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    On the e28 you could set a 4 digit pin. Easy to over come in hind sight but ahead of its time
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    the two tabs sticking up are what you press in. e34 tds fuel lift pump by WELSHPUG, on Flickr the o-ring that can cause issues. e34 tds fuel lift pump by WELSHPUG, on Flickr pump carrier unclipped e34 tds fuel lift pump by WELSHPUG, on Flickr e34 tds fuel lift pump by WELSHPUG, on Flickr pump itself. e34 tds fuel lift pump by WELSHPUG, on Flickr
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    Very likely to be convertor, lock-up clutch has probably failed hence the cattle grid feeling! By all means run it in to us one day and I'll be happy to confirm this! James
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    I will check that out, it seems to be in relation to speed, only noticeable at lower speeds. I just 1 + 2 together as i had seen the comment about the Diff leaking lol. I will have a look at them thanks for the recommendation. Thanks for that i will try this tonight, be interesting to see if my sometimes gear changes are due to a service required or old software. I will watch out for that! Bet that was a nightmare. Thanks Alex
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    You can set a four digit code on the E39 if you have nav, I used to use it all the time.
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    Doorcards complete. Not too bad for a man with zero qualifications in upholstery. I bought a big sheet of 1/8" hardboard from B&Q, and a couple of metres of polyester wadding from a local upholstery shop (Masons of Abingdon - 01235 520165) I used the old, warped and water damaged door card back boards to mark out the new board, which I then cut out on a bandsaw and neatened up with a file and sandpaper. I then used a holesaw in a drill and a plasterboard saw to cut out the window winder blank and the door handle respectively. I cleaned the old cloth material with a pressure washer while it was still attached to the old doorcards. I then carefully removed all the staples, and put it through the washing machine at 40 degrees. It came up better than I expected. Then I used a craft type stapler to put the whole thing together, incorporating new wadding. I don't know that it was up to the job- it was constantly jamming and/or breaking the staples but we got there eventually. Its quite a fiddly job to get right. You have to stretch the material correctly and straight, otherwise it will show up in the check pattern! Next stop- SEATS. Bye for now, I'm off to wales to go and watch Rally GB.
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    ...and of course this forum has nothing else other than F10/11 four pot timing chain failures Considering over 90% of them sold are 520d's you'd think there'd be none left on the roads...
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    This post makes a lot of sense. I had non-RFT Goodyear F1s on my previous E91 and there was quite a bit of steering feel. My F11 is in Goodyear Excellence RFTs. The tyres are excellent but there is no feel through the steering. For me, the car is a motorway/family machine and I really like it. Don't really care about speed or steering feel as that's what my Elise is for. However, I can fully understand somebody changing to non-RFTs to get some steering feel and also smooth the ride a little. Ofc, the spare tyre issue needs to be thought through - whether to carry a space saver or just a can of foam.
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    It depends what the rear backplates and handbrake shoes are like to determine how long it takes to swap the rear discs and pads. If it's anything like the usual E46 shitbox there will be the standard dramas. It sounds like one of the rear ABS sensor cables has been damaged or unplugged by mistake (it sits in the same plastic box as the pad sensor cable connector) so a quick look at that particular cable may uncover the problem. P.S I f*cking hate E46's.
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    Well speaking as a mechanic with a valued reputation, telling a customer “it’s nowt I’ve done” isn’t good practice, it’s always best to have the car back to check “it’s nowt I’ve done” nine times out of ten it isn’t anything the mech has done but a good mech would instinctively want to check that! £130 for a little over an hours Work isn’t cheap, I wouldn’t normally get involved with someone else’s mechanical woes but I noticed your a fellow Yorkshire man, HOW MUCH!
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    E39 530i oil leaks

    Many folks have reported that leaks from the oil filter housing do travel along the sump, even as far as the flywheel end, both sides. FWIW, that was my experience too. Since replacing the sump gasket is such a difficult, awkward job (especially if you're doing it on jack stands) it really is worthwhile cleaning the block carefully so it's possible to check for true leak points. A leak point not mentioned in the posts above is the VANOS hose running from the OFH to the VANOS housing on the cylinder head. Mine leaked at the swaged/crimped fitting around the hose end, not the banjo bolt joints. I also had a seep through the electrical socket on the inlet cam position sensor, not the O-ring. Both led me to think my OFH gasket R&R (which was leaking when replaced) had failed after only a year. So based on my experience, I strongly recommend lots of degreaser and then a flashlight (torch, to you?) plus dental mirror to search for fresh oil tracks in all the nooks and crannies. Regards, RDL
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    Well that would make returning from the pub alot easier.... Just lean on the front door and it unlocks
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    Also, why not use phones? Place phone in wireless charging area - car recognises it and engine can start? Forces you to put your phone away too. Baffles me how insecure even today's cars are.
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    Warning - Silly Questions Alert

    Welcome! an 03 touring will be an e39 - there are a few 04's about, BMW generally release the touring a bit after the saloon.
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    LCI Cheap

    Hi all just a quick heads up Motorhog doncaster are listing lci rear lights for 50-60 each which i think is a bargain just though id let you all know and grab a bargain
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    Paddy O'Furniture

    Job advice

    I think if I was having to travel that far for an interview I would have booked a Premier Inn and left the day before. Then, even with the breakdown, you would probably have still made it.
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    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Update Eight 23/10/2017 There comes a time an E34 owner must do the dreaded.. sill cover removal and this weekend was our turn. Again.. Remember the longer you put if off the worse it could be.. or couldn't be.. 22782180_10214457162360623_1925019757_n 22773409_10214457162640630_1238907348_n 22834351_10214457162680631_776851132_n 22781996_10214457162280621_929352444_n 22834696_10214457162760633_243967340_n I can't stress enough how important it is to clean behind the wing it will most probably put years onto your car. All rust is wire brushed away with a wire attachment or stone attachment then soaked in rust converter just for peace of mind. 22811564_10214457162720632_364175830_n 22834648_10214457163400649_1997007771_n 22773444_10214457163000639_218143275_n 22811404_10214457246802734_833284871_n One small hole appeared about the size of a small cotton wool bud so we filled the hole with rust proof and smeared some Corgo quick steel after another going over it was as good as new.. It's nice when you find no real horrors. Red Oxide Time. 22752879_10214457164000664_773639574_n 22752434_10214457163920662_2120182015_n 22752879_10214457164000664_773639574_n 22809915_10214457163640655_2016748984_n Why the red oxide was setting we set about removing the wing and see what was lurking.. 22782173_10214457164440675_1357659192_n 22773667_10214457164520677_368839156_n 22752803_10214457164480676_25755952_n 22811257_10214457164600679_1592842196_n I seem to have not taken any photos of the cleaned up stage lucky the little bits cleared up great much like the sill apart from a small cotton bud size hole which was treated the same way as before. Red Oxide. 22811313_10214457165160693_380118831_n 22752671_10214457165080691_35343594_n Final Stages. 22752262_10214457165720707_1113935840_n 22752758_10214457246602729_1621079403_n 22773486_10214457165440700_896349646_n 22810019_10214457165600704_850055033_n We also saved the bottom of the wing. 22834477_10214457246322722_2133844838_n On a whole we are really happy with the first sill It could have been so much worse all the rust has been removed then socked with rust converter for good measure then coated with red oxide and then Hammerite Hammered black. 22752881_10214457166400724_171616742_n All For Now Comments Welcome As Always
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    received the carly adapter today and bought the app to regen the dpf. not took it on a run yet for Regen but I have after nearly 2 years of e60 ownership managed to code the mirrors to fold/unfold when locking/unlocking which was worth the money alone. also coded the passenger mirror to tilt when reverse is engaged
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    +1 to the power of infinity If anybody should know, I think AutomaticTransmissions is the person BTW, you should become a forum sponsor
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    2008 e60 535d M Sport LCI

    Just an update I'm placing this car as 'provisionally sold' to a forum member. Due to our locations and logistics its not possible to conclude the the sale for a couple of weeks and of course it's subject to viewing etc. If anything changes in the meantime or for some reason the sale doesn't go through then I'll post up and refresh the advert. In the meantime thanks to all for the positive comments
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    Petrol warning light...

    I can tell you from experience that if the range is showing - - - you won't be going much further......
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    Petrol warning light...

    I call it the three dots of death - your in no-mans land when the range finder goes to . . .
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    That rust thing...

    I spent £2500 on fixing rust on my two E39's. Cut out and weld new metal, it's the only way.
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    You have Tim on speed dial right?