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    Thought I'd bore you with my new project
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    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Update Twenty Five 10/7/2018 Well another month another update BMW Show 2018 @ Santa Pod Raceway has been and gone and Boudica made the journey down with a boot full of camping gear and 4 passengers and she didn't miss a beat. We have much to update but we are being held back because we cant purchase a Bilstein gland nut and can't seem to find a supplier willing to help .. so that's holding back the progress at Butler - HQ and it's very frustrating. We have manged to get some work done why searching out that unicorn part we have painted the front legs, some I'm sure some will love and hate this modification but I think it will save the legs and keep them sealed. Most of the front suspension is off and waiting for the mystical Bilstein gland nut... Gone... GONE GONE... I have also purchased a set APEX springs to fit when we finally...... find out where we can purchased a Bilstein gland nut from.. And we even have some new suspension parts to replace all the old suspension parts that need replacing.. Then mom got me a gift ... A set of MTEC drilled and grooved disc and pad set from eBay.. I do have many nice things to say about that company. We did the normal Butler-HQ thing and painted the discs to keep the rusty hubs at bay. With the calipers we are going back to the 90s and they are being painted..... RED.. Next month everything should be fitted if we can find the unicorn gland nut and get Boudica back on the ground. BMW Show To get to BMW Show we had to lend The Tea Bag Lady's from suspension. We managed to get some runs in on the day we did camp but the RWYB was very busy so we took a chance and waited to see how busy BMW Show was and it wasn't all that bad and we manged to get some baseline runs in. The time slips. All runs where with half a tank of fuel and me and dad inside a group of E34s are going back to Santa Pod at the back end of the season for an end of season meet and I'll be running Boudica again but this time with the 3.64 LSD with the same amount of fuel and same passenger set up and I'm going to see just how much changing the ratio makes as many people admit its a great upgrade but no one knows how great. All For Now Comments Welcome
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    S62 Rebuild

    What do you think is wrong with the engine to warrant a rebuild? In general order of 'what needs doing most frequently' from a preventive point of view, the usual maintenance is: vanos solenoid clean, MAF sensors, cam position sensors, lambda sensors, big end bearings, timing chain guides. Other things do go such as thermostats, throttle position sensors, valve cover gaskets etc. You could do a complete top-down rebuild, but I haven't read about many people that ever really needed to do that even on engines that have had some fairly big failures. This isn't an engine that generally needs the heads to come off, or the crank, rods and pistons to come out. The vanos units themselves are very reliable but the solenoid valves clog up, which is a relatively cheap fix and requires almost no strip-down of parts. There are still many internet ramblings on 'massively expensive vanos replacements', often perpetuated by the motoring press, but those were done over a decade ago before the DIY community worked out how to fix solenoids rather than replace the whole assembly.
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    Took delivery of the e92 335i today. Tidy car but engines going to be dropped in an e61 over winter
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    Recommended Headunit E39

    Hi Stu, Looks like it's a very well specified and priced unit and 75mm shallow depth! design for the front is clean and uncluttered and I think those are touch sensitive controls so no physical protruding buttons. The price at around £400 is fantastic value for money with the features set that it has ! Get it into your car and let us know your thoughts Cheers, Dennis!
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    Tapping noise or thumping 530d

    Classic 'duck quack'. Failed EGR pressure converter.
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    It just ticked over 100k yesterday on my way home from Stourbridge It's got: Heated seats + memory control Heated steering wheel Full soft close doors and electronic, soft-close boot Folding wing mirrors Adaptive xenons Sport suspension 20" Style 149 alloys Integrated Bluetooth )no AUX in though, so will work around that) x6 CD changer (no idea what CDs are) Rear DVD/entertainment system + DVD changer & TV Fully digital freeview TV front & rear Sat nav (clunky, at best) Logic 7 stereo and sub system So all in, quite a good spec
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    2006 E65 730D parts

    Payment received and order processed for you Many thanks
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    With their offset; 15mm spacers will be fine, 20mm on rear may cause a touch of rubbing if over rough roads or undulations in the road/motorways etc Don't forget to get longer bolts; or better still; go for the Mtec 82mm stud conversion and you'll do away with bolts altogether and have a safer option and an easier way of taking wheels off/putting em back on again 2 sets of these will be sufficient: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-5-Series-E60-2003-2010-2-Hubcentric-15mm-Alloy-Wheel-Spacers-With-Bolts/122574056121?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW|Plat_Gen%3AE60&epid=21004386590&hash=item1c89fbaab9:g:6fQAAOSwBNtbGTVB
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    Very nice. Great colour combo too.
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    Well, it passed needing nothing. Not even an advisory. So - MOT, brake fluid change and the usual health check complete with a nice video underneath the car - £149 and we're back on the street. Hopefully won't need anything now until after the Summer, when I'll need two new Winter tyres. Let's hope the E34 fares as well!!
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    Yes, the whole pipe was removed and reattached due to an oil leak where the lower hose connects to the hard pipe.
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    I’ve just started the download process and will install it as soon as I get a chance. That’s not really the point though, the car is supposed to do all of this itself without any intervention from us.
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    whilst it may have an oil leak it actually has to be dripping at a consistent rate to fail
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    Replacing vacuum lines - 530d

    Exactly. That one would go to EU3 (no DPF) with vacuum actuated turbo.
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    Top tips

    Instead of a two bucket wash, use one bucket and a short pile wash mitt. Have a trigger with adjustable spray patterns on the end of the hose. After each panel, spray the mitt to clear the dirt off. Done right, there can be less dirt on the mitt than using the TBW. The foam pre-wash can simply be a woosh over with the hose. The time saving over getting out the pressure washer, foam lance and filling 2 massive buckets is huge. Of course, if the car is filthy, a pressure washer/foam pre-wash will still be the way to go. Thanks to the Forensic Detailing Channel on YouTube for this one.
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    Tail light paint

    Hi Ivor, Jamie (JAM172) put me onto this stuff, which works and lasts quite well between applications Keeps dash boards fed and moist and I think helps to prevent cracking too Really good for refreshing and keeping rubber door seals fresh and supple, almost like new Keeps bumper rubber, door trim, shadow line trim moist and black Also good for boot spoilers I get through quite a lot Also available in Canada Regards, Mick
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    Surprised that the Ford Corsair hasn't been mentioned here after all the threads. Perhaps it's to do with my having exceeded my three score years and ten and there are not a lot of us left. If i'd have known I was going to live to this age I would have taken better care of myself. A recent jolt to the coconut has brought back memories of a Corsair 2000E I had for a while in the late 60s/ early 70s. A four door saloon with bench seat and 4 speed column change, it was rear wheel drive from a 2.0lt V4 engine and it went like stink. The acceleration was fantastic but cornering was not for the faint hearted. This one was a left hand drive and I used to scare the shite out of my front seat passenger who suddenly discovered other cars flying at them instead of the usual kerbstones. Strange I can recollect the car but have no idea what I did with it. Could be dementia but I can't remember!
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    I like the v6 mk3 cortina bakkies too.
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    The XR8 was a rare breed. Built for the South African market due to South Africa not having the Cosworth/XR4i nor the 3 door version of the Sierra. Top of the line was the 2.3 V6 (Cologne) but South Africans wanted more. They made an XR6 which used the older 3.0 V6 engine (Essex) from the Cortina (petrol was cheap) which replaced the 2.3 V6 (Cologne). The Essex engine was upgraded and the name was changed from XR6 to 3.0i RS. However, the XR8 was fitted with a 5.0litre V8 from the Mustang. Only 250 of these were produced for homologation purposes. XR8 competing in the touring car racing in South Africa against BMW 745i, Alfa GTV, Nissan Skylines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceP-DP2NME4
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Refurb of Calipers before refurbed wheels go back on. Before : During : After, pad clips still to go on,painted them black,but need calipers dry before fitting :
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    E39 Headlamp Projector Alternatives

    Great find! I have a pair of Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 I bought a couple of years ago but never got round to fitting up (started making up brackets out of carbon sheet I had lying around) but those brackets Retrofit Source offer will be much better Let me know if you go ahead and would like to split posting costs!
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    E39 Headlamp Projector Alternatives

    Nice find Derek, I have the facelift factory xenons and whilst they’re good enough I fancy a set of bi-xenons and the EvoX-R have been the only plug ‘n play option but that link looks very interesting
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    What is it? The project I mean! Are you tidying up that awfully faded block paved drive?