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    E60 535d M sport - My new daily

    Hi All Here are some pics of my new daily smoker. Having a car related business, one particular customer owns a number of very exotic cars (599 GTB, F430 Suderia, Alfa 8C) and this particular car was his daily drive that he used for travelling the length of the country and over to italy. It's done 140k but has a mega FSH at BMW and everything needed doing had been done with no expense spared. Traditionally I'd always swerved higher mileage cars thinking they would be a wallet opener but this beauty is testament to the fruits of correct maintenance and what I see as one of BMWs better periods. The base spec is great and has been complimented with a few very nice upgrades. Upgrades F10 CIC and software TV in motion code Quaife Limited Slip Diff (fitted by Birds) Standard spec M LA WHEELS DOUBLESP. SPORT AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION EMERGENCY WHEEL M SPORT PACKAGE GREEN STRIPE WINDSCREEN INTERIOR TRIM FINISHERS ALU PENTAN FLOOR MATS, VELOUR INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR MIRROR PACKA INTERIOR RR VW MIRROR W AUT ANTI-D SEAT ADJUSTM., ELECTR. W. MEMORY CHILD SEAT ISOFIX ATTACHMENT SPORT SEATS F DRIVER / FRONT PASSENGER SEAT HEATING F DRIVER / FRONT PASSENGER LANE DEVIATION WARNING HEADLIGHT WASHER SYSTEM PARK DISTANCE CONTROL (PDC) XENON LIGHT ADAPTIVE HEADLIGHTS DVD SYSTEM AT REAR, PREPARATION USB- / AUDIO INTERFACE TV FUNCTION NAVIGATION SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL BMW ASSIST BMW ONLINE VOICE INPUT SYSTEM PREP.MOB. PH. BUSINESS BLUET.INTERF. DAB TUNER CD CHANGER BMW FOR 6 CDS M SPORT SUSPENSION M LEATHER STEERING WHEEL M AERODYNAMICS PACKAGE M REAR SPOILER INDIVIDUAL HIGH-GLOSS SATIN CHROME INDIVIDUAL SUN PROTECTION GLAZING INDIVIDUAL ROOF-LINING ANTHRACITE CUPHOLDER AUTOMATIC AIR CONDITIONING CRUISE CONTROL WITH BRAKING FUNCTION Modifications EGR delete Swirl Flap delete Modified engine map Big ticket replacements New small turbo New boost pipe from turbo to intercooler Vac lines Turbo pressure controller Main thermostat New brakes (BMW) In a nutshell I couldn't turn it down when he asked if I wanted to buy it. I own a couple of tasty petrol cars but I'm a sucker for a big TDI for lazy driving. What has surprised me the most about this car is the power. It's extremely fast. Staggeringly fast to be honest - way more power than needed for daily driving and family transport. The seats are great - everything on them is electric; even the leg extension and headrest. The steering wheel is electric too - not seen that before. Here's a few hasty pics - I'll post some better ones when I get chance
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    Cleaned it!
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    Alpina B10 V8

    A few pics after giving the old girl a bit of spit and polish today
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    15 years today since she rolled off the production line.
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    So, I bought this, and went down to Mansfield to collect it. Drove the 430 odd miles home without incident, only stopping for fuel and food. It's a cracking car - bodily, there's no rust, and is better than you'd expect given it's age. There are a few things to do - one of the headlamps is broken, although Andy gave me one for it - can't wait to do that one! Being fussy, the wheels would benefit from a refurb. The windscreen is delaminating, so I will need a new one at some point, which is a shame as it's good otherwise. Someone had covered it up with some sort of black paint - I didn't notice it at first. Hard to see actually. I'll do it after the winter. I'll need to get the whole car body properly deep cleaned, some blemishes buffed out and a good wax / sealant applied. I might pay to get that gone, as I don't have a garage and weather is running out! Interior is pretty good too, with no rips or tears in the seats. Vinyl is lifting a bit from the door cards, so I'll be on the lookout for suitable replacements. Sony stereo was only working on the front speakers, and the cd changer worked on the rears - with volume either highest or lowest - no in between! I discovered that someone had the audio inputs from the autochanger going into the line out sockets! With that sorted, it is now working perfectly. The heater panel doesn't illuminate, which from experience is cheap to fix, but a bit of a pain to do. Might see if I can get a good working one somewhere. Mechanically, I can't see anything it needs other than a couple of bonnet struts and some proper wiper blades. So - so far so good!
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    My E26!

    Apparently winning the BMW Car Club National Festival event allows the car is be displayed at the NEC Classic Motorshow in November on the Meguiars stand as part of their Club Showcase. http://www.necclassicmotorshow.com/meguiars-club-showcase
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    My M6 Gran Coupe Thread

    Final payment made yesterday. Even the lowball valuation from the dealers based on a cash purchase was higher than the payment so the car is finally now all mine! MOT passed without any issues as expected too.
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    Update Six 8/10/2017 It's all been plain sailing and a bit of a laugh until our first major problem rear its ugly head upon the first test drive we noticed the gearbox will not let us reverse... and neutral is like drive anyway when we got back and had a cup of tea... we tried to see what it could be .. Upon arriving back at the car she had lost all gears.. fast forward to this morning Sunday at Butler HQ is car wash day the neighbour comes out very inquisitive about old Boudica and it comes to the normal line of " whats she sound like " so I started her up from out the car and she starts to move forward.. luckily Dad can still move when he wants to So the long and short is we have a gearbox problem first we had no reverse and neutral was like drive then we had no gears now all the gears are drive gears including park. 22359131_10214336543745233_1230515506_n /url], on Flickr On the bright side.. all the brake calipers are free and in good health 22331105_10214336543025215_1240340599_n Dirty 22359490_10214336542305197_1192622039_n Very Dirty 22407525_10214336541585179_338449758_n Much cleaner and free brake nipples and pistons. 22385127_10214336541425175_739571490_n 22361086_10214336538545103_1103548828_n Rear disc looked like they had just been changed prier to her coming off the road.. Unfortunate I don't have any cleaned up photo's of the rears but I'll be painting the calipers this coming week I can't stand rusty coloured calipers and lucky the rust hasn't attacked them so painting them with be a pleasure. 22361428_10214336538425100_449880982_n Some of the old brake fluid we will bleed the brakes again when new disc..pads and shoes arrive. 22385205_10214336540585154_740806188_n That's all for now Comments Welcome As Always.
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    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Need to go through the thread and relink the now dead photobucket images, but in the meantime have switched to Imgur so on with the thread! - 2017 Autumn Update - Gave the headlight lenses a 'refurb' earlier in the summer. Removed them, sanded down and re-lacquered them. Muchos better! Visited Custom Chrome in Nuneaton for a "muffler delete". My previous M5 had H&S backboxes on and was LOUD. This one has stayed with standard exhaust system as I now live in a relatively civilised village where we all get on well with each other - and I didn't want to upset the harmony. However I heard a few "muffler deletes" and found they were nowhere near as loud as the H&S system so I booked in at CC: Original backboxes: Gone: Straight-thro pipe: The Y-piece and 3" tailpipes I chose next to an old silencer pair: Tacking into position: No after pic taken unfortunately, but they looked pretty standard from a distance after a week of getting caked in grime/mud/etc. The SOUND is glorious now though. Full throttle NASCAR goodness. Can't recommend Custom Chrome enough - great bunch of lads. Had an error with the DSC system where it would sporadically throw a bunch of ambers on at me. Key on/off and the problem disappeared and didn't return anytime soon after. Did it enough times to annoy me so plugged the laptop in and found it to be a faulty brake pedal switch - the DSC system thought the circuit was open/brakes were on all the time. Brake lights behaved normally though. So order a new switch from Phil at Cotswolds (thanks mate) and changed that yesterday. I had a look at the online vids/how-to's and they all must be for a pre-facelift switch as it was different to the one in this (2001) - there was no plunger/pin on the end. I also diverged from the online How-To's and removed the bit of dash where the OBD socket is. For 2 mins extra work this made access for my grande paws much easier: Nothing obviously wrong with the old switch (it was original) but the problem is gone now. It's nice to have DSC/TC back with the shitty autumnal roads here. And finally, I picked-up a set of Evolve headers and cats at the start of the year. After a drawn out affair they're back from blasting/coating (cats not shown), so I'll be fitting these shortly: Cheers, Rob
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    Captain Beaky

    New Addition to the Family

    Hello my name is Captain Beaky. I am a self confessed BMW addict and a weak man. Meet my latest Baby an E30 type R She,s a little rough around the edges and needs someone who is sympathetic to fettle her and just add some finesse to the job, so i couldn't help myself. The missus (Her in Knickers) thinks differently and says I need to grow up and I can't drive them all !! but I'm sure if i try really hard enough I can. Anyway this is the best bit, if you are a purist look away now or hit Esc
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    Right For fucks sakes... @kjb1 This is NOT your car for sale thread, it's NOT your car for sale and you clearly are NOT interested in the car. So why repeatedly troll the post. You've made your point previously, leave it at that! Anyone looking at this forum will think/dread selling or attempting to sell their car because pricks like you and others keep gobshiteing about it, when it's nothing to do with you! I'm surprised that @iiNNeX hasn't pissed off by now, as I would have It's uncalled for and not warranted/wanted! It's HIS car, HIS pride and joy and HIS pricing... Leave it at that ** To any MODS, apologies, but sick of this thread being shat on now, wondering if it can be cleaned up?
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    Have to love the 535d....

    the other 2 pipes start working when the car is in for an MOT . . . . . .
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    This isn't an "open post for discussion on my car". It's a for sale thread, while I appreciate your opinions, you do not need to state them over and over. If you do not appreciate excellent maintenance (and preventative in this case) then this is not the car for you, simple as. Move on. I am not in a rush to sell, car is garaged 24/7 and mileage won't move. So the way people see it in the pictures is the way it will come. It will sell when it sells, you can't compare it to different models (F10, E39, 2 litres and so on), as it is a 535d. So unless there is another 535d in M sport trim with the extras mine has and in the condition mine is in, then the price is not going anywhere. I am open to close offers but as I said, no rush what so ever.
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    I'm a fan of that style of wheel, so easy to clean. I'm going to swap over to std bumpers and sideskirts for a while as I think the wheels work better with them.
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    Well I did manage Beef Tub road and what a great drive home it was too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We are also looking forward to this project, Its nice to have gone for a car for wanting it not because we needed one if that makes sense? Coming up Update One 26/9/2017 Well let me introduce Boudica Brocade. 22016277_526146471060284_669611632_n Specification Sheet Untitled Untitled SPEC The Story She started life in London from what we can gather she was owned by a club owner in her early years and that is about as much as we can piece together, shes been off the road for most of her life from 2002 till last Monday ( 18/9/17 ) we found out about her existence last Thursday ( 21/9/17 ) and went to view her on the the following Saturday ( 23/9/2017 ) I'd feel in love with her from just the advert... We had a figure in our mind and if we could do a deal we would. Upon arrival the seller seemed very open and honest he was more of a Jaguar enthusiast and explained that the car come with two other Jaguars in a bulk buy package, We looked around and could see potential but the ECU/Alarm had broken and the gearbox linkage has seized. When we asked the price knowing the new problems found he said the exact figure we had in mind and a deal was done on the basic we would pick it up the next day ( 24/9/2017 ). 22053237_10214240970235955_211956500_n 22016437_10214240970275956_1952020674 I don't trust my regular tow company anymore though letting us down and stranded on a Sunday evening luckily a local company was more than happy to get Boudica Brocade back to Butler HQ but by the time we was all back there wasn't much time for progress blogs. 22052612_10214240970035950_52553486_n 22052704_10214240969915947_9913882_n The risk is we brought her without hearing her run which i know isn't advisable .. But this is us right!.....But seriously we still have the Silver Units power plant if the situation was to go south plus the interior would be worth 75% of what we paid for her and the shell seems very good.shes only covered 124k miles and missed many winters and the seller assured us when it went away it was fully working and I do trust him. The Morning After 25/9/17 22053040_10214240977836145_1146203955_n 22052954_10214240977596139_159415053_n 22052948_10214240977236130_1179347572_n 22052907_10214240977396134_865436241_n 22052810_10214240977676141_990860336_n 22052449_10214240977476136_1468547369_n First job was cleaning the drain pipes. 22091855_10214240971235980_1678650425_n 22052646_10214240971195979_1323647361_n 22091670_10214240971275981_1525312259_n Why this was happening mom set about cleaning the boot out.. Amazingly shes took to the new car very well as she was adamant no more E34s especially ones arriving on low loaders 22093705_10214240971835995_1616501546_n 22053036_10214240972716017_653049555_n 22016491_10214240973916047_1701669079_n Unfortunately I have no before photos of the boot but you will just have to believe me and let me tell you it was very dirty bags of unused paint brushes old jeans and loads of club flyers.... We then went onto conditioning the interior I'm in love with this interior. 22016538_10214240975276081_2107352576_n 22016611_10214240974556063_340506667_n 22016656_10214240976196104_1838009399_n 22052742_10214240976036100_1948780527_n 22052893_10214240974796069_570285567_n 22053068_10214240975356083_1813167043_n 22053196_10214240975116077_1024630179_n 22054667_10214240974356058_439228250_n 22091483_10214240975076076_1754422993_n 22091839_10214240975156078_602736613_n 22054641_10214241404326807_1476606046_n 22054241_10214241404126802_1757217509_n we always clean new residents at Butler HQ before before the real work start.to get a feel for the car. We washed her down and mom took a leaf out of forum member ( V8GEE ) book and polished the whole car with pledge then waxed it 22016455_10214241404646815_1726575158_n 22052615_10214241405006824_539777115_n 22052935_10214241404766818_979372390_n 22054667_10214241404566813_1444928026_n Well that's enough for today's update. Comments Welcome As Always.
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    Not sure how to reply to some of these messages on here, I am pretty sure I am younger than most of you on here and yet your maturity level is disappointing at best. I am happy to take all kinds of feedback, both good and bad as long as it has a point. So let me answer a few things for you: 1. "It's nice but not 13k nice" - Find me a nicer one for 13k or less? And no, I mean one with every single option this car has, with every single item it has had changed in the last 3 months (2k miles) and with such service history background, then I ll lower it. 2. "car is F10 money bla bla bla". No. Just no. This car is some bottom of the barrel F10 money, with crappy spec and definitely not a 535d M sport either. So please, keep that to yourself. 3. "up there on mileage". So? I turned down 3 E60s before buying this, which were cheaper than this car funnily enough and had about 40k less miles. They drove like dogs, had turbo whine and many owners trying to hide obvious oil leaks and pretending like there are no bangs from their suspension. 4. If you don't have any intention on purchasing this, why are you commenting? Most importantly, a car is worth what somebody is willing to pay for it. Someone out there will be looking for a top spec E60 535d M Sport in top condition, and that will come at a cost. I've had a lot of interest, and many questions, so it will just take a little bit of time to find it's new owner. This is exactly why I don't normally post car sale threads on forums...
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    E34 got a bit of TLC today

    We got a nice day up here today, so I thought I'd make the most of it and clean up the new addition to the family. The car will get a proper detail and some paint correction, but I'm going to leave that until the spring. So today, it got a wash, deep clean, clay ( I hate that job) and a couple of coats of Gold Class. The only things I did inside was replace the sticker, add a Forum sticker, replace the sunroof switch ( it now illuminates) and put some new mats in. Comes up quite well I think!
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    535i Andrew

    Career advice, get an e-mail address

    A jobless man applied for the position of "office boy" at a large company. The employer interviewed him, then a test: Clean the floor. “You are hired.” The employer said. ”Give me your email address, and I’ll send you the application to fill in.” The man replied, “I don’t have a computer, or an email.” “I’m sorry,” said the employer, “if you don’t have an email , you can't have the job.” The man left with no hope. He only had £10 in his pocket. He then decided to go to the supermarket, bought a 10 kg tomato crate, then sold them door to door. In two hours, he doubled his capital. He repeated this 3 times and returned home with £60. The man realised that he could survive this way. He started to go everyday earlier and returned late. Five years later, the company was one of the biggest food retailers. He started to plan his family’s future and decided to have a life insurance. He called a broker and chose a protection plan. The conversation concluded, the broker asked him his email. The man replied: “I don’t have an email.” The broker replied curiously, “You don’t have an email, and yet have succeeded to build an empire. Imagine what position you could have if you had an email?!” The man paused and replied: “An office boy!”
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    Hello And Welcome I'm a firm beleaver that somethings are just meant to be and today that philosophy come bouncing into play much like it did with the Silver Unit ( Butler HQs Original Silver 540i ) Today innocently going to view an E34 with my Poppa ( Carl-E34 ).. 100 + miles from home as you do on arrival I became strongly attached to this diamond in the rough I couldn't help but think with a little Butler HQ love It could make a very special E34 and I truly thought that maybe Butler HQ was its last hope. Shes defiantly a project make no mistake about that but what else are you gonna do on a cold damp winter weekend ? before i could pull myself away as in the worlds of the late Marlon Brando the seller made me an offer I couldn't refuse... and a deal was done. I'll be embarking on this project with one person in mind. Tomorrow will be the full fat first update with all the great and gory details. Comments Welcome.
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    Fitted my M5 brakes, straight forward only the disc screws dont fit they are too short thats the only issue i had. Oh and discovered my passenger wheel bearing was starting to get noisy so ordered two i'll get them fitted before winter comes and destroys it completely. My winter wheels JUST fit and no more lol.
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    Glow plug broken in engine!!

    Ok guys got some more done today. New fuel filter fitted Now after some final checks it was time to fire up the engine, being the type of fuel system fitted it should be a self bleed but my god it did not want to know! I connected the laptop up and I had 73 codes logged to which I was not surprised due to the anount of work that had been done and power had been connected half way though lol, I deleted all the codes and then decided to run a full bleeding procedure to which worked very well, I could hear all the air that was trapped moving and bleeding via the leak off. The process took around 6 min to bleed at 4.5 bar from the pump Then time to fire engine up, a little video here If you CLICK THE LINK BELOW: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8wk3ya9zn2jqvdj/20171014_154752.mp4?raw=1 Program the MOST ring And the engine ( which is like the car very very dirty and needs a bloody good clean) I have had the engine running for around 1 hr and good as gold, no fault codes stored as well. Not finished yet but will carry on tomorrow with up dates and a reading of my DPF pressure to see if my flushing helped.
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    Hitler N47 Rant

    Stumbled across this - in relation to the N47's chocolate timing chains
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    Mashed Potatoes

    What's being worked on today?

    I'm sure a couple of you will have noticed the lack of updates to this thread. Well a new business venture working for someone else has resulted in me going back into engine tuning after a brief hiatus. I wasn't cut out for the 8am starts and 1am the next day finishes and doing everything else that comes along with running your own business so after a long hard decision I packed it in, but I've been recruited by a company that amongst other things builds drift cars and wanted to offer engine tuning along with a few other things in the pipeline. I've now got a full garage behind me. So a new gaff requires some new equipment! New programming frame, the old one was a bit battered. Dedicated computer for the job, microscope on the way soon, 30 minute UPS backup for all equipment (on the remote chance power drops or surges whilst an ECU is being read or written to), and ESD protection for anywhere ECUs are worked on. We are aiming to be the cleanest (even have dedicated clean office space) safest place in the local area for engine tuning. More definitely on the way!
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    I used to be a proper grump about Forum format changes but having seen what it's like when forums disappear then I'm just happy that the forums run at all, so well done the admin and dan. It's a odd thing that forums have been around for a finite amount of time but it is now getting to the stage where friends and aquaintences you only know from forums, like Keith (urquattro) recently, pass away. It clearly shows us all the real lives behind the posters names.
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    What a fu**ing joke

    Their country, their rules.
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    I dont post on this forum very often,but do like reading the for sale adds, i think after reading this particular thread this is the last place i would want to advertise my car on,i feel sorry for the seller,having to put up with this rubbish. i think it would put other sellers of aswell.
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    hippie dave


    A very presentable C180 sport for one hundred and eighty earth pounds. Poetry. I drove it home 25 miles or so. Then got in my citroen to go to work this morning (which is ten years younger and has done one third of the mileage of this W202) to go to work and it felt like I was driving a tractor. I cannot believe how well screwed together these things are. Absoloutely no rattles, knocks, bangs or electrical gremlins and it rides like its on a cushion of air. Anyone else had one of these? D
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    Have to love the 535d....

    Popped over to the local VW dealership today for a test drive in a new Golf R estate. Good deal being pre reg etc etc. Car looked really smart and the boot was just what I need ie no lip. Then came the test drive; youngish sales chap encouraged my to put my foot down a little to see how well it accelerates. I'm not exaggerating whatsoever but the in gear performance fell way short of the 535d shove. I had to try it a few times just to make sure the 'box was dropping down to a lower gear. I know the R would leave the 535d on the traffic light grand pix but to be honest that's not my thing - too old for that nonsense. For daily driving its the in gear shove that I enjoy. I went with the intent and optimism to buy but the thought of finding 30k to buy it left me cold. My 140k mile car felt in a different league for what I need. So as I suspected if I am to get an estate it's going to have to be an F11 535d unless a nice E61 comes up. So I guess the point of this thread is to sing the praises of these great cars and their storming engines!
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    gary francis

    Mot time

    Well theold crate sailed through another mot
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    Finally got round to fitting my M5 Touring with a new "made in Germany" cat back Fox Exhaust. I'm very pleased excellent fit and sound. Great quality and weighs half the original!
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    The powers that be in America seem deliberately blind to what actually kills Americans.
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    I ended up buying this! So it will be staying on the forum, a project thread will soon be up, the plan is to make it sport spec with parras, and black interior, have most of the parts to convert it, happy to have the v8 noise back in my life! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Splondike's M535i Project

    Going to start putting this thread back together since photobastard ruined it.... going to take me a while mind ! Here are some pics from the local Car Club Micro-Region meet last month.
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    Really, why have you never mentioned it before?
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    Just picked up a 520d touring

    Evening. Today I picked up my first BMW, 2 year old 520d MSport touring Wow what a lovely car. Not had a chance to play with all the nobs and switches yet. It's a bit of a step up from my 12 yer old A4 Avant. I'll apologise in advance, i'm bound to have some silly questions!
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    Money grabbers. How to ruin years of forum building and the knowledge base created for normal people by normal people. I'm disgusted
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    My two E39

    So a little update. Just did the whole interior in cinnamon now. Did some leather wraping too around the steering column
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Parked it under my new house for the first time next to its old mate!
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    Sean Hughes -RIP

    51 ain't old though. I'm 53 and my mind still thinks I'm 23. It's only when my body tries to do the things the 23 year old me would have done does it very forcefully say to me "just what the FUCK do you think you're playing at, you daft sod?!"
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    Update Seven 14/10/2017 We have spoke to our local independent BMW specialist about the gearbox problem and she will be going in within the month for investigation .. unfortunately we have no access to a ramp or pit so we thought it would be best to leave the job to someone that has experience with these gearbox's and know what they are doing... Don't worry we still have many niggly jobs to undertake... Window Wipers Upon first inspection we noticed the window wipers where seized so today we set about liberating them. First we had to remove the wipers and scuttle panels. 22472825_10214383761285642_1980243440_n Like most of the car many spiders had made it home.. Their home.. 22500955_10214383761565649_67566678_n 22523617_10214383761805655_2072159280_n 22523880_10214383761405645_1304443329_n Before we could do any liberating we needed to do some cleaning.. 22523703_10214383762405670_1897700033_n 22500840_10214383761925658_1981898700_n 22500706_10214384012811930_705257755_n With all that grime gone we liberated the wipers plenty of SAS spray and a little bit of time. We have moving wipers but only on the maximum settings and they aren't moving very fast.. .. We have changed the wiper module and Control Module..I'm hoping to see everything loosen up a little more tomorrow We have left the spindles and arms soaking in SAS spray over night and we will see what tomorrow brings. Comments Welcome As Always
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    Why is it....

    Maybe its a feature to stop you posting shite whilst smashed?
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    Update Five 4/10/2017 First step was refitting the gear selector and surround which I'm happy went back together lovely as we didn't original remove it but the previous owner took great care removing it so it went back together great. 22237246_10214304255138038_1718078618_n Then we went about changing the oil and oil filter and replace with Shell Helix oil and Mahle filter 22264707_10214304255098037_916661883_n 22236396_10214304292258966_58294546_n Old oil and filter. 22236572_10214304255058036_1568850238_n 22264720_10214304254978034_395129163_n I've never seen 15 year old oil before so I wasn't to sure about what to be expecting. Then it was time to address the bull in the room and attempt to start the engine first task was to naturalise the pesky alarm. luckily there is a long and lengthy process of resetting the alarm and that step was undertaken and the alarm is working again. we then removed the fuel pump fuse and still nothing turns out our standby battery wasn't keeping charger so we swapped the battery and she turned over on the button...we turned her over a couple of times to move all the oil around the engine we then replaced the fuel pump fuse and turned her over again after roughly three attempts she came to life we left her running and got her up to temperature checking for leaks and making sure everything was copacetic and as luck would have it everything seems to be in good order. ( Click HERE For First Start Video ) That's All For Now Comments Welcome As Always.
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    Eeeeeeee! I'm all excited! I drove it home today, fixed. It had looked sorry for itself sat in the car park at work for the last couple of days so I thought I better start on it. Drop the oil and collect the sample for analysis. Oil dropped, sample collected and fresh oil in. One of the mechanics was looking over it, walked off, came back with a crowbar and moved the engine slightly. Bolt on the drivers side engine mount was loose! He tightened it back up and took it for a blast up the road - knocking gone! I was so overjoyed I could see sounds. Methanol... Back on track!
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    Hi, Given all the upheaval with Diesel nowadays and into the future, don't restrict yourself - look at Petrol's as well when you find them. There are some excellent and plenty of decent examples of E39's out there, just depends on when/if they come up for sale! Don't get hung up on spec either, lots of parts and goodies can be retrofitted, so look for the best condition car you can find. A number of people don't like the Touring's, which is fine, for those of us who regularly haul, they're amongst the best estate cars out there! Cheers, Dennis!
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    but you must have been looking for go faster stripes to find this ..right
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    535i Andrew

    Got rid of the Runflats

    Any one of the OEM tyres, Michelins, Pirreli, Dunlop, Continentals, Goodyears..... Budget tyres have no place on a decent car.
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    It's ridiculous... and it's only going to get worse. We'll be wrapping them in bubble wrap and requesting they wear cotton wool helmets before you know it. C.