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    Dave, thank you for raising this, like Pigeonpost I get a test kit every two years which I do myself and send off, not a great experience, but effective. I mentioned it to a few friends and was astounded at the number of people who reacted with horror at the thought of taking their own stool sample! Surely far better a few moments unpleasantness in the privacy of your own bathroom than the situation the OP and others have found themselves in?
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    Hi from the caribean

    Hi there. Im Martin. From uruguay living in Panama. Bought this 87 525i some time ago and in the process of restoring it. It looks good from outside and inside, but mecanically, its all gone. Engine and transmision are good, it has only 65k miles on it. But suspension and everything made of rubber is pretty bad. Shocks are still the ones from the factory, same as everything from the car. Very poor maintenance. Hope you like it, and ill be posting some questions
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    Reluctant sale of my 530i due to lack of use and the prospect of further expense to (finally) get my 02tii back on the road this year after a very slow restoration. 4 previous owners plus current owner since August 2012 at 80000 miles. Initially registered to BMW GB, this vehicle features numerous factory options valued at around £7k when the car was new - these include black leather interior, fully electric front seats (including headrest adjustment), tilt/slide electric glass sunroof, 6CD changer, 18" parallel alloys, Communications pack - navigation, analogue tv receiver and integrated phone socket (minus handset), plus unused detachable tow bar. The car also comes with the original alloy spare wheel and a complete tool kit in the boot. This has always been my weekend car and for the first three years of ownership covered around 8k per year as I used it to travel to football matches around the country. Since the arrival of a junior member of the household in 2015, we have tended to use the missus' car at the weekend, so the E39 mileage has dropped to a few thousand a year. This all changed last December when my E61 Touring got stolen (damn that comfort access option!). As I used the E61 for work (I travel 20k+ business miles per annum), I had to use the E39. At the end of November the car had covered 109588 miles - in the next three months it covered more than another 6000. If nothing else this underlines how good these cars were and still are, as it never missed a beat throughout. Over £5k spent during my ownership, with a folder full of receipts for the work completed. Full BMW service history until I had Oil Service and Brake Fluid changed at 114980 at a local specialist in February 2018. MOT until 4th August 2018. Current mileage 115603. However, since getting the service done I have not used the car for work and with the prospect of the car going back to its more occasional use and the likelihood of some further expenditure being required (front discs and pads plus attending to the rust in the usual places), I have reluctantly decided to move it on. You will note from the photos that there is also a crack in the OSF bumper, a consequence of a glancing blow from a passing car whilst mine was parked and some lacquer peel near the OSF fog light. The car is currently on a matching set of Bridgestones, but I will replace the borderline NSR with a new tyre before sale. The OSR is okay as it was replaced 3 months after the full set following an un-repairable puncture. Having done a deal to buy a new car for work this weekend, I thought I'd post the details on here to see if there was any interest prior to chopping it in as a part-exchange this week. Price £1500 but open to offers. If any of you are interested, please let me know. Cheers Dave 07792 389933
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    Been dismissed at Work

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    This^^^^^! Just as a point the earlier you find out the easier it is to treat - there are even non surgical routes that are now NICE approved, but you have to push your consultant on it. I guess it is easy to be worried if you have one of the symptoms but compared to the time and cost of treatment once its spread, an early checkup is well worth it for all concerned. Thanks for the comments and well wishes - stay healthy!
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    Been dismissed at Work

    Good on yer mate!
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    OAP released on no charge

    The family and friends of the criminal (because that's what he was) have been putting up tributes and memoria opposite the OAP's house, calling the old boy a scumbag and lowlife and demanding a public apology for his actions! Happily some more public spirited people have been taking the flowers and cards down and in one case redistributing them to the local cemetery.
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    Almost there in choosing a 5 series

    To go back to your first post, regarding travel sickness: My family are all somewhat prone to this. I have noticed that my sportier cars have always caused the least and I believe this is because there is no wallowing motion. My old Disco 2 had the ACE system so zero body roll. That and the fantastic view out created zero sickness. As far as options go, I agree with Andrew's statement that you adapt to what you have but, if you really want something, try to get it at the start. For example, I knew without doubt that I wanted folding/dipping mirrors, HK audio and Pro Nav and would quite fancy lumbar support. Those are the options on my car. I didn't care about a camera as I have never use the one on my Dad's XF Sportbrake (same size) and didn't see the point. However, something about this car makes it harder for me to reverse accurately and I wish it had one now. But I'm too mean to pay for a retrofit so have adapted by learning to reverse it using Zen and the excellent PDC system!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Replaced the prefacelift rear bumper trims with facelift ones (colour code) and yes, they are interchangeable. I also bought a facelift SE bumper but it will need painting, fog lamps, and the number plate trim.
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    Sorry to hear you are unwell Dave. Thank you for posting this as most of us want to sweep all this stuff under the carpet and hope for the best. Sadly I see people every week who require surgery for bowel cancer. Many in their 60’s and 70’s but a few much younger. If you have any of the symptoms listed above, please get yourself checked out. Treatment for bowel cancer in its early stages is very effective indeed. Don’t be embarrassed, your GP will have heard/seen it all before and their focus will only be on getting you the investigations/treatment you need to get better. All the the best to you Dave.
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    Good luck, price seems very sensible to me. Wouldn't surprise me if one of a couple of well known dealers snapped it up and then slap a huge margin on it.
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    Echo this. All the best fella.
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    Unfortunately, commonly misdiagnosed as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).
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    Wishing you all the best, Dave. A lot of people try and sweep this kind of stuff under the carpet, so huge credit for bringing this up.
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    Mashed Potatoes

    What's being worked on today?

    Another forum members F10 today - 245BHP 530D tuned to stage 1 now producing over 300BHP and comfortably over 620Nm of torque. People seem to like seeing some of the ins and outs of these cars being programmed so here you go - one dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree! To write these cars through the OBD port, we have to stop the dashboard switching off, which involves us being in the car, with the seatbelt on, the headlights on and the hazard warning lights flashing. There's always warning messages flashing across the instrument cluster and idrive screen when writing the map file in. The whole car effectively panics as the file is written as certain modules can't see the engine ECU, so drivetrain, gearbox, fuel pump, DSC faults among others all flash past. As soon as communication is restored when the file has finished writing, the faults all disappear - it happens on every car, not just BMW so if you're ever getting your car mapped somewhere and you happened to be in the car or it's visible don't worry, it's all completely normal . There's more information for Fxx owners here:
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    Heavy rain, Water leak

    That's fair enough! Here's my before and after shots (after shot is a still, hence 'play' icon). The silicone you can see is what was forced out when reinstalled - hopefully an indication of a good seal!
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    Vlady you have no need to worry about bowel cancer if you had have had a colonoscopy and it was all clear. Obviously piles can produce blood when you go to the loo The DIY test kits are good but not infallible as they rely on the presence of minute particles of blood in the stool. I have a friend who used one of these kits following severe stomach pains over a long period and the results were negative but a subsequent colonoscopy revealed two large tumours in the bowel which required surgery followed by chemotherapy.
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    Well done for posting Dave and best wishes (as always) to you and your lovely Ladies.
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    Since I hit sixty I've been sent one of the NHS test kits every two years. You take your own samples and post them off. All clear....so far. A very worthwhile post Dave. Sorry to hear of your illness and the fight against it. It sounds like you have the right attitude though, so good luck.
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    Hi Dave, sorry to hear that! Now, reading your symptoms, I got a bit worried as I do not have all of them just the first one, I went to see GP and had colonoscopy, the doctors said it's NOTHING to worry about as this is just a small pile, and now reading this got me very worried!
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    A bit more work today This: And this: CCV kit refreshed with a Meyle kit Inlet mani gaskets replaced Throttle body gasket replaced Oil dipstick o-rings replaced Oil filter housing gasket replaced Nice clean engine now after the oil weep clean up All parts sourced via C3BMW
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    Been dismissed at Work

    Well done chap, sounded like you needed a bit of good news.
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    Been dismissed at Work

    Hi peeps got the job, starting on Monday ☺
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    535i Andrew

    Window Tints

    My dad has the factory fitted tinted rear windows and they look good compared to my non tinted windows. I'm looking at getting mine tinted to keep the littl'un out of the sun. I would only go to factory levels of tint as too much tint means you risk getting hassled at every traffic light you stop at from junkies looking to score.
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    Crackling speakers

    There is a multi plug (quadlock) on the bm54 in the boot and sometimes disconnecting and connecting a few times cleans up a dodgy connection. Worth a try before parting with cash.