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    Another 540i touring

    The light wash he's referring to is the intensive wash nozzles. Can't comment on the pdc.... what annoys me is when sellers state (and this seller has done exactly this) when new this car was £*************'s so grab a bargain! If the car was 1 day old and was being sold for 10% of its value then that would be a bargain! But to say a 20 year old car is a bargain because it's only 5% of it's new sale price pisses my right off! Its like when sellers say there's XYZ wrong but it's an easy £15 fix...... so fix it yourself you fucking drip! Sorry for the rant....
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    Winter advice from the AA....

    The AA have warned that due to the extreme weather conditions if traveling it is advisable to take the following: A fully charged mobile phone Sunglasses. Personal medication. First aid kit. A road atlas – in case of diversions. Sat-nav or a printed route for an unfamiliar journey. A blanket, rug or sleeping bag. Shovel. Ice scraper and de-icer. Torch and batteries. Snacks – chocolate or cereal bars. A warm winter coat, scarf, hat, gloves and warm clothes. Waterproofs. Sturdy footwear. A flask of hot drink. I felt a complete twat getting on the bus!
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    Seeing this M5, thoughts?

    Look for rust, especially at the front and rear of the sills, get under and have a poke around + evidence of accident damage/bad repairs. As said already you really should take someone who knows these cars with you. Not as nice as a 3.8 six speed IMO
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    Time to move on...

    Yep, you've got it. Basically my GMFV is more than the current value of the car, so negative equity. That situation won't improve over the next 15 months so by VT'ing I can hand it back early and get into a new car. In your example, the key numbers are the Cash Price of the car, plus the interest on the cash price minus the deposit. On your finance agreement it will say total amount of agreement. You then subtract the deposit and the total number of payments you have made. Once the number is close to or below half the original agreement value, you can VT. As you say, probably close to the 34 month mark, but can vary widely. It can also be impossible if the GMFV is above half of the agreement value (rare, but can be on 2/3 year PCP deals).
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    Welcome text on IKE

    Sorry, I don’t have a nice concise change list. Something I’ve been meaning to do and just not got round to. There is nothing really major, one or two extra options for lights etc. There is a change to the requests for the current light status info that significantly reduces the number of requests particularly if the ignition is not in position II. Sending a lot of requests can cause strange behaviour on some vehicles.
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    Another E34 540i ... in Calypso!!

    well get it bought then
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    540i touring

    Looks a well looked after car; a great buy for someone https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-540i-4-4-V8-Touring-Auto-1998-Oxford-Green-REDUCED-FOR-QUICK-SALE/332527957220?hash=item4d6c35f4e4:g:BlAAAOSwe7laO~bh
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    Another headlight question....

    Thanks RDL, i have a new pair of HID/Xenon bulbs i had purchased initially when i was going to first do the upgrade but came across a pair of damaged xenon headlights with the original bulbs in them. This Friday, i will just replace both with the new bulbs so that way, i know they are good. I still need to get to the bottom of the issue where i turn on the headlights and more often than not, 1 headlight will not come on. I then have to knock them off and on around 5-6 times to get them both on. The LCM has been coded to skip the Cold & Hot checks it does and issue still present. After i replace the bulbs, will check the ballasts i think if problem persists. Regards Qady
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    530i ROAD NOISE ?

    The 2.5L six is an absolute peach. You won't find a quieter and smoother engine for all day cruising. But when desired, cane it and hear that lovely straight six howl!
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    New Wheeler Dealers

    I also found the windscreen bit very interesting, my missus seemed to find the tightness of Ant's trousers very interesting for some reason......
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    Time to move on...

    Yep, on a PCP arrangement and in theory I'd be stuck in the car for another 15 months until the end of the 48 month term. This would make me liable for the MOT and any future issues out of warranty. By invoking the VT as half of the value is paid off, I can simply return the car and move on 15 months earlier. Basically the GMFV is nearly £21000 but the car isn't worth that right now, let alone in 15 months.
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    Cognac leather

    Here is an example of Alpine White Touring looking smashing
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    What to do with my 535?

    i'm sorry but parts are plentiful to stroke an M20. As you can use cranks from M52,M54,S50 etc and a whole host of rods depending on what capacity your after. I'd not stick an M30 into a cooking e30. Metric tyres are mega money still.
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    MOT Changes coming in may

    Ha ha, I wondered where the tyre place sold it as a part worn....
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    Newbie with a E28 M535i

    Its been a very long time since updating this but the following few pictures will explain the majority of the recent work - RUST REMOVAL. Dropped the fuel tank & exhaust today to fit the reinforced anti-roll bar brackets & noticed the filler neck was rotten + the exhaust really annoyed me and needed replacing sooner or later. Bought a brand-new 70L tank, Fritz Bits Manifold & Stainless system today. Expensive afternoon! The passenger side strut top had a metal plate welded in then covered over with a load of fillers hiding a nice rot pit. Good work previous owner! All gone now and one step closer to repainting! I bought two replacement (3 actually from a surprise eBay auction!) doors, 2x brand new wings so fingers crossed it will be rolling in for paint by the end of the month!
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    I just found this out, try this if you use Google Chrome and you should be able to view all those photobucket links that are currently broken. "If you're using Google Chrome, go to the three dots on the top right side of the screen and click them. A drop down should appear. Hover your mouse over "More Tools," and when the next drop down appears, click on extensions. Go to the link towards the bottom that says "Get more extensions." In the search box, type "Photobucket Fix," and hit enter. Click the install button and once it's done, you should be able to see photobucket pictures again" I just tried this and it seems to work.
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    What to do with my 535?

    http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Classic-Bmw-Parts?_rdc=1 Send me a shopping list and I will get you some prices. A set of 15inch BBs's, like fitted to this is 150 for the set plus post http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bmw-Breaking-E34-525-tds-Manual-Cosmos-Metallic-/372179591516
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    New Wheeler Dealers

    Thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s Mustang Mach 1 episode. Loved the way the car turned out, with the exception of the wheels. I thought they were too thin in the spoke for that car, and although the low profile tyres no doubt helped the handling, they did nothing for the look of the car. Just my opinion of course.
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    What to do with my 535?

    Some good pics and an honest advert would realise good money on ebay, however be prepared for lots of muppets asking stupid questions... It would also break for good money being a genuine Sport. Good luck in whatever your decision. C.
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    What to do with my 535?

    535 manuals are starting to rise in price ... Why not post some pictures and see the response ... red exterior with black leather is lovely
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    What to do with my 535?

    If it has no sentimental value to you, then depending on how much work is required to put it right, making it roadworthy with a fresh MOT would probably be the best option, because you could then sell it for decent money. As others said, using it as a donor for an E30 is not the best option, as there are better engines/gearboxes out here... If you want to get rid off it as it is, then try putting it on eBay or in the "Cars" section of the forum and see what kind of interest you get. Simple.
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    What to do with my 535?

    I'd at least take it for an MOT and see whats what.
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    Sell it whole. The M30 is an old boat anchor really and there are much better engines to fit into an E30 such as the cheap and readily available 330i E46 unit. A saveable red 535i Sport has a value, especially a manual like yours. Probably 1000-1500 quid if it's not fucked with rust and still has a cam that doesn't resemble a Toblerone.
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    What to do with my 535?

    Manual or Auto? Manual will always fetch a good premium over the Auto cars. C.
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    What to do with my 535?

    How much would you want for it as is? I’d love a project