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    Mashed Potatoes

    Mashed Potatoes Is A ECU Map Guru

    Yes the map can be read off using tools available from eBay. However these are all a bit hit and miss. There's a reason why the proper stuff costs thousands. That said many people DO use them (even on customer cars - I've seen 'professional' tuning places using clone eBay tools) without an issue, it's just a bit on your head be it if it goes wrong if you see what I mean. If it fails when reading (unless you're incredibly unlucky) you'll be OK and the car will still start. If it fails when writing, then you better hope the tool can either recover it, or the write completes successfully and you get away with it on the second time. The other option if you can be without the car, is send the ECU to me so I can read it on the bench - photos of which are in this thread, but they HAD to be tuned on the bench due to being that type of ECU.
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    I bought a scissor jack and modified it so that raising and lowering is via a half inch ratchet tool rather than the normal two piece wonky handle. I also fitted a BMW rubber block so that it spins to fit into the jacking point. As a motorcyclist, I have used the roadside repair plugs for fixing punctures and I carry a couple of different sets of those. Today, I purchased two cans of Holts Tyre Weld (should do two punctures but was very cheap to buy two). My car is a BMW F105285i with new non run flat Mitchelin Cross Climates fitted. See here ORDER DATE 25 Nov, 2017 ORDER TOTAL £15.89 Free postage Order Holts Tyre Weld Emergency Puncture Repair 2 Can 500ml - Ht4YaLeave FeedbackWrite a review More actions 1 item sold by uhfdistribution Holts Tyre Weld Emergency Puncture Repair 2 Can 500ml - Ht4Ya ( 282408993457 ) Estimated delivery Thu, 30 Nov - Sat, 02 Dec Hope that helps!
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    G31 Roof bars

    As if you guys think that BMW would design a product where you can transfer your accessories from one model to another without any issues
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    Auto gearknob replacement? 535i

    I think an E39 one will fit, as the 5HP18 was common to the E39 as well as the E34. It also fitted to the E32, E36 and E38.
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    Captain Beaky

    E28 Recaro LS seats

    Found these on eBay just came on today, these are not the usual BMW copies they look like the proper Recaro LS seats as fitted in the E12 M535i I have a leather set in the Little Donkey and they are much better to sit in than the BMW ones, I think they are bargain at £500 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/bmw-e28-recaro-ls-sport-interior/292339943234?hash=item4410d18742:g:kNUAAOSwZtlaFC9W
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    You could try this: https://discover.bmw.co.uk/help/technology/connecteddrive-services-guide but with CIC I think it will be severely limited.
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    I found that number last night as well, I will grab a new one new someone's found the same one. Thanks
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    E28 Recaro LS seats

    Too dear for seats that need repairing IMHO, even if they are recaro's,
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    Hubs and calliper refurb.

    eta, we're talking about a company that rebuffs claims because of non approved tyres. *cue comment about your shit AUC Nexens...
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    Doubt it, it would be classed as nuisance alarms.
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    Is that to help identify rear air suspension failure...
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    Brilliant write up, thank you. Something to bear in mind .......
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    No longer for sale, thanks for looking.
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    Hey - Ive got a classic!

    Or I could just be talking bollox, time will tell......... Indeed you are. Sorry, just saying.
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    New front calipers fitted New Mtec grooved discs fitted New Mtec pads fitted Winter alloys & tyres fitted It's filthy and looking sorry for itself, but it's all set for winter now
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    Captain Beaky

    530D inlet manifold Split ??

    Cheers Dan for the link, i have joined the group now. I've ordered a manifold from the lads at quarry motors £73 all in and including postage, I went through Parts-Gateway and received about a dozen offers, the cheapest being £52 all in, but i've used the lads before and the parts are tested. Hopefully it will be here on the weekend and I can give it a chemical bath. Thanks for the help lads best forum EVER!
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    Decided I fancied a change so sold the acs and took a set of square 65’s in part ex. Pretty sure they weren’t staying but were a good price so thought I’d at least try them. They stayed 3 days before I managed to convince the owner of my new rims to part with them. He wanted the 65’s. So a deal was done. So here they are. 3 piece 19” rotiform LHR’s
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    The art on your house looks good.....
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    Now I’ve seen it all !

    Mr R, I see neither a jap box nor an M3.....