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    Having said all of this, it's a lovely low mileage example of one of BMW's best efforts. Someone I know paid a LOT of money for a low mileage Japanese import recently, a 525i Sport. Not five figures but not far off. Bollocks to it, put it on an Ebay classified advert (with best offer) and Car and Classic for £4995. Of course, most won't pay that but it only needs one buyer who really, really wants an E39 and is fed up with looking at the usual 100'000+ miles shite. Where would you find a 530i Auto like this? The more I look at it, the more I realise it's almost unique. Faint heart never won fair maiden! Don't give it away in other words.
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    F10 door corrosion

    So what? The fact that your car has some repairs means that BMW known fault from factory is not covered? They clearly have an issue and they know it. I would be furious. BMW PR team, if you are reading this, please note it is making me think twice to replace my E60 bought 10 years ago. In fact, I am less and less excited about your g30 and your ever declining quality. It seems every new version is worse than the previous one.
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    Mashed Potatoes

    M5 Touring F11. I want one !

    Wow, the S63TU that's grown two extra cylinders! Aside from noticing that in the article, ALL OF THE WANT. One hell of a swap there.
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    New E39 owner. 523i SE Touring

    Welcome along. Nice and tidy looking Touring. Same as everyone else, keep it standard! Don't be tempted to fit: Style 32's Facelift headlights Facelift bumper Memory seats Memory steering column Memory mirrors Sliding boot floor Ah, feck it, the list is too long.....
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    Memory seats and mirrors

    Hmmm, never tried this on mine, I've got two fobs, and think you need to set Seat Button A on fob one and Seat Button B on fob two, but I might be wrong.
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    Martin H

    F10 door corrosion

    Not the news you wanted. I’m guessing BMW are washing their hands of it now. Good luck trying to trace the bodyshop responsible. Have to admit over the years I’ve had three nearly new ‘ex demo’ BMWs and every one has had bodywork that eventually failed. I’ve a feeling they don’t get any love when they’re new and any repairs are done as cheaply as possible before they hand the cars back
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    Cigarette Lighter Sockets

    Cheers guys, i will try wiggling and not pushing in too far. See if she likes it then i iwll try the same with usb adaptor The adaptor is brand new but i will test in another car and confirm.
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    Wet Floor Back Foot well

    Also worth checking are the drains under the brake booster and the control unit box. There’s a compartment on each side that can flood if the drains are blocked, and water will come in through the front bulkhead
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    F10 door corrosion

    Mine was between 106 and 118 microns. I was told anything over 120 isn't factory when they were checking it.
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    535i Andrew

    Vin Decoders

    They want the full 17 digits, bolloxs to that, no idea what they are and they are the meaningless part of it. Your second link is the one I use without issue.
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    Been dismissed at Work

    If it will eat away at you. (Very unlikely they will give you job back), but I will write an appeal letter today, explaining you would have sent it quicker but due to the public holidays not enough time as was too busy. However in that letter write that they were wrong not to do a full investigation, your side of the story, and with constructive language why your supervisor is a clown - no one likes him, and that he is a liability. May not make any difference to them but it will be in the back of their minds. Also hopefully may make you feel better
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    Pro Navigation Slow

    it's tucked away on the connected drive pages. 0800 3256 000
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    Guys, this is Port Glasgow! anything goes, in "The Port". My mum worked in the Port for 20 years, my wife currently work in the Port, these are not normal people He will have been speeding as they all do down there on the very quiet stretches of the M8 and then A8, local plod tailed him literally and didn't do things properly by the sounds of things.
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    Find a local dry storage place, get to know them, pay them cash and use it as a luxury vehicle when you want
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    I'm like you mate want everything yesterday, if they were offset pins i would of brought them so i ordered those ones of ebay instead.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Nice one, i got them via prime cause i'm an impatient twat lol.
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    From ^^^ To: Drivers seat finally restored It need a few days to cure; so will be able to drive it Sunday onwards and it'll take a few months to smooth off/wear in so it doesn't look as 'brand new' The guy did a superb job and all for £70 and on the drive!
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    Considering F10 M-Sport...

    Recently Ive had a volvo hire car to visit other sites for work, both times ive been given the new S90 with a 2.0 turbocharged 235 HP engine in, and whilst quick it certainly doesnt feel as quick as my 5 series, nor does it sound anywhere near as nice!!! I drive these hire cars always comparing to my own car and so far none have persuaded me that id want another brand... in fact i now find myself considering a 640 Gran coupe (i like the style and interior a lot) so basically in 10 months owning a 3.0 F10 i find myself firmly on the 6 pot gravy train, 2.0 engines just dont have the character or appeal anymore
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    Considering F10 M-Sport...

    If you own a 300bhp+ car, the word 'queue' is not in your vocabulary.
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    Water Pump

    From my E36 days, this plastic vs metal impellor issue is just one massive non-issue. I replaced the plastic impellor pump on mine as a precaution when it was working just fine. Then I subsequently went through two metal impellor pumps that failed way sooner.