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    Still lots of love for Capri's, never been without one since 1981, had many over the years but only have the race car now, owned it since 1986 although I think the tailgate is all that remains from the original car. Out testing last year, first race in a couple of months after a long break..... Had a Granada 2.8i Ghia X back in the 90's, great towing barge....
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    F30 330d Question...

    Fit a dump valve, then you'll have a whistle to accompany your whoosh
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Booked mine in for the back box delete next Monday.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Looks a bit tasty that lot...
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    Um, oh dear ... I washed it today using foam, the two bucket method and put some more Perl on the tyres. I'll fetch me coat ...
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    This was the last of four 2.9i Granada Scorpios I had over the years. I have no idea for the life of me why I sold it. Perhaps somebody put something in my drink, like water or something!
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    F10 door corrosion

    It is indeed. Pcp eating into margins no doubt.
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    530d belt snapped.

    Heater set to max temp and aux water pump will make some circulation. Most likely you can drive some miles before engine even reaches normal temp.
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    Tar remover and elbow grease. Heating to soften the sticky pad can also help. I use an old hair dryer which I've kept to thaw out door seals.
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    Alarm System

    Any particular kids? Or just random ones? There are laws about this you know
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    Thanks dan. All gaskets have been replaced with Elring which came with my vanos kit from x8r
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    Brand new, genuine Hella drivers side headlight fitted to match the passenger side one that was fitted a week before I bought the car; mainly for OCD reasons Fitted a strut brace and a DIY air intake too for shits & giggles (but also as I damaged the OEM intake box when refitting it after doing the CCV and still haven't sorted a replacement; this will do for the time being)... Sounds great under load TBH Used the Meyle intake boot from a Z3 3.0 to delete the resonator too; looks tidier! The K&N filter I had in the garage fits into the cold air feed too which is a bonus!
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    What Are These Protrusions?

    Japanese market E39’s had the radio and video modules fitted there.
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    What Are These Protrusions?

    Thanks it’s a belter ain’t it
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    Fuel system cleaner

    Nope and when my wife rang and asked if the car was ready they said just washing it now, they hadn't cleaned it so shes due a complementary valet. I am going to check the dipstick to see if the oil looks new, you never know.
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    Kit's E34 535i

    Speaking of Style 32s - here’s a VERY strange sight.....
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    Only in 'Murica...

    I didn't think I'd like Vegas it loved it. We hired a mustang (v6 sadly) to visit the Grand Canyon but couldn't resist a trip up and down the strip in it.
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    Ordinarily, these things tend not to be mentioned, but, this thread is exactly used so that new threads don't get wasted listing smaller matters. I turned notifications off for that reason really, but still visit the site daily to pick and choose what I read. Simple. Also, we are a really friendly bunch on here. So much better than many other forums I have visited and binned off very quickly due to the abuse etc. I personally have no issues with reading what anybody considers news in this thread. It makes us what we are. Finally, there is always the off button.
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    Vertical is normal. I believe bmw usa moved back to 10k intervals a few years ago. I do my own change in between dealer/indy visits which averages around 7-8k, as far as I'd want to go with a diesel before a change.
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    Dad had this one new, back in the day!
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    Carbon Black ///M5

    Looks amazing that, would love the same done to mine. At the risk of sounding cheeky, roughly what was the damage?
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    Carbon Black ///M5

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    It's always horses for courses re cars and their looks; like clothes taste really. What suits one, won't always suit the other IMO; leave it as is, just drop it a touch on lowering springs and leave it be (well; that and a more burble based exhaust) It's so pristine that for me, it's best as OEM as possible, bar a few personal touches etc
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    Matt Le Blanc to leave Top Gear

    Good... As much as a car fanatic he may be; he was too stiff and boring for the show The show's been nothing but shite IMO anyways For me, only Chris Harris is worth watching and the other dude is just a waste of time It'll be interesting to see who they bring on next; but I can only see the show being the same; boring, drawn out and generally painful to watch Don't get me wrong, TGT was painful at times, but it was still funny and enjoyable