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    New Grill Fitted

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    Hi 740mick. My m sport touring had been OK until I went to a local carwash. The car wash is usually excellent but this time the lance man over did the rear seal on the door and unknown to me had filled the spare tyre bay with water. Over the following month many error icons appeared on the readout until the car shut down with rear suspension being the final failure. So I took the car round to the local shed garage and he said look at this, I think this the problem. Having removed the covers to show the tyre bay, Steam was coming off the water which had completely covered the modules. He replace the damaged ones for some £600 quid and suggested that because the leads connecting the modules were long enough he would re-position them up into the rear wheel arch. Hence no problems with casual flooding. The car would have to be under water to repeat the problem. Actually his comments where unprintable at the crap design.
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    Fecking Ryanair

    I flew out to Prague and back last weekend with Squeezyjet and had no problems with my rucksack, but what did piss me off was all the nobs who have 2-3 cabin bags plus carrier bags of booze and take up all the space in the overhead bins... It's those people that take the piss and make my blood boil... LOL - Last August coming back from Dalaman with Timmy Cock airlines they weighed my rucksack which came in at 8.7kgs... apparently their rule is a max of 6kgs... they tried to sting me for £50 to put my rucksack in the hold... not a chance with camera stuff etc in there. (I had no suitcase to transfer anything in to). Eventually they called a supervisor who tried to insist and I still refused calling them thieves as the standard charge for pre-booked hold baggage was £32 and they were trying to sting me for £50. I stood at the desk and started to empty the rucksack and asked them to choose what clothing they wanted to bin as I was not paying £50 and it was primarily old clothing which was worth nothing. I also pointed out that I could go through in to the departure hall and then buy several bottles of alcohol which would weigh several Kgs and would they come and insist those went in the hold...? Eventually they conceded and let me through, but for this year I have this bad boy which more pockets than a billiard table with additional ones inside and around the back... Vowed I'd never fly with Ryan Air again unless there was no other option after my last trip out to Shannon a few years back... the continuous and unending sales messages drove me mad as I was trying to prepare a presentation on the way there for delivery later that day...
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    535i Andrew

    Hi, I'm New x 2.

    Ooooh a proper BMW. Where's the pictures?
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    Hi, I'm New x 2.

    Welcome to the forum Johnny - sounds like a lucky escape from the 'dark side'..! The 535 sounds decent, as you say, pics when you can.
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    Corrected for you @sshooie
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    It sure is. So I wonder what the tech did, fiddle with a setting in ISTA?
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    Help to identify Service Inclusive

    bmw-service.co.uk will show it from the reg
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    Cheers guys! Few things I'd like to do at some point that will definitely benefit from knowledgeable input! My Bimmer knowledge isn't great but if you want to convert yours to ROAD sweepers I can totally help!
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    New Grill Fitted

    I agree. Much better now. On my old E39 540i, I wanted the facelift style but the all chrome seemed a bit chrome, despite being correct for the V8. So I went for the 6 cylinder style of chrome outers and black slats and thought they looked very nice. I'm loosely considering the same for my F11.
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    Just dropped mine off for its MOT. Normally I would now spend all day stressing that my car is in for an MOT while endlessly refreshing the MOT history page on the .gov website. BUT, the very smiley customer advisor pointed out that as my car is still under the 5 year 60,000 mile service inclusive pack, just, this includes a 24 month MOT protection which starts the day the car is 3 years old, so if it fails on anything today from a bulb to a coil spring, I'm covered. I didnt know about about the two year MOT protection being part of the service pack. Brucey Bonus. And also local dealer is having a special deal on MOTs in Jan for a price of £34 instead of £54! Double Brucey Bonus! To the original owner, I thank you again for spending your money on something I'm benefitting from!
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    Matthew Ashton


    Dave is right. The 2 filters are accessible from underneath behind the glovebox. You'll need a stubby Torx screwdriver to get the screws out closest to the bulkhead due to the angle of the carpet/bodywork. Also, there is a drain pipe connected to the cabin filter cover that must be disconnected and reconnected once done. Get charcoal activated Mann filters from the bay. From BMW they are about £90 per pair. When you reassemble be gentle when tightening the screws as the cover's screw holes are quite fragile. My next filter change will require a replacement cover as the ham fisted mechanics at BMW have screwed it together so tightly there isn't much plastic left for them to attach to.
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    What are you listening to?

    nice melodic tune
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    Its up behind the glove box I think doc Doc. Check out you tube see if there are any vids which detail how to change, but, its not that hard I dont think.
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    Johnny Grabble

    High Beam assist question

    Exactly the same here. They replaced the sodium lamps with LED street lights which are whiter but a whole lot dimmer. So the adaptive camera doesn't always register them. I've got into the habit of switching of the HBA as I enter town.
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    E39 restoration project.

    I think that's fair enough My 530d has cost me say £7k over 3 years including purchase but ex fuel and insurance as that needs paying regardless. Some jobs needed doing others i wanted too (full suspension refresh, rear blinds and the like) so £200 a month and it still has a value of say £3500 so £100 / month bar servicing and tempting fate i don't foresee significant spending for a while - tyres are recent etc so that / month figure should go down. I didn't have £7k in one go and what does that buy you that's significantly better in any case? I reckon that's fair value?
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Even dirty E60 is still beautiful! I know most prefer E39 but I find an E60 beautiful on it's own way! Non-classic way!
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    New Wheeler Dealers

    Not bad at all fella ☺ Yep as much as I love my M5 there's nothing like the experience of driving my saff, rattles and build quality more evident but still love it
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    What are you listening to?

    Just wait for the drop that shouldn't be there....
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    What are you listening to?

    This- sure I've posted it before? If I have, I don't care as it's fucking epic......
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    E39 525 tds touring electric gremlins

    I ordered a new ignition switch (genuine BMW part) which came yesterday. I fitted it last night, was a nice simple job that only took 20 minutes thanks to YouTube video I watched. Bad news is it's exactly the same still, has made no difference. An old friend of mine runs his own garage and has a Snapon code reader thing that plugs in to my old OBD1 port on this BMW, so I'm going to pop see him tonight after work and hopefully be able to get some idea of what's going on. Anyone got any other ideas that could cause all these intermittent electric gremlins? thanks.