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    Strange vibration at motorway speed

    Someone change that thread title...
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    My E26!

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    As a bit of a wind down we are shut until the 27th. Today the last customer cars were collected and we just finished off a couple of jobs on one of our drift cars. Work will carry on on this one in the new year (needs suspension work and polybushes fitting to the front), but it would be rude not to have a little end of year play! Excuse the water spots on the lens, amazing how much crap comes off the back tyres when it's doing donuts around you!
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    Pictures in a post.

    Hi Mr D, Cheers for that. I was ‘gold’ must have lapsed! Will sort next year, sounds a long way off Boots
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    What are you currently drinking...?

    Just a few bud's whilst fucking about with the father in-laws new log burner..... nice
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    Merry Christmas

    Well, I've got a stinking cold but I'm not letting that get in the way of the traditional boxing day piss up that I'm just about to embark on, wish me luck.....
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    E61 Tyres

    Thanks for that.
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    Why did I go back to a BMW?

    There is an K plate Volvo 240 Torslanda daily driver by me, still going strong, no rust, built like a nuclear bomb shelter. I feel like getting down and worshipping it everytime I see it
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    How Long Have You Owned Your E34?

    17 years, done 243k of it's 326k, still on daily driver duties
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    Front Control arm dramas

    I did both sides this week which took me a day to do the drivers side and half that time on the passenger side as I learnt from my mistakes. On yours I would use a blowtorch to heat it up if possible but to replace it you'll need to remove the shock absorber to make enough room to remove it. On the drivers side I used a lump hammer which knocked them out eventually but also removed the insert which I then had to use the pickle fork to separate and then reinsert back in the arm. With the passenger side, I removed the tie rod end and lower control arm before dropping the shock from the top and making enough room to remove the whole strut allowing me to remove it with more space in the garage. If mine are anything to go by with 160k on the clock, I would strongly recommend replacing the upper and lower control arms AND the tie rod end too. Oh, whilst you're there, replace the drop links too, assuming there old too. Mine were shocking with no support at all in the ball joints. I also replaced my shocks with new springs too. 530i Sport Manual. Just got to do the tracking now as one wheel is way out but had to stop as I wasn't going to work in the dark on Xmas Eve.
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    How Long Have You Owned Your E34?

    5 years in my current E34 and about 30k miles, but I've had an E34 Touring in three different forms for ten years now.
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    Japanese Import E39s

    Its not required. I would leave it alone. Its not hard to adjust to reading kilometers. I've got a Japanese R129 which still has KM clocks and mileage that been in this country for 5 years.
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    Japanese Import E39s

    I bought my 540 4 years ago and have had zero issues with rust etc. Mot tester always comments on how clean the underside is. The only issues were converting the jap satnav to UK spec and fitting a BM 54 radio. The Speedo has a mph clock face but records in KM, every thing else is changeable in the display, using the OBC. The boot lid is easily swapped for a UK spec one and there is a demand for jap ones on the E39 Facebook page, I actually made £50 profit on mine. Other advantages are an uprated cooling system and a lower final drive ratio for better acceleration. Would I buy another import? Definitely, no rust issues is the biggest plus point, how many threads have there been on this forum regarding rust issues?
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    Matthew Ashton


    Merry Christmas BMW fans.
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    Merry Christmas to all
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    Merry Christmas!
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    My Norwegian E39 With Many pictures

    I wish you all and their closest a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Regards Bent
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted some black kidney grills and replacement headlights. Before; After; Also, those adapters I ordered didn't work as they seem to be for facelift cars with H7 bulbs and mine is a pre-facelift with HB4's so I did some minor surgery and fitted the dipped beam reflectors from the old headlights into the new headlights thus allowing me to fit the xenon DS2 bulbs.
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    Mashed Potatoes

    What's being worked on today?

    Big news! We can now remap the Fxx shape cars through the OBD port! No more intrusion to the ECU! Even the F10 M5 can be programmed this way. Returning to stock is not an issue should the car have to go into the dealer, and even if the car still has a warranty, an optional CVN fix will ensure that at present the tuning is not detectable by dealer software. Supported engine codes: N13, N20, B47, N47, N55, S55, N57, N63TU, S63TU (excludes: B48 and B58).
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    Modern Volvos are nothing like as good as the old S60 stuff - they were proper Swedish Volvos with the correct 5 cylinder engine and no Ford crap. Modern cars are great but they are very complex and built to a price. That E34 cost £27'000 new. The last F10 520i with leather and so on was only 4-5 grand more. Go figure.
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    I read that as safer sex on roads... Must be my dirty mind