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    Re Mapping G31/G32

    Ah, right, I'd better play ball. A weekend away in the Peak District.
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    Not today, but yesterday, but relented after battling the stuck bonnet last Saturday, and took the car to Emtec. Had a call within a couple of hours that they had it open and all 3 cables and a latch needed replacing. Very reasonably priced actually and it's nice to get in to the engine bay again! I can finally do my top hose...
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    Hello there, 2005/3 E60 535d Msport automatic in Carbon Black. I always wanted to do a Project thread regarding a BM. I've seen a quite a lot of ''Project threads'' here and elsewhere mostly without any pictures or in-depth explanations or just a dead end threads. Hopefully, this should become one.... So then... I got this beauty advertised on Gumtree as a high mileage one(192k miles on it at the time of purchase), so it was a cheap one, just 3.5k. Since I am not afraid of a high mileage cars I opted for this one instead of 2008 E60 530d LCi. The guy that I bought it from used it mostly to get to work in Dublin and Belfast and since he is living near Newry, he did a quite a lot of motorway miles. Just to make sense why I chose this instead of LCi was most of the distances he traveled. Just to make sense of it: If I had a choice to buy a lower spec car from somebody out in a country and a car, that has mostly been used at the town/city with higher spec gadgets and gizmos I would choose the one that is at the countryside every time. Why? because of: 1. It's a diesel! It is supposed to be used on longer journeys to be more economical than the same capacity petrol engine. Since I do a lot of miles myself this is why I went for it. 2. It's a diesel! It clogs up if you drive like a granny on Sundays after a church mess on your way to see the relatives/friends while doing 20-30 mph and an A-class roads where the max speed limit is 60.... Since this doesn't apply to me as I am on a motorway for a most of the miles to get to work, I don't have a problem with it. Diesel needs to be driven harsh once in a while to burn off the soot and other deposits from inlet manifold and surrounding areas. If you're doing less than 8k miles a year, diesel is not for you! 3. It keeps me busy. I wouldn't know what to do If I would buy a brand new car. Changing oil is easy, but I am looking for a challenge so a new car is a no-no for me... I like to get my hands dirty once in a while and the feeling after ou get when you fix something yourself.... Those who know what I am talking about, they will understand. 4. I can fix stuff, I can change it if it needs to be changed and I am not too sure how to do it there is that wonderful thing called ''Google'', but it needs to be master as well as not everything you see or read on there is true.... 5. I always wanted a Black BM with beige leather seats! 6. A bit more about myself at the ''Hello, I am new here'' section So there it goes, a bit of intro with a story and pictures and then straight into the stuff I have done so far. At first, it looked black on the advert, but whenever I went to see it for the first time it was actually a Carbon Black. Whit a lovely beige interior, a perfect combination in my opinion. When it's dirty or depending on sunlight conditions, it looks blue-ish or gray-ish.. (camera doesn't reflect the real color) At the Terraclean Co Down Since there is a character limit per post(but it is not displayed) I will continue in next post.
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    Achieved my personal best mpg figure today: 40.7mpg! I was returning home from Teeside on the A1, followed by my brother who had just bought an old Landrover County so I stuck to 60mph all the way. Frustrating at first but then found it to be very relaxing and an increase of 5 to 6 mpg!
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    Piper's E61 520d Touring

    L7 subs also in:
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    F07 GT 530D Owner and newbie

    I'm guessing English isn't their 1st language and they just need your VIN
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    Matthew Ashton

    F07 GT 530D Owner and newbie

    The airbags have nothing to do with the Turbo! Maybe they want the OEM number for your old Airbags? PM me your VIN and I'll take a look.
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    Japanese Import E39s

    Again; stunning condition, just a stupid price
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    Seeing this M5, thoughts?

    Yup. Let us know how the purchase goes. I do love the e34.
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    Japanese Import E39s

    An 'as new' 525i Touring that'll still need a replacement cooling system and a thorough check of all suspension parts, at a minimum!
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    E39 restoration project.

    You'll be fine with 5W40
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    3.5mm is the OEM size, 3mm goes on with a right squeeze! 4mm is a touch too loose for my liking but I know people have used it.
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    Harman Kardon - EQ tips?

    After a good hour and a half of fettling, and 550 miles of driving yesterday, this is the EQ I’ve settled on (I like a decent amount of bass). It sounds really clear, and is a good balance for a varied taste in music! Logic 7 is switched off - I think it sounds artificial. Be a good spot for people to share their settings so people can try different things!
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    Mostly cleaned New seals fitted Inlet manifold from the inside, something from the Game of Thrones... That was as best I could do, but there is another, less messy, easier way to do it. This is how it looked, but I used an engine rebuild workshop and asked them to clean out. There are two ways hot to do it. It's either using a chemical bath or using an ultrasonic bath. I prefer the last one, the results are amazing E46 320d valve cover with inlet manifold. A perfectly clean inlet manifold! I would suggest if you do it, then remove the valve cover as well, as the most soot stuff are stuck on the plastic bits. I did both parts at the ultrasonic bath. Cost me £50 but well worth the money. This is how it looks when removed from the engine. I would suggest changing the glow plugs(perhaps a glow plug control unit as well if there are any errors while diagnosing DDE) vacuum hoses, de-flap it and remove valve cover(as the valve cover gasket will leak eventually.... So most of the stuff can be changed while the air inlet manifold is off. Valve cover before manual cleaning. After the ultrasonic bath. Well worth the money! Valve cover with a new OEM gasket. E46 320d valve cover after being ultrasonically cleaned .P.S. remove all the parts from the cover and/or inlet manifold before you sent them away from cleaning. All the bolts can be removed and you have to remove them before cleaning takes place. Also changed the oil and and the filters as well, it just makes sense.
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    Whenever I got the car, it came with additional extras, but they weren't fitted and they were sold/bought separately. If the previous owner would have left the audio system in, I would have fewer problems now... This is what I was left it to figure it out... So I got a Dension Gateway, TV module, rearview camera, 16:9 Professional navigation, car audio amplifiers and other bits and pieces removed from the car before I bought it..... No idea why... Anyway.. I have done a simple audio installations before. Generally, a head unit has a RCA output ports, usually 4 of them. Connect it with a amplifier, add a Remote wire from a head unit to the amp(so a head unit can switch on the amp whenever the ignitions is on) Route the Speaker cables to the speakers, to get the better sound over the original wires(more hustle, but way better quality sound) Route at least a 4gauge positive and negative cables with car's battery to the amp to power it and in short... there you have it, a basic 4 channel audio installation. BUT in E60........ NO, YOU CAN'T DO THAT..... Audio system works with a fiber optic cables, System is called MOST. If one of the modules malfunctions or if there is a break/damage or it doesn't terminate where it is supposed to either the whole system(ring token type doesn't work or it's glitching. Anyway, I got it somewhat sorted and I also managed to route most of the speaker cables to the speakers. What a mess... Most of the times I have installed just one amplifier, but now I got three... but it turns out I also need a thing called DSP Digital Sound Processor CONDUSEDdotCOM Rear seats removed, routing audio cables... Dension gateway access used to be a replacement for the CD changer(it emulates CD changer in order to play music from the aux in for example) but it still needed to be connected to the loop... Following instructions were.... inconclusive... managed to figure it out watching few youtube videos A multimeter is a must! So after a few days of doing my head in it looked like this: at the end it looks like this: Somewhat tidied up a bit, but nowhere near finished. Still a long way to go. At least I have some sort of audio now, but it's not on my priority list at the moment.
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    Harman Kardon - EQ tips?

    Here’s mine
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I just ordered 2 new kumho Ecsta PS91 reviews from guys in the states are they rate them highly especially on M cars.
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    OEM DAB Retro-Fit Guide for CCC

    You can change the VIN on any module using NCSEXPERT, see the following video (note 36 secs in is where you change the job to FGNR_SCREIBEN)
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    OEM DAB Retro-Fit Guide for CCC

    I only updated the MULF to see if the update would upload my contacts from my phone, i didnt work(took 1 hour), the other update was the EGS to update the gearbox to make it shift smoother, slight difference(took 2 minutes). I think this can be done in WinKFP.
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    What to do with my 535?

    But you will need gold membership to advertise.
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    The BMW5 random picture thread

    Answers on a postcard?
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