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    Just finished the conversion work...took us about 2 weeks to complete it. Nice way to have 375hp Car was originally 530i Sport Aegean Edition imported myself from UK 8 years ago to Malaysia and had done 360,000km (about 224,000miles). It started sounding rough so decided to convert it to this. I don't really want an S62 since this is a daily driver and traffic where I live are horrendous so cant really drive it with the manual box. Most other stuffs are already M5 though (interior, cluster, mirrors, etc etc). The 'halfcut' came from Japan, I only took the engine, gearbox, undercarriage and the brakes from the E39 B10 V8S breaker unit.
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    It was on, in between the talking dog and a phallic shaped potato
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    F10 Seat Ventilation

    I think this feature is for 'wet farts'.
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    Anyone interested just PM me as many as you want !!!
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    Winter times & bmws

    minus 11 and boatloads of snow in moscow... shovel is a must... winter tyres without studs are useless.... i regret now had to grease up all doors and seams... otherwise not able to open them managed to enter the car from behind
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    Pirelli P7 RFT's on the back for me: great. Good 'wet tyre'. Unforgivably cheap Nokian RFT on front: to be replaced. I got the Pirellis for £322 fitted at ProTyre.... (And I don't care of your mate Dave at the arches could have done it for £120).
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    Undercarriage, suspension and brakes are all swapped too of course
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    E39 for sale 23K

    As soon as they mention bespoke..they think they can charge the earth. A mate of mine is a "bespoke" joiner and guess what...each time he quotes work he rips peoples eyes out.
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    E39 for sale 23K

    FFS - before I scrolled down on the advert I was thinking it was one of their ultra low milers for that sort of money.... £24k for a 14 year old 74k miler..!!! "Our car is fitted with several bespoke options" It would be useful if they gave folk an idea what they are ... other than the hole in the front offside lower splash guard....and a saggy drivers seat... looking at the switch panel there doesn't seem to be too many switches (options)... plus the heated seats buttons are not on there ? The traffic master control knob is missing ... ( I know it's a pointless service but I'd still expect the knob to be there rather than a bare metal spindle) 255 tyres on the style 65 wheels at the rear... ? So I'm guessing they've gone with a square set up using front M5 wheels which is supposed to be a 245...! So these must be the bespoke options....???? LOL
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    Captain Beaky

    What did your wife do today?

    Quick back story For a few years now a couple of the lads and I have had a stupid wife board, just a bit of banter because we all know each other and the wives give us as good as we give. But today I am king of the board. She only went to make heart shaped pancakes for me on Valentines day, what a darling wife! how she achieved it is priceless she only tried to use a plastic heart shaped cake cutter as a mould on the frying pan and pour the mix in. awesome!! Now i have plastic poisoning and have to buy a new frying pan
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    Doubtful otherwise we'd have seen it on That's Life.
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    Jeez OK then.. when I took my car in for warranty work I took the two kids who helped themselves to the cakes and had a coffee.
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    F10 Seat Ventilation

    How do you find it Jake?...
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    E39 for sale 23K

    Hi, Been discussed a number of times over the years on here and other forums about Hexagon prices! In short, they don't need to sell cars quickly, they can and do find some of the best examples of BMW's and then just sit on them. It also helps that nearby there's lots of people who'll think spending £500 on lunch is nothing. So when one of those people 'just happen' to see a car in Hexagons showroom they like, it's usually a case that the inflated price will be paid in a relative few minutes! To most others, as well as specific car model enthusiasts, the prices are very high, but then the usual line comes out, find another comparable car! there will perhaps be a 'few' like that, but most examples will be a lot worse. It's also why then most enthusiasts will go look for another much newer car where chances of finding a good example are a lot higher! There's a few other high(er) end dealers who use this business model too. Cheers, Dennis!
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    F10 door corrosion

    That was before it was repaired. Just to be clear lol.
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    Remove armrest phone cradle E60 LCI

    Hi You need to remove all the fixings for the centre console, then raise it up in situ approx 6 inches to gain access to the 3 torx screws that hold the storage liner, pull the whole lot in one piece and your done. What are you planing to do with the USB, if you don't have one fitted as standard you will need to upgrade and retro-fit a MULF2 high module first.
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    Mashed Potatoes

    What's being worked on today?

    There's nothing at all wrong with being curious. Regarding gearboxes, only one on a 335D, which turned out to be 2 litres short on oil. The boxes, generally are fine. My car produces over 800Nm of torque, and soon will be up around the 1000Nm level. They aren't as fragile as they're made out to be. There's always exceptions to the rules though and some will fail. But they also fail as standard too. 9 times out of 10, a remap will not actually be the root cause of a failure. Mostly it's worn components that are close to the end of their working life fail when extra load is put on them. I'm talking about anything from sensors to turbos here. When a car comes in, we have about 5 minutes to make a general assessment of the condition of the car and that's what we have to base our judgement on. Does the turbo whine, does the engine sound healthy, does it look well looked after, does the oil look decent or like glue etc. If the car is older, then we will pay more attention to it. A 10k mile 535D is incredibly unlikely to have any major issues. A 140,000 mile 11 year old 535D like mine would have a much higher chance of having issues. Be that a weaker fuel pump, turbos whining (bearings starting to fail, usually in the small one on those), boost leaks, blocked up inlet manifolds from the EGR etc. If your car is older, then bear in mind there will be components in there approaching the end of their working life. Turbos, whilst they can last to 200k miles or more aren't guaranteed to do so. There's a Xsara Picasso in our workshop at the moment for a new clutch and turbo at 56k miles. Mileage isn't always a way of telling what is going to fail and what isn't. As a tuner that's where experience comes in. Most of the time they'll be perfectly fine but there's just a higher chance of something playing up more seriously, the way to look at it is that part was going to fail anyway at some point, the extra stress of a remap just made it happen a little sooner. I've had coilpacks go on a few VW 1.8T engines within a couple of hundred yards of a map file going on, but they're known to be made of metaphorical chocolate. We actually keep a couple of those spare now just because they're so common for failing, tuned or not. Depending on what it is and the level of tune, only small changes are made for power increases. For example fuel pressure will be raised, but only by a small percentage. Boost, again is the same story. It's just making changes in the right areas that are the key. Only a few percent is required for quite a bit more power. In terms of advice, with a diesel, make sure the filters are changed - air, oil and fuel. Check for leaking boost pipes. They can often be identified by oily stains around them if they're leaking. A gearbox service never goes amiss either. 90% of cars take a tune fine, just be more prepared for something to fail if the car has high miles or is older. That's not saying it will, there's just obviously a higher chance of it. The same goes for petrol. A new set of plugs in turbo cars is always nice to have, but we're still looking for the same thing. Engines can be surprisingly resilient. Our drift cars can sit for hours, get fired up, idle for a few seconds as they wait to go and then boom they're on the rev limiter for a few minutes. They are taking the abuse. That's not to say do it, far from it, it's the exact opposite of mechanical sympathy. One of the ones that gets driven like this has well over 150k miles on it and sounds as sweet as the day it left the factory. However it has had sensors replaced, and things like that as parts wear out, but the major bits are all still original and standard. Just make sure the car is in good condition, you know the car better than we even will do in the few minutes we get before starting on the car. Yes I've refused to tune cars before. I turn away maybe 1 in 30. The last one was a Seat Leon 2.0TDi that came in for stage 2 tuning and launch control a few weeks ago. The clutch was slipping in 4th gear upwards, the turbo sounded like a Police siren and the whole thing just felt very unloved. I might've tuned it and it might've been fine but I wasn't prepared to take the risk (aside from the clutch which needed replacing regardless).
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    Remove armrest phone cradle E60 LCI

    I was reading this the other day and you should go in from behind, removing the vents etc to gain access.
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    Looking to buy a f01 740d

    You can only live and hope but at the same time no point worrying about it you have to enjoy the car not worry about it all the time, if it’s going to happen it will!! Changing the oil regularly does seem to help so that’s the best we can do.
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    Winter times & bmws

    Haha that makes the snow and temps we had in Scotland the past few weeks look like tropical weather
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    I have just put pirelli P7 rft on mine, seem so much more sure footed than the bridgstones I had on previously. Not cheap mind you.
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    Just throwing this in as an option
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    You'd be amazed how much stick the box will take, there's quite a few holding near 1000Nm.