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    No more flirting - EVER

    This is a discriminatory and anti feminist thread that should be removed by admins...................................................
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    My E26!

    Removing the revealed that the base of the antenna was in fact just a plastic cover and not a metal casting It's obviously split because it's under considerable pressure when you tighten the nut inside the car. Not surprisingly, as anticipated, it had left a significant indentation in the paint almost all of which would be outside the covered area of the new base. I really did not want to go through the paint, as that would probably require a respray of most of the car! But I gently wet sanded it starting with 2500 grit and the 7000 grit, followed by polishing. I did not aim for a totally flat finish as the new base would cover some up, the reflections from the antenna would mask some imperfections and some of the indents were just too deep brave sanding out! With the 'new' antenna fitted, you really have to look hard to see any of the remaining marks. There is one at the rear that if you get the light just right stands out a bit.
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    With 5k miles a year, go for a petrol. Also, whats with all the hate for the 4 cylinder diesel cars? I know a "proper" BMW is a straight 6 but to those that slate a modern 520d or 525d because they are only 4 pots, please get a grip. Line up a G30 520d and it will out perform of e60 530d, seen it done. A G30 525d is almost as quick as a F10 530d. The age of big engines is gone and the current BMW line up is likely to be the last generation of big engines. Plans for the 540d and 550d scrapped in the UK. Its all heading towards smaller engines with bigger turbos. S class now has a 4 cylinder, so has the 7 series. Time to get over the complex lads
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    Yellow Steering Lock Warning *SOLVED*

    Ok i found the solution(for me anyway) my steering lock works properly, if yours is damaged i dont know if this solution will work for you. I cant take credit for this but i very happy it worked for me. To reset the ELV you have to use the "EDIABAS ToolSet 32", connected to the car via OBDII with the same cable of INPA and NCS Expert.Connect the cable to the OBDII Port, insert the key and press start button (don't start the car, only ignition ON). Open the software EDIABAS ToolSet 32. On the menu, select File -> "Load SGBD, Group File F3" Look for "Cas.prg" on the file list. Look on the Job list the name: "steuern_elvcounter_cas_loeschen" and "steuern_elvcounter_elv_loeschen". Double click on each one, and wait for a window, it says "Job Done" on the bottom. DONE!, no more YELLOW/RED Light Steering lock issue. Note: only works if your ELV works fine Hi all For the past few days im getting a yellow steering lock warning followed by a bong on my 2006 E60 530D, i was looking into a cas update that might fix this problem My problem is im using daten files v59 and in WinKFP the Assembly indent number and hardware number are the same, thats means i have the latest update, and INPA is showing my cas as not being updated since May 2006, surely i would of thought there would of been an update since then. Any advise would be appreciated
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    Well said. The new petrols and diesels are miles better than the older engines. I regularly drive a variety of cars for work and it's immediately obvious how far things have come on. If you go power output for power output, I just picked E39 out of the blue and had a look at what they produce and compared it to the equivalent power output available now. E39 - 535i V8. 241BHP/345Nm. 1610KG. 0-62 in 6.9 seconds. Average consumption quoted at about 23-28 from this forum depending on if it's going round town or on a run. F10 528i I4 turbo. 245BHP/350Nm. 1610KG. 0-62 in 6.2 seconds. Average consumption officially quoted at over 40, but realistically it's only going to be doing about 30 round town, up to 40 I'd expect on a run. The only reason I'd go for the V8 would be the noise, you can't beat that. But to some people that just doesn't matter, and that's perfectly fine. It's not like the big petrols are being dropped though. Want to go fast in comfort? A brand new 760li is available.
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    Dust Guards?

    Thanks. Turned out the dust plates were not as bad as expected. What had happened was the crust on the old discs was so thick it was rubbing against them and had pulled the retaining bolts and washers through them. Easy fix thankfully. Cheers.
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    530i sport champagne spec 2

    "Zap!", Pow!", Oooff"! Welcome to the forum.
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    M6 x 20mm (#8) Thermostat cooling system Probably need to remove the bolt which holds pipe #1 to give you some flexibility https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/e60-530d-lim/repair-manuals/11-engine/11-53-thermostat-engine-proof-coolant-lines/Bnq1WbI
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    what model is your car?
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    535i Andrew

    Oil alerts?

    If you have a proper dipstick under the bonnet, why not use that on a fortnightly basis to check the oil? I don't believe the N47 engine is known as having a particular thirst for oil or prone to leaks, unlike the N62 in my E60, which meant keeping a close eye on the engine dipstick level. If your car has to warn you that the oil level is too low, then you have done something wrong as you should be keeping an eye on such things, like checking tyre pressures etc. Albeit a sudden loss from a gasket suddenly letting go is a different matter. A proper mechanical dipstick will be far more accurate and reassuring than any electronic frippery. Good advice there. Regular oil changes will help keep everything healthy.
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    530i sport champagne spec 2

    New member here, just purchased a Champagne 2 with 105k on the clock, I am very interested in gaining knowledge from members on here and benefiting from all the experience of other owners.
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    New member

    The Disco is a great car does everything you need but its at a price. Mine was coming to three years old and all consumables brakes discs etc were due. This 5 Series is only my second ever BMW but do like it a lot. My 08 (last of the soft tops) Z4 which was a weekend toy, it was brilliant, got to be the best straight six ever made. Lot of memories in that car
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    When you do the main thermostat, get four new bolts. The bottom right will most likely be corroded and may shear off. If this happens, remove the waterpump and care is needed when you remove the plastic pipes connecting the thermostat.
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    Could be caused by uneven tyre wear. Are all your tyres the correct size etc?
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    No more flirting - EVER

    So.... Is everyone who ever touched someone's knee, come up with a cheeky chat up line or tried it on in one way or another going to be forced to resign from their jobs, be flogged in public and cast into the wilderness to die? Why does society always have to be at one extreme or the other? I believe that genuine abuse should be answered for of course, but can nobody accept that we once lived in different times? Things change, attitudes change - move on ffs! We live in an era of professional bloody victims - and I blame two things - lack of common sense, and the internet. God bless the 70s and 80s, that's all I can say.
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    No more flirting - EVER

    Your comment made me feel very sad. So sorry for you.
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    Dr Taylor

    Am I mad thinking about a diesel?

    Well said! Fed up of people slating the 4-pots. It's a strange combination of projection, anxiety, and inferiority IMHO.
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    Am I mad thinking about a diesel?

    That is downright criminal !!
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    No more flirting - EVER

    I'd give anything to be able to touch my wife again... but I'll have to make do with putting some fresh flowers on her grave today.
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    Alpina - tempted

    Nice car - very nice - but as others have said, it's a lot of money. You would want all the usual things that start to go wrong at that mileage done - cooling system overhaul, brake and fuel lines, gearbox refresh, rocker seals, suspension bushes (possibly dampers too) etc. Plus it's last service was an oil service at 79000 miles - it's at 91000 now, and due an Inspection 2. Of course some of this may be addressed in the service history documents. Very nicely detailed I must say.
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    Doorcards complete. Not too bad for a man with zero qualifications in upholstery. I bought a big sheet of 1/8" hardboard from B&Q, and a couple of metres of polyester wadding from a local upholstery shop (Masons of Abingdon - 01235 520165) I used the old, warped and water damaged door card back boards to mark out the new board, which I then cut out on a bandsaw and neatened up with a file and sandpaper. I then used a holesaw in a drill and a plasterboard saw to cut out the window winder blank and the door handle respectively. I cleaned the old cloth material with a pressure washer while it was still attached to the old doorcards. I then carefully removed all the staples, and put it through the washing machine at 40 degrees. It came up better than I expected. Then I used a craft type stapler to put the whole thing together, incorporating new wadding. I don't know that it was up to the job- it was constantly jamming and/or breaking the staples but we got there eventually. Its quite a fiddly job to get right. You have to stretch the material correctly and straight, otherwise it will show up in the check pattern! Next stop- SEATS. Bye for now, I'm off to wales to go and watch Rally GB.
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    New 530i M sport stolen

    Picked up my new 530i M Sport with many added options on 29th April 2017.. On 30th June , in the early hours of the morning, it disappeared from my driveway in Redbridge. My neighbour's CCTV recorded it being driven away at 02:47. I rang BMW Customer Services a few days later to express my concern about it being stolen whilst all the car keys were indoors. I must say i was surprised about the lack of curiosity on their part about the details. Instead i got a prepared script about how it was happening to all luxury cars. A corporate shrug of the shoulders was what I got. A warning to all BMW owners - your new pride and joy is just as susceptible to hacking as older models. I suspect these cars are disappearing on an industrial scale and BMW seem keen that victims just quietly fade away lest there be an owners' revolt if the true scale of the the thievery going on is revealed. I believe that the sales people had a duty to let me know about the car's vulnerability so that i could make an informed choice as to whether to install extra security measures or not proceed with the purchase. This could be a mis-selling scandal to rival PPI ?? What do others think?
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    don't we already have an oil temp gauge as such, on the outside of the rev counter?
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    Dipped Headlight Bulb Replacement

    £90, did it include some sort of sex act?