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    Same here. Drove mine for the first time in about two weeks. Had to park up in a rather dodgy industrial estate because there were tail backs to get into the retail park that I was aiming for. Worthy of a pic I thought...
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    To all the newbies :-)

    Hey all! - new guy here - check out the e34
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    I broke it again

    Christmas wasn't too bad...
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    Wheal Bearing - Does Brand matter?

    Plenty of counterfeit parts floating around; NGK plugs, SKF bearings..... You have to buy through authorised stockist/distributors.
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    new Injector or secondhand

    ordered the injectors from Carparts4less 3 injectors for £500 plus 3 coupling elements from dealer so around £525 but wont receive injectors till 2nd Jan Hope they are index 11 otherwise its from the dealers at £210 each Jay
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    Agreed. A lot of parts these days aren't what they should be and I'm carefully about fitting certain parts to my cars because Febi and Meyle ain't what they used to be..... As regards to OP, I personally would pay the extra 20 quid for premium bearings. Wheel bearings can last a LONG time and can do a lot of miles before they give problems. I'd say an extra 20 bob is nothing in the grand scheme of things...
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    Johnny Grabble


    Thanks to the Consumer Rights Act in 2015 the minimum warranty period that a dealer has to provide for any car sold to a consumer is six months. The law assumes that until those six months are up any faults with the car were pre-existing at the time of sale and the dealer is liable to rectify them in full at no cost to the purchaser. This is regardless of whether the car is purchased with a warranty or not. Pre-existing faults are never covered on a warranty in any case. This does not apply to sales to the trade. The Honest John website has a lot more details about this.
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    Meyle do not manufacturer parts .. Meyle imports the parts from China ... Their imported suspension parts are not that bad ... But would not use items like water pumps etc bearing etc etc Their M60 pumps are known to be weak ...
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    During last service I had the same issue, all 6 plugs read faults, so I changed the relay and all is fixed, thankfully all the plugs were fine. Now during colder mornings the car starts very smooth! Glad I did it!
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    You've just reminded me to pull my finger out and do mine. I hate the fried egg look!
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    BM Ian

    my wee 530i

    WOW .. been over 2yrs since ive been on this forum! think i should update my thread in the past while i installed electric sport seat's, silver interior trims, sport S/wheel, individual kick plate's AC Schnitzer door mirrors, fitted LED lights to interior & exterior door handles only pic i have with the AC mirrors fitted
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    Japanese Import E39s

    We used to import more used cars from Japan, than new cars. Not sure if it's still true. Our E39 came from Singapore, and our 2 VWs are NZ new. We have owned far more imports than cars sold here new. EVERYTHING is imported, but all the common stuff comes in larger quantities, and quite a number of japan-only models come in too.
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    Wheal Bearing - Does Brand matter?

    For £20, I would go premium. It's not alot in the main scheme of things and one would hope the £20 buys your a superior product. Wouldn't want to be paying or carrying out the labour twice
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    My new favourite BMW saloon

    Quite serious.
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    My new favourite BMW saloon

    There used to an Alpina B12 5.7 lwb in Aberdeen, one of only two rhd UK cars. Edit; I've just checked, and it's still on my drive
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    Pretty well put!
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    If the amount of time and effort put into criminalising drivers had been put into catching thieves, rapists and murderers then this country would be a much safer place.
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    My E26!

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    Modern Volvos are nothing like as good as the old S60 stuff - they were proper Swedish Volvos with the correct 5 cylinder engine and no Ford crap. Modern cars are great but they are very complex and built to a price. That E34 cost £27'000 new. The last F10 520i with leather and so on was only 4-5 grand more. Go figure.
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    I bet the knobber motorcyclist who was overtaking slow-moving traffic by crossing double white lines at school-run time in Guildford the other day won't upload his footage... as he lost control and skidded to a halt and stalled his bike when he realised he wouldn't be able to squeeze past me coming the other way. I had to move close to the white lines due to cyclists using the cycle lane on my nearside. I had previously seen the same tosser with his helmet cam overtaking stationary traffic over a pedestrian crossing.
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    i find a lot of people with dash cams are the worst drivers out there!
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    Sir Anthony Regents-Park


    Wankers. (them, not you) They're all going to be fucking cyclists as well.
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    Big Brother and thousands of his mates. You won’t dare fart soon.
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    1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093

    It's well worth the effort Update : 8/11/17 23435684_10214581501309019_107834_n Tea Bag Lady is currently hibernating for the winter period .. .. While waiting for some paint work. Comments Welcome
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    I broke it again

    I thought it was the guibo when it started... When I put the car up I noticed this. Seems a bolt and I parted ways.. Circumstances unknown because it's long gone, but there doesn't appear to be any damage consistent with being loose for any period.