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    I'm sorry but I just don't buy into this good triumphing over evil crap that pours out of the media after things like this. The people that jumped in to help out were great and did the right thing. I'd like to think all us right minded people would do the same. But, try telling one of the 19 victims families that good has triumphed over evil because they got a lot of love and a free taxi ride home and I bet they don't see it the same way. As a father myself the only emotion I have is utter hatred and contempt for bastards like those that would deliberately target a venue packed full of children. The evil bomber won. Simple as that. Sorry if I offend anybody.
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    After itching for a change and looking at 335i's for quite some time, I finally found one with the right spec at the right price. Got a few niggles to sort out but all in all a very clean car and nice to drive something a bit quicker for a change.
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    For a lot of people this is very much secondary to Mothers Day, and perhaps rightly so? but if you get a chance, call your Dad today. I haven't been able to for six years now and even though I have the sweetest nine year old Daughter to make Fathers Day nice for me, I still miss my Dad.
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    Here are my pics from the day. Thanks to all who turned out in the cold !!! With Jeremy (Style5) before we set off for a nice sedate drive to meet Jamie, Chris and Justin It's quick that M5.18 At the Fort
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    After selling my e39 M5 a few years ago, I flew to Germany to look at an e34 M5 Touring that was not as good as described and they were difficult over the price so I flew home empty handed. Fast forward a few weeks and I managed to pick up an e61 M5 with 55k on the clock, BMW AUC warranty and with some good options and good condition. I bought the car sight-unseen and my only feedback was a good friend who had been and had a quick look over it. The first time I saw it was when I paid for it and drove it home. Good car, takes a bit of getting used to with the SMG and I have had the clutch and flywheel replaced under the AUC warranty which I have now renewed for peace of mind. The car comes with all receipts for all work ever done and has had brakes all round, tyres, and service with spark plugs and microfilters carried out so just an oil service being done next week as due. Have had the car detailed and the interior done twice as it was filthy when I picked it up and then went on a family holiday in it in February so needed doing again. Paint work is in very nice condition and there is a receipt for previous detailing and wheel refurbishment in the folder with the car. Got a trip booked to the Ring in this on 8th July so should be good fun! cheers
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    Backbox off that thing weighs alot!! sounds a bit meaty now nothing too chavvy though.
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    Another forum member was curious about seeing the smoke level with hybrid turbos, so this is fuel for 420BHP/620Nm. There's nothing more than a haze at top revs and a little puff of smoke as it sets off. No big back clouds here! Traction control off and just pinned the throttle in sport. It's going back on the rolling road again on Sunday, which you obviously see more smoke on, but I'll video that too.
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    For sale, my beloved Supercharged E39 M5. I'm sure a lot of people here have seen my car at various shows and yes, it's a lot of money, but please remember that over £65k has been invested in it. It’s with a very heavy heart I am having to sell my pride and joy, I have owned this example for 8 years, the car has recently undergone a 18 month restore / build process, this has all been fully documented and photographed. I have owned the car for many years, I have spent my time restoring it to its former glory, I wanted to build a car with the best components, and yet have a car which was super quick when I wanted without losing any of the original refinement ‘Thor’ as I call him, is utterly civilised to drive, almost normal, but on those occasions when you want to go for it, is sublimely quick, the supercharger is immense and power delivery is shockingly fast, will keep up with most supercars on a good day! Over the years I have achieved this, sometimes breaking the bank, sometimes working all night on the car to get it perfect, I have had many magazine featured cars over the years , and I am fastidious about how the car is kept. This is a very unique vehicle, once in a lifetime build,which has been featured as a cover car for “BMW Car” magazine Over the years, I have been lucky enough to have a few magazine cover cars, I am a true enthusiast, cars and bikes have been my passion for years. The car has the usual high spec of a M5 and has good extra options fitted, such as, Leather (Electric / Memory / Heated / Lumbar) seats, Electric Windows, Electric Rear and Side Blinds, Cruise Control, Satellite Navigation, Sunroof, etc. etc. Please see the Standard and Options details which are listed below. I will include my cherished plate ‘V8 RYM’ (very m) which has been independently valued at £1700 Only for sale due to investing in a new business which is taking up all of my funds, it’s making me sad just writing this advert, my intention was to keep the car forever. The car has been through a multi stage detail, machine polished with 3m products and has been finished with GTechniq C1, and finished with two layers of Swissvax Shield. The build / restore cost is in excess of £65k, so it really is a one in a lifetime car, literally no expense has been spared, this is one serious car and has been created with some of the best products available. Here are the main details of the car, the pictures really do not do it justice, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Contact Details: Tony Chapman, 07919 998469 Test drives are welcome within reason with proof of fully comprehensive insurance, please no time wasters or joy riders. Details August 2000 BMW E39 M5 Evolve / Rotrex Supercharged 630 BHP / 500 lb/ft Torque @ 7psi Cherished plate included: ‘V8 RYM’ (Valued at £1700) Silverstone Blue 5 Owners (including myself) 133k Miles Full Service History (BMW dealer/Indy) MOT April 2018 (Zero advisories) All three keys present All Manuals / Books etc. present Standard Equipment: 265 – Tire Pressure Control (PDC) 216 – Servotronic 261 – Side Airbags for Passengers 302 – Alarm System 423 – Floor Mats Velour 430 – Int / Ext Rear View Mirror With Automatic Anti Dazzle 459 – Seat Adjustment, Electric With Memory 488 – Lumbar support Driver / Front Passenger 494 – Seat Heating Driver / Front Passenger 500 – Headlight Washer System 520 – Fog Lights 522 – Xenon Light 534 – Automatic Air Conditioning 555 – On Board Computer 710 – M Leather Steering Wheel 775 – Individual Roof Lining Anthracite 785 – White Direction Indicator Lights 853 – Language Version English Options: 265 – Tyre Pressure Control (RDC) 403 – Glass Roof, Electric 416 – Sunblinds 428 – Warning Triangle 441 – Smokers Package 508 – Park Distance Control (PDC) 609 – Navigation System Professional 629 – Car Telephone (GSM) With Card Reader Front 672 – CD Changer BMW For 6 CD’s 677 – HiFi System Professional 812 – England Version 863 – Europe / Dealer Directory 877 – Deletion Cross-Over Operation 880 – English / On Board Documentation 995 – Change Ban 415 – Sunblind for Rear Window 473 – Arm Rest Front 602 – On board Monitor with TV 694 – Preparation for CD Changer 774 – Individual Wood Trim Options Details: Black/black Leather Seats Lumbar Support Rear Electric Blind Rear Window Electric Blinds Satellite Navigation Electric Windows Electric Sunroof Electric Seats with Memory Climate Control Electric Mirrors Heated Seats Unused First Aid Kit Unused Fire Extinguisher Genuine BMW Facelift Headlights Genuine BMW Facelift Rear Lights Genuine BMW Alcantara Steering Wheel Facelift 16:9 Display Modifications Performance: · Power: 630bhp / 500lb/ft Torque @ 7psi · Evolve Rotrex Supercharger · Setrab Supercharger Cooler · Evolve Intercooler · Evolve Alloy Billet Intake Plenum · Upgrade Electric Fan Kit · Tial Dump Valve Exhaust: · Evolve Medusa Headers · Tubi Ranmore X Pipe · Tubi Ranmore 100 Cell Race Cats · Tubi Ranmore Stainless Back Boxes · Genuine Akrapovic Titanium / Carbon Fibre Exhaust Tips Wheels and Brakes: · BBS CH-R wheels finished in Black · 8.5” x 19” Front, 10” x 19 Rears · 235/35/19 & 275/30/19 Tyres · Goodyear Asymetric II Tyres (5mm Tread) · Stoptech ST40 Front BBK (Red) · Porsche 996 Rear BBK (Red) · Stoptech Braided Front Hoses · Goodridge Braided Rear Hoses · Hawk Front Pads · Pagid Rear Pads Chassis: · Bilstein PSS9 Coilovers · Weicher Front Strut Brace · Reinforced Rear Subframe · Genuine BMW LSD rebuilt with 40% Lock Exterior: · Seibon Carbon Fibre Bonnet / Vents · Facelift Headlights · Facelift Rear Lights Interior: · Facelift 16:9 Navigation Display · Storm Titanium Gear Knob · Storm Titanium Handbrake Lever · Storm Titanium Navigation Buttons · Seibon Carbon Bonnet and Vents Rebuild Details: The car has had a recent full engine / drivetrain and suspension overhaul, the parts for the rebuild costed over £12k alone; these are detailed below: Engine: New Block, Pistons, Timing Chain, Guides, Spark Plugs, Oil Pump, Water Pump, Thermostat, Expanding Tank, Wiper Tank, Breather Pipes, Cam Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Clutch, Alternator, Drive Belts, New Bosch Battery etc. Suspension: Bushes, Arms, Centre Link, Guibo, Propshaft, Anti Roll Bar Links, Heat Shields, LSD rebuild & 40% lock upgrade, New Seals on Diff, Rear ABS sensors, Sub-frames removed, Shot Blasted and Repainted. Bodywork: Jacking points checked and renewed with new metal sections due to light rusting, petrol filler cap and surround replaced again due to light rusting, all completed by a well renowned professional bodyshop. Oil Service just carried out (Castrol Edge 10w60) and rear Bosch abs sensors & Bosch wipers replaced, as well as Aircon service and re gas ready for summer. All mechanical / build work carried out within the past 3k miles by Raikku or WaffZuff (Well renowned Porsche/ BMW Mechanic (Vantaam5 on m5board) Viewing and any inspection is welcome, you really won’t be disappointed in this one, I am located approx 5 miles south of Gatwick Airport in West Sussex. Price is £35,450 ovno, this has cost over £65k to build the car in this spec. Contact Details: Tony Chapman, 07919 998469, chapperstony1968@gmail.com
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    You forget that Muslims are ultimately human beings...the vast majority of whom just want to get up in the morning, go to work, come home, have dinner, watch telly and go to bed - just like everyone else.
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    Took her to the Thirlstane Classic car show yesterday with BMWCC
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    My take on it is that my colleagues treated a lot of people with stab wounds and other serious injuries that day. It's astonishing that anyone would call bullshit on this terrible event.
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    I don't know the identity of this bunch but one thing that irks most about the Manchester terrorist is the uk took his parents in as refuges, we gave them and particularly him all the advantages of being a uk born citizen and yet he still saw fit to attack our way of life. If the flawed but tolerant uk is not to your taste feel free to fnuk fnar off to somewhere your beliefs are supported Afghanistan under the taliban maybe or Syria perhaps. Just saying. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Me trying to be artistic with a phone... lol They look so different under warm light. Sp hard to capture though. Cant wait to slap em on
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    I've notices a few people recently on here and facebook with bigger engined e34s suffering the titled issue. Thought i'd share mine on my M5 which drove me up the fucking wall TBH, more my fault than the car i expect Mine all started last year after a ring trip or some hard trackwork and on the way home started getting the common propshaft banging on the tunnel under hard load. I've had that before its the centre mount/bearing failing. No problem i had a clutch issue i'll do it while i'm there like you do. 6 speed boxes are so light......well as said i had a clutch issue namely that with my foot off the pedal it made a noise - turned out to be knackered release bearing, but the dual mass and clutch itself absolutely fine. I'd bought this superlightwieght flywheel of David Olias along with a 3.6 M5 clutch and fitted that. All new gear linkage parts that wear out and a new selector shaft oil seal Changed the centre bearing while i was there, the prop dohnut looked fine so i left it. Drove the car, hideous. Prop banging even worse than before! hmmmmm lighter flywheel will give you more of the engines power to wheels. Maybe i didn't fit the prop back together and was out of balance? Took prop off and had it checked at a propshaft place. Perfect was the call when they checked it, even the yoke and universal joint. They said its perfect, in balance nothing wrong with it. "the props not your vibration mate" hmmmm. Put it all back together and changed the gearbox mounts as they were orginals. Made a big difference but still the prop was banging under any real acceleration, i drove it like that for a few months very gingerly and not much fun. Then we thought maybe its the new flywheel?! So i bought a new release bearing and re fitted the original clutch and dual mass flywheel. Better again but still there. So now i've had the gearbox off twice in two weeks not funny, along with working full time two kids and all that shit. So i hardly drove it and not hard and put up with it for a few months until November came and it went into hibernation until April. Reading and doing alot of thinking i came to the conclusion it must be an issue at the back end something must be worn there also. So i bought two new bushes from BMW, the big diff carrier bush which holds the back of the diff cradle and the bush thats pushed into the rear beam and hold the front of the diff This badboy was first up, was an easy change tbh totally fubared, it had snapped internally and i could move it with my hands! so 300lbs from the S38 won't help. Thats where it locates its a heavy duty bush! vibration gone?! hell no car is now worse than ever, vibration really bad! un able to be driven. So next job is the front bush Diff out and then push old bush out and new one in, sounds easy! Was a bit tired but not that bad at all i thought. New one in................ Ready............. No still a vibration, blimey, hmmmm fuck horrid car. Right must be a an issue elswhere, Ok i'll have a look at the centre bearing and front end........... Both toast, but why? lighter flywheel? driving it too much? Or the knackered bushes on the back end? So a new genuine prop dohnut and this time a febi bilstein bearing - no M tax its the same as used on E30's and all E32's e34's that are non V8. If you cant see the factory markings then mark either side of the prop inline with a tip ex then you'll be grand when you re fit So finally no vibrations and a whole host of new BMW bushes everywhere! Bottom line? after 140,000 miles it all needed changing anyway And to think i might be buying another e34 on weds?! I must be plain mad
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    That's a bad start to your holiday! Here's another one. Ex-colleague decides they've had enough of family camping so advertises large frame tent for sale. Phone rings. 'Hi, your tent still for sale? If so I'll have it'. She: 'Errr...yes still for sale but hubby at work - needs him to help me put it up. Can you come this evening'? He: 'No time. Just got our tent down from loft and it's been chewed by rats or mice. We're on ferry this evening. I'll come and collect it straight away'. He arrives hot, sweaty, couple of grizzly kids, pays cash and races off. Hubby arrives home. She: 'Good news! I've sold the tent'. Much rejoicing. Later that evening hubby returns from garage. He: 'Hey, you know you sold the tent'? She: 'Yep'. He: 'Well the poles are still in the garage'. Can you imagine the conversation on the campsite? Enjoy your holiday! Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Priorities: 1: Catch cruise ship 2. Enjoy yourself 3. Say hi to Yokozuna's mum and dad. 4. Worry about car when you get home
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    It's people like you why these companies try this shit! The fine is £100! There's no way I'm paying it as I'm completely in the right! I followed the parking thing in the gym to the T and as for the final notice trick they can fuck right off!
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    Loaded it this morning with suitcases, fishing tackle, food and pillows all for a nice jaunt down to London today, 239miles door to door (Preston to the Urban Villa, Brentford), as we're at a family wedding tomorrow at Syon House and then back up to Beaumaris, Anglesey on Sunday for a weeks break there with my folks, brother and his wife... Bit of fishing, bit of swimming (read screaming like a wuss cos the water will be bloody freezing ) in the bays at Penmon/Rhosneigr and good food/drink... Road trips like this are what the E39 was designed to do
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    Just back from Wheel Wizards in Hamilton. They did a cracking job, really nice guys to deal with. They fitted my spacers too. Before and after pics of the wheels below, plus the new offset with the spacers. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    Straight up to 70mph the other day, no messing.
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    Indeed. As with many things the organisation left a little to be desired, giving about 48 hours notice to supply a high res picture. That should be next years wall calendar sorted though!
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    Update 2/6/17 It's been two years since the last underbody clean/repaint etc , So with this in mind . We decided to drop the axle assembly leaving the underbody clear of obstacles Which should make a better job of cleaning/removing rust and repainting. While the axle assembly is on the ground we will renew all mounting/trailing arm bushes and repaint the axle assembly. The rear anti roll bars will also have new Powerflex 19 mm black bushes. So with Hammerite at the ready ... BMW parts ordered Rubber mounting (rear) B33. Bolt (mounting bolt) B07.11.9.914.678 Trailing arm x 2 B33. Trailing arm x 2 B33. Lemforder rear links x 2 Powerflex black front beam mountings Powerflex black rear anti roll bar 19mm bushes Before.. During.. Old Bushes,, Spare axle carrier that has been cleaned down.. Spare axle carrier painted.. More updates coming if and when parts arrive from BMW .... comments welcome
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    The West didn't like Saddam Hussain because he was a ruthless sod. We didn't like the fact that he maintained order through terror. We didn't like the way he tortured, imprisoned, and killed people in their thousands. We didn't like the fact that he used chemical weapons against people, and we definitely didn't like a dictator like him having weapons of mass destruction. But what we disliked most of all was that in walking into Kuwait the way he did he posed a threat to the West's oil supplies. I remember one US official stating that if Kuwait only grew carrots we wouldn't give a stuff or words to that effect. Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Does anyone really believe our actions abroad have no repercussions? Not a mention of the police service cuts presided over by May. Amber Rudd on QT last night was predictable in her unrepentant defense of those cuts, to save her boss. The same lies told about the NHS and education finding all day long. Please don't expect much honesty because who is going to admit their policies and choices have contributed to this terrible attack being able to happen.
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    More welding... A rather productive week, though still a way to go. The n/s/r is easily the most difficult of the four corners to repair due to the fuel lines running directly adjacent to the repair area. This side looked great but turned out to be just as bad as the other side if not slightly worse. I can only work on it during the evenings, so I'm doing on average at least two evenings per week though mrs five-oh is not particularly impressed. Here's a few taster shots.
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    Because people believe in sky fairies
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    Hi all, Seems as though we've all been having some beautiful weather these last few days, thought it'd be a good opportunity to see what this colour is all about Here are a few pics I took on my DSLR! Hope you enjoy!! Cheers Asim
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    So, I moved house just over a year ago and the new place had potential to build a decent area for storage and general tinkering so I made this part of the deal with my better half for moving to the house she wanted. The garage in place was full of asbestos panels and was in general disrepair so it needed to come down. Firstly I got the car put into storage in September with a great chap called Andy of Sussex Classic car storage and it was in some good company with a 911 GT3 and an old Aston. In terms of the build I wanted a wooden construction and a good friend of mine works for a company that build lovely oak buildings so I decided to get him to build it. The garage space is 12 x 3.5m and the workshop is 5 x 3.5m. As some of you know I had problems with it being on the boundary and to satisfy building control the boundary wall has fireboard on the inside, an exterior fireboard on the outside and hardiplank boards on the top of that - all quite costly as it's a 17m run. The Garage before had a 5.5 x 2.5 garage and a 3 x 3.5 workshop area and here it was: I then got the asbestos removed and whilst I had the specialised skip I then set about demolishing the rest of the structure. Asbestos removed: Demolition by me: I removed all the wood/plastic and glass and then handed over to the groundworks people. They demolished the rest Then they started digging the 750mm trench for the foundations: Then built the foundations It then stayed like this until the new year when my mate was free to measure up, make the building and then come and erect it. The main structure up: This is the boundary wall and you can see the fireboard. I then set about installing the Hardiplank boards with another mate. So this is what my very understanding neighbour sees. Then followed doors, guttering etc: Inside garage Inside workshop Now I set-about installing Celotex insulation and fireboard on the boundary wall and elected for OSB board for the rest of the inside and ceiling to keep the costs in check ! http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y110/ Splondike/Man%20Cavern%20or%20Barn/20170212_162641_zps5puebtwp.jpg[/IMG] Now the insulation and boarding is up we have started the electrics (lots of lights and sockets!) and the car is back and furnishing it with my man stuff can begin... I have built a loft space in both ends and am currently moving my stuff back in. Updates to follow ! I hope you like it, as usual with me nothing is straighforward, but I love the space and it's warm and cosy with lots of space to tinker. Maybe need another BMW to fill the space
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    Thanks Mate Update 13/6/17 The underbody clean/derust is complete ... We also drilled a hole in the double skinned area above the differential and sprayed with rustproofing oil. Which is another good job done. The old fuel filters were being held by cable ties to the bodywork This cowboy repair has now been repaired with the correct fixing point/holder The fuel filters were only 10 years old,, so using the ones taken from the original 540i far newer and better brand. Comments Welcome
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    Coded my mirrors to fold in off key first time i have done any coding aswell
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    I'm sorry to say it Chu but that quote is fundamentally flawed my friend....
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    I got my spiders done at Wheel Wizards in Hamilton, colin Durham and his son run the place they are also BMW car club members. Same day service in hyper silver £260 They take the wheels off, remove the tyres, dip the wheels and strip them then i got them painted, dropped the car off at 8:30am got it back 5pm job done.
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    Bought it last week, its only a 520d unfortunately, but drives very well and more practical than the e39 i had and hopefully more reliable
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    So far so good! There were no problems with the box as such prior to the service. If I'm being very picky there was just the occasional very slightly less than perfect change up from 2nd to 3rd, but it was almost nothing at all so this was really preventive maintenance. I'd booked the car in with the autobox specialists Automatic Transmissions in Preston in March and all went smoothly today. The bloke who worked on the car said the oils level had been a bit down. The sump/filter unit was the original as you'd expect at just 60k. All new ZF components and oil, about 2 hours end to end, and pleasant to deal with. As I said earlier there were no problems with the box but gear changes now are super smooth. Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Hi It's sadly time to sell my 2002 540i sport touring in azure blue. The car runs and drives very well for the age and miliage and has been a joy to own. I have spent a small fortune over the two years I've owned it in maintenance a lot of major work has been carried out over the last 5000 miles including an entirely new coolant system, new cam chains and guides, new alternator and battery. New rear suspension airbags and carrier bushes, gear box service and upgraded bm54 amp. Mechanically the car should be good for a long time to come. Bodywork wise the panels are all straight, no dents or scratches, the front bumper is a genuine BMW e39 sport bumper and was replaced last year, it has fog lights fitted but no surrounds. There is however some rust around the front arches and the skirts at the rear wheels. Having this sorted was next on my list but unfortunately the I've run out of time and funds to get it sorted. Interior is in very good condition for its age and mileage. Black electric leather sport seats with driver side memory settings. Electric steering adjustment, widescreen mk4 nav with 2016 maps and speed cameras, 6 disc cd changer, parking sensors front and rear, cruise control. Automatic headlights and windscreen wipers. And dual zone aircon. The aircon Is currently not working due to a split in one of the pipes, easily repaired. There are also the standard dead pixels on the dash but they never bothered me enough to have fixed I would be looking around £3000, I'm not overly sure what the car is worth as there aren't many around so would obviously be open to any suggestions and offers. I think I've covered most of the details and have tried to be as honest as possible, any questions just ask on here or call me on 07535807721 car is located in Banbury Oxfordshire. Many thanks, Dan.
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    Stunning! Just listing my wife, one of my kidneys and the cat on eBay now... GLWTS, not that you'll need it!
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    Really? https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/national-counter-terrorism-security-office/about Clearly the government believes the Police have a major role in anti terror policing (the clue's in the name when you think about it) including running the Anti-Terrorist Hotline. Obviously there are sneaky beakies operating as well, but a large part of the day to day workload falls on your friendly neighbourhood force. And, to answer sharkfan, no - of course increased policing wouldn't have guaranteed Manchester not happening. To quote the IRA after Brighton, "Today we were unlucky, but remember we only have to be lucky once. You will have to be lucky always." The fact is that the people on our side make a hell of a lot of their own luck through sheer hard work and ability. They can't make it every single time with a cast iron guarantee but they get damn close. More (well trained) boots on the ground makes it easier for them to do so.
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    There is no direct link between the Police cuts and this incident. If you have clear evidence of it please post it. As for this chap being reported and perhaps not being followed up and that perhaps having led to this attack succeeding I read, and I'm happy to be corrected, that the 'reports' were filed approximately 5 years, along with probably thousands upon thousands of other reports on other persons of 'interest' to the Security Services concerned with the prevention of terrorism. It was recently reported there are approximately 23,000 persons in the U.K. under some level of suspicion and differing levels of scrutiny. It would naive in the extreme to deny that at least some of these are playing cat and mouse and falsely sailing as close to the wind as they dare in order that they occupy disproportionate amounts of security services time so the more determined bastards more quietly plot their murderous activities. So behind the scenes it is a huge guessing game being played out by people who want to indiscriminately kill any and all U.K. citizens of any religion, colour, creed and tragically, age, and the people who are trying their absolute best to stop every single attack, death, injury and incident. To amateurishly suppose that perhaps you know better than the experts in their field and would, with your pin-sharp hindsight have in some way treated this one individual of 23,000 differently in any specific way is grossly stupid and naive and ignorant in the extreme of the task facing the teams of people who work day and night to prevent as many as possible, and be in no doubt their target is ALL, incidents that could harm any one of the other 60,000,000 people in this country. To those who can't stomach the comments that the next attack is a 'when' and not an 'if', perhaps you would like a return to the 'there, there' days of previous administrations who would much prefer to lie to you and maybe even find someone else to blame. Between 7/7 and the Manchester attack last week there were 4337 days in which there was no mass attack in the U.K. and for each day and each night the Police and the Security Services went almost silently about their business of keeping 60,000,000 pretty much safe from a mass terrorist attack. To most people that is an amazing effort considering the 23,000 people who perhaps have some degree of murder in mind so while saying 'it's impossible to stop them all' may not be palatable to everyone it is actually a statement of fact for grown-ups to soberly digest and take the underlying message that we all still have to remain vigilant. It is not a lazy statement. It is not a throwaway statement. It is not a lie. It is a responsible statement of fact given the extreme lengths that one faction in the world and its adherents globally wish violence on anyone who will not strictly bow down and accept their perverse way of life and pattern of beliefs. Stop the self-righteous hand-wringing and the second guessing of the people who know so much more than you about the things that evil people around you are plotting to do to you and your family. Just take their advice, remain vigilant, don't discount things, be watchful and perhaps, just perhaps say a quiet thank you to the faceless people who have quietly watched over you for the last near four and a half thousand days with just one incident slipping through their tight-knit net. Lastly, be in no doubt they care. The faceless ones. They care and they will have gone home and shed tears that the atrocity in Manchester happened at all. Then they will battle back the tears and swear to themselves that they must do better in the job, because their job is about preserving life and preventing murders. Their jobs serve the heaviest debt when the job is done to its highest degree and still isn't quite 100% successful and they hurt because of it, but, as has clearly been shown with far too many posts here, when the job is done to the highest degree and is 100% successful people seem to pay little or no regard to their efforts and even suppose they would have done better themselves...... The weight, responsibility and burden of a job where getting it wrong means people needlessly die seems to pass most people by. Many people have to work and live with decisions that directly affect other peoples lives every day. They have their peers and masters to provide checks and balances that ensure they carry out their jobs to the best of their abilities and to the highest standards possible. To think that you know better than them, could do better than them and then post about it is pitiful and quite frankly disgusting. Just be thankful; if they could ask, and be assured they can't and won't, that's all they might hope and wish for.
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    Idea came up on the radio the other day. Trident is expensive and useless for catching back pack bombers. Put it on hold and fund 30 policemen it takes to shadow every potential bomber. You end up with change. Plus Trident is supposed to be secret so nobody knows if you have got it anyway
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    Nice! A bit more tricky to park mebbe? [emoji6] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Ha ha no problem! But if there's one thing that you can be emotional about it is telling your family how much you care about them! And no one should think any less of you....
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    I read both of these this morning. I couldn't remember the last time I told my Dad that I loved him. He is going on holiday now to visit family (I phoned him just before the taxi arrived), and said "Dad with what happened in Manchester this week, I love you". I now have to phone my Mum later and say the same thing to her Cheers guys for turning me into pussycat
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    Gutted. Enough of the gloves on approach, if the services suspect them, take them, along with their families, and sling them the fuck out.
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    A true gentleman by all accounts, and quite the tough guy too. I'm paraphrasing but according to Lee Marvin, actor and U.S. Marine Purple Heart winner, Moore was the only guy who could drink as much as he could, still stand and still take a punch better than anyone else he'd ever met.
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    At this moment, only the Yanks are trying to pin this on a suicide bomber. In answer to the question of evil; focus not on the perpetrator, but those who have given free taxi rides, free accommodation, volunteered to look for missing loved ones. Today there will be those who, for whatever reason, will seek to capitalise on this for their own twisted agenda: ignore them. The real heroes today are the good, ordinary people of Manchester pulling together and helping those who are in need, right now. There, is good triumphing over evil.