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    First world F10-series problems

    My only gripe is when other cars pass me on the Autobahn. But I have to admit, this is quite rare.
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    My 535d

    Just picked my 535d yesterday really nice car first e60 I've owned
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    Car dash camera - recommendations

    I do agree with the capacitor over battery, but I only realized this after purchasing mine. However, mine has been absolutely fine during this heat wave and hasn't blown up yet. I didn't even know that a fakespot website existed reviewing amazon reviews, which is good to know . However, I am not sure how creditable fakespot is, as most of the reviews on amazon seem genuine to me, as they are all verified purchases, and people have posted pictures of their dash cam and video footage in their reviews too , all of them in UK and in different cars. Seems like a lot of effort to go to for fake reviews. Personally I am more than happy with this Dash Cam especially for the money. The review I have posted on here is also mine from amazon along with the pictures, so that is one genuine review at least. I would have liked to have upload videos too, but the max allowed size is 40Mb.
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    Car dash camera - recommendations

    Looks gvfm, a couple of bit's would put me off unfortunately, I'd rather have a capacitor than a battery due to the extreme heat and charge/discharge cycles. Also and this is just a cosmetic but I prefer an adhesive close type mount, and lastly and sadly as with more and more Amazon reviews there are a lot of suspect ones.. https://www.fakespot.com/product/dash-cam-crosstour-in-car-camera-1080p-full-hd-with-2-7-lcd-sony-sensor-and-hdr-motion-detection
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    Towbar issues

    My experience with an Fo7 which uses the same universal Westfalia wiring loom and module is exactly as described by Andrew. It all works straight off, no coding. I wonder if the OPs issue is that a live feed to the fridge relay has been used instead of an ignition controlled one, as this would have the relay permanently activated / closed.
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    535i Andrew

    Towbar issues

    Feed for the Westfalia module came directly from the battery mounted fuse box as per Westfalia instructions.
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    Only when I get her back from Darren, will endeavour to get some done this weekend.
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    535i Andrew

    Towbar issues

    If your fitter fitted the Westfalia wiring as per instructions it should all work with no issues. The Westfalia module connects to the canbus in the drivers footwell. But the Westfalia module is boot mounted. The Westfalia module does not require coding to the car. Its plug and play. The Westfalia module correctly identifies when a trailer is hitched and will disengage the rear parking sensors and switch off your cars fog light. I fitted a Westfalia kit to my dads F10 with no issues. The battery fault could of course be unrelated to the tow bar.
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    Towbar issues

    Sounds like you have the canbus then.
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    Towbar issues

    If they didn't code then no canbus will have been used, Ideally you should have canbus to turn off the rear sensors, activate towing mode so the gearbox map changes and it also activates the trailer stability program in the DSC module and on top of that 2 wires are connected to the canbus circuit that control everything, no tapping into various lights causing problems as it seems they have done.
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    Towbar issues

    Did they not fit a proper canbus box and code the car so it knows it has a trailer on?
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    I’d take the CLS55 but for your money you will be struggling unless it’s an absolute dog. How about a W211 E55? £8k will get you one but again may not be the nicest example.
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    Car dash camera - recommendations

    I've got this one.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Crosstour-Dashboard-Aperture-Detection-G-sensor/dp/B07B2FPKW7/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1530266434&sr=8-3&keywords=cr500+dash+cam I can't recommend this enough, quality recording in both day and night. Good Microphone to record sound too. Bought for myself, uncle, Mrs and Dad. The recorded footage quality is much more clearer than the picture above, as this was taken on my iphone 6 and the video was playing on TV, so not a true representation. I don't bother backing it up as it loop records, so just wipes itself when its full. I would only be interested in the footage if an incident occurred.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Always the drivers side on the windscreen.. They never shit on the passenger side so you don't have to put your wipers through hell to get home
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    Deepan, you sound like a thoroughly decent chap and I'm glad that things appear to be going in the right direction for you, in other words getting sorted, after this accident. Copy your query above into the tech section. Can't give you any idea on cost but I'd say that when it comes to alignmemt and steering/suspension components, both ends of the axle should be addressed as a minimum. Laser alignment, from my experience, covers all four corners. If it's never been done, the car would probably benefit from it.
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    How hot is it where you are?

    fat knacker..... WTF? I don’t know wether to be insulted or what there?
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    Tee total? His sex pond will freeze over first
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Mine's just been hoovered, washed, polished and then dropped off with my mate as he's borrowed it to take his son and some of his school mates to their prom tomorrow night. When I think that this time last year when I bought the car it had sat unloved under a tarpaulin for a while and was looking pretty tatty. Now it's looking like this and getting used for a school prom makes me feel quite proud;
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    Hi all thanks for the replies It ended up being the Shock that was causing it so have replaced them both now. I now have new issues but will start a new thread. Thanks you again
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    New Model (x351) Jaguar XJ 5.0V8 in a dark colour with black leather and carbon trim. Job done. Rare as hens teeth, proven reliable V8 with oodles of power and tons of kit/options in Portfolio spec. British badged brute that the PM and special services use. C.
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    First world F10-series problems

    Likes far outweigh the dislikes but in the spirit of being grumpy! Having to open cup holders to store the key. Hopeless android integration. No mute button on steering wheel and no one touch off button on the stereo! Passenger seatbelt buckle clunking against B pillar Position of boot release button.
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    DUDES!!! What is all this nonsense on my project thread!! Bugger off to the 530i for sale thread! ....unless of course you have a pair of E34 rear lamps with the white indicators going cheap - in which case - Stay! Have a cup of tea!
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    E28 M Technic Wheels / OEM M5/M535i

    I'd suggest he's unlikely to get £400. Tyres are metric and your choice is avon or Michelin and horrid to drive on. Neither tyre is cheap so you'd need to be a concourse fetishist to want to fit them. Rare they maybe but not really desirable.