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    My E39 has to earn its keep. Today was towing duties, taking my Sunbeam to the paint shop. Its been a hard graft to this stage !
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    Politically correct authorities, soft arsed politicians and unchecked immigration of people from shitholes in the Middle East and Africa who want to turn nice European countries into shitholes resembling the places from which they came, by forcing their ideas on us and introducing their sharia laws. Western countries interfering in countries whose issues they know feck all about, to protect oil supplies they want, and pat themselves on the back for forcing democracy on countries ill equipped to deal with it. We had very few issues while dictators like Gaddafi and Saddam ruled the roost. Ask people in those countries whether they were better off with Western Democracy, where their countries are reduced to a car park, or under their dictators. I don't think I missed anything there.
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    It took me no more than 45 minutes to get the bumper off. ISTA is BMW's diagnostic software that includes, as @535i Andrew says, an electronic version of a very comprehensive Haynes manual. I mentioned www.newtis.info earlier and this is an open website that has nearly all of the "Haynes manual" information so you no longer need to have ISTA installed. If you do want to download and install ISTA, get yourself and Enet cable too so you can do diagnostics on the car.
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    Honestly, its like them saying they will ban the sale of all petrol/diesel cars in 2040 or whenever it is... flash in the pan, scaremongering bullshit... as has been proved time and time again not all diesels are horrible, smokey bags of rubbish and ones with DPF filters etc tend to be almost as clean as petrol.. the cities banning them are some of the worst polluted ones in the world with dense populations etc, so unless you plan on spending all of your time visiting them im fairly sure you will be fine I own a 525d and dont intend on selling it anytime soon!! certainly not for a sodding eco box Prius pile!!! (id rather eat my own head)
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    I know what the legalities are now. What I was saying is that is SHOULD be illegal to remove or gut a DPF. You do that and drive in congested city areas, and you are killing people. It would surely be very easy to enforce with a slightly different emissions test at MOT time. It shouldn't be rocket science. We put a man on the moon decades ago, we can devise an emissions test or some other test to tell if a car lacks a functioning DPF.
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    Hey there! Yes, that ride is one I won't forget Hope you're well.
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    As per this quote regarding the Giulia..."we’ve had niggles with cars, sister magazines have had niggles with cars and, loath though I am to admit their existence, rival magazines have had issues with cars..." from Autocar. BUT then read the article in which this came from and see how much they like it!
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    I love this car. Did an oil flush before doing oil service in preparation for annual pilgrimage to Edinburgh for summer holidays: 516 miles on one tank! The other good thing is it's big enough to keep the kids from squabbling.
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    Took a road trip to Toronto for Tedfest which attracted well over 200 BMW's and was a grand (7) day(s) out. Here are some photographs: Best in Show - the peoples choice : US E28 M5 Black on Black Leather: US E28 M5 - Black on Tan Leather: US E28 535is Euro Conversion: US E28 535is Euro Conversion work in progress: Euro E28 535i import with Alpina front spoiler: Euro E28 M5 Import: E28's resting under the trees: E24's all in a row: E12 528i - restored to within an inch of it's life with an engine upgrade : I won the furthest traveled award with an 1800km trip from Halifax NS, albeit in a Nissan hire car. Intend to go again next year in one of the Eta's assuming that I can get Collector Car / Antique Car insurance buy then Regards, Mick
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    Go for the ProSport coilovers then pal; new top mounts all round (your rears might be ok actually, be deffo advise new front top mounts) and new front drop links and you'll have a good set up http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Prosport-Coilover-Kit-BMW-5-Series-E39-1995-2003-Saloon-/231726514762?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW|Plat_Gen%3AE39&epid=653846854&hash=item35f3fa024a:g:RYMAAOSwl9BWJkD5 My biggest piece of advice would be to have a proper fast-road setup and maybe corner weighting; this will really transform the cars handling etc!
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    The Canadians provided an appropriate Tug for the visiting US Aircraft Carrier Close up of Theodore Too I saw the funny side even if nobody else did. Regards, Mick
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    I think of ISTA as a computerised version of a Haynes manual. That's what I use it for. It describes 'how to do...' things on your car, like remove and replacing suspension components, engine components, bumpers and gives tightening torques etc. Also wiring diagrams. @Matthew Ashton is far more knowledgeable on the subject than me and he provided invaluable help to me to get my ISTA software to work. It can can be used for much more but I haven't delved deeper into what it can do. You can download it from various sources online. Try searching, i got mine from Bimmerfest, http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=827223 Removing a bumper as a diyer, give yourself an hour to do things properly including running back and forth getting the correct size of tool! Don't you have to take a wheel off some Renaults just to change a headlight bulb?
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    F10 weight (no people or fluids) is around 1700kg's depending on spec, the GT is 2100kgs. Now you can see why only the 550i GT has the pulling power over a diesel. Trust me, I test drive a 535i and it felt slow compared to the 535d, and the 0-60 times back that up.
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    If you can travel to Oxford there is 'Mark Purcell'. Can recommend him, but there can be a wait as he's always maxed-out with work. Also, there is TCS Autos in High Wycombe. I've used them once and others seem to find them good.
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    I was tempted to buzz up for this but i will be running to south shields as fast as i can from Newcastle that day then getting the hell out south shields equally quickly! Think of me when you're drinking beer and talking shite!
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    Trevor, Take a look at the C101 connector on the side of the fusebox. pin 12 is the ignition supply from the ignition switch which you just overrode. Its not uncommon for the pins in it to backout, especially if its been disconnected before. Regards John. PS take a look at Duncan's troubleshooting guide at the top of this page. Its got some good tips. Is yours fitted with an OBC (On Board Computer)? its not uncommon for the Code function to fail cause intomitant* ** ignition failure. * how do you spell that? ** Thanks Mick. I was going to Strike through it, but there is no Strike Through!!!
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    My god,what was you doing in the badlands Gary ? Looks like Chorlton way ?
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    Well done you, you saw the situation and drove and acted accordingly, and got a wave of a Thanks from the mum. More drivers should do this.
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    Phil Crouch at CPCPE.com. just bear in mind that he's hard to get by phone. Email or popping in (he's in Amersham) seem to be the best ways to contact.
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    Picked up winter wheels and took delivery on some winter tyres ordered 4 Nokian WR-A4 and all 4 are on seperate consignment numbers for delivery!! Good old DPD so i;ve got two waiting on the other two in no rush thankfully.
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    To eliminate the main relay, make up a jumper as below and plug in place of the relay. That is pin 30 to 87 and 87. Dont leave it in place with the engine off as it will run down the battery. You can eliminate the ignition switch and intervening wiring by running a wire from battery positive to terminal 15 on the coil.