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    Parking brake switch

    Yeah, one torx under the armrest and the rest is a firm pull, you will then need to unplug a couple of bits iirc, very easy I had mine off a couple of times to clean it, replace the ashtray and again for the brake. I may have put some pics up?
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    F10 525d brake pads and discs

    All done, £500 down but all shiny new discs and pads done, feels so much different!! Look at the state of the old ones though!! Also discovered a snapped spring!! Bloody cars... will be back for replacement ones in the week!! front discs 348x30 rear were 330x20 I think..
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    F11 - Which tyres are best ?

    I'll be replacing a couple of tyres this summer and been going through the rf/conventional debate with myself. I'd read somewhere that some insurance companies get twitchy if you change type. The build spec for our car says rf, so out of interest I contacted my insurance company. They don't care if I swap, but they would like to know if I were to fit winter tyres.
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    F11 - Which tyres are best ?

    Thanks for all the feedback, decided to just go as good as it gets - MPS4 on the 18" (non run-flats) With a promo code, 4 tyres fitted £554 (eye-watering)
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    F10 535i Service advice

    Absolutely understand, not in it for the MPG, doesn’t bother me. But even so, that seems reasonable MPG given the engine! Going to have a hard time finding the spec I am after with this engine! Thanks, Dan
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Touring tailgate cylinders done. After agro getting the first side pair in, knocked up a special tool of my own (sorry BMW, won't be buying yours today) and easy life. Copper pipe is your friend... Did the second pair in 10 minutes flat, ball joints on first attempt for each. Feeling smug, and enjoying the novelty of not having to balance tailgate on my head when doing anything in the boot.
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    E28 525i Restoration Project

    Hi Mick, Everything here is better than what I have! My license plate gaskets are ok though so if you would be so kind I would like to take everything else! We can talk on Private Message to sort out the logistics. Thanks!
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    F11 - Which tyres are best ?

    See this is my issue, run flats are flawed and make you think you are better with them. I have had multiple punctures, blow outs etc (BMWs, Mercs, Volvo) with run flats and in that bubble I agree they could be perceived as great, but I have nowhere never that same hassle with a non run flat tyres. Once you remove them, I'm my experience, the hassles dissappear. Runflats due to their construction (ridge with no give) cause the blowouts in the first place, are more susceptible to punctures and destroy wheels. (ever seen an E61 alloy on a balancing machine? 50 pence pieces are rounder) I'm saying this from having has circa half a dozen different cars with Runflats, I've done the miles on both sets and it's blindingly obvious to me that in there quest to deliver a safer tyre to mitigate against one risk, (fluke punctures) they have introduced an whole set of other issues and risks. One step forward three steps back. Sent from my SM-N9600 using Tapatalk
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Retrofitted high beam assist today, finished off my cracked windscreen fighting to get the new mirror on so I booked a new one on the insurance. It needed doing anyway...
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    New to BMW

    Well, picked up the car this evening. Only issue is a yellow brake warning light. Dealer has assured me that because they have replaced the ABS pump, it just needs to be registered to the car. He's having it back next week to sort it. Everything else seems good. Timing chain was done 15k ago by BMW. Only other possible issue may be the battery. It's obviously been flat as the clock needs setting so I will wait and see. 6 months warranty so should give me chance to fault find anything else. Sent from my SM-T365 using Tapatalk
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    Paddy O'Furniture

    Advice on selling a car....

    That looks gorgeous in white. Lots of people slag off white but it's probably my favourite colour, I actually paid extra for white with my previous car but luckily it was a no cost option on my current car.
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    Advice on selling a car....

    That's a lovely looking motor! Sat in a new white 530i today at Bowkers BMW, Preston; lovely car but bloody hell it felt small inside! They've got smaller inside since the E39s