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    So, I moved house just over a year ago and the new place had potential to build a decent area for storage and general tinkering so I made this part of the deal with my better half for moving to the house she wanted. The garage in place was full of asbestos panels and was in general disrepair so it needed to come down. Firstly I got the car put into storage in September with a great chap called Andy of Sussex Classic car storage and it was in some good company with a 911 GT3 and an old Aston. In terms of the build I wanted a wooden construction and a good friend of mine works for a company that build lovely oak buildings so I decided to get him to build it. The garage space is 12 x 3.5m and the workshop is 5 x 3.5m. As some of you know I had problems with it being on the boundary and to satisfy building control the boundary wall has fireboard on the inside, an exterior fireboard on the outside and hardiplank boards on the top of that - all quite costly as it's a 17m run. The Garage before had a 5.5 x 2.5 garage and a 3 x 3.5 workshop area and here it was: I then got the asbestos removed and whilst I had the specialised skip I then set about demolishing the rest of the structure. Asbestos removed: Demolition by me: I removed all the wood/plastic and glass and then handed over to the groundworks people. They demolished the rest Then they started digging the 750mm trench for the foundations: Then built the foundations It then stayed like this until the new year when my mate was free to measure up, make the building and then come and erect it. The main structure up: This is the boundary wall and you can see the fireboard. I then set about installing the Hardiplank boards with another mate. So this is what my very understanding neighbour sees. Then followed doors, guttering etc: Inside garage Inside workshop Now I set-about installing Celotex insulation and fireboard on the boundary wall and elected for OSB board for the rest of the inside and ceiling to keep the costs in check ! http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y110/ Splondike/Man%20Cavern%20or%20Barn/20170212_162641_zps5puebtwp.jpg[/IMG] Now the insulation and boarding is up we have started the electrics (lots of lights and sockets!) and the car is back and furnishing it with my man stuff can begin... I have built a loft space in both ends and am currently moving my stuff back in. Updates to follow ! I hope you like it, as usual with me nothing is straighforward, but I love the space and it's warm and cosy with lots of space to tinker. Maybe need another BMW to fill the space
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    I've notices a few people recently on here and facebook with bigger engined e34s suffering the titled issue. Thought i'd share mine on my M5 which drove me up the fucking wall TBH, more my fault than the car i expect Mine all started last year after a ring trip or some hard trackwork and on the way home started getting the common propshaft banging on the tunnel under hard load. I've had that before its the centre mount/bearing failing. No problem i had a clutch issue i'll do it while i'm there like you do. 6 speed boxes are so light......well as said i had a clutch issue namely that with my foot off the pedal it made a noise - turned out to be knackered release bearing, but the dual mass and clutch itself absolutely fine. I'd bought this superlightwieght flywheel of David Olias along with a 3.6 M5 clutch and fitted that. All new gear linkage parts that wear out and a new selector shaft oil seal Changed the centre bearing while i was there, the prop dohnut looked fine so i left it. Drove the car, hideous. Prop banging even worse than before! hmmmmm lighter flywheel will give you more of the engines power to wheels. Maybe i didn't fit the prop back together and was out of balance? Took prop off and had it checked at a propshaft place. Perfect was the call when they checked it, even the yoke and universal joint. They said its perfect, in balance nothing wrong with it. "the props not your vibration mate" hmmmm. Put it all back together and changed the gearbox mounts as they were orginals. Made a big difference but still the prop was banging under any real acceleration, i drove it like that for a few months very gingerly and not much fun. Then we thought maybe its the new flywheel?! So i bought a new release bearing and re fitted the original clutch and dual mass flywheel. Better again but still there. So now i've had the gearbox off twice in two weeks not funny, along with working full time two kids and all that shit. So i hardly drove it and not hard and put up with it for a few months until November came and it went into hibernation until April. Reading and doing alot of thinking i came to the conclusion it must be an issue at the back end something must be worn there also. So i bought two new bushes from BMW, the big diff carrier bush which holds the back of the diff cradle and the bush thats pushed into the rear beam and hold the front of the diff This badboy was first up, was an easy change tbh totally fubared, it had snapped internally and i could move it with my hands! so 300lbs from the S38 won't help. Thats where it locates its a heavy duty bush! vibration gone?! hell no car is now worse than ever, vibration really bad! un able to be driven. So next job is the front bush Diff out and then push old bush out and new one in, sounds easy! Was a bit tired but not that bad at all i thought. New one in................ Ready............. No still a vibration, blimey, hmmmm fuck horrid car. Right must be a an issue elswhere, Ok i'll have a look at the centre bearing and front end........... Both toast, but why? lighter flywheel? driving it too much? Or the knackered bushes on the back end? So a new genuine prop dohnut and this time a febi bilstein bearing - no M tax its the same as used on E30's and all E32's e34's that are non V8. If you cant see the factory markings then mark either side of the prop inline with a tip ex then you'll be grand when you re fit So finally no vibrations and a whole host of new BMW bushes everywhere! Bottom line? after 140,000 miles it all needed changing anyway And to think i might be buying another e34 on weds?! I must be plain mad
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    Thanks Mate Update 13/6/17 The underbody clean/derust is complete ... We also drilled a hole in the double skinned area above the differential and sprayed with rustproofing oil. Which is another good job done. The old fuel filters were being held by cable ties to the bodywork This cowboy repair has now been repaired with the correct fixing point/holder The fuel filters were only 10 years old,, so using the ones taken from the original 540i far newer and better brand. Comments Welcome
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    I will do tomorrow. I like the gear display now. Pointless but kinda cool watching it change up and down.
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    ^^^^ i worked at a site that had installed 2 10kw splits into a sever room, one system had gone down so the room was at critical temp with just the one system running it's nuts off! Long an short of it was the installer couldn't flare correctly and left a leak on the suction flare nut! I advised the maintenance manager that the room needed at least 1 more 10kw system to keep the room 100% cool 100% of the time and if they where to add anymore servers in to it to get at least another 2 systems! Anyway what did I know? I'm just a gobshite aircon man they added 6 more servers to the room a few weeks later and that very room caught fire!
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    OEM is where it's @ anything else I see chav or cat D
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    Rothenburger on a yellow bottle. Also excellent for lighting the wood burner/barby/plasterers apprentice leg hairs Saturday as he kept texting.
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    They appear about midnight all over the UK!! 🤣 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I am afraid the Internet was completely full so we had to do some radical housekeeping. All the threads have been merged and archived to the web site of a little village in Cornwall here. http://www.ponsanooth.org.uk/ Every thread on every forum across the entire Galaxy then had to be totally purged, saving something like 15 Tigerbytes of data, the equivalent output of 47 power stations, 3.6 Blue Whales and an entire Richard Hammond (pre crash version) In addition 2.7 billion wives have seen their husbands for the first time in days. Hope that Helps
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    Turn off his water @ home, snap off the tap and pour some post crete mix down the chamber.
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    Only the 3.8 has this resonance box #17 connected to it's air filter housing trumpet # 15 . Apparently increased air flow to engine is the benefit . The alternator ducting that begins on the front left corner should continue all the way to the alternator via a couple of connecting pieces . D
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    Do share with us what you end up buying from e-bay....
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    Have a look just in front of the gear lever; it's a display for a factory fitted Navigation System, the first I'd heard about for an E34. The car was stunning and despite a starting price of €20k eventually sold around the €7k mark. I do wish I had bought it but it sold just as I was buying the E34 B10 4.6 Touring; tough choice but I had already owned an M5 Touring and ticked it off my bucket list so the Alpina it was.....
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    Just spotted about 7pm. On 13 June just by Maryland station near Stratford. Very clean black 'c' reg. Driver was attractive dark haired lady....
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    Yes i can see his point, but i don't like giving up on anything! bushes wise Rear bushes £120 from bmw centre mount £40 non OE but febi bilstein from germany prop dohnut with bolts and nuts £150 from BMW gearbox mounts £30-40 i think. My time~?! I keep thinking its not burned my wallet too much but it has had that too! Worth it now as its starting to be how i want it
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    Copied my post from this thread Don’t buy a diesel unless you do the mileage to warrant a Diesel. DPF can give problems if not allowed to regen due to short trips. Owners are removing the DPF from the car, removing its insides, refitting it to the exhaust system and re-mapping the car to get round the failures as a new DPF is four figures. It is illegal to drive a car without a DPF but not illegal to remove it. An MOT test is only a visual check to see if the DPF is present, not that it actually works. The 20d engine is very agricultural in sound compared to the 30d and 35d (6pot) engines. The 4 pot 20d N47 engines suffer from timing chain wear which coupled to the fact that the timing chains are at the rear of the engine, yes that’s right, behind or rather between the flywheel and the block! It’s an engine out job to replace. The symptom is a rattle which is coming from the rear of the engine. Also this engine has the dreaded swirl flaps which can break off and get ingested by the engine, writing it off. Avoid any base model 520d as the pre LCi models had really low interior spec, lesser aircon/climate controls than all other models. The 2.0d were bough in their masses by fleets for management. Makes them look flash but up close not so much. The single pea shooter exhaust and plain black grill give away the aga under the bonnet on the de-badged ones. 30d single turbo engine, smoother 6 pot but DPF will give problems if not allowed to regen. 35d twin turbo engine, again same DPF issues and only available in auto (with flappy paddles) but has twice the liability of turbos and actuators etc, but needs careful and regular maintenance. Frighteningly quick performance from an engine powered by the fuel of the devil. If the 6 pot Diesel engines have not been serviced regularly i.e. lack of oil changes, the main crank bearings can suffer failure, identified by a rattle and grumble, it’s cheaper to replace the engine rather than strip it to put a new bearing in. The 6pot petrol engines are BMWs trade mark and are well known for their smoothness and refinement. The V8 petrol’s can leak oil from quite a lot of their engine gasket joints once they get older. Rocker covers, vanos units, timing chain covers and the dreaded alternator support bracket can all leak oil. But they look just like a 520d to the uneducated and because they have a nuclear bomb under the bonnet you can scare Porsche drivers. The 540i had over 300bhp, 545i 333bhp and the 4.8i 550i has 367bhp, they will crack 60 in under 6 seconds, if you can live with the thirst and having to put two full 4 litre bottles of Castrol Edge into the sump every oil change then they are great fun. Autos are now known to fail regardless if serviced or not. Anywhere from 70,000 to 120,000 miles failures of both the ZF boxes 6HP19 and 6HP26 are affected. The rubber seals between the mechatronic unit and the ‘box proper, get hard and fail leading to loss of fluid pressure and thus loss of drive as there is insufficient hydraulic pressure being maintained on the clutches and they slip. If it goes unnoticed it then cooks the clutches resulting in clutch pack fault codes and it’s a reconditioned box as the cure at up to £3k….which is the trade value of some of the oldest E60s now. BMW say the ‘boxes are sealed for life and life is 120,000 miles Front suspension arms can wear at their ball joints but that’s the trade off for having a decent handling car with a heavy engine if you go for a 535d upwards. Brakes are two piece, an alloy hub and an iron disc to keep the unsprung weight down, again it’s the decent engine models that have the two piece discs. The two piece discs are more expensive but worth it. My suspension and brakes all needed changing once I hit 70k, but I did it all myself and had great fun doing it. I had two 545i’s. I replaced all four discs, front suspension arms on both sides, a front wheel bearing and a rear spring. I serviced it myself. I had quite a few oil leaks on my block before I got rid of it but I traded mine as I got the dreaded clutch pack failure code rendering my autobox quite broken needing refurbished at a cost of more than the car is worth. Fix them anywhere and fit OEM parts to keep the costs down. If its a Touring you are after make sure the rear air suspension airs up o.k. and that all the lights etc work on the tailgate as the wiring loom chaffs on the body work and bits will stop working.
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    Silver lining! He's done nothing but antagonise the EU at every opportunity. We need to have meaningful negotiations with them, he couldn't be a worse choice to represent us.
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    We probably still would We had a couple of reports as things got personal and offensive. It less about what we are seen as to the outside world, more about respecting each other.
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    ^^^^^^^ And to be honest, he's probably a better driver than virtually all of us here.
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    I'll know wednesday, very much a project i don't want to blab until deal is done as you never know what can happen!
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    It drives perfectly in D, smooth and fast changes. Can't feel it change at all. Stick it in sport or manual though and holy shit it actually jolts you in the seat when it changes gear. I'll be leaving stage 3 on mine but I did buy stage 2 as well. Did you see this video on their website?
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    I can fully understand that and also your situation... I am a consummate professional and act like it with everyone; but when people play that game, I'll play them back, but generally a lot harder! Without sounding egotistical/cocky; I'm intelligent, but a big bloke with it, so very capable and standing my ground and playing it firm, but fair! Glad you're able to get this project back on tracks though That's the priority!
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    We are an odd collection of E34 fanatics, who appear to roll over most of the problems they can throw at us - re this forum/members help/bmw spares not bad and our "mates who break" to help. I know I am boring re the last M5 in shed but I cannot get my head around selling it. k
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    I'm hoping to be able to offer some, just waiting for permission from the forum gods. But they will be one size (220mm approx.), one colour (silver/grey) and external vinyl as it helps to keep costs down to £4.50 delivered for a pair. Pics in a bit.
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    I've been a BMW owner since my first, a 1973 2002tii, back in the late 70's (BMWCCA 12660) Owned a LOT of BMW's over the years and now just bought a 2007 530xiT (SilverGrey/Black 38,000 miles) Super nice and nicely equipped...paid too much, BUT a one owner car from CA BMW serviced every 6k miles....so. So far the only thing I am noticing is a woo, woo, sound from the front right at low speed acceleration...bearing? As you know, it takes a few weeks/months to really feel out a new to you car... So, I have been signing up for all the 5 er message boards and just came across this one.... Daniel in Ft Lauderdale
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    £570 doesn't buy you very much at all if something does go wrong.
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    What a car engineer, every Lola a work of art and focus. RIP
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    I have gone with the extended warranty on the last two BMW's and I've had my money's worth. I too do low mileage but the last failure I had was not mileage related and I had a loan car on my driveway within 90 minutes with my car on a low loader from just one phone call to BMW assist. I guess it depends on how much you need the car day to day and what price you put on convenience.
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    Yeah give it a go. I did mine last weekend again. Nice car btw
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    I'm displaying at the bath and west classic car show Saturday I'll put some on my dashboard this is mine at the last one I was the only E28
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    I figured this was the case, as Corsairs were a type of pirate.
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    Thanks for that. When it happened to me the specialist I took it to said box out then dismantle and replace as necessary, whether he would have done just as you had done or replace everything he wasn't clear on but what he was clear on was a full recon was a lot more than the price you gave.
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    Hi Daniel, Welcome to a great Forum. Car looks sweet. I had the pleasure of calling into Ft Liquordale for a ship visit in 84 and Mayport in 92. Regards, Mick
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    I remember doing Iddz car! We replaced the torque convertor and E-clutch frictions/steels. Gave the gearbox a thorough cleaning to get rid of all contamination by burnt friction material. Went into the valve body, and replaced all accumulators, refit to box with fresh oil and adaptions and drove lovely! Think was around £1200! James
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    Eh? You slag me off for staying OEM! Cheek! But in this case with wheels, you need to be careful as one false slip up with the colour or style it can go very wrong very quickly. That's where I am with mine. I only wanted to get the fronts refurbed but they came back slightly darker so I had to get the rears done to match and I figured so I am at piece with my inner self......Or rather I've got the lid on my OCD re my wheels!
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    Wow; they look stunning Probably too pricey for what I'm after though!
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    A slight darkening I could live with, but it's all about personal taste otherwise the world would be a boring place.
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    See I'm usually the one banging the OEM card but I do fancy darkening the alloys slightly..... or do I?? Still not decided. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    So I ordered a tstat directly from BMW. I can report the following. The top tstat is from BMW and made by behr. Bottom one is from gates. You can see the behr tstat has an outer lip which the gates one doesn't. I believe this will resolve my leak issue. FYI the BMW tstat comes in at £60 you can order the same part behr part from autodoc for around £40. I decided just to bite the bullet as I'm eager to get her started.
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    Guy's if you are fitting rear's, please don't break apart perfectly good rear unit's
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    What having one wheel black and one wheel silver? I would stop before you paint one wheel black myself.
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    He really is a knob, but let's face it, he's a likeable knob and who wouldn't want to shake him by the hand and say well done for making us laugh?
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    If you have an android phone and Jimmys cable from Cable Shack you can do it yourself. Just search xHP Flash on the Play Store. It's about £170. I've done the stage 3 one today instead to try it. The throttle blips on down changes in manual mode are well worth it!
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    Jesus! I'd have dropped him where he stood just for that attitude alone and then dumped him back in his van with nowt to show for it... What a 1st class prick this guy sounds to. Be. Hope you haven't paid him!
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    My Eclutch was faulty and cure was a reconditioned box which is effectively a new box i..e new or remanufactured internals inside the original casing. A second hand box may have just as worn internals or worse than the box you are taking out. Take it to a transmission specialist, they will be the best to advise you.