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    Warning, B&Q

    Walked into B&Q the other day and I was approached by a man in an orange and black uniform. He asked me if wanted decking. Luckily I got the first punch in and that was that. I was fortunate but you others may want to be on your guard. Enjoy the sun.
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    Still got issues after new cam sensor

    Right, it looks like it could have been the fuel pump relay working intermittently. Located it this morning, under the dash near obd connector on post 2001 car, not in boot! Anyway, I swapped it with an identical one in the boot and it fired up straight away. Spluttered a bit then settled and seemed fine. Battery is well down due to lots of cranking yesterday, so I've put that on charge. I think with continued frustrations yesterday I must have not heard the fuel pump not priming when I was switching the ignition on.
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    Windscreen Wipers

    bought the same set as @Matthew Ashton mentioned above (through a different seller) and they are a direct replacement video demonstration of putting the wipers to service mode will help a few
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    Warning, B&Q

    Just because the sun is shining, it doesn’t give you lot the green light for the worst jokes ever....
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    The Flying Banana

    Japanese Import E39s

    Just how good looking is that white Sport Touring .. i love that !
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    Japanese Import E39s

    Hope it's not too painful a fix - good luck!
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    Complete E39 interior trim satin chrome

    I'll take the Nussbaum please.
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    Warning, B&Q

    You started it
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    Buying part worn tyres

    in my student days i've also relied on part worns to contribute towards keeping costs of running the cars I had down. My decent cars have always had brand new but "station" cars have had part worns. Now I i'm full time employed, I only ever buy new. Part worns have their place but eyes wide open and trustworthy places only. Plenty in Birmingham who will stamp the tyre in front of you and pass you a tissue to wipe it whilst it's still wet if you want to.
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    Near miss, glad every one is OK, a few miles from me a van pulled to the end of the M62 slip road, stopped and the driver was found dead. It transpired a lorry travelling around the roundabout clipped a bolt on the road and flicked it up, it went through the side window and into the van drivers neck,he bled out.
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    Japanese Import E39s

    Quite easy to code the instrument cluster with NCS to change the mileage meter to miles instead of km (the mileage will change correctly).
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    Buying part worn tyres

    Its not US you have to worry about, its the unscrupulous individual that is selling tyres that have been abused, run flat and not divulged and any other type of repair that has not been disclosed.... YES, I did purchase a set of part worn tyres ONCE,,,, that had great tread, and looked tidy. After trying to get them fitted it turned out that they had been run flat causing the inside wall to fall apart. Needless to say I took them back and got a refund and I had to looked online and get a new pair of tyres. I will never use part worn again... especially on a BMW
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    Warning, B&Q

    The ones in the toilet dept take the piss....
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    535i Andrew

    Windscreen Wipers

    Your eBay listing is nearly half the price of the Bosch ones (to me that's too cheap, given the Bosch ones are half the genuine ones), it also quotes a very different part number. Return them stating that they don't fit, you can clearly see that in your photo. eBay protection is there for you. I bought my Bosch blades from the same eBay seller I think as Matthew, they were slightly different from the genuine ones I removed but I have had no issues with them. Fit them as per sshooies instructions. Here is who I bought them from on eBay.
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    Mashed Potatoes

    Warning, B&Q

    Have the ones in the lighting department spoken to you? They always think they have the brightest ideas.
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    Scottish Noob E39

    Welcome Spuckle,the new addition looks very smart.
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    Matthew Ashton

    Windscreen Wipers

    The Bosch wiper blades I mentioned above are almost certainly the same as you would buy from BMW directly. I bought mine from the cheapest reseller I could find on eBay. A524S, and they fit perfectly. 2 minute replacement job. I've recently bought front and rear replacements for our F45 from this reseller: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bosch-A524S-Wiper-Blade-Front-Set-BMW-FREE-Air-Freshener/222683913504?epid=2208291914&hash=item33d8fedd20:g:R3QAAOSwfjRZ6Gfy
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    Lovely condition that, v nice
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    535i Andrew

    Windscreen Wipers

    As per Matthew, they are the ones you want to buy. Looking at what you have got is handed versions of what you need. They look like they are for a left hooker F10/11. Interestingly, the F10/11 is the first uk 5 Series to have the blades wipe the right way for a right hand drive uk car. The E39 and E60 uk cars wiped the wrong way.
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    Non functioning folding rear seats

    UPDATE Problem solved. The levers are broken, but the bit where they snapped was square enough to get a spanner on, and I managed to get them working.
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    Tonight this is the best I can do dude. The park/neutral hard cut limiter. It's not there when driving normally only when in park or neutral. My inner child likes it! Haha cheers dude. I won't be the first to achieve 500 by a long stretch. It's already been done. I just want to try and do it for myself. I'm looking at getting a 3.5 inch downpipe made (I'll sell my Wagner one) and a 3.5 inch boxless system done too. I need a money tree. This 500bhp malarkey is expensive!
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    Never expected to see this.....!

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    Hi all.

    Thanks Andrew
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    Morning all.

    Thanks for the welcome. After spending a few weeks with a 530d whilst mine was in for repairs I was totally sold on the bigger, smoother and more powerful 3.0. Changes the car completely.
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    Unfortunately not. On pre 9/98 the fan has pre-resistors for different speeds (4 pin) and the later models are PWM controlled ( 3 pin). On PWM controlled versions the fan itself has in-build electrics to control the fan speed according to PWM signal.