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    F**k all, it's a Yank thing. We've got enough of their ott customs over here already, what with baby showers, trick or treat and school proms, we don't want any more thank you very much.
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    How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    19 years and 4 months. I win (probably) Edit: 166K, by me, from new.
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    Hey everyone, a quick update here. I've taken some photos of the car with the Bilstein B12 kit fitted, so you can get an idea of how it looks on original 15's. As you can see, it's pretty much spot on with very little gap between the wheels and the wheel arches. The tyres fitted are factory fitment, i.e. 225/60/15 all around. Also I managed to find a nice, staggered set of E34 17" Throwing stars (Style 21) with covers in original condition, so very happy about that. And I even got a spare wheel too, but the centre cap is missing. They also have the correct size tyres fitted on them (235/45/17 on the front and 255/40/17 on the rear) with plenty of tread left as well. The fronts are Dunlop with about 5-6mm of tread and the rears are a budget-brand, Barum, but they are like new with 7mm of tread remaining, so I think I'll keep them for now and see how they perform. Here's the spec of the wheels: The front wheels are: 8x17 ET20 - BMW part number: 36112226706 The rear wheels are: 9x17 ET22 - BMW part number: 36112226707 I balanced the wheels last week and they are all 100% straight, which is of course, good news. The paint is slightly bubbling on the covers in some places, but I'm not too bothered about that for now. However, I've ordered a set of 4 new BMW badges (they just stick-on), as the existing ones are in poor condition, and actually one of them came off by itself. They are quite reasonably priced - you can get a set of 4 from BMW for 20 quid. The part number for the BMW badges for Throwing star covers is: 36136758569 (they are 70mm in size) Those of you who know these wheels well, will notice that I've got 2 driver's side covers on both front wheels, which is obviously incorrect. Since these covers are directional, originally designed for cooling the brakes on the M5, you are supposed to have a separate set of covers for left and right side. Fortunately, the spare wheel has a left side cover, which is what I need to make the fronts perfect, but what I noticed is that the bolts that hold these covers to the wheels are quite rusty, so let's hope it won't be an issue taking them off. I've ordered 30 new cover bolts anyway, as I'd like to replace them on all the wheels, so I won't have any problems with them in the future. The BMW part number for the cover bolts is: 36112227124 (you'll need 5 of these per wheel) I'm currently waiting to receive all the bits from BMW, so when it's all here, I'll take a few pics while swapping the covers and then will get some photos with the car on Throwing stars as well. Really pleased with the wheels, so I've got a feeling that the handling/suspension setup will be spot on....Just one thing that gives away the age of the car dynamically, is the play in the steering, which to my liking, is a bit too excessive, so I'll need to look into that after the wheels are sorted and see what's the problem. That's it for now, I'll be sure to update the thread soon enough. Thanks for following.
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    Middle 'headlights' do what?

    Ideal spot for some sort of 007 inspired gadgetry for traffic jams i think.
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    How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    11 Years, 245000 on clock, 185000 by me.
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    BMW Bavarian motor woe

    Leave the poor fella alone! I'll translate it for you all- car was ok, went to shop for GCSE English study book and when came out the car wouldn't start! Phoned recovery service that took the car to BMW dealership, car has extended warranty but it wasn't worth shit! So BMW decided to change everything trying to find the fault, they found it and the final bill was over 4 grand! I've said I'm not going to pay such a large invoice for the simple problem of my car not starting! Any advice..... then there was something about 50p and a few other things but that was the general gist of what his massive sentence said! An before everyone starts shouting at me, I know I can't spell and my punctuation is terrible but I don't give a shit!
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    As I told a very good American friend not long back, Thanksgiving Day in the UK is right up there with Washington's birthday, the only thanks we give is that the Colonies are no longer a drain on our resources! Needless to say that was very tongue in cheek, but ask the average Brit and they have no idea of the history of Thanksgiving Day and most don't even realise that it is the start of a four-day holiday and is the forerunner to Black Friday (another insidious colonial trait that has inveigled it's way across the pond!)
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    3.0 petrol oil consumption

    I'm glad to see even you petrol loyalists are actually secret oil burners too!
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    Most reliable engine is M57 3L ?

    You're just a fountain of utter shite arnt you? So going by that ludicrous statement, every car that is six years old is running a new engine? First off you said petrol is a con and now engines don't last past 5 years!!!! What a tosser! You're lucky I'm not drinking tonight as the torrent of abuse you would of got from me would of left you crying curled up in a ball on the floor whilst in a puddle of your own feces..... God damn it! It's people like you that turn me to alcoholism......
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    525ix refreshed

    Not exactly my new car as i've had it for around a year, but now I've got it back from Steve at Classic Bahnstormers it drives as BMW intended, and with a partial respray it looks pretty good too! Next on the list is a set of new tyres and probably a replacement windscreen as the refraction from oncoming headlights on the scratches and swirls are effectively blinding on unlit roads I also want a new head unit and after reading a couple of threads on here have pretty much decided on the blaupunkt toronto bt400 - there's nothing on eBay at present, so if anyone know's of one for sale i'd be interested. But for now i have a 600 mile round trip over the weekend to enjoy
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    525ix refreshed

    Perfect timing with the new tyres
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    Matthew Ashton

    Middle 'headlights' do what?

    Or to hide 100 million candle power search beams to blast the fools driving in front with their fog lights on when there's no fog!
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    ....but it sucks too! and its only 0.15bhp!
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    How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    From new -16 years and 7 months - 216000 miles
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    Fitting LED day time lights

    OR swap your headlights for facelift Halo headlights, have them switched on and keep it looking like a normal BMW and not some chavved up 'I've added DRL's car
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    E39 restoration project.

    Hi all, I’m new here! I have recently (last week) purchased my first BMW E39. I have previously had 3x E46’s and loved them but fancied a change this time. The reason I went for the E39 is that I plan to purchase a Jet Ski so needed something nice to tow with & I hate 4x4’s so, here’s the details: BMW 525i Auto Msport Topaz blue with grey leather interior 1 owner from brand new! (I’m second owner) 120,000 Miles full service history with stacks of paperwork! My plan is to restore the car back to as perfect condition as I can. A few bits that need to be done: wheels require powdercoating & refurbishment (being done as we speak) front bumper requires painting OS side skirt requires painting minor damage to boot lid needs to be rectified new floor mats & leather treatment full paint correction so far i am absolutely loving the car & much prefer it over my E46. i will post some more pictures once it’s back from having the wheels done & ive carries out some paint correction to the bodywork. Thanks for looking.
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    Tony d

    BMW Bavarian motor woe

    Hi it's all sorted .I haven't paid the bill ,I've left the car at the garage . Cancelled the payments to the finance company ,both can take me to court
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    V8 f10 are hydroholic too.
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    BMW Bavarian motor woe

    I passed out reading this. .
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    Mashed Potatoes

    Expose yourself right now

    You all take the piss but my head's always toasty and warm in the winter when you're all wearing hats!
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    No longer for sale, thanks for looking.
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    New front calipers fitted New Mtec grooved discs fitted New Mtec pads fitted Winter alloys & tyres fitted It's filthy and looking sorry for itself, but it's all set for winter now
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    Had some stuff done on the M5 touring

    Had the M5 in for a tidy up and a few details: Front bumper re-sprayed Kidney and side grills sprayed contrasting body coloured / frozen black Black M5 badge Detailed + ppf on back bumper Engine steam cleaned Full wheel refurb Oh, and the engine cover done to match the Indianapolis red leather Took to many pics but sorry not sorry!!
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    This is one of the first jobs I do when buying a new car - give the steering wheel a once-over with a JML Magic Eraser: https://www.jmldirect.com/cleaning/cleaning-products/doktor-power-magic-eraser-cleaning-and-polishing-sponge-block/ It is abrasive so not something you should add to your weekly cleaning routine, but now and again it makes the world of difference. Goodbye greasy shiny steering wheel, hello soft matte like-new wheel (before and after.) Trust me, the best £5 you will spend on your car you will be horrified by the amount of black sh*t that comes off it too!
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    Update Fourteen 19/11/2017 23758203_10214669360385441_1292536889_n ..REWIND REWIND.. Boudica was booked in to be fixed last Monday witch would have been the (13/11/17) in preparation for this milestone i borrowed The Tea Bag Lady's wheels.... and spent the Sunday before cleaning her up ready for her appointment. 23782170_10214669415346815_1850479945_n 23782344_10214669413666773_1617963537_n 23804295_10214669420746950_851689136_n 23772056_10214669421106959_1826807994_n 23758095_10214669413546770_664868588_n Its been a week tomorrow and the inde want to speak to us tomorrow. All For Now Comments Welcome As Always
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    Making up wiring looms - trailer

    I did a similar project on a friends trailer few years ago, we fitted resistors in aluminium electronics project box (lots of diferent sizes on ebay) and sealed it with rtv silicone. We attached resistors along the bottom of the box so it acts as a heat sink and attached box at the front of the trailer. Cable goes in the box and much thinner cables are going from box to led lights.
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    Bmw E34 525tds - Giving some TLC

    O quadrante é o High-Kombi dos E34, já o Volante veio de um E39 Fase 2 e teve que ser ligeiramente modificado. Um abraço Thank you Guys. This needs an Update, so here it goes! Got some H&R Springs ( Still on their Box. ) A mate of mine went to a scrappy and got me some oem rear blinds. Got some 17x8 Alpina Reps for a good price. Managed to get an Cruise Control Stalk, pretty easy install along with the new Gear Knob and the original Phone Retrofitted And how she sits at the momment. .
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    Decided I fancied a change so sold the acs and took a set of square 65’s in part ex. Pretty sure they weren’t staying but were a good price so thought I’d at least try them. They stayed 3 days before I managed to convince the owner of my new rims to part with them. He wanted the 65’s. So a deal was done. So here they are. 3 piece 19” rotiform LHR’s
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    Interior Colour Choice

    i've ordered it on mine. Should be delivered any day now. On line comments seem to be that it is a bit of a marmite colour, but that everyone who ordered it really liked it after living with it for a day or two. I have a Porsche Boxster with the 'beige' full leather and I really like that so Cognac should suit me. Personally I dislike all black interiors. Too dull and depressing on a cold wet morning commute to work...
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    BMW Bavarian motor woe

    Speaking as a lawyer who deals with things like this. Cancelling the finance is the stupidest thing you could do. Finance company is not at fault for selling you a lemon, they will sue you for beach of contract. What you want to do is REJECT the vehicle, with the dealer and the finance company simultaneously. You hand the car back and finance is settled. Stopping payments puts you at a breach and is an attempt to hide your head in the sand. Go go speak to a professional so that you don’t ruin you credit history and so that you don’t get a bailiff on your back side.
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    Best cheap anti theft solution?

    I once went to view an Opel Manta for sale in Liverpool years ago, no owner but the car was open so gave it a look over, before jumping into the driving seat, I removed a small cushion, on turning it over found it was just a cloth covered piece of plywood with about 20 one inch nails sticking out of it, coverd by the cloth. I guess he didn't like car thrives. P.S. I bought the car it served me well, and enjoyed driving it for 2 years.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    You can replace glow plug controller without removing the manifold, sometimes the toughest part is getting the big plug off. I have a magnet nut driver set which stops fastners falling off, magnetic socket inserts are also very useful to have.
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    How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    A bit over 11 years, 300 tkm. On our local Finnish BMW club magazine there was an article of 523i -96 which the owner bought new and still drives. Over 500 tkm on the clock and every maintenance archived. That's a real endurance test.
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    How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    5 years, 30k miles and some superb drives across England and Europe
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I'll say this quietly 'cause the bloody thing's probably listening but I've just taken it for a spin and everything seems fine......
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    Use Discount Codes on the home page for discounts: Connected Drive Services - 50% - BlackCD BMW Digital Services - 20% - Black17 Remote Services - 35% - BlackRS RTTI - 20% - Black17 Online Entertainment - 20% - Black17
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    535i Andrew

    Creaking rear suspension?

    Creaking noises usually come from worn joints, of which there are many in the rear suspension set up on a F10/11. A prod at the underside usually finds any culprit worn out joints.
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    55w HID Kits

    you must have had a lookee under my bonnet hippy dont think you can beat oem picked up a couple of ballasts of ebay , brackets from of all places italy (oem new ) d2s adapters ebay , and osram bulbs hefty price but wel worth it also mtec led halo bulbs total £200 ish but wife loves the inproved lighting so much now i dont have to do the tesco run now if its dark
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    Mashed Potatoes

    What's being worked on today?

    Ask away dude we cater for all makes and models. Questions are always welcome. Yes, we can certainly cater for the Volvo. None of those options are an issue to do, and a stage 1 tune would take power up to around 250-260BHP and about 520Nm of torque. The ECU would need to be removed and opened up so it would take a couple of hours to do but it's perfectly possible.
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    E9 vs e28...

    Don't. You will be just making more work for yourself that you do not require, and making the prospect of divorce even more likely. With the E9, get yourself a b35 lump and box, better option before you even start, leave the M535 alone. Then if you must make use of the M54, leave it in the car it is in and make use of it
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    Is that to help identify rear air suspension failure...
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    I did notice it says in the specification they are 85v 35w??? 85 volts in a car??? really??? not sure they are correct in that regard but will have to check.. Now can I just say BUGGER!!!! why do BMW and infact every bloody car company make changing a bulb so hard?? Ive seen a few youtube videos that suggest you can do it from the wheel arch flap but i feel more research is needed here before I plumb for doing this myself... im not mechanically inept just restricted by time.. Andrew, you arent wrong and I certainly wouldnt buy cheap, and certainly not halfrauds crap.. funny as my partner suggested going to halfrauds and paying them to do it, oh how i laughed so hard... she didnt quite get that I wouldnt let some untrained monkey with more pimples than a pebble dashed wall go near my car, to her its just a car and a bulb!! Women (incase any women read this im not sexist, just precious about my car.. )
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    Captain Beaky

    530D inlet manifold Split ??

    Cheers Dan for the link, i have joined the group now. I've ordered a manifold from the lads at quarry motors £73 all in and including postage, I went through Parts-Gateway and received about a dozen offers, the cheapest being £52 all in, but i've used the lads before and the parts are tested. Hopefully it will be here on the weekend and I can give it a chemical bath. Thanks for the help lads best forum EVER!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I've used a H7 HID adaptor (loads on eBay) and trimmed it by nearly 1/2. Simply fit this around the LED bulb so that it holds the bulb in the headlamps. Next was to connect the LED bulbs to the car's harness. I simply removed the high beam bulb from the bulb holder and plugged the LED connector into the bulb holder. Be sure to code off the cold checking otherwise your bulbs will flash once in a while. This was done on a facelift lamps. I'll post a pic tomorrow EDIT: Found a pic on a Facebook forum
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    Budget - Diesel engines

    It doesn't mean shit! As "most" of the time the dealer gives you 12 months road fund license anyway! Wether that's them actually taxing it for you or giving you the cash off the price of the car! Stupid media trying to scare the shit out of the retards..... err I mean general public!
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    BMW main dealer stickers?

    They have come out well. My dad had a '91 E34 520i SE from Cooper Reading. I remember taking off the dealer stickers and road tax holder for a "cleaner" look. Stupid youths hey? The cars long gone, he had it for 15 years and loved it. Got written off when a drunk driver hit it whist it was parked. I think he still has the Cooper Reading key ring although drives a Golf now.
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    £12.80 thrown in the direction of eBay, and...
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    Mick, I've started to sample the captain morgans spiced rum (I think it is?) an I must admit I'm not offended by it! but you know what they say if you drink rum at 10:30am? It doesn't make you an alcoholic, it makes you a pirate!
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    Performance air filter

    Oem filter is folded paper plus a foam pad and is only changed at 50k! That implies some serious cleaning/suction required ? You'd wonder if there wasnt a little spool time increase as a result. On the flipside MAF contamination is a concern from an oiled filter BUT given the shit that comes back into the manifold via an EGR valve i dont believe a bit more dust getting through would be too much of an issue...? I'm keen to try a k&n, my old a4 tdi ran to 160k miles on one and was super healthy-just sprayed the maf with electrical cleaner once in a while. Is the potential cost of maf damage worth a minute reduction in lag, probably not for me!
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    Yes it is, the price is now £11,495 with very close offers considered. I have had a change in circumstances so if it doesn't go by the end of the month I will be keeping it and probably ordering that B12 suspension kit lol.