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    They have agreed to do all 4 alloys again without any fuss, i'm glad the wasn't any kickback to be honest.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I Think I saw one on it's way back earlier.
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    535i Andrew

    New boiler or fix old one?

    Aye cos back then they made things properly! Saying that how many P reg cars do you see kicking about? Had a price sorry phone number from Scottish Gas to replace it.......Getting local firm out hopefully on Sunday to give us a price. Will need to up gas supply pipe from 15mm to 22mm. Its 22mm most of the way until it gets to the floor under the kitchen corner unit which will need to come out.....
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    Agreed on all above, swallows 8ft timber when required. If power is a concern but cost of change is too much then you could fit an m50 head to the 523 for decent gains? It's effectively a strangled 2.5 so 190bhp is meant to be achievable with the head and a bit of tuning.
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    Of all those options the one I've found most useful has been the split rear folding seats.... Last year I picked up a 16'x12' rug from a seller on e-bay and they were astonished how it disappeared in to the boot and then with a slight fold of the rolled rug the boot lid was closed... I also picked up a Reebok Irun 3 treadmill for a friend the other week and again the seller was most amused to see us rock up in a saloon and did a double take as it disappeared in to the boot.... And just before Xmas a friends niece asked my to help her pick up a cot / bed and again this seller was amazed how easy it went it. It's also made the odd trip to the local builders merchants easy enough when I've need various bits of timber/flooring...
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    My E26!

    Latest addition to the M1, three pieces of unobtainium. In their rightful place The main suitcase and garment bag are in very good condition, hardly used. The cream lining of the suitcase is imaculate Lovely little details, like a popper to attach the zips to when the flap on the case is shut I even found the original guarantee slip with the case number inside one of the pockets The smaller flight case has obviously been used much more and needs some TLC and a good clean. Job for the weekend.
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    I diy'd a set of style 81s on my first e39, filled, rubbed down, primed, rubbed, few coats of silver with light sand between, and then laquered. Looked after them and they looked great 18 months later when i sold her on. Need warmer weather to do them well though!
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    Jap 540i

    Looks very nice with black leather etc and has missed years of salt murdered winters .... Edit I like the square rear plates.
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    Mashed Potatoes

    What's being worked on today?

    2011 Mercedes Sprinter with Delphi CRD2 ECU in for cloning due to failed injector drivers.
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    R44M BM

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Changed the sidelights (Angel eyes) for LED Versions
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    Orient Blue is a facelift colour not too dissimilar to Biarritz Blue. There is also MIdnight Blue I used to own a 530i SE Individual Auto in Orient with Champagne leather heated sport seats with electric memory, folding rear seats, DSP etc etc, but no blinds. I personally find E39 sport seats better than Comforts. As others have said it's a very difficult search but good luck.
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    Might be a long wait, especially that the newest E39s are not kicking the @r$e off 15 years old. Make a list of essential needs in a car and take it from there. My only essential was petrol when my E60 died and as far as I'm concerned the toys I have in my F10 are a brucey bonus. I don't have Pro nav for example but realistically I've only needed nav four times in 2 years of owning my car.
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    Stick to your guns and wait for the right car to come along. Buy anything less, you'll never be happy with it.
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    New boiler or fix old one?

    Get a new boiler but.... Don't get a Worcester....
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    I've got: Sat Navigation + digital TV Bluetooth Heated seats Electric adjust seats and steering wheel Rear privacy glass Would love a sunroof and rear folding seats The 535 is a V8 and has great chat on acceleration
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    Hard enough to find those on more recent models, let alone a 15-20 year old car that's in decent condition - decide on absolute necessities and get looking. I ended up in an F10 to get a lot of those types of options and it was a case of checking daily alerts on autotrader religiously then moving quickly when they did come up. Your biggest problem will be cars listed as manual when they're an auto, in my experience!
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    As Dennis says a lot can be retro fitted though not a sunroof. Mine could be higher specced but had the must have basics I wanted and those it's missing could be fitted if I could be bothered.
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    Hi, Hopefully you'll find the car you want, but with that list of 'must haves' I think you'll struggle... for a long time. I think Biarritz Blue was a pre-facelift colour or at least, much much more common on the pre-facelifts so it's unlikely you'll find a 530i in that colour as the 530i was a facelift model. Rear folding seats, that'll be hard to find as it wasn't an option ticked much when new. Heated Comfort seats, side blinds, rear electric blind, shadowline can all be retrofitted. I think there's also a thread about swapping the steel sunroof to a glass one too. Given the age of the E39 now, it's much harder to find a solid, well kept/excellent condition example. Find one with all the options you want will be even harder. Finding a manual example with it all will be even harder again! Another member just posted about wanting a 530i manual and it's the same advice there - look for the very best example of a 530i manual as you can find - colour, spec & options should be last on your list as they can be retrofitted - what you want is as best condition mechanically and cosmetically example as you can find. The 530i is rated at 231 HP and I seem to have the figure of 245 or 252 HP for the 535i. The 535i wasn't so popular as soon after the 540i was released and that was/is the one everyone wants! the manual versions are very rare now too.. Good luck in your search and hopefully a decent base car will come along and then you can add to it - that's failing a 530i manual shows up with all the bits you want! Cheers, Dennis!
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    Is a Sponge Just a Sponge?

    Do that in straight lines though, otherwise you'll end up causing swirl marks & cobwebs . . . . . .
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    Is a Sponge Just a Sponge?

    I find most of the sponges you buy can struggle to get the fine dirt off. For that, I tend to use a Brillo pad, then go over the area afterwards with some scrunched up tin foil and goose fat.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    If this becomes a thing I'm claiming it as my idea.
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    Impressive specced F10!

    Yeah, but I did have it repaired and carried on until it rocked over 174k miles, all in a 1.3 engine on constant redline... those were the days...
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    I'd cross out number 3 above, they will just get the smart repair guy in to flash them over. Best way is dipped, stripped and powder coated, this takes them back to factory finish.
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    Wheels to fit my E34

    Have a look here for different BMW wheels for each model, including sizes and offsets : CLICKY
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    Remap of 525d

    A number of solid discussions on the autobox service. Get it done and by a garage that knows what it's doing. But also with the only service kit by ZF..