?

    exactly that using filters it creates a pattern that avoids dazzling the car (s) your following the camera sees the cars and adjusts the pattern around them. In the headlamp there will be vertical and horizontal actuators and lens filters so the lamps can move left right up and down individually then the filter can cut the light and create that box.
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    535i Andrew

    Headlight dance?

    You need the sensor that detects on coming lights and rear tail lights which is located under the rear view mirror. There is no doubt a 'module' needed and coding to make it all work. Probaly quite expensive to do it.
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    Headlight dance?

    I meant the side lights the ultra bright LEDs that many cars have they tend to dazzle as they are not filtered or have any beam direction, these need to be just glowing you main beams will be bright enough for the deer lol and they will not dazzle others hopefully
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    F30 330d M Sport...

    +1 Don’t overlook the 328i (now 330i) when considering F30s. 250bhp turbo 4-cyl, much lighter/sharper front end
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    Funny coz it’s true....

    Who was it that said marriage is a bit like playing cards? At the beginning all you need is two hearts and a diamond. Twenty years on you're looking for a club and a spade...
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    Pig ugly full stop; they always look like they've been rear-ended and then poorly repaired