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    MOT'd - full clean bill of health, no advisories (well, bar the undertray comments as per the norm )
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    BMW Documentation

    Hi all, Over the years I have managed to accumulate various pieces of BMW documentation from an assortment of sites and sources. I thought it time to place them all in one location where everyone can access them. They are available from my Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxDd4Jzlov8Efmg5VVVEaTZVYkplN3MzaGZLQUEzaWFjU0luMl81cW9oSGxlOENGbTlKQW8&usp=sharing The folder currently contains the following: E60 engineer training modules; M Division documentation; Various E60 manuals and guides, and an assortment of BMW presentations. As I find more I will upload them to the Drive and update this post. Mods - Bearing this in mind, perhaps it would be handy to make this pinned? Best, Horsey *Please note I do not own the documents or claim to be the author of them*
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    Paris 530d

    Paris E60 530d

    Thanks it was only a damp microfiber cloth with hot water and short brush (like toothbrush)
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    Meat wagon

    Fitting Kidney Grilles

    If you have the Chrome ones that are going to go on, take a look at the clips on them - they'll be the same as the ones you're about to remove. You'll see the plastic tongs that hold the grills into the bonnet. They're not stiff at all but you'll probably need something slightly wider to help press both sides down at the same time. Practice this on the new ones and then you'll progress faster with those on the car whilst twisting your neck through 90 degrees
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    Fitting Kidney Grilles

    Use a piece of wood and a rubber mallet A few hard taps and the grille will soon pop out However, this is more sensible
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    I don't think it's very accurate. My dad used it and over filled his sump on his F10. He poured in what it asked for then afterwards fired off a sump too full warning. Thankfully he was only a week or two away from a service. My wife's C200 Kompressor had one and it wasn't very accurate either but fair play to the dark side, they had a hidden menu for measuring oil to the nearest 10 or 50ml IIRC. It was fine once you used the hidden menu as it gave you decent accuracy. The BMW ones are nearest 250ml. Not accurate enough for me personally. Is it because the original BMW one if you choose to extend it is by Mondial? I used my ski hatch yesterday to allow to take home 3m copper tubes for B&Q. Pipes were tucked in with some padding against the back of the boot and sat on top of my dashboard above the idrive on mire padding, front passenger seatbelt over the top of them and no bother. Ski hatch is handy, saves having to fold down the rear seats after first moving the littl'uns car seat out the way first!
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    DAB retro fit

    The aerial is hardly OEM with all the gubbins stuck to your window
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    I'm taking this in next week to get the rose/ball joint done on both sides. Is there anything else (mounts, rubber bits etc) down there which should get changed while he's there? The rear subframe mounts have already been done, I asked the mechanic about the anti roll bar drop links as I saw them changed in the above video - he said if there is no problem to just leave it alone as there would be knocking if there was an obvious problem. I can't see any problems with the way the car drives, or noises/any knocking going over bumps. The car has done 123,000 miles Thanks!
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    I need a new tailgate! mines rusted at the bottom, where they always go! anyone know where I can get a nice one cheap?
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    Like this nonsense you mean?
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Just updated the OE BMW CD player in the car to a slightly later unit, which has enabled the AUX functionality Just run the appropriate cable into the glovebox. At last I'm no longer stuck to just using CD's!
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    Newbie with a E28 M535i

    My hallway is beginning to look like a parts department!!
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    Steve AD

    Antenna Amplifier

    Mines doing similar and also my ccc randomly reboots itself maybe one day a week then it's ok.....who would ever buy BMW
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    My E26!

    At the Silverstone Classic at the week end. A few nice cars in the hotel car park, the M1 was at the front obviously! Not the best photo as it was just on my phone, but see what you can spot.
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    I had Uniroyals on 15" rims, a good choice. Kept me safe going round Glasgow in an absolutely torrential rainstorm.
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    You've gone deaf in your right ear....
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    535i Andrew

    Why married people are fat

    When you are young and single you come in from a hard day and look at what's in the fridge and decide to go to bed. When you are older and married you come in from a hard day and look at what's in bed and decide to go to the fridge.
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    PDC system dead suddenly

    From our very own@V8Warrior aka Paul Simon [emoji106]
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    PDC system dead suddenly

    Thanks for the vid, my pdc been dead for 6 months now but always ingored it as I have the reversing camera. I knew it was the sensors in the bumper and not the plastic trim after the clicking test. Just never had the balls to remove the bumper but as there is actually a good video showing how to do it might give this a shot.
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    Bilstein B12 Kit Upgrade

    Hi The E34 had a number of different topmounts fitted. It depended on engine sizes Early mounts changed around 90/91 The diameter of the damper is not the issue it is the diameter and length of the piston rod. They need to match. If you do a search you will see the variety of dampers because of the top mount issue. Check your vin in realoem and measure the size of the nut and rod of the damper piston. You could buy new top mounts to suit your new suspension kit which is a worthwhile improvement.
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    Bilstein B12 Kit Upgrade

    I believe they either changed the diameter of the damper shaft or the thread at the top. @urquattro or @Dongiov will probably know, chaps?
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    Not Even Close to PC Jokes

    1. I was devastated to find out my wife was having an affair, but, by turning to religion, I was soon able to come to terms with the whole thing. I converted to Islam, and we're stoning her in the morning. 2. Went to our local bar with my wife last night. Locals started shouting "paedophile!" and other names at me, just because my wife is 24 and I'm 50. It completely spoiled our 10th anniversary. 3. My son was thrown out of school today for letting a girl in his class give him a hand-job. I said "Son, that's three schools this year! You'd better stop before you're banned from teaching altogether." 4. If you get an email entitled, "Nude Photo of Hillary Clinton", don't open it, it contains a nude photo of Hillary Clinton
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    Not Even Close to PC Jokes

    Non pc ones are always the best. Frankie Boyle is my hero.
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    And I'm crying laughing. If you can't spell it you certainly shouldn't be doing it.