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    So after our ‘ who runs older cars as dailys ‘ I thought I would share my sons … He is 17 passed his test in October but wasnt really into the small euro box style cars that were about for younger drivers so he piled his savings into running his first car and had an Astra Sri X pack .. nice car, went well but still lacked the individual element as every other car on the road is an Astra so I had a Daytona Violet Compact 318Ti tucked away so after 6mths driving he was able to get it insured so now he is happy …or is he lol .. well he is but he is on the modifying path but give him his due he only like parts that are in keeping with the car .. no ricer junk ! So it went from 16” 5 spokes to a set of staggered M3 Evo Contours .. nice wheel but then he got a set of staggered BBS Rc 41/ 42s .. I think these look quite classy on it . Next up was a M3 style front lip to the bumper .. it already had the mesh fitted so that just finished it off Pair of bilsteins for the rear , new upgraded discs and pads too. Has an AC Schnitzer exhaust with letterbox tail pipe fitted by Andy Everett, nice touch so that stays , nice sound too. Going forward it has a few chips and a couple of bubbles on rear arch , this will all get done and the roof is getting painted along with a new sunroof seal for the summer shows ..some pics
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    We’re not wasting another thread on this.
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    A simple wash & towel dry; alloys waxed and buffed too:
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    Followed by a polish, wax and a few photos by the old engine shed in town...
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    And finally got the wheels on. I think I like them. Getting used to the new look. Takes time I guess...!
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    Fill for life lies

    If a dealer said good morning to me I'd check outside first.
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    This was the last of four 2.9i Granada Scorpios I had over the years. I have no idea for the life of me why I sold it. Perhaps somebody put something in my drink, like water or something!
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    Ordinarily, these things tend not to be mentioned, but, this thread is exactly used so that new threads don't get wasted listing smaller matters. I turned notifications off for that reason really, but still visit the site daily to pick and choose what I read. Simple. Also, we are a really friendly bunch on here. So much better than many other forums I have visited and binned off very quickly due to the abuse etc. I personally have no issues with reading what anybody considers news in this thread. It makes us what we are. Finally, there is always the off button.
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    R44M BM

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Picked up my car from Chapman Detailing.. feels like the car has just come out of the showroom in 2002
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    R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    Another minor update! dropped off my car last week to Chapman Detailing I saw his interior a few months ago where he dyed his seats which brought life back to the interior. The previous owner did a poor job of dyeing his seats and I knew Tony was the best man for the job! His unit is in Surrey, fully secure and Tony has a slight case of OCD so I knew he was going to do a good job! Seats and door cards were removed, cleaned, treated, dyed and protected... I was like a kid at christmas when I was collecting the car.. I will let the pictures do the talking!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I personally think the E39 was the pinochle of BMW design! If they still made them I’d have a brand spanking new one sat outside my house! Its example’s like yours that make me regret getting rid of mine, and mine was a P.O.S compared to yours..... Theres something about the paint on the E39 that makes them stand out from other cars (BMW’s included) well done you! That’s a stunning example and I’m not going to look at ones for sale now..... Still not keen on the square rear plate and the boot lid though, but like I said on another thread, that’s my personal opinion and if you said to me “Mr jay, do you want my car”? The boot lid wouldn’t put me off saying yes..... You twat! Now I am going to see what’s available.....
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    R44M BM

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    F10 Gearknob and a new steering wheel fitted thanks to royal steering wheels
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    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Yep bodyshop started digging today and unearthed a dodgy previous repair Background - in 2013 the car had work done by Oxford Crash Repair in Cowley - stone chips, bumpers, rear balance rust etc - but also including a repair to the sill where an over zealous tyre fitter had locally bent the sill around the jack pad. Cutting it open we found the original bent sill still under there with a new sill section welded over the top/ground down/stonechipped/sprayed. The new metal added had not been treated with cavity wax/rustproofer/anything on the inside and where the original sill had been damaged it’d lost its paint. The jacking pad was sika-flexed in place... So it’s festered in peace for 5 yrs before breaking through. Luckily salvation is here in the form of a much more trustworthy bodyshop. Exhaust, prop, fuel tanks, brake lines all coming out as we speak, to chase every last bit of rust out and sort.
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    Matthew Ashton

    Fill for life lies

    Not sure where you're information comes from but the BMWs in the US have the same condition based servicing as here in the UK. The gearbox is equipped with a life long oil filling and the engine oil change interval is the same as here. The forums over there are filled with similar comments to ours where the recommendation is to replace engine oil at least once in-between the BMW scheduled changes and the gearbox oil to be changed between 60 - 80k miles as per ZF's recommendation. Their coolant, again, the same as ours, stated as not requiring change for the lifetime of the car. Whether one chooses to adhere to these schedules is another thing. I've read many stories from US based forums and in particular with the N63 v8 engine failing. I don't see this consumer protection you refer to and BMW's response has been similar to over here in the UK where there are goodwill payments in some circumstances for the repairs. I'd love to see some evidence of this. If no evidence, it is a sweeping statement, you think there are no corrupt politicians in the US? I do wonder sometimes why people buy one brand or another if this is the kind of sentiment. I don't spend time on other manufacturer forums as I only have BMW cars at the moment so don't know how those owners feel, but from time to time I see the BMW bashing posts being made and wonder why people drive the cars if BMW are such crooks.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Mine had a little run out to a local show today and also it's first wash in weeks; And then a bird shat on it.......
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    Petrols warm up far quicker.
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    I always thought petrol warmed up quicker than derv partly due to them being less efficient than diesel so more wasted heat... or something.
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    The replacement seat, which I will clean up, fit the arm rest, and have looking like new :
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    That's a hell of a milk round .
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    I remember you too Fezzy, how many weeks are you keeping the 330d for?
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    Sorry and message for Steve

    Dthanks for those comments, well getting around a little better. Linda is great been here with me for the last two months. Makes us both happy to be together again
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    3 up, with bikes. Travelled 350 miles to Aberystwyth and back for some fresh Mountain bike trails.... The A44 to Aberystwyth was absolutely sensational.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Passed the MOT with no advisories. Awesome
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    Had a quick go at the headlights earlier. Made a decent difference but I need to get the sandpaper out for a perfect finish. Leather done yesterday and I ordered some new centercaps for the alloys, an m sport badge for the boot and the 3 m sport stripes for the front grill. That's it for mods ! The car is fine as it is apart from I'd like a little more noise from the V8..so maybe one more