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    I cleaned it inside and out - that piano black really shows up dust! So between this and the DAB installation, we've done ok this week!
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    What button is missing

    Done thanks guys
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    I could see the pics earlier this morning but not now. Perhaps Lennox has decided it's too dreadful to contemplate further. [emoji6] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    I think they are both prize cocks - but Macgregor is the bigger dickhead of the two. I hope he gets his arse handed to him.
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    It's a nicer car without tat. 2 and 5 if you need to tinker.
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    The 535 makes quite a statement as it is dontcha think? I reckon 2, 1, 5, refurb the wheels. Paint the calipers maybe (but they'll soon be covered in brake dust). If you go for all the options maybe a pair of furry dice to round it off? [emoji6] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    My 535d

    Just picked my 535d yesterday really nice car first e60 I've owned
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    Truck platooning

    We can have a long debate about rail v rail. Unfortunately, our rail bridges are not high enough to carry a trailer on the back of a rail wagon as they are in some countries on the continent. The fact is that we adopted a 'just in time' principle of stock holding many years ago. FWIW, I was sending 54 tonne rail wagons to Italy 40 years ago. They arrived 1 day later than a truck so it just wasn't good enough. If you want bigger trucks, run something like Denby of Lincoln suggested years ago but was never allowed to run. Spending £8 million on research is ridiculous. You can get an expert's opinion any day of the week. Ask the guys who do this for a living. It may not even cost you the price of a bacon sandwich
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    So... New garage time

    Pfft no... It's not that small
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    VANOS seals replaced this afternoon. My old ones didn't actually seem too bad, but the engine does seem to have a little more 'shove' now. After they've bed-in for a few hundred miles I'll see how it is and if mpg any different. Glad I've done them though and it's not too bad a job to do
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    Weird noise on shutdown of engine

    That would be the EGR pressure converter.
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    Horses for courses imo, do what you feel you like, I'm an oem understated type of guy tbf.
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    Couple of tidy E39s on Ebay

    Very nice Sir! Looks great!
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    Mayweather vs McGregor

    I'm hoping on a McGregor win, he has a lethal left and is fast as fuck.
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    Updated this pics...... Also popped in to the Wheel Station today to get an idea of alloy colour, love this shade... All will be done post Volvo arrival, it still in dink danger till then... Sent from my EDI-AL10 using Tapatalk
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    No, ZF who make the box advise to change it Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Mayweather vs McGregor

    Mayweather will win. You can't learn to box in five or so months and step into the ring with a guy who's been in the game for over 2 decades. Personally the whole fight is a just a money thing and a farce. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Yep, road works and general traffic meant an average speed of around 60mph. I don't use cruise, just light throttle control and I only use premium unleaded, found that makes the car feel smoother and the economy increase generally balances out the additional cost. I don't really try, i'll just drive as conditions allow but the car tends to perform 40+mpg most the time. 450ish miles per tank (55ish litres - i fill up at around 1/4), is my rule of thumb when planning my next fuel stop.
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    F10 530d


    Glad to hear you're enjoying your G30. 57mpg from the 3.0 diesel is simply brilliant - I have an F10 530d which manages 45mpg most of the time and thought that was impressive! Will look forward to getting one of these in 5 years time...
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    e39 owner moved to an e60!

    Just thought I'd say hello to everyone, I've had e30 e36's e39 and now I just picked up an e60 545i - first v8! The car had some disgusting stickers on it which I was gutted about driving back (50 miles looking like a t**t!), but after a weekend with a heatgun and a car wrapper for help we got these off thankfully. I'll be honest the e60 feels like a step backwards in terms of quality compared to my trust e39 which I was quite shocked at. But I'll see what it's like over the next few months, it's also my first auto! Leon
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    So... New garage time

    Yeah; it'll need to be sorted next week, so will look into it more over the weekend and see whats best. My pals said that we could acro-prop it, remove the damaged timber and reinforce it that way for now and keep the RSJ's stored at his for when we do the extension... Another idea, but until the garage is emptied, we won't see the full picture!
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    So... New garage time

    Yeah; that thoughts there, but, the RSJ's I'd be getting for free as they've been stood around a good while and he'd like rid of them All I'd be paying for is his time to bring them here and erect them for me (cash in hand and the odd 6 brews etc) Bracing could be tricky too as some of the wooden frame would just crumble (age and rot)... Did think about holding it all up with some props; but again, there's safety in there too and that wouldn't give me much confidence!
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    Finally got to it to convert the type 1 electric seats to the type 2 nutria country to fit the rest of the interior of my 524td. Now I only have to take the carpet out, put the wiring in and and fit the new seats.
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    I could see the pics last night but I only see links this morning, something's gone wrong overnight
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    Mayweather vs McGregor

    Mcgregor will lose. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    50% off OIL ECP - HOLIDAY50

    Time to stock up!
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    Mayweather vs McGregor

    Yeah got to go McGregor....... Although I do wonder if Mayweather might just hold back and counter. Sent from my EDI-AL10 using Tapatalk
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    Excellent Hopefully I'll have the same reaction when I get my 530e delivered.
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    Just away to fit a new water pump... Hope the rain stays off.
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    DVLA pulls plates.

    Don't be silly! That doesn't even look like Sam...
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    DVLA pulls plates.

    He could swap it for KN03HED if it's available? [emoji4] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    For me, it's all about carbon. My company runs a big fleet of diesels and we use Shell standard diesel only. Not one of our vehicles have had a EGR or DPF fault, where others have and I believe it's down to fuel quality/additives. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Centerparcs near Eindhoven. Traffic around Antwerp was a nightmare and put an hour on our travel time but worth it in the end.
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    Truck platooning

    Exactly! Isnt there trains for such an occasion.... stupid government! I could see it working in a place like Australia or America, hold on haven't they got this exact system but with one engine..... it sounds like there's no news worth reporting on or they are trying to divert out attention from something else....
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    Truck platooning

    Listened to a bit of this earlier, my concern would be traffic lights. What's the chances of getting three trucks go through at the same time?
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    That is so much better Matthew, I wish you could insist on travelling in one of those carriages. Where are you off to this time?
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    Bloody Vapor Barriers!

    PN for the BMW 'tape' is 83190000537 (Butyl cord Terostat 2460). It only came in a 20m length when I bought it but I've done 2 doors and as I'm keeping the car will likely use the rest on the other 2 doors at some stage so don't really have any to spare I'm afraid - think it cost about £25 a few years ago. I used some very useful flexible material that sets hard to reinforce the door cards once they'd fully dried out like this: I think the key is to dry the door cards out, assess if they need any strengthening and then make sure the barrier repair seals properly, seems to be easier said than done with some cars though!"
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    I used to work for BP and all fuel comes from the same refineries, at least it did in the 90's. Tesco's lorries and whoever else used to get their fuel from exactly the same place as the BP tankers. Personally I think we are all being conned with the premium stuff, I still use BP garages due to loyalty and using my Necter card, but never pay for the premium diesel.
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    Keep up the good work Sir, it's miserable where I am. I've seen 37.something mpg, on the day I bought it driving home from Aberdeen. Not seen it since. @Matthew Ashton, needs another holiday to recover from the last holiday, obviously! Although, it would appear judging by the number of bikes on the back, he isn't going alone, so will no doubt need yet another holiday after this one. I've been on holiday too this week, so far I have fitted a radiator (in the house) got logs, been to the tip several times, had the littl'uns birthday party, my anniversary (which no I didn't forget about), painted two ceilings, put stuff into storage, plastered two walls, been sofa shopping. God knows how I find time to work..... But today I did manage to collect these from my local Volkswagen dealer. The missing pins so that I can make my 13 pin towbar socket on my 3AC towbar actually have all 13 pins wired up as BMW only fit 10 pins, with no ignition live switch feed. Westfalia who make to socket do not sell them separately, but VW whom Westfalia also supply do list them as a part!
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    E39 EWS issue

    Chaps Same happened on my Imola 540, got gearbox oil and filter changed, better but still went into Trans Failsafe after 50 miles. I changed Gearbox ECU myself and all was fine thereafter, didn't need any recoding but I was careful to get one from a car the same year with all the same part nos etc on it. There you go, bet you thought you'd never receive technical advice from me!! Ian
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    costco cheap diesel

    96.9p for PREMIUM diesel at costco,-- well impressed! sorry petrolheads i never took any notice of the unleaded prices but i'll take note next time i fill up. i maybe wrong but i think they only have 2 stations in the uk at the moment, Oldham(Chadderton) and Liverpool
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    f10 HID upgrade

    I disagree. I think they will be banned for on road use at some point. Of course, the mod is reversible anyway, so no harm done.
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    My E34 525i

    It's a bit rough but gets me around
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    After a fair whack of reading and research; think I'm going to go with Bilstein B4 dampers with Eibach Pro kit springs all round alongside new top mounts and new drop links all round. Will probably poly bush the ARBs too, but leave the rest OEM for the OEM level of compliance, don't want to go too hard with too much polyurethane etc This is a long term plan; want to get the bodywork sorted first which will be sometime mid September A few reasons re the B4's; a) they're uprated and fine for a 30mm drop (the Eibach's should give around another 10-15mm lower than the current M-Tec drop on my 530i Sport, more than enough for what I'm after) b.) their overall cost. At c£65 for the rears, each and £90 for the fronts, each, they come in hell of a lot cheaper than the B6s or similar Koni's and that level of expenditure on a car that does c4k miles a year simply isn't needed IMO and c) we all know that Bilstein and Eibach work very well together and are highly recommended. Obviously all suspension arms will be checked and replaced where necessary and then the car should handle and ride superbly
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    My 535d

    Some pics
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    I laughed as well. I think that they were known as a Ball Breakers way back when. My own favourite cordless is my old AEG 12V (Atlas Copco). Still going strong, but it needs recharging a bit often these days so I'm in the process of recelling it. Milwaukee took over Atlas Copco power tools.
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    XC90 yeah or Nae?!?

    Volvo are making some really nice looking cars these day IMO, a new s90 overtook me yesterday and despite being the size of a bungalow, bloody hell did it look good. I don't think I would choose the XC90 over the Range Rover if money was no object, however, I'll bet a fully specced XC90 comes out at about the same price as a basic Range Rover Sport. I'd definately take one over an X5, the only X5 that does anything for me is a pre-facelift e53 (yes, I have got my tin hat on!). That is nice! I think with a Volvo, you either get it or you don't. My mate had an S60 D5 a few years ago that looked very much 'old man car' but had one or two 'go faster bits' attached, it was always fun surprising people in supposedly much faster cars in it. The five cylinder engine sounded awesome too, never mind that it was a diesel!
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    e39 owner moved to an e60!

    Cheers mate, I already had these bookmarked and spent a good few hours looking! Think I'm swaying more towards these - http://www.bmautosport.co.uk/showroom/product_info.php/new-style-alloys-silver-with-deeper-rear-stepped-dish-p-210?cPath=51_24_147_35_238