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    Back on the drive; had another ride height tweak and steering geometry tweak and all is as it should be now Haven't gone too low for now; want to see winter out before I drop it any lower; it's 25mm lower at the rear and 30mm at the front; more than enough for what state the roads around me will get in soon and for when we trek up to Dunkeld and back in Feb etc:
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    my bmw :)

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    1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093

    It's well worth the effort Update : 8/11/17 23435684_10214581501309019_107834_n Tea Bag Lady is currently hibernating for the winter period .. .. While waiting for some paint work. Comments Welcome
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    Suspension/coilovers installment part 1: Will sort Part 2 out tomorrow or Friday (when interior is refitted and car sits as I want it) For now, this will do as I'm brain dead, mad hungry and missing skin off various knuckles and the middle of my scalp (stood up when I shouldn't have)
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    2001 540i Sport Touring Auto

    Hello Folks.. After more than 11 years and three tourings my E39 days are to end with this 540 Sport Touring which i've owned since 2011. A great car but now probably more suited to hobby and weekend duties rather than the daily driver it has been until now. First of all the mileage, it's 195K so anyone looking for a low mileage survivor best look elsewhere, however the overall condition, specification and rarity of this particular model means there aren't many others out there! Factory Spec includes: Genuine 540 Sport Auto Touring (March 2001) Titanium Silver with Black heated electric sport leather (including power lumbar) - all seats and whole interior in incredible condition Glass Sunroof Xenons Power tailgate Auto dimming powerfold mirrors Style 66 with excellent matched Continentals (rears new) Widescreen mk4 Navigation with latest software and 2016 map disk Schnitzer rear upper lip spoiler Gloss shadowline (sadly with usual corrosion issues) Upgrades: OEM Bluetooth module (including voice recognition and centre armrest cubby reinstated) MURA digital TV unit (plug and play for analogue and uses head unit controls and original aerials) Alpine USB module (very rare in Uk - plays from up to 1Tb storage device audio and video media through head unit display and controls - way better than Intravee!) Reversing camera Range Rover winged comfort headrests in Front and Rear seats (fronts still electrically adjustable). Very comfortable and look OEM. Original headrests available Traffic master removed and cupholders fitted Cluster trim rings - all dash pixels perfect Illuminated interior door handles from E38 Baris BM54 45W upgrade with discrete Nakamichi subwoofer (very effective combination) Intravee 2 (excellent device for running custom vehicle level mods - auto locking, mirror fold, indicator flash etc etc) Clip in sunshades to all glass rear of B post (including tailgate) Genuine boot liner Maintenance: The car has a dealer service history until 175K (I purchased at 122K) thereafter routine servicing has been completed by myself In my ownership the following additional work has been carried out: New Alternator, Water Pump, Upper Coolant Hose, MAF (Bosch), Front and Rear Shock absorbers (Sachs) and Upper Mounts (Sachs), Front Thrust and Control Arms (Lemforder), Front Wheel Bearings (FAG), Front Tie Rods and Centre Link (Lemforder), Rear Subframe Bushes (Lemforder), Backplates (OEM), Oil level sender (Bosch), AC Pusher fan (Hella) The Good and The Not so Good: The car has been a reliable daily driver for more than 6 years right up to the present day, only for sale now as it has finally been replaced with a Range Rover... it's still clean and usable (averages 26mpg) and an excellent basis for an enthusiast owner to take on and make their own. I never got round to better wheels, exhaust mods etc and so the car still has a completely stock appearance. The paint is far from perfect, with some front end stone chipping, a few minor carpark dings and a few small rust bubbles in the usual places. However the rust does not appear to be serious and the paint is all original and presents well as I hope the photos show. Jacking points are solid. Mechanically the car drives very well with all the suspension work having been carried out this summer so only a few thousand miles driven since. Next up for maintenance would have to be oil leaks... looks like the Front Timing cover is worst offender as the Valve Covers have already been done once. A brief 'First Cold Start' Vanos rattle is sometimes present but fine once oil is up there (a few seconds). Obviously there is a great potential for breaking here but a shame to see another good car go that way so keen to find a genuine buyer to preserve this one! MOT until late December but I can renew this prior to sale. Has a clean MOT history during my ownership Would like to sell complete with this package of spares and useful stuff: 2 off Widescreen head units (one from L322 Range Rover but still good for parts) Mk4 Navigation drive (again L322 Range Rover but software can be overwritten with BMW V32) Brand New Fuel Filter Set of Bentley Manuals Cable Shack USB to OBD lead with software Oil filter housing socket Analogue TV module and anything else I find lying around.... I am looking for £4995 which may seem steep for the mileage however the car has not been butchered in any way, everything works and it is still great fun to drive! Located near Stratford Upon Avon Here's the pics:
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    Staying in France

    Home at last, 1012 miles later! I think I found the only town in France that had 1 "bar" and zero restaurants in! The "bar" looked like someone's front room from the 40's! And the bog looked like, we'll see for yourself i doubt I'll return if I'm honest....
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    Leads for connecting TVs, hdmi, 4k

    Quality is important in an analogue cable, but not in a digital cable. It either works or it doesn't, there are no half-measures. Poundland HDMI has been doing me for years
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    Yup; all snake oil! In the past I've been bit of a sucker for expensive cables; had Tellurium Q Black between my Cyrus 8DAC amp and KEF LS50 speakers, sounded superb! Tried some basic Van Damme Blue (c£3 per meter); sounded just the same...! Generally a cable is a cable, if it's chunky and feels solid, with solid connections, then it'll be just fine
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    DVLA SORN Question

    As long as you SORN it as soon as you take possesion, thats fine.
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    No it was debadged at one point and the previous owner put it back on but not to the best alignment out there lol. I have been meaning to get around to doing it, might sort it this weekend actually if the weathers nice.
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    ime the expensive cables do not warrant the difference, obs stay away from the cheapest chinktat though... http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/tvs-entertainment/7976/expensive-hdmi-cables-make-no-difference-and-heres-why
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    535i Andrew

    M54 or M52TU?

    Going on how well I thought my 523i went, the 525i will be enough as the M54B25 has give or take the same bhp as the M52 equipped 528i, but a smudge less torque.
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    M54 or M52TU?

    Not sure of the weight difference between e46 and e39 but being honest as much as I loved my 2.5 e46 I wouldn't buy anything less than the 2.8/3.0. I can only imagine the 2.5 would be a bit sluggish for the e39.
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    modified 535d glow plug question

    Thanks. I never knew
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    Out of interest, what has happened round the back? The 535d badge is not in the correct place and doesn't look straight? What was repaired?
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    I hate to say it.....but........ I ..........got a few days ban on here, posting wise, for commenting on this thread!! will say no more Good luck with the sale
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    Ram Rod

    Engine Flush & Oil Change

    Mine is in on Saturday morning for an interim oil and filter change in Eastbourne. Got the filter from Cotsworld. £97.00 inc vat for LL 04 oil Just in case I buy the car when the lease is up!
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    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Update Thirteen 8/11/2017 Today we swapped the middle spindle hardware. 22500706_10214384012811930_705257755_n Rusted tight. 23414237_10214581351865283_761667111_n Old one had to be cut way. 23439333_10214581351825282_667749645_n Washer removed.. 23416136_10214581355545375_193360518_n All back together... Postman has also delivered theses 23415955_10214581353345320_1293399148_n All For Now Comments Welcome As Always
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    Fitted: D2 coilovers New front end drop links New rear end drop links New front ARB bushes (poly ones) and OEM rear ARB bushes 82mm stud conversion kit fitted New rear bottom damper bolts as original ones were damaged upon the nasty task of removing them New front pinch bolts as they were damaged on removing them (original ones again) Hell of a day Suspension needs a bit of height tweaking and steering needs a slight alignment tweak, other than that, car looks great... Will get pics up in project tomorrow when I've put the car back together inside...
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    Oil Analysis

    Engine oil analysis can be a basic indicator of engine health. It's not a new thing, this type of testing is common on very expensive machinery/engines used on big plant, and in aviation and naval engineering. Needless to say, it's not as definitive as disassembly and inspection of critical components subject to wear. Completely co-incidentally I got the engine oil analysis results for my M5 from Miller Oils this morning! The guys on the M5board seem pretty keen on engine oil analysis so I thought I'd give it a go. Was £25 - not much. I noticed that the Blackstone oil analysis reports published on M5board have a column of 'Universal Averages' for our particular engines, so used this data set as a benchmark to make sense of my Miller Oil results. Was a pleasing outcome for me since all the wear metrics for my engine/oil were better (some significantly better) than the Blackstone universal averages. The Miller report gives a load of info on the different metals/substances found in the oil. It's the amount of these in the oil (in PPM - parts per million) that indicate, to a lesser or greater degree, the amount of wear your engine has experienced recently. There's also other stuff about the general condition of the engine oil itself - changes in viscosity etc etc.. Wasn't particularly interested in that part of the report since I change the every year and have yet to do more than 5k miles between oil/filter changes. How useful is the information to an owner? I guess if I saw that the copper and lead reading were very high then I might consider - as a pre-emptive measure - rod bearing replacement even though the weren't yet making odd or alarming noises. I plan on getting my oil analysed every year from now on so I can monitor wear trends. Don't think it's going to tell me much about the chain guides though since they are plastic; a borescope inspection would be better for this, which isn't invasive or expensive. An engine oil analysis report that reveals below average wear gives a little (qualified) peace of mind, I guess? (A copy of my report has gone into the M5's service history file.) Here's a background piece I found useful:- http://www.machinerylubrication.com/Read/30274/motor-oil-limits
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    A friend has one when his company put them on the list, he loves his, and I have to admit when we go out for a curry in the week it ain’t a bad car to travel in
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Rear interior and parcel shelf removed in readiness for tomorrow and having the coilovers fitted Forgot how fiddly this job is; more so when it's clearly never been removed before (all clips were tight fast and took some 'persuading' to get them out) A lot of well preserved 'wildlife' in there too (namely spiders and flies ) so it's been well hoovered and wiped down etc. Will give the rear seat a good clean and leather condition later on and it can sit in the garage soaking in the goodness until it's refitted tomorrow
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    I have to say this thread is a refreshing antithesis to the overly dramatic American E39 boards "omg I've just driven 15 miles, now I need to overhaul my cooling system for the 4th time and use genuine parts only" "No way man, you should have overhauled it, like, 5 miles ago, you're on borrowed time duuuude!" Or something.
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    She's a credit to you mate.. It's a nice feeling saving one..
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