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    Which e28 to buy

    One that isn't rusty. End of. The rest you can sort. If I was to do it again I'd find a tidy manual 520i and look at a m50/52/s50 conversion. No point in tuning the standard engines really. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New tyres = more grip = more lateral forces on the suspension components
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    Rother Valley meet 2017

    Been to see Harty today,he looks a bit battered and bruised and got really tired after only 15mins or so which is to be expected, Surgeon says the next few days are a critical time as this is when Hartys intestine could break up due to the op which entailed cutting the intestine to remove the Lymphona, Harty still has the Lynphonas in his neck and behind his knee in one of his back legs,hopefully the test results will be back tomorrow to identify what type of cancer it is and the course of treatment to follow, Harty is still reluctant to eat which could be either discomfort from his neck Lymphona or just that he doesn,t feel like eating due to all the activity going on with him. So he,s not out of the woods yet but we know he,s getting the best care at Liverpool and are very happy with his treatment so far, Few pics from today
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    Taking photos at car dealerships

    I'm a car enthusiast and an even bigger BMW fan. Due to this, I like taking photos of cars for my personal use (Instagram, facebook etc) be it at car dealerships, car meets, or on the street. I would like to know if any one had any problems/issues taking photos of cars inside a dealership? The reason I ask is that I had a situation today regarding my local BMW dealership (Snows Portsmouth). I went to buy some screen wash and while I was there I decided to take a browse to see what models they had in the showroom. They had a few nice cars including a Snapper Rocks Blue 4 series, M2, i8, and an M3 amongst other models. I decided that they were nice enough for me to take a photo with my DSLR camera. Before I went to the car to grab my camera, I asked the receptionist for permission to take a few photos of the cars. She called over another male colleague and they both agreed that it would be okay. To be honest, I wasn't expecting anything else as I've done it plenty of times in the past and I spend so much time and money there that the parts department and the man who stands in the car park know me well. Anyways, I make my way around sitting in the cars, taking photos of the interior and exterior of the cars, and some detailed shots. I get to my last car (M3) when I am approached by an older gentleman who starts to question me, "What are you doing other than taking photos?" At this point I am confuzzled because 1) I thought he was another customer, and 2) It's pretty obvious I am taking photos with my DSLR. But I reply with "Just taking photos of the cars". He then asks if I got any permission to take photos, to which I reply "yeah, I asked the receptionist and she, in turn, asked another male colleague" to which he replied "You should ask me for permission then we can make a booking through email" and very bluntly told me to stop taking photos. He was about to turn and walk away without giving me his email address. I asked for his business card/contact details and followed him to his office. I felt like a naughty child going to the headmasters office haha. On the way to his office, he turns to the receptionist and tells her "in future, you send them to me" He gives me his business card (turns out he is Managing Director), then I ask if I must still make a booking even if the photos are for personal use. He then proceeds to tell me that it is because they have had burglary incidents. I say thanks and leave. I sent him an email from my car outside regarding when I am allowed to take more photos. He replied about 2 hours later saying that they are not happy for me to continue taking photos within their building due to safety reasons. It goes on to say that he was sorry it wasn't made clear to me earlier before I started taking the photos. How come he didn't say this to me earlier instead of giving the whole "make a booking through email" excuse? I wasn't impressed with his attitude towards me or the receptionist. I have no idea whether he was having a bad day or what. This is just a rant.
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    Here for sale is a very clean and tidy E34 520i Auto, 1994 on the L and the M50TU single vanos engine. Orient blue with anthracite cloth trim. Factory air con that works, electric sunroof, usual 4x electric windows. IT'S NOT RUSTY! Unsually for an E34, it's not rusty and hasn't had any welding. Rear sills, arches, front crossmember, bootlid, door bottoms, front wings - all perfect. Interior very tidy without the typical slaughtered drivers seat. Starts on the button and sounds like an M50 should, 5 speed autobox does it's thing. Good exhaust and the metal brake pipes all appear to have been changed at some point. The steel fuel pipe that runs around the rear of the fuel tank has been replaced. NO 55 mph SHIMMY! Hard to believe but it just doesn't. It's just had new front dampers (shock absorbers) and the rest of it is remarkably good - it's clearly been garaged because the underside and suspension doesn't resemble the Titanic. It just drives as an E34 should, but so few actually do. It's also had an oil change and new rear anti roll bar drop links. Front tyres have done around 1000 miles, rears (Nexens I think) are like new as well, new rear pads just fitted. It was subject to an insurance claim recently; it needed two doors and a wing and these have just been replaced; a brand new wing and two perfect rust free doors, paibnted and fitted. No other damage and it's a spot on repair job. Even the rubber seal strips on the base of the doors were new. Overall, it's not the most exciting E34, but it's not 5 grand either and it's a straight, tidy old bus and everything works. Perfect to smoke around in as is, or to reshell some terminally shagged M5. When I say 'it's not rusty', I mean just that. Currently taxed and on the road, the MOT expires in November. If I get very close to the asking price I will MOT it for a year and may well end up doing that anyway. I will add more pics as and when.
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    Surrey / S London bodyshop?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for bodyshops in Surrey / South London (or a little further)? Just noticed the e39's jacking points aren't looking as good as they could! Thanks
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    Here's some Carn p0rn... Sent from my EDI-AL10 using Tapatalk
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    Cheers! In the meantime, less of the building, more of the motors... Went to town on the boss' F20, which was much overdue for some love after living on a building site for the best part of six months. Much better.
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    I have always just taken a screen print from realoem, highlighted the parts I want for my E28 and Type 114 and pass it to the parts guy. I have never had any problem getting parts. I have used shop.bmw-classic.de in the past for certain parts when they have been cheaper than the dealer. On the subject of the new "shop" they seemed to have lost the VIN decoder as well as the plot.
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    535i Andrew

    Another Engine Oil Question

    @Paris 530d There was a tie up between BMW and Castrol in terms of marketing and recommendations, Oil filler caps said BMW recommends Castrol on them. That tie up has now ended and it would appear that some of the newer bottles of various viscosities of Castrol Edge Titanium FST now do not say LL04 on them, where a few months ago they did. The actual oil hasn't changed. I have Castrol edge Titanium FST 0W-30 in my garage which says LL04. Over the years both myself and BMW have poured in various different viscosities of Castrol into the sump of my E60 and I never had any bother. Although years ago, the boys on the Senator forum used to run the engines on thicker oil purely to stop it leaking out as much and so quickly!
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    535i Andrew

    Easy Outs/Screw/Stud Extractors??

    Ah sorry, missed that bit. As @711jrp said, or can you get two nuts on what's left of the stud and lock them together and unscrew them out, might not be enough for that.... Let us know how you get on.
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    Had similar (including tyre wear on inner edge) try this. Go to the rear of the car and rock it from side to side, aggressively - if it starts creaking then it could well be the "rose bushes", which sit behind the wheel hub (I'll see if I can find a pic from RealOEM). The bushes are relatively cheap - about £20 iirc - but they can be an absolute **** of a job, need a special tool to do it properly. Took my indi guy nearly 2 days to free them up, glad I didn't try that one myself. HTH, S
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    Finally had the Zobelbraun Eta and Diamnatschwartz Eta delivered on Friday to the new Canadian Eta Sanctuary. Newly delivered: At home in the new Eta Sanctuary: Really good to have them back after two months apart. Regards, Mick
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    Rother Valley meet 2017

    I'm in Hull I'll try and pop down to this sounds good
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    It's because people use screenwash that is a very weak concentration and it goes stagnant in the tank and blocks it up. If you use a strong concentration of decent screen wash not pre diluted you will have no issues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    535i Andrew

    Another Engine Oil Question

    Meets LL04, end off. Yeah you could look into what fancy fandangle additives are in other types of oil but the bottom line is that it meets the BMW specification. Although the seller annoys me. He states he is shipping via Royal Mail yet excludes Scottish Highlands, but Royal Mail themselves make no such statements. Royal Mail will deliver anywhere in the UK for the same fee.
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    We worked on old 1970's Escort post office vans ... Loved driving those around the college
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    As I only have room for two cars at home, since the arrival of the M1, the M5 has been stored at a garage not far away. It was not in a very good state and the M5 had to be kept in a Carcoon. I decided to renovate the garage, the plan was to finish renovations by the time the car came back from ML in February, err, it overran a little! In the meantime the M5 has been in the garage at home and the M6 has been sitting outside. After more than 8 months of renovation, she is now back in the 'new' garage. Started off as a "I'll just replace the roof, put in some partition walls and new doors.", via "Oh shit, that wall is just about to fall down, it's just propped up by the wooden fence." and finally, "Might as well pretty much rebuild the entire bloody thing properly!". Need to reassemble the Carcoon, but it's a lot less dirty in there than it was, the roof was 80 year old corrugated asbestos, so there's no hurry, I'll pick a dry weekend or evening.
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    Garage recommendations.

    more than likely needs a set of dampers, that made a big difference to mine. I run a 235 45 17, have had conti sport contact 5, got michelin and avon on now, would go conti or michelin when the avon rears are dead.
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    Jumping from the battery was a bad idea, you should use the terminals under the bonnet.
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    Mashed Potatoes

    M5 Brakes whats need?

    As far as I know, the M5 setup will fit on the front, but not the back without changing the wheel hubs. I'm doing the same as you - going to M5 ones but I'm just going to do the front for now. Calipers, carriers discs and pads will be required. Hoses from what I remember reading will still fit but don't quote me on that. One thing I would add, is although you can get rebuilt calipers for under £100 per side, the price of the carriers will make you laugh. It would be cheaper to buy a caliper and carrier set with pads from eBay, than it would to buy new carriers for BMW to go with rebuilt calipers. I think it was about £220 per side just for carriers. Buy your discs whilst they're on offer at Euro Car Parts too. I bought mine and with the offer they had on, it meant I effectively got one disc for free. Even with the Mtec discs and EBC red stuff pads on mine, I've had them smoking and starting to fade after a 'hard' drive. The E60 is a heavy car - no getting around that.
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    M88rt j

    The BMW5 random picture thread

    Stable door I made and fitted last week for a cottage , for anyone with ocd if you tilt your head to the side the boards line up perfectly
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    Taffy 1

    The BMW5 random picture thread

    Cath says more, more.
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    G, Great spot - give yourself a gold star - Manchester Road Chorlton - was following the sat nav to get back to the M56 to work my way back home following a meeting ... Worst thing of the journey was the bar steward "Smart Motorway" upgrade on the M5 from Worcester up to the M42 junction... sneaky way of bringing permanent speed cameras on to motorways in the form of Hadecs - the M6 is the same plus 20 miles of effing road works from j16-19 with average speed cameras... Sadly I've come to the conclusion that our road network is slowly being strangled by technology designed specifically to extract additional forms of revenue from the motorist under the pre-text of safety, Along with construction companies who seem to be able to lay cones out mile after mile under the pretext of road improvements without any drive to get the work actually completed quickly... how on earth a company can justify coning off 20 miles of motorway as a single project at the same time is beyond belief as they cannot physically work on 20 miles of motorway simultaneously...
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    Sweaty palms time....

    it would be better if they rolled down into the chimney and climbed back out.