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    Glow plug broken in engine!!

    You asked? Man up and tell her once you've bought it. Ideally when you are showing her how she should use it.
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    Not very artistic but the car I had for the day while mine was being serviced
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    I bought a stupidly large roof box.... Oh the glamour....
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    Matthew Ashton knows
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    M5 London

    Thrust arm bushes

    OK fair enough ! If installed correctly and are Lemforder they should be good for 50K miles I'd say... There is an argument that new bushes are useless unless the ball joints on the other end are good too....just a thought. Only other things to look at are the suspension geometry, lower control arms, suspension (dampers, springs, top mounts) and steering arms, anti roll bar drop links and anti roll bar bushes. Can you elaborate on the vagueness ? How did your last tyres wear ? Also how many miles on the car ? Steering box may need a rebuild if at mega miles. Thrust arms that are weak are responsible for steering wheel judder under braking mainly, but they do help locate the position of wheel/hub during cornering etc etc Also do not overlook the rear axle components....rear ball joints, guiding links, rear wishbones, subframe bushes, snapped rear anti roll bar brackets...'vagueness up front' could well be a rear end issue. PS : Vague at times may also suggest pas pump issues.
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    Glow plug broken in engine!!

    lol lol lol I like your thinking lol lol it takes me around 2hrs to cut the rear garden alone on that as we are very lucky to have a big garden. a comment was made that if i could not do it on a 40" twin blade lawn mower then by all means we can purchase a flymo but I can tell you I won't be cutting the grass lol lol, I then was allound one lol
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    Gave her a full wax in the blazing heat ☀️☀️☀️ Back end took me about an hour then I had to take a break [emoji5] The rest took me a bit longer probably because I was gassing out, but boy was it worth it. She is gleaming. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Supercharged e39 M5

    For sale, my beloved Supercharged E39 M5. I'm sure a lot of people here have seen my car at various shows and yes, it's a lot of money, but please remember that over £65k has been invested in it. It’s with a very heavy heart I am having to sell my pride and joy, I have owned this example for 8 years, the car has recently undergone a 18 month restore / build process, this has all been fully documented and photographed. I have owned the car for many years, I have spent my time restoring it to its former glory, I wanted to build a car with the best components, and yet have a car which was super quick when I wanted without losing any of the original refinement ‘Thor’ as I call him, is utterly civilised to drive, almost normal, but on those occasions when you want to go for it, is sublimely quick, the supercharger is immense and power delivery is shockingly fast, will keep up with most supercars on a good day! Over the years I have achieved this, sometimes breaking the bank, sometimes working all night on the car to get it perfect, I have had many magazine featured cars over the years , and I am fastidious about how the car is kept. This is a very unique vehicle, once in a lifetime build,which has been featured as a cover car for “BMW Car” magazine Over the years, I have been lucky enough to have a few magazine cover cars, I am a true enthusiast, cars and bikes have been my passion for years. The car has the usual high spec of a M5 and has good extra options fitted, such as, Leather (Electric / Memory / Heated / Lumbar) seats, Electric Windows, Electric Rear and Side Blinds, Cruise Control, Satellite Navigation, Sunroof, etc. etc. Please see the Standard and Options details which are listed below. I will include my cherished plate ‘V8 RYM’ (very m) which has been independently valued at £1700 Only for sale due to investing in a new business which is taking up all of my funds, it’s making me sad just writing this advert, my intention was to keep the car forever. The car has been through a multi stage detail, machine polished with 3m products and has been finished with GTechniq C1, and finished with two layers of Swissvax Shield. The build / restore cost is in excess of £65k, so it really is a one in a lifetime car, literally no expense has been spared, this is one serious car and has been created with some of the best products available. Here are the main details of the car, the pictures really do not do it justice, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Contact Details: Tony Chapman, 07919 998469 Test drives are welcome within reason with proof of fully comprehensive insurance, please no time wasters or joy riders. Details August 2000 BMW E39 M5 Evolve / Rotrex Supercharged 630 BHP / 500 lb/ft Torque @ 7psi Cherished plate included: ‘V8 RYM’ (Valued at £1700) Silverstone Blue 5 Owners (including myself) 133k Miles Full Service History (BMW dealer/Indy) MOT April 2018 (Zero advisories) All three keys present All Manuals / Books etc. present Standard Equipment: 265 – Tire Pressure Control (PDC) 216 – Servotronic 261 – Side Airbags for Passengers 302 – Alarm System 423 – Floor Mats Velour 430 – Int / Ext Rear View Mirror With Automatic Anti Dazzle 459 – Seat Adjustment, Electric With Memory 488 – Lumbar support Driver / Front Passenger 494 – Seat Heating Driver / Front Passenger 500 – Headlight Washer System 520 – Fog Lights 522 – Xenon Light 534 – Automatic Air Conditioning 555 – On Board Computer 710 – M Leather Steering Wheel 775 – Individual Roof Lining Anthracite 785 – White Direction Indicator Lights 853 – Language Version English Options: 265 – Tyre Pressure Control (RDC) 403 – Glass Roof, Electric 416 – Sunblinds 428 – Warning Triangle 441 – Smokers Package 508 – Park Distance Control (PDC) 609 – Navigation System Professional 629 – Car Telephone (GSM) With Card Reader Front 672 – CD Changer BMW For 6 CD’s 677 – HiFi System Professional 812 – England Version 863 – Europe / Dealer Directory 877 – Deletion Cross-Over Operation 880 – English / On Board Documentation 995 – Change Ban 415 – Sunblind for Rear Window 473 – Arm Rest Front 602 – On board Monitor with TV 694 – Preparation for CD Changer 774 – Individual Wood Trim Options Details: Black/black Leather Seats Lumbar Support Rear Electric Blind Rear Window Electric Blinds Satellite Navigation Electric Windows Electric Sunroof Electric Seats with Memory Climate Control Electric Mirrors Heated Seats Unused First Aid Kit Unused Fire Extinguisher Genuine BMW Facelift Headlights Genuine BMW Facelift Rear Lights Genuine BMW Alcantara Steering Wheel Facelift 16:9 Display Modifications Performance: · Power: 630bhp / 500lb/ft Torque @ 7psi · Evolve Rotrex Supercharger · Setrab Supercharger Cooler · Evolve Intercooler · Evolve Alloy Billet Intake Plenum · Upgrade Electric Fan Kit · Tial Dump Valve Exhaust: · Evolve Medusa Headers · Tubi Ranmore X Pipe · Tubi Ranmore 100 Cell Race Cats · Tubi Ranmore Stainless Back Boxes · Genuine Akrapovic Titanium / Carbon Fibre Exhaust Tips Wheels and Brakes: · BBS CH-R wheels finished in Black · 8.5” x 19” Front, 10” x 19 Rears · 235/35/19 & 275/30/19 Tyres · Goodyear Asymetric II Tyres (5mm Tread) · Stoptech ST40 Front BBK (Red) · Porsche 996 Rear BBK (Red) · Stoptech Braided Front Hoses · Goodridge Braided Rear Hoses · Hawk Front Pads · Pagid Rear Pads Chassis: · Bilstein PSS9 Coilovers · Weicher Front Strut Brace · Reinforced Rear Subframe · Genuine BMW LSD rebuilt with 40% Lock Exterior: · Seibon Carbon Fibre Bonnet / Vents · Facelift Headlights · Facelift Rear Lights Interior: · Facelift 16:9 Navigation Display · Storm Titanium Gear Knob · Storm Titanium Handbrake Lever · Storm Titanium Navigation Buttons · Seibon Carbon Bonnet and Vents Rebuild Details: The car has had a recent full engine / drivetrain and suspension overhaul, the parts for the rebuild costed over £12k alone; these are detailed below: Engine: New Block, Pistons, Timing Chain, Guides, Spark Plugs, Oil Pump, Water Pump, Thermostat, Expanding Tank, Wiper Tank, Breather Pipes, Cam Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Clutch, Alternator, Drive Belts, New Bosch Battery etc. Suspension: Bushes, Arms, Centre Link, Guibo, Propshaft, Anti Roll Bar Links, Heat Shields, LSD rebuild & 40% lock upgrade, New Seals on Diff, Rear ABS sensors, Sub-frames removed, Shot Blasted and Repainted. Bodywork: Jacking points checked and renewed with new metal sections due to light rusting, petrol filler cap and surround replaced again due to light rusting, all completed by a well renowned professional bodyshop. Oil Service just carried out (Castrol Edge 10w60) and rear Bosch abs sensors & Bosch wipers replaced, as well as Aircon service and re gas ready for summer. All mechanical / build work carried out within the past 3k miles by Raikku or WaffZuff (Well renowned Porsche/ BMW Mechanic (Vantaam5 on m5board) Viewing and any inspection is welcome, you really won’t be disappointed in this one, I am located approx 5 miles south of Gatwick Airport in West Sussex. Price is £35,450 ovno, this has cost over £65k to build the car in this spec. Contact Details: Tony Chapman, 07919 998469, chapperstony1968@gmail.com
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    Today we remember Donut

    Today marks the passing of a year since we lost the man who was a friend to many and a figurehead of our community. As we take a moment to reflect on the loss that is to our online family, spare a thought for his real-life family as they remember their good times with Darren. This forum owes a great debt to Donut. The thriving membership we enjoy; the positive attitude of our collective - these are things Darren worked hard to achieve. Our own tribute is to strive to stay true to his guidance, to ensure that the forum is the best it can be and that we continue to build not just a resource for all things 5 Series, but a thriving community. Donut set a high benchmark, and while we may have struggled at times to hit his high standards, we will always aim to continue the good work he did. There was an overwhelming response to fundraising for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance last year. Darren's family have asked us to pass on a message of thanks to each and every one of you who donated so generously, and have asked us to share this certificate by way of thanks. Let's all find a moment today to remember the Boss Man. Find yourself a quiet moment with a sugary baked good, look back on the impact Darren had on our lives and give thanks for what we have. On behalf of all of us at BMW5
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    MoT passed after a brief knockback for a spot of jacking point welding and a balljoint - still not too bad for a 22 year old 158k mile car.
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    Run flat tyres

    I had a low pressure warning on and off for about a year which, because I couldn't find anything on inspection, I assumed was being caused by a damaged wheel sustained by thumping a huge pothole. The alerts were more frequent (every 2-3 weeks) during winter which I assumed were due to the cold weather but I persevered because I didn't want to shell out (read: was too skinflint) for a new pair of boots until it was absolutely necessary and topping up with ~2psi every so often didn't feel like any great hardship. When I eventually replaced the tyres I discovered a nail embedded bang in the centre of the tyre in question which was only visible on the inside. Turns out the 'damaged' wheel is well within normal tolerances and has absolutely no bearing on anything. So yes, it will warn you but whether or not you can identify the cause is another matter.
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    Matthew Ashton

    Run flat tyres

    You just need to initialise the tyre pressure monitor via the iDrive and it is then either monitoring the actual pressure or the rotation of the wheel depending on whether you have active or passive pressure monitoring. You can tell which by looking at the tyre valve stem. If metallic then you have TPMS if rubber you have the passive version based on rotation speed.
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    Check your jacking points!

    All completed now, they've done a lovely job. I'll get some photos up when it stops raining! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oil: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KIT-OF-2-5W-30-GENUINE-GM-VAUXHALL-BMW-FULLY-SYN-MOTOR-OIL-5L-DEXOS-2/391703870382?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 The difference between those transmission kits as far as I can see is the OE ZF kit also includes the mechatronics sleeve.
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    5w/30 LL4 - ZF Lifeguard - Mann Filters here
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    Gearbox takes ZF Lifeguard 6 oil. https://www.zf.com/corporate/media/zf_media_import/document/aftermarket_1/services_2/technical_information_1/misc/zf_lifeguard_6/ZF-Lifeguardfluid6_Sicherheitsdatenblatt_EN.pdf James
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    I did look at your ad Duncan when you first posted it up and thought it would make a nice car,i was tempted myself but already having the 530i Sport Touring thought one load lugger was enough.
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    I've given some thought to what i said and i'd like to take it back. Keep us posted!
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    I know Mick, i was simply suggesting a known car might be lower risk than "any other second hand purchase"
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    Shhh!! clem!! - the boy needs a 330d in his life!
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    Hi, welcome back. My inital thought would be to hang on to the Merc till something bad fails. Buying any E46 will be a risky proposition...
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    Glow plug broken in engine!!

    hi guys, ok so a little game change. this time DPF hung in upright position and toppup with a parts and brake cleaner. it is now fully soaking and will leave for a day or 2 with updates. might even look at purchasing 5lt of DPF cleaner as well to help with the cleaning process, after all it's got to help. just for info the sensors were removed. not the end of the world if this fails as worst case I will get SA tuning to carry out a DPF delete.
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    Name This Part

    I think more like Nr.7 in the same diagram. CLICK
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    Matthew Ashton


    BMW also make Maps available and for our F45 that is still under manufacturer's warranty it is £69.95 for 2 years. Not sure what it would be for your F10 though.
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    Matthew Ashton


    You need to acquire the updated maps and an FSC code to activate them. You can generate your own code if you have Esys and an Enet cable. @roundy has an early 2011 vehicle that didn't cater for 7 digit post code search hence his issues but hopefully yours is will be fine. Do you have 609 - pro nav? If so you have a CIC system with Europe Premium West maps and you are looking for the 2017-2 update. PM me if you need more information, I've done this update a few times now.
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    Name This Part

    Nice one mate really appreciate it [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Active seats

    Active was ONLY an option on the comfort seat. Sport and contour share the same base but different backs. So the comfort springs I'm guessing won't fit the sport/contour base as it prob has longer springs as no thigh support
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    That is BS tbh. Anyone can make payment - if you have the finance bank account and the reference details then pay the arrears via that means from your account. I have collected cars for some dealers with finance. What dealers do transfer the money via a bank transfer to the finance company - a final payment will generate a unique reference also. Once the finance is cleared + the difference of the total value to the customer, I take the car away to the dealer.
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    Selling a car that isn't legally yours

    Being the registered keeper, does not mean you own it, the finance company do. just use a V52 ( i think) and put it in your name. This will enable you to insure it. A letter adressed to your father will advise him he has 7 days to respond. if you have log book, just change it over. You are not a thief, you are just doing the right thing.
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    Post Brexit Result

    This caught my eye, posted elsewhere: http://www.westmonster.com/spiteful-eu-threatens-to-scrap-free-healthcare-for-brits-abroad/ Well... what did they expect? Try cancelling your Sky subs and then asking if you can still watch Sky 1...
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    HappyDays That's good to know i have just had my DPF gutted, so no worries for next months MOT Mike. I already had a stage 1 remap with EGR delete, i just sent my map off via email to a guy and he deleted the DPF for me only charged £25
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    Back in the BMW fold!

    Cheers Greig. Yes, that car was in great nick - serviced up to date, FVSH, full MOT etc, and the body is great - I had it professionally detailed a couple of years back, and kept it nice. I've sent you a PM btw. Something of possible interest to you!
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    New from Kent - E60 M5

    Its been an OK start, the car wasn't perfect when I got it but I know the prior owner so was told about all the faults before I bought it, so went in with open eyes. Luckily he had just bought his own garage so only sold this really to help fund that and buy some replacement equipment Known faults when collected: SMG Errors sometimes pop the car into the 'drive moderately' warning message. Rear Silencers had been removed - sounds like an F1 car even on idle No AUX Port - its a 2005 and this car wasn't sold with it from the factory. Discs & Pads will need changing within a few thousand miles. Passenger side seatbelt has to be plugged in even when no-one is sitting their or the dash moans Work done: SMG Pump Replaced OEM Rear Silencers from front box back purchased from eBay and the garage welded them on for me, a really neat job! Car is now sensible again AUX Port fitted (£3.99 cable from HongKong) - now just need to sort the coding but having INPA issues with SP-Daten version - I have the latest by the order list of my car still throws an error after reading the VIN Codings using Carly (I have the BMCable as well from owning an M3 previously) Mirrors now fold on locking, unfold on unlocking Indicators now display in HUD Error Codes cleared from ECU - only 04F0 remains, more on that below Car cleaned , took me 2 hours to rinse, foam, rinse, shampoo, wheel cleaner, rinse, wax, tyre dressing, wheels waxed and protected with sealant. As it sits now it has 1 issue left to solve and that that when the revs drop coming to a junction sometimes I get the cog on the dash due to a 'pressure under-shot' error. Now the SMG Pump has been replaced I am thinking to replace the electronic motor that connects to it, or maybe the battery. The error log shows the rpm is always around 750rpm when it triggers and the battery voltage is at 12.5. I tested the alternator and its charging at 14.1 under normal driving.
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    Well I've arrived at Preston. Google maps said 1hr 55 from my house, arrived at 730..... Left at 550 got fuel cruised up at 65 (52 in the roadworks for fuckin miles) Cars returned a quite respectable 55.5 to the gallon. Will let you know the out come.
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    BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    Today was a good day. One I will remember for some time. I've owned this car for over 4 years and today was the first time I drove it. What can I say. After 6 months in my garage fettling away she was ready for a test drive and boy did she not disappoint. She drove like a dream and pulled really hard in all gears. The noise is something else similar to my m3 but still different. Not sure what exhaust is on it will have to check but it does sound sublime. The car is still far away from being finished but atleast now I can drive her. One thing the test drive revealed was a high idle something I'll need to investigate further. I'm literally over the moon today a car I dreamed of when I was younger I now own. Still get a kick out of that [emoji16][emoji1417]
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    +1 for Automatic Transmissions in Preston
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    535i Andrew

    oops, forgot the tyres!!

    If I was that cruel to a dog, I would be banned from ever owning one and thrown into jail. We need laws similar to stop cruelty to cars. Fit massive rims with massive spacers for "the look" then have to stretch the tyres to stop the fouling the arches. I will never understand that.
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    Another "thumbs up" for Preston. Boots
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    There are a few threads on here with various prices if you have a scout around. I paid £300 at Automatic Transmissions in Preston about 6 weeks ago so £475 may be a bit above average. Good reports from other members too re Preston. Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Automatic Transmissions in Preston are £300-£350 depending on choice of sump. Been there and recommend them. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    52 reg Midnight Blue Individual

    Car now sold,chopped in for my next purchase.
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    Good evening all Sadly for me, but luckily for another enthusiast - the time has come to part ways with what has probably been the most reliable and driveable car i have ever owned. In the two years i have owned this car, it has rarely needed anything with the exception of small wear and tear parts. I travelled to buy this car as it was such a good example, and to this day i consider it to be one of the very best E39 Tourings available for the money, and reading on you will see why. This car needs to go to another enthusiast to be appreciated, and i would love to see someone else look after it as much as i have. The only reason for selling is that i have purchased an E60 M5 and cant justify keeping them both. In all honesty - i think part of me enjoys driving the E39 more than the M5 at times as it is just such a good, balanced, effortless and solid car to drive. Anyways, down to the all important stuff, and details. The car is a February 1999 BMW E39 540iA Touring with Steptronic Gearbox. 4.4 litre V8 Engine M62/TU Speclist from factory was as follows:- M62/TU COSMOSSCHWARTZ METALLIC (303) STANDARDLEDER/LICHTGELB (07LG) 302 - Alarm System 339 - Satin Chrome (dechromed) 352 - Double Glazing 386 - Roof Rail 428 - Warning Triangle 431 - Interior RR Veiw Mirrir with AUT Anti Dazzle 441 - Smokers Package 481 - Sports Seat Driver / Frt Passenger 500 - Headlight Washer Sys / Intensive Cleaner 508 - Park Distance Control (PDC) 609 - Navigation System Professional 670 - Radio BMW Professional 672 - CD Changer BMW for 6 CDs 710 - M Leather Steering Wheel 773 - Wood Trim 812 - England Version 850 - Add Fuel Tank filling for export 863 - Europe Dealer Directory 877 - Deletion Cross-Over Operation 880 - English / On Board Documentation Optional Extras 202 - Steptronic 210 - Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) 220 - Self Levelling Suspension 280 - LT/ALY Wheels Spoke Styling 473 - Armrest Front 520 - Foglights 534 - Automatic Air Conditioning 540 - Cruise Control 555 - On Board Computer 853 - Language Version English I have the Original Quote and also the original genuine Bill of Sale from Sytner totalling a staggering £49936.63 complete with all options added pre delivery. The car has a full service history, a mix of SYTNER, HR Owen, and some other BMW Specialists. There are 3 overflowing folders full of receipts and invoices and the amount of money spent on this car by the first and second owners is staggering The car has wanted for nothing all of its life, and receipts for £1200, £897, £1289.40, £1089.89 are commonplace within these folders. THE most important receipt which any prospective V8 E39 Owner should look for is one for £1933.37 which was only 3 years ago for the timing chain replacement. This is a VERY costly job and the fact this was done only a few years ago and only 20k miles ago, is a huge peace of mind for anyone buying this car. Parts included and changed include:- Timing Chain Gasket Seal V Belt Guide Rails Gasket Sets Rails x 2 Chain Tensioner Breather Block etc etc This played a huge part in me myself buying the car as it had only been done a year before me buying it, and a £2k bill and the peace of mind its been done are a huge plus. The car has so many receipts its impossible for me to list them, brake pipes, belts, tyres, radiator, oil cooler, air con rad, bushes, brake pipes, mountings, and absolutely stacks more, there are approximately £17000 of receipts and invoices in there. All original handbooks, manuals, original sales brochure with dealer card, radio card, and 2 keys are present. First aid kit is present and complete Fire extinguisher etc. The car itself:- The car i believe (correct me if i am wrong) is an SE Spec The M Sport front bumper, kick plates and updated LED rear lights with proper control module were added by a previous owner. Facelift Angel Eye headlights Semi tinted windows from pass rear windows back Black carpets Leather door cards with full leather interior. Vavona wood trim has been wrapped with 3M Carbon Dynoc wrap which looks miles better and compliments the black paintwork (modern) (Ignore the wooden gearknob trim this is now black) Style 37 Parallel Alloy wheels 8x18 front and 9 x18 rear Self levelling fully functional air suspension at rear (professionally lowered 15mm with BMW Software by BMW Master Tech) Eibach front springs which level the car out perfectly The car bodywork is impeccable. Dont get me wrong there are a couple of marks here and there, and if i am being hugely fussy there is a TINY spot of rust at the back passenger wheel arch where it meets the bumper about the size of your pinky fingernail, and a small spot about a 20p piece size inside the inner edge of the bootlid. Other than that the paintwork is outstanding for a car 17 years old. Dont expect a brand new car, it has small blemishes here and there but nothing at all that detract from the car and i am confident enough to say it is one of the best around at this price, and you can see from the photos that compared to almost every other E39 touring on the market just now it is outstanding. I recently a week ago had the car into the bodyshop to have the front bumper removed and completely resprayed (stone chip rash) at the same time i also had the side sills resprayed as they were also stone chip rashed. Both now are absolutely spotless and i drove the car home at 20mph to avoid stone chips! The bootlid is a weak spot on these, and the very lower edge was showing signs of rust a few months ago so before it got too bad, i had it stripped down, rubbed back, and fully treated primed and resprayed also. New 540 badge added to bootlid at the time. Other than the two small spots mentioned above thats pretty much it bodywise. There is a very minor scratch on the wing which has been touched in but again thats me being fussy. The car runs faultlessly. No issues, no lights, no rattles or bangs, no smoke, doesnt burn excessive oil and doesnt use water, everything works as it should including the elctric mirrors, windows, and central locking. The undertray was a bit tatty when i got the car so i eventually tracked down a V8 one on ebay (different shape and mounting points) and fitted. It even has the small metal support bar beside the oil drain hatch!! Ignore the speaker in the rear boot panel this has been removed and replaced with a new genuine inner boot trim panel. There is so much more i have probably forgotten about this car but its late at night so any questions please feel free to ask. In a nutshell, other than a few blemishes the bodywork is outstanding. Not like new.... but outstanding. Three of the wheels could prob do with a refurb if i am honest as they have the usual water under the lacquer, and some light scuffs to the edges which were there when i got the car. To be honest i planned to have this done in addition to all the paintwork at the bodyshop, but where do you stop spending when you are selling?. I am selling the car and a wheel refurb isnt the end of the world if the new buyer sees the need but the uk weather we get i didnt ever feel the need to have the wheels re diamond cut and only ever intended to have them powder coated in high power silver once i got round to it. Diamond Cut just doesnt last on UK roads. I have a brand new front Diamond Cut (boxed brand new unused) Style 37 parallel wheel which i will give to the new owner for free if i get as close to the asking price as possible. Brand new and boxed. Only other thing i can possibly even think of being 100% honest is the front window rubber is looking a little bit brittle at top, but doesnt leak or anything, but again thats me being niggly and picking up on everything i can mention. The tyres at rear have just been put back on for winter, Vredestein Wintrac which have about 5-6mm on them Front tyres are good, Eagle F1 if i remember correct with about 3mm on them. Brakes are all good, and all fluids are fairly recent. The current mileage is 161k, but i genuinly assure you that the car drives and looks like it has 61k on it. The car has to be seen to be believed and appreciated, anyone who comes to see the car will realise it drives like it is only a few years old. No rattles or creaks or bangs, and it has been meticulously looked after all of its life with receipts to astonish at the amount of money spent on it through main dealers and specialists. MOT is until end of march next year. Condition wise i have not seen a better one for sale currently that isnt priced at £8/9/10k ! This is an honest car with honest history and all receipts to back it up as far back as day 1 with its original bill of sale and invoice. Copy of original reg document and Sytner Paperwork and Brochure. I will have forgotten loads that i havent mentioned, but please feel free to ask. Car is located in Aberdeen, 15mins from Railway Station and 25mins from Aberdeen Airport. I can collect buyer from either. Photos show how good a car it is. But anyone who drives it will appreciate it drives like its a quarter of its age. Probably one of the most reliable and best cars i have ever owned in terms of simplicity, comfort, and it has good power from the 4.4 V8 to boot. I am looking for £3995 or as close to it as very possible, I would love to see the car go to another enthusiast who will touch up the small bits and keep it in great condition. I am open to sensible offers around the asking price Thanks for looking.
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    You are totally wrong, the GM box is made of butter. The 6hp box is far more reliable and less troublesome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Finally tracked down an annoying intermittent squeak in the cabin. I assumed it was my seat but could never get it to squeak when parked up. Turns out it was the seat belt buckle! Little squirt of silicone spray in there and it's finally shut up. Now to sort out the rattling ignition barrel surround.
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    e46 330d manual touring 2000MY

    Cheers. It's rough around the edges but underneath it's a good solid wagon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not today but on Saturday I gave the old girl a good scrub and on Sunday took it along to the annual Alpina Sytner meet; it was the rarest Alpina present.
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    Very clean US 535i

    Not to every ones taste as it's bagged but I'm just glad there is another one out there that's being looked after. Super clean! E12 M535I Stanceworks