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    Collected the car this morning; alloys fully refurbed and powdercoated. Finish is Platinum Silver New centre caps; Richbrook stainless steel valves & an 82mm Mtec stud conversion fitted with 5mm hubcentric shims upfront and 12mm hubcentric spacers on the rears. Gives the alloys a much better stance IMO
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    Long time since an update so here goes. Car has been fired and up to temp with no problems boot floor has been modified for the modified Hayward and Scott exhausts and sound amazing. Brakes all fitted with new braided lines. First in the uk heated sport steering wheel. Interior started to go back in. Installed a thatcham 2 immobiliser while I had dash out and found a neat place for it to hide. Also installed the electric steering column I’ve had a few years lol. Also got some alcantara covered seat bases
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    Did you get as far as a price for the actual bulb? Eye watering I expect. I replaced them on my z4 a year or so ago after one did exactly as you describe, turned purpley pink in colour. As for the diagnostic fee, I once phoned to book my m3 in for a rear spring replacement, the advisor on the phone said I'd have to pay a diagnostic charge and when questioned why, very sarcastically said 'well what makes you think it needs changing'. When I responded that I had half of it in my hand his attitude suddenly changed and there was no fee!
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    2001 540i Japanese Import

    Yeah it arrived on the 22nd June. Picked the car up from Dublin Port. Paddy for JDMauctionwatch couldn't make it until the afternoon so it was just me and my dad collecting it on our own. We were able to borrow dealer plates from a friend so I drove it back.Had to visit a shipping company to get the right forms, then we were off to terminal 7 to collect the car. After we pulled in, the grumpy security guard stuck his head in the car window and said, "I hope your not planning on getting out of this car without high-vis vests". There was literally no one else there, in a massive, practically empty car park. I could even see the 540i sitting there waiting for me! So back out we went, off to the closest petrol station to buy a couple of high-vis vests.Back to the terminal. Once we got to the car, it really did look like a car that had been in a ship for 2 months. It was very dusty and had a flat tyre and a dead battery. And of course, I forgot the air pump and battery booster which I literally left at the door the night before so I wouldn't forget them! And then we couldn't find the lock nut (I have found it since) to change the flat. Luckily a very nice tow truck driver who was also there, lent us an air pump. And after finding out we were there for the 5 series, the previously grumpy security guard was now my best mate. He lent us his jump leads out of his car. Turns out he used to have a 530i e39 and loved them. He was more than happy to help us get it going. He recommended a tyre shop nearby to get the puncture fixed, before we made the long drive home.So off to the tyre shop, the guys where very helpful. They couldn't take the wheel off without the locknut so they jacked the car up and drenched the wheel in soapy water, they couldn't find any leaks so we were good to go. They didn't charge us for their time but we gave them some euros for a couple of pints to say thanks.Finally we were through the tunnel and on the road home. First impressions were good. The car sounded great, and felt very quick even though I wasn't pushing it in the slightest. The check engine light was on, so I wanted to take it easy. The air-con was ice cold, everything seemed to be working. No creaks or rattles.We decided not to take it home, instead I drove it straight to Car Clinique, a BMW specialist in Hillsborough. I've never been there before and Reece had no idea we were coming. Though he was more than happy to take the car for a service and MOT. He's also going to take the instrument cluster out for me to be sent off to get the pixel cluster replaced as theres hardly any pixels left.While it was there, we both had a good look around the car. It seemed to be in amazing condition.So next up is an MOT. This will be done hopefully this week. The headlights had to have the adjusters fixed. Then to send away the forms to have it registered. Oh and I've since found out that the Japanese 540's came with a different, quicker, 3.15 ratio diff. No need for autobahn speeds in Japan so they got a diff for acceleration! How cools that!
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    Couple more......
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    New wheels finally on.

    Since the car was in for MOT, service and a couple of new tyres, I thought I may as well get the new wheels fitted, bought them on here back in December. Look a bit darker than I thought once on, but a vast improvement on the wheels I had. Wasn't sure at first, but the more I see them the more they grow on me.
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    My E92 330d

    Some of you may remember me getting this car after my E36 M3 was stolen. when I got it it had already been mapped, the receipt says it’s had it’s dpf removed and mapped up to 305bhp with a lot of torque. Ok, so that figure may be a little optimistic but it certainly does shift, the torque is so instant traction in the wet is/was a problem so to that end I had a day at birds to replace this....... with a quaife ATB LSD, not cheap but well worth it. No more embarrassing 1 tyre fire now! the ccc I drive luckily had already been updated to the later cic system (expensive to do) so all is good there. As a precaution I’ve blanked the swirl flaps which I believe aren’t too much of an issue on these later M57’s but better out than in I think. Another little upgrade was to fit polybush inserts into the standard rear subframe bushes. I could feel some vagueness in the rear end under hard acceleration so I mounted my GoPro under the car to see what was going on. Turned out the whole subframe was flexing up at the front under hard acceleration. The inserts have cured that! Lastly for the moment I dropped on some bargain MV4’s with nearly new Bridgestone potenzas which I collected yesterday so not had chance to fit them. Not sure the dark colour is going to look right on my Monaco blue car but they are a lovely looking wheel. However, going from 18” non run flats to 19” run flats might be a mistake.........only time will tell if I can live with them! Anyway, that brings me up to date.
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    So today was collection day for me to pick up my G30 530D M Sport, I ordered it in a rush just be before closing last Tuesday night and the dealer had it ready today and even swapped over my personal plates, anyway they had it in a small glass collection room which was so cool as it can be seen all on the shop floor. As I was walking round and taking the below pic ... I notice a small badge on the boot ... it’s only an X Drive model !!!! I genuinely had no idea ... I was just happy finding a 530d in white over here, I though that I had managed to get a good deal on a 530d M Sport, but I got a hell of a deal on a X drive also I discovered it also had reserving camera, active Guard and memory seats ! I was like a kid in a candy store, once I seen that badge ... !!! I just couldn’t beleive it, like was in total shock !! So far, it’s been a mixed bag, it’s been beautiful weather here for months and today the heavens opened, it’s poured non stop. Which is just typical I guess, My previous F10 520d had Celtic tuning carried out and was meant to be 238bhp, however this seriously feels like it has way more than just an extra 30bhp on it, even the sound of the 530 engine is so so much more exciting. I guess somethings are meant to be, I called in the dealers 30 mins before closing and found this which has every option I would have wanted if I build it myself .. apart from VDC. However after 91k miles in a F10 with VDC I can say, between comfort Plus and Sport plus the ride feels ... 98% the same. I am over the moon !!! 530D M-Sport X Drive, Sport Plus Pack, Visual Pack, 20 inch rims, Memory Seats, Reversing camera, and maybe sometime else I’ve not yet found lol. They even got my personal reg off my F10 and used it for the first registion, so when I arrived it had my plates on !
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    Agree - why can't people learn to film in landscape ffs
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    I can’t wait for it to rain....

    We had 98.8mm of aqua dumped on us in a few hours in the region of Belfast International Airport and surrounding areas. This came out of the blue, (or possibly the sky) and arrived following well over a month of scorchio and was the equivilant of our average rainfall for the whole of July. Although pictured here having a large beer, my lifeblood is Guinness. There is a meal, a drink and a laxative in every pint. What else could you possibly need? Below is a picture of the ensuing panic after the downpour on Saturday.
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    Dan - you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head. This car’s raison d’être is, for me, to provide relaxation above speed. I’ve had faster cars. This one is a great big lounger!! i was offered £2000 for it today in cash. I declined without hesitation. I have driven it over the last couple of days over my F10 ( which is nice) - and felt privileged to do so. Ask me why. I don’t know!
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    Update on Michelin Cross Climate Plus

    Wanna give a final update on this as my lovely F10 is going this Saturday as I pick up my new G30 530d M sport. I have put close to 18k on these tyres in the snow, driving rain and on the hottest day ever on record in NI. All in all these are brilliant tyres, I strongly recommended then, no matter the weather they preform, the wear after 18k is brilliant and even in the burning heat they grip great, I have pushed them and pushed them until they finally failed, it was 32c coming off a roundabout hard and I mean hard .. like a good bit above motorway speeds and finally they lost their grip and the car slided a little, all in all I give these 2 thumbs up.
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    Thoroughly enjoyed it on the 4 hour drive back from JCT 600 Leeds! Time for the 540 touring to move on methinks...
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    Icon lights failing?

    Got to be grounds for a full refund IMO
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    So, I picked the car up this morning, and attended to a couple of small things like the dealer sticker and tax disc holder, and fitted the clear rear indicators. I like this setup, it I do think the car looks more original on the Ambers, despite the fact that clears we’re an option at the time. Lots of work gone into this car from lots of people, so thanks chaps - Andrew Everett for rescuing it and getting it back on the road, Kenny at the Wheel Specialist in Inverness for refurbishing the wheels good as new, James Sutherland at Highland Polishing in Inverness for the detailing work, Tim Pollock, Geoff Sutton, David Olias and Cotswold BMW for various parts - and lastly - ME! I’m very pleased with the way the car has turned out. Anyway - done for now - just the OEM CD changer left to fit.
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    I test drove a Quadrifoglio on Wednesday. And have put a deposit down...picking it up tomorrow.
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    Followed by two gigantic sweepers of your own... As a former Paramedic I can see there is very little, if anything, to choose between the driving capabilities of the poorest bike and poorest car drivers. One thing I will say is that I see far fewer car drivers overtaking on double white lines, single white line against or even the zig-zags of zebra crossings than I do motorcyclists - which I do witness almost on a daily basis around the South-East.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    530i with 113k miles passed MOT with 0 advisories
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    F11 530D Tuning options

    Well! I had it remapped by Mashed Potatoes last Saturday, I wanted to give it a short while before reporting back. I have to say I've been very impressed with Mashed and the team at Harper's - pretty much exactly what you expect from a garage in a best case scenario. Friendly, knowledgeable and gave me a lot of confidence my car was in good hands, and they haven't disappointed. Mashed even went to the trouble of fixing a vibration that was bothering me at 0mph in Drive by raising the idle by 20rpm. I really couldn't have asked any more of them - a very pleasant experience and good/fair price too. I'll be using them for servicing work in the future I think. The remap is good, i've gone up around 4mpg on the old computer as well which is pretty amazing to be honest, I was getting around 33.3mpg before the remap. So very pleased. Car has a good shove and is very very driveable in normal sensible driving style. My old E39 was in "full attack mode" now matter what you were doing but this one is far more relaxed - putting it in sport really means Sport now! Thanks to the team at Harpers for looking after me.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Good to see you are enjoying the weekend with the E61 again . Looks like something that could have fallen off an old Soviet capsule during reentry, that then emitted maggots/rice crispies on the ground.
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    au revoir

    it was with a heavy heart today i sold my 5. had it for 10 years, in and out the garage a bit in those years. i know i will miss her, but being in London, it doesn't make financial sense anymore to have a big motor next year sees the arrival of the ULEZ, thereafter sees the expansion of the LEZ i hope one day to return to the marque, or perhaps my children may adieu forum 5, thanks for all the helpful advice your members have passed onto me over the years. Crash
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    Ram Rod

    Update on Michelin Cross Climate Plus

    Had a toilet stop on the A16 autoroute last week. Was just looking around the car and saw the dreaded top of screw all shiny and menacing right in the middle of the left rear tyre. Levered the big, fat ugly screw with a coin and expected to hear the hiss of air, but fortunately it had gone horizontal in the tread and popped out. Over an inch long. Amazing. Seems OK. Up to 32,000 miles now since fitting and still loads of tread left all round. Should easily get me through to November when I will put on a new set ready for whatever winter throws at me.
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    OK, so not quite today, but I have recently: Replaced rocker cover gasket Replaced rocker cover itself (twice, mine and the first replacement were cracked) New Hella Behr expansion tank (the old one was actually brand new but I damaged it...) 2 x new bleeder screws Some new coolant hoses (from BMW... crikey they were pricey) Brand new fan shroud cover, really tidy's up the engine bay! Coolant flush and bleed New bolts to reattach my undertray A nice service with oil + oil filter + air filter change (Mann) New angel eye LEDs (prefer the yellow look though tbh) A short while ago it had a new thermostat, both belts, new tyres and a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember. It's been a very long saga and finally I have the car back here in Cardiff instead of stuck in London. It's running so well, I've finally given the engine the TLC it deserves, after a spell of really bad luck. I did all of the work myself and am relatively novice, but it's given me the confidence that I can do most mechanical repairs on the car. My brother has all the tools and equipment needed (and can help if I'm stuck), so I'm lucky there. No oil or coolant leaks so far, so I'm very happy. Next up/still to do: Sand down, polish, and reseal the headlights Take it to someone to see what can be done about the rust (cheaply) on sills (and apparently jack points). It also has juddering on braking (at all speeds), the brakes and discs are brembo and only a year old. I had the brake pipes changed around a year ago (££££) but the MOT already mentions some rust on the new pipes Long term, it needs 2 x rear air bags for the SLS Plug the solenoid for the VANOS back in. It was giving troubles so the mechanic disconnected it - I think due to variable oil levels because of RCG leak. Now it's stable, I think it will work OK. Probably have to buy a new (second hand) business radio as one of the front speakers is dead, I suspect it's the head unit. Even though the car is old now, after doing all the work on it, you really don't wanna sell it.... here it is back in Wales, the view from my kitchen window.. I'm on a farm so the underside of the car does get a bit of a tough time! The rust is what will determine the lifespan of the car, I think... for now, I just want to get on with life a bit!
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    Spaced out

    What a difference spacers make to the looks! I'm really surprised how they transform the looks. 12mm all round I think is perfect.