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    e32 750iL Calypso Red

    Thanks @d_a_n1979! The e32 is finally home, washed and tucked into a shed until I’m ready to do some work on it. I have to sell the 740 and 540 to give myself some breathing space first!
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    I’m back! 86 M535i

    Lachs Silver with Pacific blue leather. 70k auto. Lady owner last 25 years. Unbelievable clean and original Dont mind the alloys!
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    Ram Rod

    Buy Outright or PCP?

    Whether you buy or PCP, you are financing depreciation. With a PCP you can afford to run a new car for what it would cost to borrow the money for one three years old. With a PCP you can be in a new car every three years with perhaps just an oil service to pay in that time and a couple of tyres. You should be ok for brakes, exhaust etc. If you like the car, you have the option to buy. German cars are usually better on PCP's due to their higher residuals. Go for a low APR, the minimum or no deposit if you can, as you might as well add the deposit to the monthly cost. You might get a better deal on a car in the showroom or an old model run out such as on the 3 series at the mo. Don't buy a car. Never invest in a depreciating asset my old granny used to say. If you borrow the money as well, you are hit twice in interest AND depreciation.
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    You forgot those that add M badges to two litre diesels. Hateful inbreeds! [emoji12] Sent from my SM-N9600 using Tapatalk
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    Former Police F11 reviewed

    ARGH! The temperatures aren't the same for driver and passenger. had to turn off at that point.
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    My E30 M3, the story so far....

    Inside the rear right wheel arch is the fuel tank breather system which is an area often full of mud, rust and holes. The filler neck blasted and painted, vent tank cleaned, all hoses replaced with new and new electro plated fittings. New Splash guard and a new metal pipe cover fitted (they have now doubled in price!) after being painted and cavity waxed on the inside. Ignore the suspension components as these will be tackled later on but i gave the shock a wipe down for the aid of the pic. Freshly refurbished 16x7.5 Style 5s by Lepsons shod in my favoured Yokohama AD08R rubber Starting to look more like a car now. Bumper foils (black stripes) have been applied and new rear badges with the all important M3 badge fitted millimetre perfect as per BMW fitting instructions.
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    My set of Michelin Cross Climates did not last until my PCP is up in May, so I lashed out on a set of full winter tyres. I didn't want to spend too much, so got a set of Nexen Winguard Sport 2's 225/55 17.... and I have been amazed! Firstly these are extremely quiet running tyres and come with a good rim protector too. They have been great in the snow, terrific in very wet motoways at speed, excellent directional stability, and grip really well on wet bends. Honestly they are as good as the Michelins. The only thing though was I found the rears took some bedding in, about 200 miles. I run them at 2.5/2.7 bar and they are fine. If I was keeping the car, I would leave them on all year. I paid just €85 each plus fitting. Bargain!
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    What did I do to my F11 today? I bought it and drove it 100 miles back home and then another 50 or so miles along one of my favourite roads just because I could. Only issue so far is a little condensation which has appeared inside one of the headlights. What a lovely car to drive and a huge change from the previous one. Will post up some photos tomorrow.
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    Kit's E34 535i

    Did a bit of a marmite mod - put yellow tints on the main beam and fog lights. If I end up not liking it should be easy to remove. Also fitted all new bulbs in the front too, nice Orsam Night Breakers. Polishing the glass didn’t really do much tbh apart from make the glass smooth. Oh well, will probably one day get a new set so it looks fresh.
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    Hope you had a great Christmas, The Tea Bag Lady was our greatest feat and even now behind the scenes there is still working being carried out on her. The Nugget needed to be saved and we were lucky enough to able to undertake what needs doing to see her on the road for years to come. - Update 6/2/2019 - Belated Happy New Year fellow 5 Forum members, First update sees the Nugget getting fresh Shell Helix HX7 oil and a genuine BMW chain tensioner well for the mechanical side of things anyway - - The chain tensioner was well past its expiry date, Its spring had definitely sprung! The nugget seems to be much happier with fresh oil and filter and the tensioner has quietened the engine down that you wouldn't guess she's done the miles she has. - - I remember someone singing the praise of the wings from Euro Car Part so ordered one on a special weekend deal for a little sum of £36 Great British Pounds haven't test fitted it yet but should be rust proofed and test fitted by next month. The cream of the crop was our new arch " DOG LEG " panel ordered from BMW Sytner Oldbury... Again no photos this update but I'm hoping by next month we will have all the parts needed for the one side. at this point, we are only missing the outer sill skin which will be purchased from Euro Car Parts as we were happy with their outer sill panel when we purchased one for The Tea Bag Lady - Comments Welcome
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    Advice on selling a car....

    WBAC- yes I’d imagine they’ll chip you at least 10%! Just pull your big boy pants up and sell it like normal people. All the doubts your having about selling the car to “wrong-uns” true buyers have the same doubts about buying from “dodgy used car sales man” you know like Mike gobshite cheeky chappy hold your hand out Brewer.... It’ll be fine
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    I'm very happy that I made the decision to brave the cold on Thursday and swap the wheels on the F11 over to the winter tyres. A great decision as the wedding show we covered on Saturday meant that we had to negotiate 4 inches of snow to get to the venue in a tiny village near Farnham. 50% of the exhibitors didn’t turn up getting stuck in the snow or simply not bothering to venture out. The F11 was fully loaded with gear and the virgin snow covered car park was treated to few doughnuts. Much to the chagrin of the caretaker of the venue. Nobody else ventured into the car park.
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    Advice on selling a car....

    I would personally use eBay Classifieds, Pistonheads and Gumtree; these are the cheapest options, but give you great coverage. Autotrader is ok, but expensive and limited to its own catchment etc Advertise well; include all necessaries and decent pictures too Re test drives, it's one person and one person only. No groups of people and no multi-visits. If they want to see the car, they see it at your address or you agree to meet in a very public place. You drive unless they have FULL insurance coverage (very rare this as most insurance will only cover you to drive someone else's car covered on Third Party ONLY)! If they cannot prove they have fully comp insurance to drive another car, then you drive it or not at all. I've always made this very clear on car ads when I've sold a car; happy to have the car to be stone-cold for when they come to see it, so they can hear the cold start up, but they won't be driving it unless fully comp insurance is shown and I've the full value, in cash, has been handed over! The horror stories you hear do happen, but far & few between, IMO it's a lot of scaremongering, but still you need to keep vigil and maybe have a family member or pal with you, somewhere in the background, just for peace of mind etc It's all common sense really
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    Wrap up warm boys.....

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    What do you all get on full tank?

    I love a bit of realism!
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    Detailing Thread for G30/31

    I never purchase any of these dealer goos that they try and sell with the car. I think they are all crap. Better spending the money and getting it "new car detailed".
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    What do you all get on full tank?

    Having plenty left over assumed range and actual range driving are two very different things....... so my response is the classic KB https://goo.gl/images/o6aZnd
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    Recent update as car has actually had some fresh air and had a wash. Seats have also been fitted and wired in. Also bought some 4 pot Porsche callipers for the rear and hopefully have a deal on some 8 pots for the front
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    He’s at it again....

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    Goodbye and thank you

    I ditched BMW daily drivers a few years ago, although I kept two e34's as these IMO are the last of the over engineered and mechanically simple BMW's. C.
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    535d eml

    Personally I would never buy any car that's been remapped or had any kind of bypass/removal that could risk MOT failure. It's just not worth the risk.
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    So, can I get an E39 Sport and call it an M Sport?
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    Sir Anthony Regents-Park


    The pack of wankers who basically got away with breaking into an airport and chaining themselves to a plane. I'd have taken off anyway. The view from 35'000 feet is quite spectacular. Either way, there's something to be said for piling all the scummers and wrong's onto an old cross channel ferry and torpedoing it in the Pacific. If you can make it back to land on a deckchair, you're free to go.
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    Kit's E34 535i

    Always tense having an MoT Test I find, and in the 12 years I’ve been driving I’ve never had a car pass first time....until today!! The E34 sailed through. Winner. Just got the front bumper off to remove the lights so I can polish them up. Pictures to follow
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    The rebuilt of my project car engine was finished today!