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    Pot hole! Burst 2 tyres

    Shut up dan! I’m not a member yet! Maybe I should be.....
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    I did it

    Afternoon lads and ladies So after having some e39s and lurking for e60s, I finally talked myself into a Lexus and got one in hybrid flavour with SE-L trim level n full lexus history. I appreciate it may be a marmite for some but hey ho. First impressions, it's so much quieter at ready position and the power is there to propel in a proper way; from stand still. Looks (to me; at least) far expensive and sophisticated as compared to its rivals at time. It has a nice sound system (Mark Levinson), fully functional as well without any glitch; as standard unlike pricey options of logic7 or similar, in e60 or later versions. Radar cruise control works a treat especially on motorways and there is effortless acceleration at any speed. Heated and cooled seats work a charm and keep u cosy. The things I did not like is the sat nav is old enough , it's not showing local street and doesn't have the capacity to update for a live traffic info (it may have and it is possible that I don't know how to use, any help would be great). MFD does take some time for you to to understand your way around it, like any iDrive system, but when you are familiar with this, it's not a brainer. Any tips and suggestions are welcome.
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    F07 electrics out

    Well I finally got there today. During the week the Carly adapter arrived ( you choose Apple or Android). Downloaded the Carly app to iphone, but easier to use on ipad. With download comes the free Lite version, which allows you to see how compatible the app is with your vehicle. To do anything significant you have to purchase the Full version, which is actually an annual subscription. An update for the adapter took a few minutes. After that its about as intuitive as using an iphone I suppose. The battery has its own section in the home menu and is simple to follow even for you and me! i took the opportunity to delete a miriad of old fault codes, to see what remains/ recurs. It does look like there is a dud glowplug which fits with uneven firing when starting in the cold weather. From past posts that look a fun job.
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    Reconditioning injectors

    You will need a proper ultrasonic cleaner which can heat up the cleaning solution. For small parts you'll need a small basket with finer mesh. Before taking the injector apart clean the outer surfaces with motor parts cleaner or similar. After cleaning the parts in ultrasonic cleaner blow them dry and dip in clean diesel. You can buy a proper socket or use M6 extension nut (may need some extra drilling on the bore). I tried to make a sketch of a simple two part seal insert tool which can be turned preferably from brass. The lip on the other end is for seal and metal support ring. The outer part just rests on the injector and keeps the tool straight when pushing the seal in place (keeping the injector core upside down).
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    Sunroof issues.

    My major sunroof issue is a lack of sun
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    E60 525 wing mirror

    Freshly stolen from western Europe.
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    Pot hole! Burst 2 tyres

    18" RunFlats are a choppier ride, hopefully the extra sidewall reinforcements will help prevent alloy wheel damage, sadly potentially transferring more energy to stress the suspension parts. So I try to never hit a pothole and definately not under braking/acceleration, actively dodging as many bumps as possible, I pitty any motor cyclist following/passing me though . The regular commute is predictable but going somewhere new is often an unpleasant challenge. In the 80s I can't ever remember seeing a 8" pothole and never on a motorway. Judging by the state of the UK's infrastructure it seems clear that the country is rapidly declining to 2nd world status.
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    Flash my gearbox for free, and I'll sing your praises everywhere I go
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    I'll have to put you on commission soon!
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    New car time - decisions decisions

    Yes, my boy has a 4 GC and it does not ride as well as my F11 and it's nowhere near as quiet either.
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    540i, ZF 5HP24 auto gearbox oil

    It left the factory with Mobil ATF LT 71141
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    So collected the car yesterday. Car was in better condition than it looked online so even better than I thought. I'd give it 9/10 and I have OCD. Can't believe how good a car these are. Thought I'd be really disappointed in the power drop from the S54 342bhp engine to the B47 190bhp, bit the M3 had no torque. The power in the 520 is very impressive and very usable, I love it. The fit and finish and the equipment in these cars really is something special. Had to drive it from Plymouth to Fishguard to get it home. The traffic in the UK really is horrendous lads, never experienced anything like it before. So have to pay the VRT on it now of €4,300 approx Will be scouring this thread for more tips on these 5 series. NB. The carpets are dry
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    530e - Just orderd

    Some pics - Jatoba Brown. Due to the crappy weather in Scotland of late I’ve yet to see the colour in sunlight Phil
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    Well it's a gloriously sunny weekend over here so time for a recce for the next batch of refits in my ex Kent RPU F11. Concentrating in the front passenger footwell there's always been something missing under the carpet. Getting the seat out reveals the void left after a couple of police specific units were removed. Identified parts so far are the rear vent and a foam filler block. That's around 60 euros over here, so not the end of the world. While the seat was out of the way I took the opportunity to replace the cabin filters. Easy 5 minute job - removed footwell trim panel below the glovebox, 4 screws out, cover off, two filters out (noting airflow direction markers), two new Mahle filters in, close and secure cover, replace trim panel. Job done. Just for those unsure, I took a couple of pics showing the filters location and the 4 cover screws.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted my shadowline trim. Got a bargain from a local lad to me. £50 for the full set. My chrome trim is immaculate so i might plastidip it and sell them on. For the eagle eyed lot it didnt change the interior door trim yet as im now babysitting and its bloody world war three so had to pack up ha. Will save for another day.
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    This would look very nice on the drive beside my F10 - I'd probably drive it more often too! Cracking car - lovely condition, nice interior, low miles and a fair bit of recent maintenance done. Personally, if I was looking for one of these, I'd snap it up. You could get cheaper sure, but you can't retro fit low mileage and cosseting from new - plus if a few of the usual jobs need done on a cheaper one, you'll be surprised how quickly your expenditure will exceed the asking price of this car. Ask me how I know!! Good luck with the sale mate - I don't think you'll be waiting long.
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    Not the place for this kind of discussion IMO If you're interested in the car, fine, ask away, if you're trying to pick holes, do it via PM or over in E39 tech chat/general chat etc...! Each to their own when it comes to selling cars and prices. However, the OP started a useful thread re this and he's priced it on the back of that discussion...
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    Not sure how to reply to some of these messages on here, I am pretty sure I am younger than most of you on here and yet your maturity level is disappointing at best. I am happy to take all kinds of feedback, both good and bad as long as it has a point. So let me answer a few things for you: 1. "It's nice but not 13k nice" - Find me a nicer one for 13k or less? And no, I mean one with every single option this car has, with every single item it has had changed in the last 3 months (2k miles) and with such service history background, then I ll lower it. 2. "car is F10 money bla bla bla". No. Just no. This car is some bottom of the barrel F10 money, with crappy spec and definitely not a 535d M sport either. So please, keep that to yourself. 3. "up there on mileage". So? I turned down 3 E60s before buying this, which were cheaper than this car funnily enough and had about 40k less miles. They drove like dogs, had turbo whine and many owners trying to hide obvious oil leaks and pretending like there are no bangs from their suspension. 4. If you don't have any intention on purchasing this, why are you commenting? Most importantly, a car is worth what somebody is willing to pay for it. Someone out there will be looking for a top spec E60 535d M Sport in top condition, and that will come at a cost. I've had a lot of interest, and many questions, so it will just take a little bit of time to find it's new owner. This is exactly why I don't normally post car sale threads on forums...
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    Nottingham BWM indies?

    RGA Services in Nottingham, Lads name is Aaron. Search him up on FB, Knows Beemers inside out.