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    535d advice > buying

    You only plan to keep it a couple weeks then?
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    Had to be done, even if it invited scorn from my partner. Probably helps to know that I have a 540.
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    It's WAY blocked. Happens to me regularly but not those figures. Your stats look ok from the temps showing for the coolant temp. The first option to try and fix this is what I do and has always worked over the years is to take you car for a fairly decent long boot up a motorway where you can keep going at a constant 60-70mph. Looking at the amount of blockage you have a diesel additive like the one I use occasionally - Forte DPF cleaner would be best. The last time my DPF was blocked which was two weeks ago, mine need two boots up the M11 and back and it's clear.
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    535i Andrew


    You have to ask though, but what kinda person steals a Montego?
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    MOT passed today, one advisory for the tired front number plate.
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    Wheel Offset Data (ET)

    Yes. If you fit say ET30 you'd need a 10mm spacer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wheel Offset Data (ET)

    http://willtheyfit.com/ is an useful tool
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    These boys have got some moves.....

    Fred, someone having a seizure is better than the Dutch fellas
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    Wheel Offset Data (ET)

    As above the lower the ET number the further out the wheel sticks.
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    Alpina B10 V8 Touring 0012/1

    pm sent
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    Bmw customer services

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    Which e28 to buy

    The 525i with the m30 as standard is supposed to be quite sweet. The m30s are the peaches. The 525e is a brilliantly lazy cruiser. The 520 gives you options. All e28s are good [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Which e28 to buy

    The 525i with the m30 as standard is supposed to be quite sweet. The m30s are the peaches. The 525e is a brilliantly lazy cruiser. The 520 gives you options. All e28s are good [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    535i Andrew

    Bmw customer services

    I contacted BMW GB customer services when my first E60 was stolen from a dealer. They basically told me to feck off as the issue was with the dealer, BUT it did give the dealer a big kick up the @r$e and I then got to deal with the Dealer Principal who started helping (previously been fobbed off with salesman and service manager who was as much use a chocolate fire guard) and things moved at a better pace. The DP contacted me and said he was aware I had contacted BMW GB, to which I informed him that I did that as his staff were next to useless. I think I must have deleted the e-mails as it was not a good time in my life, so can't confirm an e-mail address. I did also write to them, posted it signed for so I knew they got it!
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    Wheel Offset Data (ET)

    As above. The below website is really good for this sort of thing: http://felgenkatalog.auto-treff.com/
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    Wheel Offset Data (ET)

    OEM Style 49's were only ever made in one size: 8jx17" ET20 with a 74.1mm CB (e39 specific). It will be stamped with the size & offset on the inside of the alloy. C.
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    There's still a strong market for them, must have had 20 calls for it, probably sold it too cheap. I won't find anpother like it. Did some sums, in the 5 years I have had it, I've recovered all my costs apart from insurance, tax and fuel so shouldn't grumble.
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    Can you look at these photos...

    That's no excuse!
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    Can you look at these photos...

    Google is a fantastic device.... the rest button does indeed stick warm air in to the cabin but only after the engine has reached a certain temp and also as long as the outside temp is below a certain limit and it only lasts for a few minutes. the circular button is, as already stated the recirculate air button Also you need to give your car a clean!
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    Not much of an update, but just a quick post about the experience that I had with the 18" M parallels fitted. So as I previously mentioned, I bought a set of staggered E39 18" M parallels, which are known as style 37, and here are some details about them. Front wheels: 18x8J ET20 (74mm centre bore), BMW part number: 36 11 2 229 635 Rear wheels: 18x9J ET24 (74mm centre bore), BMW part number: 36 11 2 229 640 I put the size of the centre bore above for a reason, because you will need hub rings if you are planning to fit any E39 wheels to your E34. As you may already know, the hub size of the E34 is 72.5mm, so just a bit smaller than what's on the E39 and that's why you'll need the rings, because the wheels may fit fine, but you'll definitely get vibrations on high speeds, as they won't be perfectly flush with the hub without the centering rings. Also keep in that mind, that E38 7 Series and the E31 8 Series had these wheels from factory as well, but with different offsets and rear wheels being 9.5J. If you get a set from these models, then you'll have to check the fitment yourself, but the good news are that you won't need hub rings, as both the E38 and the E31 have a 72.5mm hub, same as the E34. When I bought the wheels they had some random budget tyres on them with the sizes not suitable for an E34, so I bought a set of 245/40/18, two being Bridgestone Potenza (front) and two Pirelli P Zero (rear). There are many different opinions on tyre sizes, but I decided not to experiment and just go with the size that was fitted to all facelifted M5's from factory, which is exactly what I put on. I also fully refurbished the wheels inside/out before putting the tyres on. See the BMW M Registry for the reference: http://www.bmwmregistry.com/model_faq.php?id=12 The 245's on the front fit so closely to the shock that first I even thought they were rubbing, but after some checks and test drives, it turned out to be just my imagination...These wheels with these tyres fit 100% to an E34 with stock suspension, and it will probably be fine with some minor lowering as well. Now you would think I'd be over the moon with the wheels and take tons of pictures with them on the car, but to be honest I was quite disappointed with them, because putting 18" wheels after having the original 15's felt like I completely ruined the ride. Yes, they definitely made the car more stable and flat around the corners, but the steering became heavy, the ride was very hard and after driving with them for a few weeks, I decided they are not my cup of tea.....So now I'm going to sell them and will probably go for something smaller next, most likely 17" and ideally M Throwing Stars (style 21), if I manage to find a set. In the meantime, after doing some research on the driver's side wiper arm, which has the annoying reverse-hook, I found out that the driver's side wiper arm from an E36 is a direct fit to an E34, assuming you don't have the high-pressure wiper rack fitted. So I popped down to my local scrapyard and bought an E36 driver's side wiper arm for 10 quid, which as expected, fitted 100% - just make sure you also get the rubber plug from the E36 to cover the nut that secures the arm to the rack. Now with both wiper arms being "normal", I upgraded my wipers to Bosch aero blades, which are a MASSIVE improvement compared to regular blades, and I would highly recommend them. They are quieter, clean better and are cheaper as well, because you can easily get a set for 20 quid from eBay, while E34-specific normal blades are at least 30-40 pounds. Aero's will probably last longer too: And that's it really...Have to admit, E34s look great with M Parallels, but I just couldn't live with that ride. There's a chance that I would possibly get used to it after a while, but I really felt that 18's on an E34 are more about looks, rather than function - that's just my opinion anyway. I guess I'll have to wait until I get 17's to be able to compare, but I'm pretty confident they will be a perfect choice - not too big, not too small and with an acceptable ride/handling. Apart from that, I'm planning to get a Bilstein B12 Pro Kit soon, along with top mounts all around, as well as bump stops, dust covers and some other bits. Will keep you updated as I go along. Thanks for following.
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    Kit's E34 535i

    The urge to start buying parts I don't need is strong! I have decided I am going to do the restore jobs before I start "modifying" it - which I mean slight drop in ride height, new exhaust etc nothing too silly. House move has been slightly delayed so the plans are on hold for a few more weeks as I want to get it into the garage before I take things off. Bit annoyed. Gave it a good clean this weekend too, made the most of the good weather on Saturday. Don't want to go too mad with it as I want to machine polish it and that so any proper detail of it is going to be wasted effort. The cleaning stuff Ihave been using recently is the Autoglym range. I did my Clio with is and also use it on my Octavia and if used regullary it gives it a good shine. The Rapid Aqua Wax is pretty good stuff, easy to use and gets a really good finish. I did the insides and out, gave the leather a good treatment. The dash and plastic trims inside came up a treat. Like an idiot I didn't take any photos! The dew on the car this morning beaded very nicely So waiting to move house until proper progress can be made. Not sure what I want to do first, I am thinking wheel arch cleaning then the bottom of the doors before I start with the front end.
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    New E60 Owner...

    I could be described as a tinkerer The Land Rover I’ve had for 14 years, and it’s really Triggers broom - only thing left is axle casings and 50% of the bodywork! The RX8 has been amazingly reliable, beyond normal service items all I’ve had to do to it is replace the CAT and ignition coils (which are a known weak point). After 25,000 miles of ~20mpg it was starting to sting the wallet a little too much though!
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    Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    New project

    Not too bad. Iirc E34 wiper blades can be pricey but you need a brake hose (£8), two anti roll bar links (20 quid?) and the handbrake stripping and cleaning before adjusting. The steering play will be the 32mm nut at the base off the column needing a tighten I expect. I'd also clean up the rusty bits on the advisories as well. A weekend of swearing should nail it.
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    RIP Keith (Urquattro)

    God bless Keith! A man who loved the 5 Series. He will be missed
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    sticky situation

    Gregnant more like!