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    Collection day!!

    Pretty terrible weather in the UK... but snow cannot stop collection day!!
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    E60 M5 finally bought

    So I've been thinking about this for years now, infact I have a thread on here two years ago where I was mulling it over but I've finally done it. For me the story of an E60 M5 goes back more 12 years to a strange time in life when I was considering a career change from IT into the automotive side of things. I ended up applying for an apprenticeship at the tender age of 18 and getting down to the final two. Part of the end of the selection process was to spend two weeks working at a main dealer. I have to say a huge thanks to the master tech at this dealer as I learnt so much in those two weeks about the principals of car diagnosis and how to use. Sadly it wasn't meant to be, I found out the other guy was a relation of the owners of the dealer so really I didn't have a choice which was a shame. Interestingly despite the time I still remember many of the cars we worked on. KDS on an E46 M3 that had been bumped, an early 136bhp 320d with running problems (MAF), a 750il in for battery drain issues (she was a thing of beauty), an E60 with active cruise control, but by far the best one was an E60 M5 in Silver. They were nearly new back then, I seem to recall we fitted a tracker to it. However the treat for me was the master tech took me out in it for a test drive. Looking back I feel sorry for its owner but it was jolly exciting. Lets call the tech Dave, Dave thought he would impress me with this car so off we trundled through Blackpool and once it was warm he gave it an absolute boot full on what was a fairly busy road with small shops either side. I'm not sure if it was in 400 or 500bhp but it was in manual and it must have been at least S4 or S5 and as you might imagine it absolute leapt down the road to 8250rpm at which point Dave had been so overwhelmed by the performance he had forgotten which paddle to pull. This must have only been for a fraction of a second but it felt like a life time. The noise was incredible and when he did remember which paddle to pull the shift into 2nd and the resulting acceleration was a memory I've distinctly held on to all these years. Obviously back then the idea of owning an E60 M5 was utter fantasy. I had an E39 M5 a few years ago and whilst a wonderful car it was getting tired so I swapped it for an E63 650i. I do always wonder if I should have borrowed some money and had an M6 but I've never been a fan of owing money on cars especially as my cars tend to sit all week as I have a company pickup that I use for work. The M5 had crossed my radar again at this point but it was also beyond my budget at that time. After 3 years I swapped the E63 (disclaimer here, the 650i was a superbly capable car here and we both miss it dearly) for a Supercharged Range Rover which was great for doing a tour of Scotland and for family work but it was pretty numb and seriously thirsty and not really that fast. I also had a 330ci Msport which I used for track days but the cost of running two cars (as I have for the last 6 years) had begun to grate on me plus I was at risk of loosing a parking space. I went some through the obvious of what other fast saloon which would provide family space with some fun for me and really there is only one car, an M5 and with the F10 beyond my budget we came back to my old friend the E60. So to my E60, well I happened to join a group and naturally when you say you are interested in buying a car the inbox is rapidly filled with people trying to offload all sorts of rubbish but there was one message of a nice looking car that had plenty of work done over the years and the last owner for 10 years. It was with great excitement I first went to see this car and whilst the pictures look good the exterior cosmetic condition was befitting of its 13 years on the road. Not bad, but not perfect. However luckily I have a tame bodyshop man who will sort out some of the passage of time. It was worth noting that I hadn't actually been in an M5 or M6 E6x since that initial encounter all those years ago but my word it was just as impressive as I remember. Quite an achievement for a car that's a few years old. The car was mechanically wonderful and very well maintained and the only one of the 5 I viewed that didn't have some sort of error on the dash or obvious fault. The problem then was finding a buyer for my other two cars but things fell into place to allow me to finally go and collect the E60 last Monday. It was in Scotland, so a friend and I managed to dodge the snow of the previous week and despite having to dig it out of the previous owners drive my very first driving experience of an E60 m5 was to drive it through the snow onto the main road. Certainly a baptism of fire (ice?) but off we trundled in 400bhp auto default mode. It felt wonderful, even in Mong mode as we could call it. Standard for an E60 there wasn't much fuel in it so a quick fill up and we hit the road to get home before the weather got any worse. In our younger days we might have gone for it on the motorway but it was nice to cruise down the M74 and M6 in superb comfort and it even managed 24.5mpg which I was very impressed by. In similar conditions the Supercharged Range Rover might have done 21mpg if I was very lucky. I did give it a little tickle at one point, we both agreed it was a quick car. 15 minutes later I started to chuckle, realising it was still in 400bhp mode... Since collecting I've done 500 miles in her and apart from the PDC failing (irritating but a fact of life on older cars) its been wonderful. I have rapidly learnt to use the SMG box and in full crazy mode it still one hugely impressive car. Dad had a little go and needed 5 minutes to sit to let the Adrenalin go down. As you might imagine friends old and new have appeared out of the woodwork, very few having experienced a true 500bhp car all have been impressed. It is the only car I've ever owned that I've genuinely thought this is seriously quick and had to learn to respect from the first day. I cant believe just how much more power there is than the E39 M5 and the 650i. Yours, a smitten owner 1 week in.
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    Started the process of fitting these! Part of the 500BHP upgrade kit.
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    New Fridge!

    I've had a new fridge delivered recently, tonight I'm trying it out;
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    Well, after nine years and five days of E39 ownership, I arrived at a deal to part exchange mine for....................... another E39. So, next weekend this should be adorning my drive....
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    My E26!

    More rocking horse shit discovered in Germany arrived yesterday. The boxes have seen better days But, oh, the contents! Never been used. The first thing that strikes you is just how badly these wheels are finished when new! Quite shocking quality from the Italians. You want the centres painted black? Well this will do, never mind that it's not quite central, I had a bit too much Chianti at lunch ... Inside the wheel bolt holes need to be painted too? Ok, if we must, but I can't be bothered really ... The finish is very rough on the outside to, but better on the inside - the reverse of the wheels I have on the car which have a bit of texture on the outside and are very poor on the inside. I can now however say with some confidence that the Campagnolo logo should go opposite the valve. The cars in Munich in September 2016, both privately owned and BMWs cars, had them all over the place, if at all. I do however much prefer my transfer type decals over the genuine article (again stuck on with typical Italian precision).
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    Finally, the first update of 2018. Started the year off by putting the covers on the Throwing stars the right way round, also got rid of the old securing bolts and put the new ones it. I previously mentioned that someone fitted incorrect bolts for the covers on the rear wheels and here's what they looked like: As you can see, they are hex bolts with washers, but originally you're supposed to have spline bolts in there, which fit flush with the wheels and don't stick out. The good thing about these "wrong bolts" was that they came off easily, since they were replaced quite recently. The covers are aluminium and here's what they look like once taken off: The plastic cap in the centre is separate and you can see the correct spline bolts, which is what BMW uses to secure the covers to the wheels. I cleaned the threads on the covers with some WD40 and also put a bit of copper grease on the new bolts before fitting them. Here's the first wheel finished: The front 2 wheels and the spare one had very tired-looking bolts on the covers, so I wouldn't be surprised if no one touched them for the last 10 years or possibly even from new. Had to be careful not to round the head on the splines, as otherwise I would end up drilling them, which obviously I wanted to avoid. Here's one wheel with the old bolts: Surprisingly, all the bolts came out in one piece and there was no drama after all. Here's the collection: With the covers sorted, I moved to the badges, which was a lot easier to deal with. They are just stuck-on, so all you need is a thin scraper to pry them off and then carefully remove, paying attention not to damage the surface of the cap. Then clean off the remaining glue with a degreaser and you are ready to put on the new badges. My old ones kind of felt apart, as I took them off. They weren't genuine either, as the letters on the genuine BMW badges are engraved, so you can feel a slight groove as you move your finger across them. That's for BMW pedants out there... Having previously driven on 18" M Parallels, I can definitely say that 17's are a better choice for an E34, both in terms of looks and ride/handling. Of course, looks are subjective, but I think 18's are just a bit too big and the ride was a bit too harsh for my liking as well. That's not to say that 17's are not hard, because compared to original 15" style 5's with 60-profile tyres, they are without a doubt harder, but it's something I can live with, considering the E34 is my daily driver. The car feels much more stable and planted on the road, especially giving more confidence at high speeds, since it doesn't bounce around, like it did on 15's. As for looks, it currently looks just perfect to me - Bilstein B12 kit + Throwing stars is an ideal combo, in my opinion. Here are a few photos: The next job on the list is probably sort out the exhaust. To be honest, there's nothing specifically wrong with the exhaust itself, but the catalytic converter has fallen into pieces and I'm thinking of getting an OE Klarius, type-approved replacement, so I might as well get a decent exhaust too - however, nothing too loud, as I'm quite happy with the original BMW exhaust anyway. I'm thinking possibly a Jetex cat-back system or maybe get something custom-made by Powerflow? Will need to look into this further and do a bit more research before I decide what I'm going to go for. Still need to see what's wrong with my rear window regulators and my driver's seat is torn on base, so again, a few things that need to be sorted, but obviously have to prioritise things and get more important stuff done first. Talking about important stuff, planning to replace the clutch this year, along with the gear linkage and other bits, like the clutch slave cylinder, etc. Let me sort out the exhaust first and then I'll probably start looking into getting the parts for the clutch change. Thanks for the following.
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    This evening I collected my 535d Touring from the dealer - suffice to say I am very pleased with it!
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    I googled sarcastic twaty reply’s to topics and the first hit was dennis cooper! Im pretty sure mr Vanhool is asking for good and bad experience’s and if fellow forum members know of hidden gem’s of bars and restaurants to go to instead of the more touristy places? Ive never been but wouldn’t mind going at some point? The only thing I’d suggest is get drunk! Dont know where but I’m sure Dennis will tell you to get drunk in a bar..... have fun anyway
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Update with pictures; excuse the car, it's bloody filthy 5mm hubcentric shims taken off the rear as the tyres were just catching the inside of the arches; will put them on the fronts though as they're a little too 'in', in the arches
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    Discounts on new

    Clearly my umbrellas are becoming rather famous, must post pictures tomorrow haha
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    E34 535i Sport / M5 content

    Update Time, And its a landmark one... Slow but steady progress... front subframe done and refurbished steering box on... The rear subframe was a bitch to do, even with the bush pulling tool... Still managed to get it all cleaned up and although the pics dont show it, i've pressed in all the new bushes for the frame, diff and trailing arms Also managed to finish off the rear shocks. Ended up binning everything from the old ones, happy with how they're looking Before After So that means i just need to finish the rear trailing arms and hubs / bearings to complete all the subframe and bushes part of this. In Parallel to this, in August 2017 i had been in contact with the owner of a lovely M5 who wanted to sell, but for various reasons we never made a deal... then i went to see it this weekend, and couldn't help myself and bought it. Not sure where that leaves the 535i sport, but i'm extremely excited to have a usable M5 in time for Spring and hopefully a jaunt on the route Napoleon in July. Here's the only pic i have, further updates once i've collected it.
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    2jz swapped E60

    Ive a feeling there could be some butthurt about it, which is another good reason for building it, its even got a nissan radiator and a honda throttle pedal!!!!!!
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    Sure its not your moan cave?
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    Hi all. The beast is back with me now! Paid up for the MOT work, but have yet to settle with my bodywork chap. when I get it all squared away with the new bumper and tailgate, I’ll get it shined and polished and put up a few piccies. All in all, I’m back in love with it!
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    E34 M5 vs E39 M5

    The E34 was the last real hand built M5 ... So each had their own soul (feel) from new ... But the E39 is still a wonderful tool.
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    E34 M5 vs E39 M5

    On the whole the E34 is a better drivers car and gives a better driving experience perhaps purely because the E39 is so refined, maybe too refined, but the E34 3.8 M5's seldom make their 340bhp unless they are in absolutely tip-top mechanical condition so an E39 M5 should feel its whole generation quicker. So to answer the OP's question, yes, you might well feel underwhelmed by the power but I suspect overall you would enjoy pressing on in an E34 more than you would in an E39. In terms of the weight difference, its more a combination of the weight and smaller size that will make an E34 seem more nimble but in reality it will be down to how well sorted each individual car is with respect to recent suspension and steering refreshes. I suspect that those lucky individuals who have owned both, or still own both M5's together, would choose the E34 over the E39 if they absolutely 'had' to choose one or another.
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    530e - Just orderd

    Great choice of colour! Im sure you will love it. I got 93% on Electric for my 23.6 mile commute home yesterday.. With 536mpg! The 100% commute will happen soon i think!
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    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Update Twenty 17/3/2018 When we purchased Boudica she had been liberated from her Parchment interior mats.. Luckly we sourced a used set at a very reasonable price. The keen eyed readers will have noticed in the first photo that the steering wheel has been changed. I'm unsure of the name of the steering wheel but I've found a photo of this style wheel fitted to an 850csl and some 1994 M5s. And finally meet Erika she was left by a previous owner.. All For Now. Comments Welcome As Always.
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    M5 valet today. Results

    Hi all Just wanted to share some lovely pics after I had my M5 valeted today. The paintwork was already beautiful but it is pristine now (bar the odd tiny scratches that need paint correction). One of the pics shows the local (Cambridgeshire) chap who did the work, highly recommended! Plus, my first ever E34 M5 'fix' was the replacement of the front fog light bulbs, which now work! Enjoy.
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    Considering F10 M-Sport...

    My indy has a customer who's car has the N47 engine and its done 295k with no timing chain issues. More regular oil and filter changes are the secret apparently every 6k if you can.
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    Hi all, With my 520D LCI on 98k miles it was long overdue a gearbox service, after lots of searching around, googling, I contacted ZF Nottingham who recommended Noel of NCB Autokraft in Earlswood, Solihull as a 'Protech' garage. After a quick call it was booked in for today to have its gearbox fluid changed along with filter and also the diff oil while it was in. Cost of gearbox service was £350+vat, Diff oil service £48+vat Dropped it in this morning just after 8, Noel was very knowledgeable, polite and not like many of the indy's I'd come across before. A clean workshop with things tidy and the array of cars outside parked in nice neat rows instilled some confidence as I handed over my keys. Noel explained he wouldn't be touching the car until noon to allow it to cool down and then should be ready by 3/3.30. I was put into a 320d to potter about in whilst mine was in and off I went leaving him to it. On collection, Noel had kept my old filter and without any prompts from myself he proceeded to explain that actually the oil which was in my car was in quite good condition despite the mileage, he showed me the colour of it (lovely straw colour) and showed it had no gritty bits in there. Swapped cash and keys and off I went..... The car drives SOOOOO much better! - gear changes certainly feel smoother without any jolts/hesitation and I'm happy! Certainly a recommendation for the Noel who I will be using again in the future for my servicing needs. If anyone near the midlands is after a gearbox service, you wouldn't go wrong giving NCB a ring.
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    M5 valet today. Results

    Forgot to add my favourite pic
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    You're a bit of a prick aren't you? Clearly Scimmer does a lot of Motorway miles so EcoPro is perfect for him. I also use it daily on the motorway during my commute. A range of close to 480 miles on half a tank is very impressive. Just because you can't drive properly and anticipate traffic movements therefore consider EcoPro "dangerous" is your problem. Oh and start/stop would never shut the car down in reverse until you come to a complete half and put gearbox in P.
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    My F10 M5 slightly modded

    Got the car about 7 months ago and have been enjoying it, decided to spice it up a bit and i know there will always be the how can you do that to an M5 and obviously the number plate police will be popping along but at the end of the day its mod's i like and its done. MOD's done are Full Wrap in Satin Black Rose, which is a UK first as this wrap is only available as a gloss finish (admittedly i got the inspiration from a US M5 finished in this colour Illicet M5) but the whole wrap was laminated as a satin finish over the gloss vinyl to give it that finish and i also had all the door shuts, returns and even the hinges that hold the doors wrapped as they were white. Inside of Kidney Grills wrapped Chrome door handle inserts wrapped gloss Back Side Vents wrapped Gloss Black SSDD Carbon Rear Diffuser SSDD Carbon front splitter Calipers done on Gold to compliment the Black and gold wheels (no intention on replicating CCB) KW HAS suspension 9.5" and 11"x21" Omega13 2 piece forged wheels (1 of 1 as they made the wheels to my design (which i designed with them, i basically took ideas from 6 other similar wheels and told them how i wanted my set to be like and thats what they done) 100mm BMS Exhaust tips PCW Exhaust MOD Which retains the OEM exhaust but the boxes are modified to increase noise levels and also resonator delete Michelin PSS tires 265/30/21 and 305/25/21 Special thanks to the lads at Wrench Studios in Hayes who undertook 90% of the job, Omega13 for my constant changing of the design of the wheels and colour combo, The Autowerks in Slough who tinted the windows, sourced the tires and fitted without a single mark, which is not easy when reverse mounting 21" monsters, PCW for unleashing a few more decibels and Teddy at SSDD for the carbon stuff. Some Pics IMG_0691 by Rajan Bhasin, on Flickr 6618b41d-4d76-4986-9945-c9187bffa71a by Rajan Bhasin, on Flickr 327664f6-2805-4c65-824b-af1c58d084f8 by Rajan Bhasin, on Flickr 9o8yBthXQQGCGH6jHm8KnA by Rajan Bhasin, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_3a34 by Rajan Bhasin, on Flickr S%jKwBY%TEOilxWFAehkTw by Rajan Bhasin, on Flickr lm0bxvB8Qfu4BqM+LfqaSg by Rajan Bhasin, on Flickr qJIxmhcDTO+x2SdyDTX6Ng by Rajan Bhasin, on Flickr eCzp+IXcRN6vSiIlp%%uTg by Rajan Bhasin, on Flickr WDvuM1PCTrG+hu241+iGXw by Rajan Bhasin, on Flickr f20b3d01-f1e6-4966-bd3c-b74a63f85194 by Rajan Bhasin, on Flickr 8c241915-e953-4396-8e11-6cc5fa6d3ff2 by Rajan Bhasin, on Flickr IMG_9199 by Rajan Bhasin, on Flickr 9915b2b5-db11-4ecd-b39f-635860b47005 by Rajan Bhasin, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_3aef by Rajan Bhasin, on Flickr 2d4bb8b8-b9fe-4e8a-91f2-08b8dde94038 by Rajan Bhasin, on Flickr P3lCm7YrRlWB6M%lTPRE%A by Rajan Bhasin, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_3ae8 by Rajan Bhasin, on Flickr
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    He's joining the 'warranty boyz club'
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    Mashed Potatoes

    What's being worked on today?

    Pops and bang/crackle on the overrun map is now available for the N53 engines!
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    Jim Bob

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I did a thing recently. Went from clears to ambers. Fully refurbed units (re-chromed reflectors, new adjusters etc..)
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    Update on Michelin Cross Climate Plus

    Just wanted to share my views now after 3 months use, initially I had been slightly disappointed in the performance in grip compared to my Continental Contact Sport 3 on dry roads, however as they have worn in the grip has improved a lot, now with this winter and especially with the Beast from the East I’ve seen plenty of Snow over here in Northern Ireland this winter, and I was reasonably pleased on their cold weather and snow performance ... until yesterday ....!! I had to drive my Brother in laws FWD current shape Ford Mondeo [needed to use the big boot lol] which has a set of 4 month old Good Years AS Tyres ... oh my Lord even getting it down my street was a work out .. slipping and sliding, any tiny bump ..wheels spinning, front end swing left to right... Back in my F10 same road... no slipping, no drama.... after driving the two back to back I can say without any doubt the Cross Climates are Brilliant on the snow in comparison...it was night and day ...I’ve never felt like I mightn’t be able to make it up a hill or down a certain road.
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    Car was in for MOT yesterday and to investigate and repair the power steering fluid leak I posted about a couple of weeks back. No MOT advisories (hurrah! ), and the fluid leak was from the cooler as Steve suggested in his reply to my post. So, the bill came to £268 all in - just under £100 for the cooler, £45 for the MOT, 1.5 hrs labour (£90) plus a couple of oddments. No charge for fluid as I'd had to buy in the Pentosin stuff just to get me to the garage cos it was leaking fluid so badly. A bill I could've done without, but could've been worse! Good service from the indy too - all done same day.
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    Hi guys, just wanted to share my recent audio upgrade completed today. I bought an F10, 520D recently and as we all know the OEM speakers are not the best. I start searching for compatible speakers and found the usual suspects, Focal IFBMW, MTX, Bavsound stage one, Match, ESX, Harman Kardon etc. I am very price conscious and usually search for days until I am settling for something and in this case, I focused my attention towards the Focal range as I like the brand and had 135VR's and 165VR's in one of my previous BMW E46 coupe. It was out of discussion paying £5 - 600 for the IFBMW and as I wanted to have high-quality sound for the best price I started to look for 4" Focal speakers. I found quite a few and the interesting thing is they are not advertised as compatible with BMW, I am sure they will put the price up if they will.... I bought a pair of these for the back https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Focal-AUDITOR-R-100C-4-10cm-2-Way-Car-Coaxial-Van-Door-Dash-Speakers-240W/262351114177?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 And a pair of these for the front https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Focal-Integration-ISC100-4-10cm-2-Way-Coaxial-Car-Speakers-200W-Total-Power/401093581124?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 As well 2 pairs of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10cm-4-Front-Rear-Door-Speaker-Adaptor-For-BMW-X3-2007-Onwards/351735857820?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 As well you will need 4 x 61138373583 and 8 x 61130006664 from BMW for a neat setup. The result is, to say the least, impressive with very clear midrange and crystal clear highs. The Integration speakers in the front have a rotary tweeter which you can adjust to face the driver and raise the soundstage and you really have the impression that the sound is coming from the pillars. All in all, for £160 all in I find it very hard to believe that there is a better solution to upgrade your sound system to match this setup and wanted to share with you all, and believe me you will not regret it!
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    Here is my new (to me) car - F11 535d

    I waited patiently for a week which is unheard of with me!! Anyway I said farewell and thanks to the gang on the e60/1 board and am now a proud owner of the beauty you can see in the pics. 2016 F11 535d M Sport. She’s done 20k and is nigh on mint. we live by the beach so why not utilise and take some pics as soon as I picked her up! So far so very good!! Was sad to see the e61 go but on with progress!
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    530i ROAD NOISE ?

    Behold this thing of beauty !
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    Bit of photography today
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    My E26!

    Latest addition to the M1, three pieces of unobtainium. In their rightful place The main suitcase and garment bag are in very good condition, hardly used. The cream lining of the suitcase is imaculate Lovely little details, like a popper to attach the zips to when the flap on the case is shut I even found the original guarantee slip with the case number inside one of the pockets The smaller flight case has obviously been used much more and needs some TLC and a good clean. Job for the weekend.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I Think I saw one on it's way back earlier.
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    Bye bye F11, hello G32

    So after three years, my beloved, fully loaded F11 has gone and has been replaced by a G32. 630D Gran Turismo. Loved everything about the Tourer but three years is a long time for me to own a car and was going to downsize, but the offers at the dealer were too good to pass up. Was worried about some of the negative reviews but two weeks in so far and I love the car. Looks much better in the metal. The “welcome carpet light” is a fantastic gimmick haha
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    ger's M5

    Hi, here's a bit of an update for the car. There probably one or two other things I did to it since the previous installment, but this does update it. BMW_E39_XTRONS-DAB-Splitter en.pdfAfter seeing this thread on m5board.com (http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/e39-m5-e52-z8-discussion/586378-xtrons-pb7639bp-android-head-unit-installation.html) I decided it was time to update the radio in the m5. I've been wanting to update it's looks since I bought the car but going oem seemed a bit silly as I'd be fitting old tech, but any aftermarket stuff meant I'd lose the BC functionality. Not anymore! The Resler interface allows the radio to communicate with the car's I-bus and the Android based I-bus app can make use of its functionality, bringing virtually all of the BC features to an aftermarket headunit, just what I was after. Also, apparently this combination allows for the digital dsp amp to be used too, though this doesn’t apply to me. The original setup I had was a cd drive, MID for high BC and I installed the ‘Top HiFi' amp together with speakers in every possible oem position in the car. These are: front door tweeters, mid range and main drivers lower down, rear door tweeters, rear main drivers above the parcel shelf and also two 10" subs under the parcel shelf-similar to the M-audio ones- which are driven by an additional amp I installed in the boot (trunk) next to the HiFi amp. The radio in the dash had the large radio connector, flat pin. The radio also provided a speaker level output and originally drove only the four main speakers (and little tweeters in the front doors with passive crossovers from the main front speakers). I fancied using all speaker positions, why not! I discovered that the HiFi amp would drive each of the car's speakers directly, all ten of them, which was great. It did not have an output for subs-no problem. The HiFi amp also takes speaker level inputs, from the front radio. This bit of information I learnt from RichardP (thanks Richard) and saved a lot of experimenting. The sub amp takes its signal from the rear speaker channels from the headunit, dropped down by a ‘converter' to line level, suitable as an input to an amp. The amps are powered from the battery connections in the ‘first' distribution fusebox, they are earthed direct to the battery terminal (not to a puny screw driven into the chassis that will rust!). I used the white wire that activates the diversity antenna as a ‘wake up' signal for the sub amp. I also had an intravee2 setup instead of a cd changer and to give the extra functions it gives. This allowed me to have an ipod with all of my songs on it. As it happened, my setup allowed for a relatively easy install for an Android unit, the main connector was just behind the radio in the dash (not in the boot), my amp could take speaker level inputs so I could retain the mid range and tweeter speakers Anyway, I bought an XTRONS PB7839BP direct from the suppliers (www.xtrons.co.uk) and received a good discount (use code ‘VIP15’ for 15% discount). Delivery was quick and they have been very responsive to a few emails I sent them, can't fault them really. I also bought a DAB+ usb receiver/decoder, an xtrons bluetooth obd dongle to plug into the car's diagnostic port and a microphone (subsequently not required). I bought the 3D printed brackets from ‘Da Ondy’ who’s a member on the BMW Xtrons und I-BUS Android App… group on Facebook, it’s well known that the supplied brackets are not very good – there’s a small screw on the back of where it mounts that interferes with how it fits against the brackets and the holes aren’t in the correct position for a good fit. These 3D printed ones allow for the small screw, have the holes in sensible locations and allow for a little adjustment, it's a shame that the suppliers don't give you better brackets! I also bought a Resler usb interface, from Resler himself. I paid to unlock the I-bus software. A bit later I realised that the diversity antenna could be used instead of the DAB antenna but required an extra splitter unit and various antenna cables to make it work, these were bought. I also discovered that you could use the oem microphone, just make up a cable and run it up to the mic, I had bits for this. Where did I gather the info: See links below. I translated one or two files into English, I've included them in this post. If you want to see the web pages in English, using Chrome to view will help as it will automatically translate, very handy! Xtrons website (www.xtrons.co.uk) Xtrons/I-bus app Wiki site – (http://xtrons.ibus-app.de/index.php?title=Hauptseite) I-bus app information and purchase/unlock – http://www.ibus-app.de/english Resler interface – http://www.reslers.de/IBUS/order.htm Resler interface fitting – http://download.speedy-pics.de/uploads/safe/Einbauanleitung_Resler_Interface.pdf - I have translated this, file included in this post. 3D printed brackets link – http://xtrons.ibus-app.de/index.php?title=Alternative_zu_den_beigelegten_Montagewinkeln Antenna splitter link – http://xtrons.ibus-app.de/index.php?title=Splitter_f%C3%BCr_DAB%2B_zur_Nutzung_der_OEM-Scheibenantennen – I have translated this, file is included in this post. Using oem microphone link – http://download.speedy-pics.de/uploads/safe/eba_oem-mikro%20mit%20xtrons.pdf – I have translated this, file included in this post. Stopping the screen from going black in reverse when no reversing camera installed – http://xtrons.ibus-app.de/index.php?title=Abschalten_des_schwarzen_Bildschirms_(Rückfahrkamera)_beim_Einlegen_des_Rückwärtsganges . Installing a different bootlogo – http://xtrons.ibus-app.de/index.php?title=Bootlogo_%C3%A4ndern Fitting: I tried to test the unit ‘on the bench' by hooking up a 12v supply to both yellow and red and earthing (or 0v) for the black. The illumination lights would flash once, but the unit wouldn't switch on! I tried resetting it but still nothing. It was either dead or the canbus interface was causing this ‘issue’. I had a look on the net, not much info at all but there were a few posts about this. The canbus interface interrupts a few of the signals, if no bus traffic is detected it won't allow the power through. It's very similar regarding the illumination signal apparently, it monitors the orange wire (which would connect to the grey/red in BMW's) and is meant to send the correct information to the unit. A ‘mod' is to remove the orange wire contacts from the canbus interface plug and join them together, so the actual illumination voltage goes direct into the headunit. This is true for the Android 6 ones, I haven't looked to see if it varies with the dimmer in mine yet. If it doesn't I'll probably do this but there might be a chance they've sorted it. After failing to test it, I removed my MID (Tx10 under volume knob, remove MID, then unscrew the two screws all the way to remove the cd-drive) and tested it directly on the car, it worked great! I then linked the unit to my phone (using my phone as a Mobile hotspot) and downloaded updates etc. I also downloaded the I-bus software and unzip to unpack it, then installed it. This was dead easy, I was a bit concerned about this step! Checked that the phone operates (Bluetooth), worked great. I connected up the wire tails to the Resler interface to make up an easy connection, removing the three required wires from the MFD connector (12v, gnd and ibus). Used the file linked above, translated version is included. No picture sorry, but there are some in the file. I made an adaptor wire to go from headunit ‘Ant.’ Wire (bullet connector) to the antenna splitter power in (spade connector). I didn't want to cut into any of the original wiring. Adapter wire to go from Ant wire to the power for the antenna splitter. The following day I decided was the installation day. I removed the glovebox side of the lower dash. This required removing the glovebox itself, centre console side panel to access the bolt for the lower dash and all of the screws under the trim and two going up from the inside of the glovebox. The lower dash twisted just enough to manipulate the old radio cage out. Fitted the lower dash back and then went ahead to fit the supplied gps antenna (my car didn't have nav so no oem gps receiver under rear parcel shelf, if you have this you can get a cable to connect up to it from the headunit). I positioned the gps receiver next to the passenger airbag, held in place with a thick pad of automotive double-sided foam tape, receiver is very light and this stuff really sticks, I doubt it will go anywhere!). GPS receiver nestled next to airbag I folded the wire (there was plenty of it!) and taped it to the steel frame, out of the way but leaving enough of the wire to easily connect to the headunit. GPS receiver cable folded up and taped to steel frame I then fitted the 3D printed brackets, adjusted until the unit looked ok to me, might need further adjustment which will be easy enough if required. The brackets did bend a bit though because of the varying thickness of the dash material, billet aluminium could be a possibility... Left hand 3D printed bracket Right hand 3D printed bracket I installed the Resler interface, I-bus app seems happy and was unlocked very easily, just tap on unlock whilst ensuring you're connected to the internet. App finds your chassis no from somewhere (through the ibus) and compares it with the chassis number you entered when purchasing the unlock, this is the internet requiring bit. Interface and app seems to do what it says it would. I connected the interface to the short usb lead with the green connector, usb 1 (1.1 and 2 protocols). Fitted DAB antenna splitter (following guide on the Xtrons/I-bus wiki site, I've translated this too..). Decided to mount the unit with double sided tape under the headunit, should be safe and various wires can reach. View from top left View from underneath of splitter and DAB Splitter works well, very good FM and DAB reception. Fitted the dab usb receiver just behind the antenna splitter, seems ok and wires reach. Connected the yellow usb (2.0) lead to the DAB usb receiver. I had to open the cloth wrap that was around both red and yellow usb wires to fold back the yellow one. The red usb connector was fed into the glovebox, under the steel brace and through the little gap by the plastic ‘side piece' and steel bracket at the back of the glovebox. To save quite a bit of space I decided to remove the second large connector that was supplied. I used two little bits of alu welding wire to push back the tabs to release the contacts out of the connector. I double taped all of the ends. Second ‘large’ connector removed, contacts taped up Everything was connected together and tested, all seem good so far. Next job was to run a wire from original microphone down to unit. Microphone lead with three pin connector. 3.5mm end will be fitted once wire is in position, to get the length ‘just right'. As it happened I had a Parrot handsfree unit installed so I used the mic wire to pull the new mic wire through. Connected to oem mic as described in write up (translated version here). This was a bigger job than anticipated, took ages! Roof lining dropped and several dash pieces removed but it was completed in the end. A mono 3.5mm jack was soldered onto the end of the wire and then plugged in to the relevant plug. To save a bit on the oem antenna cable I fitted an antenna cable extension, this also means that the unit can be removed from the dash and operated with everything working, might come in handy sometime. Antenna extension cable (Fakra M to to Fakra F) Then I tried the XTRONS bluetooth code reader/Torque, they worked as expected. Unit was finally screwed into place. I almost had a little ceremony to remove the protective film over the screen! Had a fiddle with it and saw that I needed to disable the black screen that appears when in reverse. Followed instructions in the link : Stopping the screen from going black in reverse when no reversing camera installed – http://xtrons.ibus-app.de/index.php?title=Abschalten_des_schwarzen_Bildschirms_(Rückfahrkamera)_beim_Einlegen_des_Rückwärtsganges I also fancied a different bootlogo, so made one up. Nothing too fancy but it ‘goes’ with the car and it's not seen for long anyway! Installing a different bootlogo – http://xtrons.ibus-app.de/index.php?title=Bootlogo_%C3%A4ndern New bootlogo, I like it anyway! I tried a 64Gb micro sd card I had in my phone, it wouldn't read it. I had to reformat it in the unit. Looking at it on the computer later it turns out it’s formatted as a FAT32 disk. There is included a wiring diagram but I’ve not seen this available online, so I’ve taken a picture of it, in case it could come in handy sometime: Included wiring diagram for PB7839BP Thoughts. Looks very good, oem and takes its place well. Sound seems fine, it seems to work ok with my setup and I'm happy enough with it. FM radio works great. DAB radio works great but it's not keen when restarted, it says ‘connecting' but never actually does connect-or maybe I'm not patient enough! I just close the dab app and restart it. Not a biggie but it would have been nice if it just works. There might be a workaround or something. Google maps is installed and we all know how it works, but it needs an internet connection (unless you download the necessary maps before your trip). I-bus app works great, showing all BC functions and resetting etc. Very pleased with everything and a big thank you to the guys who've developed the ibus app and the Resler interface and to XTRONS for making the headunits suitable for the e39 and the good customer support. I hope the original authors of the diy file don’t mind me translating them. I’ve left their names and links in them and linked to the original files here. Next up, I want to test my ipod connected to the red usb connector in the glovebox and I wonder what is the ipod selection in the factory menu... BMW_E39_XTRONS-DAB-Splitter en.pdf Resler_Interface_Instructions_En.pdf using oem microphone-en.pdf xtrons install.pdf
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    2003 E39 M5 Newbie

    Well I've stalked this forum for long enough and finally got round to creating a post. I own a 2003 E39 M5 in carbon black. Owned since beginning of 2015 am working my way through the usual E39 gremlins. Other than that it's a superb form of transport. Few pics to start with. Lots of work done over last few years, still plenty to do but it's a real labour of love.. Based in Darlington area.
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    Considering F10 M-Sport...

    The chain for the N47 is not really the real problem here. Added to this really is that the N47 (like many engines) uses multiple chains (so saying "chain" really is not the full truth, sadly this made the issue worse). BMW really fucked up by issuing the update with multiple stages, when really all the chains needed replacing, unfortunately to do the job properly is an engine out job, plus one other component that I will get to in a minute that really made the whole issue worse. The end result is the chain stretching, in fact in any vehicle using a timing chain there will be a degree of stretch like it or not. It is just to what degree, and if any damage results. The problem with many cars comes when the tensioners run out of movement or the guides become brittle and break up. Equally oil spraying nozzles can clearly deliver shit oil as well which if left for extended intervals is not going to help lubrication. Clearly doing more oil changes (which are cheap) is going to help extend intervals. The N47's actual true underlying issue really is down to the bastard camshaft with machined sprockets on the camshaft, these sharpened and eventually resulted in most of the issues. Why the bleep these were used is unknown, considering the N57 does not share the same setup. The other irony as well is that the N47/B47/N57/B57 actually share exactly the same timing chains (down to the same part numbers), oil nozzles are the same, the tensioners as well, the only real difference is the guides. I do believe later revisions did include more length and tensioning movement though over the earlier ones. Speaking with a few techs I have got to know the actual issue from their view (and one who owns an N47 car - who replaced all chains) off the record was this - most of the cars had significant mileage (although both accepted that some cars did suffer with premature timing chain stretch), however the reason off the record both said is that ALL chains, camshafts and the entire timing setup should have been done on every affected car. Replacing one chain just moved the stress to another area, or in another way moved the issue to a tired, weaker chain.
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    F10 525D 3.0 Service approaching 70k

    Never gone wrong with Eurocarparts to be honest, came up cheapest for pads and disks aswell when i needed them changing.
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    Yeah, not for me. Don't like tinted windows and never have done... Personally I'd feel a knobber with them on my car...
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    Faulty Sunroof

    What have I not read? 1. You sensibly went to the dealer 2. Control board was reset by unplugging and plugging back in fuse 3. You gave the dealer his “one chance” 4. You tested but issue not resolved - so rather than going straight back in, you drive home. 5. You now claim dealer is “sourcing you another car” now... have you taken into consideration the fuse may be faulty, which causes intermittent performance? you claim that a dealer will happily accept your car back, take the depriciation of the car, give you another car and a pat on the back when thyou issue is clearly fixable under warranty where they incur NO COST and neither do you? It could turn out to be a 25p fuse and your peddling nonsense that they are swapping your car. worst case scenario is a whole new sunroof which again they will have covered by warranty. Only if that does not solve the issue you have a legitimate claim for rejection. Like i I said before, do a little bit of reading so you don’t make yourself look silly.
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    If only the Comfort+ suspension settings could be combined with EcoPro drive mode. What have I become? I'm 36 FFS.
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    Collection day!!

    I just had mine delivered, didn’t have any of this theatre. Just a couple of keys thrown at me.
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    I like eco pro if tootling along in a traffic jam but otherwise agree with others.. sport or go home.. extra points for TC off ETA eco pro with the AC savings turned off via idrive so AC still works properly.