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    Finally, the first update of 2018. Started the year off by putting the covers on the Throwing stars the right way round, also got rid of the old securing bolts and put the new ones it. I previously mentioned that someone fitted incorrect bolts for the covers on the rear wheels and here's what they looked like: As you can see, they are hex bolts with washers, but originally you're supposed to have spline bolts in there, which fit flush with the wheels and don't stick out. The good thing about these "wrong bolts" was that they came off easily, since they were replaced quite recently. The covers are aluminium and here's what they look like once taken off: The plastic cap in the centre is separate and you can see the correct spline bolts, which is what BMW uses to secure the covers to the wheels. I cleaned the threads on the covers with some WD40 and also put a bit of copper grease on the new bolts before fitting them. Here's the first wheel finished: The front 2 wheels and the spare one had very tired-looking bolts on the covers, so I wouldn't be surprised if no one touched them for the last 10 years or possibly even from new. Had to be careful not to round the head on the splines, as otherwise I would end up drilling them, which obviously I wanted to avoid. Here's one wheel with the old bolts: Surprisingly, all the bolts came out in one piece and there was no drama after all. Here's the collection: With the covers sorted, I moved to the badges, which was a lot easier to deal with. They are just stuck-on, so all you need is a thin scraper to pry them off and then carefully remove, paying attention not to damage the surface of the cap. Then clean off the remaining glue with a degreaser and you are ready to put on the new badges. My old ones kind of felt apart, as I took them off. They weren't genuine either, as the letters on the genuine BMW badges are engraved, so you can feel a slight groove as you move your finger across them. That's for BMW pedants out there... Having previously driven on 18" M Parallels, I can definitely say that 17's are a better choice for an E34, both in terms of looks and ride/handling. Of course, looks are subjective, but I think 18's are just a bit too big and the ride was a bit too harsh for my liking as well. That's not to say that 17's are not hard, because compared to original 15" style 5's with 60-profile tyres, they are without a doubt harder, but it's something I can live with, considering the E34 is my daily driver. The car feels much more stable and planted on the road, especially giving more confidence at high speeds, since it doesn't bounce around, like it did on 15's. As for looks, it currently looks just perfect to me - Bilstein B12 kit + Throwing stars is an ideal combo, in my opinion. Here are a few photos: The next job on the list is probably sort out the exhaust. To be honest, there's nothing specifically wrong with the exhaust itself, but the catalytic converter has fallen into pieces and I'm thinking of getting an OE Klarius, type-approved replacement, so I might as well get a decent exhaust too - however, nothing too loud, as I'm quite happy with the original BMW exhaust anyway. I'm thinking possibly a Jetex cat-back system or maybe get something custom-made by Powerflow? Will need to look into this further and do a bit more research before I decide what I'm going to go for. Still need to see what's wrong with my rear window regulators and my driver's seat is torn on base, so again, a few things that need to be sorted, but obviously have to prioritise things and get more important stuff done first. Talking about important stuff, planning to replace the clutch this year, along with the gear linkage and other bits, like the clutch slave cylinder, etc. Let me sort out the exhaust first and then I'll probably start looking into getting the parts for the clutch change. Thanks for the following.
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    Hi guys, just wanted to share my recent audio upgrade completed today. I bought an F10, 520D recently and as we all know the OEM speakers are not the best. I start searching for compatible speakers and found the usual suspects, Focal IFBMW, MTX, Bavsound stage one, Match, ESX, Harman Kardon etc. I am very price conscious and usually search for days until I am settling for something and in this case, I focused my attention towards the Focal range as I like the brand and had 135VR's and 165VR's in one of my previous BMW E46 coupe. It was out of discussion paying £5 - 600 for the IFBMW and as I wanted to have high-quality sound for the best price I started to look for 4" Focal speakers. I found quite a few and the interesting thing is they are not advertised as compatible with BMW, I am sure they will put the price up if they will.... I bought a pair of these for the back https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Focal-AUDITOR-R-100C-4-10cm-2-Way-Car-Coaxial-Van-Door-Dash-Speakers-240W/262351114177?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 And a pair of these for the front https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Focal-Integration-ISC100-4-10cm-2-Way-Coaxial-Car-Speakers-200W-Total-Power/401093581124?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 As well 2 pairs of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10cm-4-Front-Rear-Door-Speaker-Adaptor-For-BMW-X3-2007-Onwards/351735857820?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 As well you will need 4 x 61138373583 and 8 x 61130006664 from BMW for a neat setup. The result is, to say the least, impressive with very clear midrange and crystal clear highs. The Integration speakers in the front have a rotary tweeter which you can adjust to face the driver and raise the soundstage and you really have the impression that the sound is coming from the pillars. All in all, for £160 all in I find it very hard to believe that there is a better solution to upgrade your sound system to match this setup and wanted to share with you all, and believe me you will not regret it!
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    530i ROAD NOISE ?

    Behold this thing of beauty !
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    E34 535i Sport / M5 content

    Update Time, And its a landmark one... Slow but steady progress... front subframe done and refurbished steering box on... The rear subframe was a bitch to do, even with the bush pulling tool... Still managed to get it all cleaned up and although the pics dont show it, i've pressed in all the new bushes for the frame, diff and trailing arms Also managed to finish off the rear shocks. Ended up binning everything from the old ones, happy with how they're looking Before After So that means i just need to finish the rear trailing arms and hubs / bearings to complete all the subframe and bushes part of this. In Parallel to this, in August 2017 i had been in contact with the owner of a lovely M5 who wanted to sell, but for various reasons we never made a deal... then i went to see it this weekend, and couldn't help myself and bought it. Not sure where that leaves the 535i sport, but i'm extremely excited to have a usable M5 in time for Spring and hopefully a jaunt on the route Napoleon in July. Here's the only pic i have, further updates once i've collected it.
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    Bit of photography today
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    Car was in for MOT yesterday and to investigate and repair the power steering fluid leak I posted about a couple of weeks back. No MOT advisories (hurrah! ), and the fluid leak was from the cooler as Steve suggested in his reply to my post. So, the bill came to £268 all in - just under £100 for the cooler, £45 for the MOT, 1.5 hrs labour (£90) plus a couple of oddments. No charge for fluid as I'd had to buy in the Pentosin stuff just to get me to the garage cos it was leaking fluid so badly. A bill I could've done without, but could've been worse! Good service from the indy too - all done same day.
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    Car club meet Sunday

    I went down to a Bmw Car Club meeting at the Red Lion pub down in East Sussex at the weekend. There were quite a few 5's in attendance, although I took the M3 for a blast Here are some piccys... This was my car of the day though a stunning machine ! Were any other 5 forumites there ? A group of M5s turned up as well so some may be on here.
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    The 535i is waaaaaayyyyyy quicker than the E46 330i I know this as I took my mate to mid Wales to buy a E46 330i in my 535i both where manual and the 330 just couldn't keep up! We drove back, obviously testing the 330i and it just wasn't a match, couldn't over take at any speed and then started to drop back after 70(ish)..... TBH the sound from the V8 is very muted with the standard exhaust so you need a rear box delete or a cat back straight pipe to "enjoy" the V8 rumble.
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    E34 535i Sport / M5 content

    3.6 on turbines? Nice
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    Looking at a 535d

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    Looks like quite typical failed inline fuel pump. Pierburg 7.50051.60.0 = OEM
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    Clean MOT and power steering fixed!

    I don't know how much the system holds in total, but as mine was leaking badly I needed enough to top up to full just to get to the garage, plus I wanted to have enough for them to use the fluid the handbook recommends. I found this deal on Amazon which seemed reasonable.
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    I have a manual 535i and it's way faster than the manual 528i I had a few years back. In between I had a manual 330ci and I would say the 535 feels about on a par with that, maybe a little bit quicker but the soundtrack is way better, especially as it has a rear box delete.
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    What's being worked on today?

    ^^^^ if your that bothered about it, why not use electrical tape instead of birth control?
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    Hi GoNzO I have been following your thread religiously since taking delivery of my first BMW in 30 years. I can relate to your frustration and I think the difference may well may be in the year and value of our cars. Mine is the first of the (Sept 2003) E60 which is worth about three cheers and If it were a later model I would be as frustrated as you. But there comes a time if nothing comes under warrant anymore that its time to try out a possible cure (however temporary) that seem to work. The smile on my face when seeing 85-90 temp and 40 plus mpg for a £5 stat and an hours labour would bear testament to this.
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    GONZO " Say as much as you want but not in here thanks" is a very rude reply to say the least to a fellow BMW member who is simply trying to help you out. I replaced the main stats only for one of them to fail within a couple of months and being pissed off I went down the suggested route of the Renault 5 stat in the top hose. and for the moment I have temperature as required and excellent MPG again. Perhaps you should at least try this out and then come back and tell us we are talking through the end that sees no sunshine..
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Its a local company to me in Preston who specialise in older cars and motorbikes and they have a mobile leather specialist who'll come and do the leather refurb when the seats back in the car
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    Wheels to fit my E34

    Well I've gone with some genuine staggered style 32. They came reasonable enough and when my local wheel refurb place do their usual magic I've no doubt they will come up as new. I would have preferred to go style 5 as I think it would have been more in keeping with the sport but the smaller style 5 were just too small compared to the big metrics and the BBS RC just too expensive and hard to find. The 8x16" E38 wheels were too much of a risk on the Mtech suspension. The original 415 metrics are mint and will stay with the car for posterity but the Style 32 will be a good usable alternative and I think they suit the E34 just as well.
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    I’d just strip both cars and swap the looms over and make up any brackets needed for engine ect
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    There was little performance difference between 530i and 535i however the Sound the 535i made put a smile on my face
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    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Update Nineteen 22/2/2018 Small update removed the ECU and replace it with The Silver Units Hartage ECU and have continued to put the miles on and get some confidence in the old girl. - All For Now. Comments Welcome As Always.
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    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Having read this thread with interest, thought I would be pro-active and have a punt at this as I have the week off. I haven’t suffered from the leak, but looking at the before photo makes me wonder if the previous owner did! 2013 530d - did the job from above with relative ease. 5 mins to remove the panel, results before and after below. I partially removed the seal on the panel as seen on here and removed the 2 grooves to allow for water to exit should the problem reoccur. Make sure the drain hole is clear, to the right corner looking at the grommet. Refitting the panel was as others have stated a PITA! Mainly because you have to have the panel aligned true to get the bolts back in. TIP: once you have gotten the three visible bolt to thread, only half tighten them and then move the panel about to get the hidden nut to thread. Then tighten each bolt in turn. Took me 45 mins, could be done in half the time if the panel wasn’t so fiddly to refit. Good preventative maintenance for a clear design flaw. Cheers for the sticky...
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    My E26!

    Actually.... I'll send you a link. On second thoughts, never trust a url from me.