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    I always thought petrol warmed up quicker than derv partly due to them being less efficient than diesel so more wasted heat... or something.
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    Petrols warm up far quicker.
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    The foam under the carpet is extremely thick, there will be gallons of water absorbed in it.
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    Lake victoria behind driver's seat

    you realy need to lift the carpet a bit to check the foam underlay not soaked as well, and check the front as well as on the drivers side by right hand side of seat under carpet and underlay there is a fuse distro box houseing high capicity fuses if water gets in there it can play havoc with the electrical systems on e39s
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    Lake victoria behind driver's seat

    behind door card loads of info on hear about this problem done all 4 of mine when i found a lake behind drivers side seat remove door card and you will see a fome membrain attached to inner door this is sealed with a soft mastic if not applied well a the factory it is then not water tight and water ingress is into car between door card and the membrain and bottom of door cards will show signes of getting / being wet
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    Lake victoria behind driver's seat

    +1 for the vapour barrier on the right hand rear door
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    Could be the sunroof drains but more than likely one of the vapour barriers. The rears seem to fail more often than the fronts.
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    Removing E39 Front Seat - What's this?

    It moves the seat belt up and down according to the position of the seat
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    1999 535i 241 BHP Remap

    I had my 535i re-mapped, it didn't seem to make any difference whatsoever to the overall performance of the car, what it did do though was alter the torque curve of the engine so I had more torque at low revs which made the car feel more nimble. Was it worth the £250 it cost me? I'm not sure..... Edit; The remap I had allegedly gave + 18 bhp and 22nm of torque.
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    1999 535i 241 BHP Remap

    Speak to @Mashed Potatoes and see what he says/recommends Personally; I think tuning an OEM N/A engine can be a waste of £££ most of the time Better breathing (intake) better exhaust and sports cats and maybe manifolds will do just as good, if not better... Pricy yes, but best way for NA engines unless you go into building the engine etc...
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    E39 Saloon rear mud flap solution ?

    Rear mudflaps are not available for M-sport versions. That other version is for SE saloon and the other one for SE touring.
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    It's in their section pal; my request should be top half of the page IIRC
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    Didn't want to tempt fate beforehand, but I knew it would pass! As it always has done with the odd one or two minor exceptions.
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    Brake Pads replacement

    Carly has it on the service options now.
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    Thanks Andrew for the link to newtis. Not sure I understand which fuse corresponds to the numbers on the fuse box though. Yes I had to hunt to find a petrol version. Not a fan of diesels.
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    Tickover and start problems

    Someone with a lot more common sense, knowledge and wisdom once said to me; 'just because it's new doesn't mean it works'...
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    Today was a day for removing and refitting bits of trim, carpet, insulation and the like in order to remove the cable for the old Sony CD changer, and fit the BMW one so I can fit the changer to suit the BMW Business head unit. Its all all done now, but in order to fit this changer I’m going to need some brackets, which I don’t have and am struggling to find. I also need to find a power source - I had a look today but couldn’t see anything obvious. CAN ANYONE HELP WITH THIS? Pic of the player and connections below. I fitted the new new plastic bumper trims today, and they are a big improvement. They are not OEM, but they are inexpensive, and as far as I can see, just as good. I have removed the instrument cluster, and will be packing it off to have it refurbished, as the mileage was starting to fade, and the gear position indicator is unreadable most of the time. I should have it back for next weekend. I got got my spare wheel back from the refurbishers, so I put that back where it belongs, and finally, I have a working glove box torch! This has been refurbished with new batteries and converted to LED. Can’t believe what I spent on that - in fact I’m not going to fess up!!
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    MS Windows laptop running Win 7

    Hi Dan, Yes runs on win7 no problem.
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    If they're throwing cars at you, you may as well test a 330e or 530e
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    It's simply a cooool car.
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    Sorry, can't help you there, the only BMW 3.0d I've had was a 2002 E39 530d Sport, so I'm guessing a 2013 3.0d is probably a bit different. As for the indicators, yes it will have them, BMW bought all of Audi's as a job lot.
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    Looking for a weekend convertible?

    I see it carry’s your mountain bikes quite well...
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    I remember you too Fezzy, how many weeks are you keeping the 330d for?
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    Rear spring broken

    Again, my ocd would go off the scale if they were different manufacturers
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    One of eleven...

    In my first week, I’ve learned that apparently it has a stereo and the windows go up if you want. Haven’t tried it yet though....