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    F series Gearbox video made by ZF

    Was on youtube and came across this video made by ZF about gearbox maintenance
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    B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    There is a huge topic already on this subject guys. Its called B47 MPG I think, take a look and add comments to that one please.
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    Coolant leak

    If its done more than 100k the cooling system will be ready fir a overhaul anyway. Likely to be the plastic on the rad where the hose connects, hairline crack. I had the same, wiggle it and it gets worse. I got a nissen rad, really well made. You will need a clutch fan removing tool off fleabay and whilst you're in there after fighting with the shroud you might as well do the thermostat and water pump and inspect the pulleys/belts closely. Also worth considering new header tank. Good time too for chopping the leaky ATF pipes on the steering fluid reservoir and replacing the stupid clamp things with Jubilee clips. The new rad pipes you will fitting are hard to push on WD40 helps.
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    An article from the Daily Mail
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    Saint Matt

    525d Sport rolling project

    Well, injector came out and got refurb'd no problem. 3 glow plugs were high resistance so I replaced all 6. Also found 3 more split vac hoses so I've replaced those. The car starts so much faster but is still iffy first thing on a freezing cold morning so I'll check out the controller next. The thermostat arrived but it was wrong (was for a version with an EGR cooler, mine doesn't have one) so that will have to wait. Also fitted a 545i shifter with new gaitor and ZHP knob, the old one would un-clip if you were a bit keen putting it into reverse. Bumper off later to remove the tow bar and replace the two PDC sensors. It's a labour of love.
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    Side View Camera Failure

    Started her up this morning and all good, no errors and all cameras working. Think I got lucky this time and will be extra careful with the jet wash next time, in fact I'll probably use a watering can for those sensitive areas going forward....
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    Re Mapping G31/G32

    Ah this is good news! I was thinking I’d have to go down the tuning box route again, but if it can be done without being detectable then I may await you to crack the G chassis! Thanks for the info.
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    Hi, If a tyre has been driven on while flat the signs are normally on the inside of the tyre. Here is a pic I managed to find as an example, it's even an RFT. Any decent tyre place will be able to determine if the tyre can be repaired and should follow the manufacturer's guidelines. Thanks Paul
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    the wires from the switch are very small and often the 1st to break unfortunately. Just because things seem to be working ok doesn't mean the insulations broken away inside the loom behind the hinges, sometimes taking a bright torch and shining through the hinge to the wires can show the impending doom to prompt a repair before things get really bad.
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    So no real evidence then, just personal experience. Ref placing new tyres on the rear, it's advice lots of real specialist give, organisations like the AA and RAC etc. I think I'll stick with their advice.
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    The old thermostat questions (again)

    Appreciate that.. I said it more as a reminder to myself to look at my temps, but that'll have to wait til it's a bit warmer. Buggered if I'm doing that in this weather. .. Assuming the gearbox stat works like any other stat, then I guess the wax must have leaked out somehow? Maybe a bad crimp on the housing, or something. And I know you don't like the idea, and frankly, I don't blame you, but maybe the Renault in line stat is the answer....
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    Rear window regulators-interchangeable?

    OK-for anyone in the future who has this problem-facelift rear regulators are different to pre-facelift and the two are not interchangeable. Luckily I was able to repair the original one.
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    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Interested to hear the answer as well. I think you should be able to get it for under€500.
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    The Flying Banana

    New Wheeler Dealers

    i preferred teh Falcon the way he bought it !!
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    Since fitting my NOX emulator I've also updated my DME to the latest firmware, bimmerprofs analysis shows that older firmware had incorrect rough-rough algorithms. Mine was old firmware from 2008 according to INPA UIF, I used WINKFP to update to the latest for N53 530i DME OLD 7611492 DME NEW 8603176 So far so good no issues to report.
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    Oil in coolant scammers caught

    Reminds me why I hate selling cars.
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    New Wheeler Dealers

    Got to say i'm quite enjoying Ant as the mechanic too, the change doesn't seem to be all bad. Though his pronounced stubble moustache troubles me!