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    Kwik Fit MOT

    On the plus side your handbrake cable looks lovely
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    That's a bad start to your holiday! Here's another one. Ex-colleague decides they've had enough of family camping so advertises large frame tent for sale. Phone rings. 'Hi, your tent still for sale? If so I'll have it'. She: 'Errr...yes still for sale but hubby at work - needs him to help me put it up. Can you come this evening'? He: 'No time. Just got our tent down from loft and it's been chewed by rats or mice. We're on ferry this evening. I'll come and collect it straight away'. He arrives hot, sweaty, couple of grizzly kids, pays cash and races off. Hubby arrives home. She: 'Good news! I've sold the tent'. Much rejoicing. Later that evening hubby returns from garage. He: 'Hey, you know you sold the tent'? She: 'Yep'. He: 'Well the poles are still in the garage'. Can you imagine the conversation on the campsite? Enjoy your holiday! Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Windscreen cleaning

    As the title suggests. The inside of my windscreen is covered in a greasy film, always has. I can only assume it's some sort of silicon spray from a valet or something like that. I've tried normal window cleaner, electrical contact cleaner, foam degreaser, even tried it with disposable gloves on incase it was natural oils from my mitts. Whats the best solution to clean the screen? and No i'm gonna put my boot through the screen to get a new one, we all know glass replacements are shite unless they're OEM
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    535d seems slow

    Stick it on a rolling road and see what HP you're getting and look at the power curve etc.
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    Air Con Fan for E39

    I changed one on my old M5 and it's an easy enough job which would be even easier with a 2nd person to help offer the bumper back up when refitting. Funnily enough the aircon/pusher fan has packed up on my current car so I've ordered one from Germany for £133inc delivery. I'll let you know if it's any good. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Air Con Fan for E39

    It's actually not a very difficult job but agreed on the bumper - that gave me stress trying to get it back on by myself! You definitely need a second pair of hands for that stage.
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    Air Con Fan for E39

    It's DIYable. The bumper needs to come off though to do it and that's a PITA to put back on solo Absinthe makes the tart grow fonder
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    Show your workshop/garage setups

    Here's mine. I love it. Was a big part of the reason we bought this place.
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    E61 suspension upgrade

    Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
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    Andrew S

    530D Jealousy

    Update Just in case anyone is interested, I removed the under tray on my 530D and lined it will 2 layers of sound proofing and what a difference it has made, so much quieter and all in 1 hours work and £22 Yes, you know its a diesel but when going past other cars or a wall when driving 90% + of the mechanical clatter has gone. See photo Cheers Andrew
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    New member

    Only for photo reasons
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    From syathan on forum. They are from thayer motorsport - super beefy strong strong arms. I kinda regret it as you can get quite a bit of camber anyway on the m5, but I wanted to run 12mm spacer rear and 2-3 degrees of camber depending how it handled. My friends m3 has 2.5/3 on the rear and 3-3.5 on the front and it's so stable through the bends compared to his old setup of 1.5 rear and 2.5 front. So I just wanted the availability of more, however I think these arms are designed to return to stock camber when lowering alot so probably an absolute waste of time and extra hassell for nothing. I have the power flex bushes left over from the stock arms that I didn't install 😂 Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
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    The fans aren't any louder than the aux fan running at 80% duration. Feed in the cabin was done through a grommet near the brake servo. Advantagd of electric fsns is no risk risk of the viscous fan shitting itself and destroying the front of the engine. An alleged release of used horsepower (not even noticeable tbh) from not having to drive a mechanical fan constantly and lastly, why not - everyone likes a good upgrade.
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    535d seems slow

    OP's car is LCi, the above diagram is for pre-LCi. Both pressure converters (#1) are identical (part #: 11658509323) and bracket (#6) 11657811834
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    I've had @iiNNeX here today for a remap and DPF tweak. Got that bit done and our of the way and then went for a drive! Gotta say what a guy and his car is lovely! A complete credit to him. I don't envy his 3 hour drive home though!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Yes it was at Walkers Keith. Just shocks (top mounts etc) this time around, springs look ok.
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    Are you actually for real? Time wasters are nothing but that. What was the purpose in emailing him? Nothing worse than getting an email about a car you're selling never to hear from them again
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    Loss of power

    I would like to just say that i have had a similar problem for weeks and after much testing and pulling things about etc I think I have resolved it and can report as follows; BMW 535D LCi 2008 Symptoms - Low end loss of power and responsiveness Engine note not as nice and smooth as normal (even for a diesel) Spool down noise from engine compartment (from turbos) when exceeding 2000 rpm but going away after I took it to a specialist who ran diagnostics on it but 'coulndt find anything wrong with it' but did say i needed to have my swirl flaps removed. In doing this they found a split in the EGR vacuum line so replaced this. This did help but not that much and the above symptoms remained. The loss of power/resopnse and spool down sound varied from day to day leaving me a bit baffled. I took all of the boost pipework off starting at the big turbo to look for splits/cracks/leaks or worn seals - all OK aprat from the plastic adpator that connects into the large turbo compressor side see image - item 7 This was not seated into the turbo properly and was being pulled out at an angle by the securing srew to attaches the pipework to the vacuum pump front top left of engine. A small amount of oil/air mix was escaping from here and forming on the red boost hose making it look like a boost leak. I resolved this and adjusted the maounting bracket so that it was seated nice and square. Thanks to Jake13 for the advice on using brake cleaner to soften the rubber grommet (item 7) to make it seal nicely. This did not fix the problem either but I was glad to find it before it got worse and gave me further issues. Next was to test all vac lines around turbos and EGR. EGR was working well and opened and closed smoothly with consistent vacuum pressure readings using a hand vac and gauge. Next was the vac hoses - these had all been replaced by an indy not long ago and after carefully removing and testing all appeared good. I was convinced the spool down noise was the issue and whatever stopped that would likely solve my problem. So, in desperation I removed the vac line to the large vac box that controls the turbine control valve, blocked the ends of open vac pipes/connectors and started the engine. Revved it up and low and behold, NO spool down noise. I introduced my vac pump/gauage into the pipework and ran her up and watched the gauge through the windscreen - it was all over the place, fluctuating up and down which i thought didnt seem right. So, out comes the wallet (again). I replaced the pressure converter - Item 1 at the lef tof the picture. I think this image shows the original design of PC but they were revised along with a new mounting bracket so if you are still on your originals you would probably be best replacing all for the new ones and new bracket. After replacing this the problem was better but was not back to how it should be quite. There is another vac line that t's off from the supply from the reservoir (item 9) and feeds vac to a little PC (item 4) that opens and closes a flap on the air side. Ordered a new PC (item 4), fitted it on Saturday morning just gone and ever since she seems to sound much niver and smoother and now goes like a mad twat again and has put a smile back on my face so I am well pleased!! Total amount of money spent was approx £100 - £75 on the larger PC and £25 on the smaller one. I apologise that the above is a short story but I hope that it may help you or anyone else experiencing similar problems. Thanks Wayne
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    Inner tail light LED fix

    i have no idea but is that your garage???
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    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Thats one lovely X5M - congrats! And as for using the F10 for moving logs, just shows how versatile these cars are!
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    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    That's an beautiful monster, @Mick. Must admit I'm a little envious. You've had an absolute shocker parking it, mind. I guess that's how it's done from now on, eh?
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    It is indeed a proper V8 beastie. No d badge. I'm off to specsavers.
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    Loss of power

    Looks like it snapped off when removing the vacuum hose. We did cover this topic extensively:
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    How is the Audi RS6 legal?

    You guys sure about that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJFuxYsK5Y0