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    Sure its not your moan cave?
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    E28 527i / very special car

    A beautiful and very unique E28 525e in Dolphin Grey, with Pearl Beige leather M-sports interior. This is my second E28 and I've owned it for over 8 years in which time it has had in excess of £20,000 spent transforming it's appearance, performance and handling. It breaks my heart to have to part with it, but with two daughters at University I have to re-think my finances and pack my toys away for a few years! EXTERIORDolphin grey.Steel sunroof.M5 wheel arches.Alpina front spoiler.M5 rear spoiler.Spotless 17” x 8 Alpinas on 235/45/17s.Recent new front wings.Clear indicator lenses.Headlight washers.INTERIORPearl beige, M Sports interior with 2-stage heated front seats.Leather wrapped door cards with stitching to match seats.Leather-wrapped steering wheel with M-sport stitching.Leather handbrake and gear gaiters.Illuminated gear knob.Electric windows.Electric mirrors.M535 Tachometer.German sourced OE carpet mats.Becker Indianapolis head unit (£450).Aux cable for iPhone.£1,500 professionally installed sound system with slimline Alpine sub under passenger seat.MECHANICALManual conversion.LSD with 3.45:1E34 530i V8 brakes / EBC red stuff pads with braided lines.M5 replica lowered springs (Fritz) with Bilstein B4s.Blueprinted engine rebuild (3,000 miles ago)83 bottom end with 10.6:1 CR.Polished and ported head with big valves.ITB kit with plenum.Augment Automotive ECU / stand-alone engine management.Complete Fritz stainless system with custom 6-branch manifold. This is no DIY project – all work has been undertaken by Fritz’s Bitz over the last 8 years with bills c. £20k. The body shell has covered 206,000 miles, but in my ownership I have replaced pretty much every mechanical component with new or re-built parts. Never had any major welding. Most bushes replaced, rear sub-frame mounts done, had the drive shaft balanced and new giubo fitted. The car has a history file containing every bill and receipt from new. BMW car magazine feature back in 2011. It's been garaged and pampered and only used on sunny days and weekends. It's a real one-off, makes an awesome sound and is the most enjoyable drive I've ever owned. If the Alpina look isn't for you, the front spoiler unbolts in 5 minutes, and the alloys will fetch a few bob on ebay, so it can easily be re-invented for it's next chapter of ownership. Really keen for this to go to a good home, to be appreciated and enjoyed. Priced at £12,995.
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    Cheers. Perhaps I should have a huge turbo fitted: beats a re-map.
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    I'll try and dig out the graph from the rolling road for you as that showed my power issue
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    My money is on vacuum issue in the turbo supply circuit.
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    I hear what you're saying chum but I just thought there might have been some appeal in an early E34 2.5 manual?! It just looked salvageable to me and personally I'd rather have this combo than a poverty spec facelift m50b20..... Probably just me being quirky
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    E38 750i

    If Noddy drove BMW's...........
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    From ^^^ To: Drivers seat finally restored It need a few days to cure; so will be able to drive it Sunday onwards and it'll take a few months to smooth off/wear in so it doesn't look as 'brand new' The guy did a superb job and all for £70 and on the drive!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Drivers seat finally restored It need a few days to cure; so will be able to drive it Sunday onwards and it'll take a few months to smooth off/wear in so it doesn't look as 'brand new' The guy did a superb job and all for £70 and on the drive!
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    First dry day when I could get to the job. I really cannot understand how BMW thinks it's a good idea to require: 8mm socket 10mm socket Torx bit Posi screwdriver Flat screwdriver Pair of pliers to do such a simple job ;D Fuel pump now replaced and the car is running as it should Been out for a quick few miles and the pressure shows around 3.9.
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    Shocked at trade in value of F11

    Trade in prices seem to be follow what We buy any car offer. Always remember the price to change is what counts. I part exchanged my Lexus for my F10 and although the trade in price wasn't great the price of the F10 was so the price to change was acceptable The main dealer offered a great part ex price but the F10 there was £2K more than the car supermarket I subsequently bought from. Price to Change is what counts.
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    Our two eldest girls have grown up and moved out now, so it's just us and the little one, so we now have a guest room, the wee one has a much bigger bedroom, and we had one room for nothing in particular - so it's been set up as what my Wife calls a man cave - although either of us can use it. I've put all my CDs on shelves, racked my vinyl collection and sorted all the old cassettes. I set up a mid 90s Technics stereo system in there which can play all of that, to which I have added some new speakers. Cleaned all the heads, and replaced the belts and stylus on the turntable. I don't know why, but for me. listening to music is so much nicer when you go and put it on yourself - no Bluetooth, iCloud or iPods in here thank you! I'm not against any of that - I use Bluetooth and a BOSE all the time - just not in this room. I have bought a nice recliner for in there, and some cube storage for all the bits and pieces I have accumulated. I can go in there and completely chill - listen to some music or an audio book, read a book or magazine, look at old photos, and have a nice mug of tea or coffee in peace and quiet. There's a small TV, but it isn't connected to the world at all - it's just for looking at pictures, or some of the old VHS and DVD home movies from when we got married, or when the kids were small. Best room I've ever had, with the possible exception of a bedroom I shared with my Brother when we were young - we had Jaguar XK140 bed spreads - and that's unbeatable!
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    It's for this reason I don't have a TV anymore. After a fortnight you begin to regain the ability to think again about stuff. I read books instead. Richard Burton's biography at present, to be followed by Peter Gabriel's. Or I can watch shit TV instead. Tough choice.
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    Ha ha! Yeah your correct with the quality of almost everything these days! My theory is, reality tv is to blame! As most things are ran by people roughly my age and younger (I’m mid thirties) as the old boys that used to run things are taking early retirement and leaving it up to us lazy fuckers.... now here’s where the reality tv comes in, most of these people are watching these shit shows towie, Chelsea pompous twats, love hole island and all them things and the mindless fuckers that are watching these things are overwhelmed with the flashy cars and houses and think they just appear if you do fuck all like the twats on tv! So the people running businesses and services are more arsed about how their stupid hair looks and where their going to spend a hundred quid on lunch than giving good customer service and building their business up. Dont get me wrong that’s not everyone but it’s the majority and it’s so easy to one day start a business get a flash car then fold the business the next and do the same the next day, no one give a fuck Thanks mark, you’ve drawn me into your moaning world!
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    My Wife calls me Victor Meldrew! I don't know - I just can't keep my mouth shut when it comes to bad service, poor quality and just generally nobody giving a toss about anything anymore. I would happily give up a lot of modern tech, instant gratification and everything NOW for the days when businesses were smaller and had to fight for their reputations. It all just seems like such a race to the bottom these days. The internet is to blame for a lot of it, and if I'm honest, if it disappeared forever tomorrow, I wouldn't care. I'd be happier, and I'm convinced most other people would too. I don't think anything has improved since about 1994. I think that year was the best all round compromise between advances and living well.
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    535i Andrew

    Rear tyre wear on inside edge

    No your tech is talking mince. All E39s and E60s regardless of trim/spec have cam headed bolts or cam shaped (eccentric) washers to allow the rear suspension arms to be adjusted. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DD42-EUR-06-1998-E39-BMW-523i&diagId=33_0519 show your tech how many time the word "eccentric" is shown on the parts list in the above link and them don't go back to that garage.
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    Hard wiring dashcam, F31

    Sounds like you are nearly there:) I managed to get the wire down without removing panels I eased it down behind the top of the a pillar panel then pulled back the door seal and fed the wire down that way. At the bottom near the fuse as you suggest there is a natural gap that can be used. Pleased to say it worked well for me with no rattles or lose panels
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    I can second that. 3M film has kept my headlights clear for going on 7 years now. There is no yellowing whatsoever & even after those years of road dirt sand blasting there is some, but not much surface damage to the film. They are in much, much better condition now than they were when I bought the car at 8 years of age. It's too bad that BMW/Hella didn't install film at the factory. Mine were rough enough that I started with 400 grit paper, so I'm pretty sure that any protective coating applied by Hella was long gone by the time the lenses were refinished. The 3M film is poly-urethane with UV blockers & apparently it works. I've never applied wax or any other protective coating to the film. Regards RDL
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    I could only describe it as a step in the power curve. Never dangerous and you just drive around it but I knew it was there and thus annoyed me. I tried everything (fuel pump. Pressure converters,vac lines, maf , fuel pump, map sensors) even even had it on a rolling road and tried a remap. Worth looking at turbo but a diagnostic too.
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    Here’s when I first did them, gave them the full treatment to the point you think they’re screwed. I’ll post up a current photo at the weekend for comparison
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    Standard charger failed? 530e

    It makes no difference whatsoever what the price is! As you’ll get shafted no matter what you choose.... petrol- price will go up diesel- price will go up electric- price will go up! It just means if your trying to beat the VED they will get it another way! A horse seems a better choice....
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    Best and Worst thing about an E39

    Love my 530d power comfort ... Only 2 downsides the big one rust. Minor one is the cupholder. My car is mechanically spot in but is rusting badly now. Spoiling a great car.
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    Rock solid front seats

    Time for some specific back and core strengthening exercises pal... It's 9/10 a core issue and not a back issue, but a weak core will always affect a back etc I'm 38, have been lifting stupidly heavy shit for x2 decades now and haven't injured my back (shoulders, neck and pelvis, yes ) Look up simple core and back exercises, that you'll be able to do at home or at the gym if you go to one and you'll soon feel & see a difference!