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    fictional discounts?

    Not going to blaze the name in the subject as I am not hellbent on flaming them as they are after all a forum sponsor, I also assume they never frequent the general section but Cotswolds discounts are getting worst by the week. Both E61 thermostats cost 94p less than the eBay store they run, a genuine light for a Mini cooper was £40 more than for the same one from eurotrucks A couple of years ago you could guarantee the parts would be the cheapest online for genuine parts. Even Rybrook BMW beat a lot of the prices I have been quoted for using the standard sales page (no discounts) but the postage has to be factored in so it isn't always the best.
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    Just to add, if your car is in a position where it's imperative it's moved then I certainly wouldn't be mooching around under it. Likelihood and probably and all that imo.
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    If you can get the connector off, or break into the wire I would use heat shrink rather than insulation tape as it tends to make a better finish as far the gauge of wire goes you need something rated to 5amps min. A 1mm2 cable should be fine as it will take up to 7.5A or 84W of power i.e something like this http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/product.php/1020/8-75amp-1mm-sq-14-0-30
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Well they look great - nice work! I shall read your thread and see what you did
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I know!! I bought it second hand from a breaker to try it first. It’s the one above the battery, which has the damper/shock in it. Made a great difference
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I actually think a nice clean set of Turbines still looks great on the E39.. have they been finished in a different shade of paint? Have contemplated tackling a home refurb of mine as they all seem to be straight and free of kerb marks.. just the paint on them is totally had it.. and was thinking of not going bright OE silver but something a little more off like yours seem to be?
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    Dr Taylor

    How secure is your car...

    Reasonable warning: stop, or my mom will shoot! Thank God we don't arm the UK populace, eh what?
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    520i auto

    Bloody millenials.
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    Tony d

    BMW Bavarian motor woe

    Hi it's all sorted .I haven't paid the bill ,I've left the car at the garage . Cancelled the payments to the finance company ,both can take me to court
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    Just picked up a 535d LCi - Few questions

    You sure you got a DPF? Presume that the original would have been clogged a long time ago. Just depends whether it was replaced or gutted.
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    BMW Bavarian motor woe

    When I said Child, i meant my 2 year old who didnt have the pleasure of meeting you that day.. but i know what you mean.
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    That's quite a few watches there! A couple near the bottom remind me of this that I remembered I had at the bottom of a draw, I had it when I was at school (lats 70's)!
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    V8 f10 are hydroholic too.
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    Any watch Fans if so let’s see them

    I have quite a few watches, but most of them aren’t very valuable. Mostly under £300, many less than half that amount. I have one Tissot that was about £750 - the Mission Impossible one! I have a thing for Seiko watches - always have. I have an original digital one from 1977 in full working order, but I mostly like their divers ones, old and new. I had far too many, and sold a few off, but then went and bought another couple - I’ll never learn! Pic of a few below, plus my daily. Not too different from one of the Rolex ones!!
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    The other side is if you have 'Nightvision' option
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    Mashed Potatoes Is A ECU Map Guru

    You will not be wrong. A colleague is a professional who does not refuse support, even as it can be seen, for files not made by him. Respect
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    BMW Bavarian motor woe

    I passed out reading this. .
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    I've used insulation tape before without issues.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Where did you buy it from mate and how do you know which side has failed? The bootlid on my car opens so fast its like its gonna fly away
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    E61 LCI tailgate faults

    Have a new one ot the mix that I think is related. Car blew fuse F10 that ISTA says is one of the body control modules (seems to link to the drivers door?) at the same time the servotronic warning came on, it has cleared after tit took the fuse out twice, I still don't have the car this is coming from the owner but I am inclined to think it is broken wires in the boot shorting out and freaking out various systems. I will be taking the rear speaker out and having a pull to see if I can draw out any broken wires then see if it does anything else silly as I should get to see it tomorrow. *edit, just clicked on the module and one of the pins heads to the servotronic. figures.
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    Sudden MPG drop.

    that sounds like duff glow plugs regarding puff of white smoke on startup and slightly rough running for a short period. but that wouldn't cause you to have poor mpg during a run.