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    Manchester Arena blast reports

    IMO there are too many holes in a lot of things to put the blame on just one person (or politically, one party) The cuts have not helped; we all know that! The leaks haven't helped, the 'oh yes, we knew him' lines don't help as people simply ask; 'why did you let it happen then'?! The issues abroad won't help; we all know that. The lackadaisical security on the night at the arena didn't help; but then again, it was a concert full of children, they were more concerned about alcohol rather than a terrorist bombing! My point is there's no point in trying to blame one thing, we can't. But what we do need to do is tighten our grip on these arse sniffing cock wipes and start to make a move against them and stop being so goddamned politically correct/bothered about human rights and get these fuckers out of our country... IMO
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    Gave it a quick wash...
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    More welding... A rather productive week, though still a way to go. The n/s/r is easily the most difficult of the four corners to repair due to the fuel lines running directly adjacent to the repair area. This side looked great but turned out to be just as bad as the other side if not slightly worse. I can only work on it during the evenings, so I'm doing on average at least two evenings per week though mrs five-oh is not particularly impressed. Here's a few taster shots.
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    Manchester Arena blast reports

    Does anyone really believe our actions abroad have no repercussions? Not a mention of the police service cuts presided over by May. Amber Rudd on QT last night was predictable in her unrepentant defense of those cuts, to save her boss. The same lies told about the NHS and education finding all day long. Please don't expect much honesty because who is going to admit their policies and choices have contributed to this terrible attack being able to happen.
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    Manchester Arena blast reports

    As far as the slanted reporting goes, probably yes. Notice that they build the picture of "Corbyn the terrorist's friend" before quoting what he actually says: "That assessment in no way reduces the guilt of those who attack our children. Those terrorists will forever be reviled and held to account for their actions. “But an informed understanding of the causes of terrorism is an essential part of an effective response that will protect the security of our people that fights rather than fuels terrorism. " That's beyond reasonable argument - international experts have consistently warned over the past decade and a half that our actions will increase recruitment, in exactly the same way that atrocities like Manchester increase recruitment for the EDL or the Paris attacks increased support for the neo-facist Le Pen. It's entirely predictable that if you attack people's homes and families, as we've done repeatedly through collateral damage in the middle east, some of those people will want to retaliate against the (in their eyes) injustice and aggression. Very soon it really doesn't matter "who started it" because it becomes self perpetuating, like a diesel eating it's own engine oil. As for the "forced to clarify" that he considered it an act of terrorism, his initial comments about appaling violence and terrible incident were made before the police had confirmed that they were treating it as a terror attack. He was absolutely right and responsibleto avoid the term until it was confirmed, yt that gets seized on by certain press as "refusing to...."
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    X5M driver ) it was empty , all of it ) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    525d Touring M Sport Purchased

    So contrary to some of the advice I was given (All totally fair and did make me really consider this purchase)I took the plunge and bought the 525d M Sport touring with the 2 litres twin turbo engine. Hopefully I wont face the horror stories I have been told on this fine forum, but I am at least armed with 2 years of manufacturer warranty (In many ways I hope I never have to use it). I did a 175 miles in the car from Nottingham to Sussex yesterday and did 45 miles this morning to my office (the only time I will be doing that particular journey as my better half will be in the driver's seat after that - bit like our marriage really....). So far I am extremely impressed by the overall package, the performance from the engine and the economy. Achieving 52 mpg when you are used to cheering with joy at breaking the 25 mpg mark (the best I could get from my old X5) feels extraordinary, though no doubt the novelty will wear off. The engine feels punchy and responsive, gear changes from the ZF 8 speed box are seamless and the over all drive feels (unsurprisingly) much more poised and nimble than what I was used to in the X5. In many ways it reminds me of my former 330i e91 M Sport touring, though without that glorious engine note. Time will clearly tell if this car was a good purchase, but at first glance it seems to stack up, though I need to get to grips with the on board tech as it is truly a generational change to what I am used to. In the meantime I hope you don't mind if I share a few pictures of my new purchase.
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    The back of my car ends up a bio hazard after a long journey
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    Manchester Arena blast reports

    If only our coastline was more like the Swellies eh?! That'd test these bastards... Hope they're strong swimmers!
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    Wash your mouth out with Diesel! You must be feckin joking, vote Green, they want an independent Scotland. They are in bed with the SNP up here to allow the SNP to get a majority, to allow Jimmy Krankie to ram Indy ref 2 down everyone's throat! Green? I'm so not green, look at my previous car history! Every time I look at a tree, I think, FUEL!
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    F10 M Performance

    The guys who supplied it maybe? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Car for my lad

    I'd be looking @ the Picanto personally, ^ Ka is OK but suffer terribly with rust on the rear wings.
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    Car for my lad

    This looked interesting... but looks as though it's been bought... the listing ceased this morning... I'd be on ebay having a looksie... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2008-Ford-Ka-1-3-Zetec-Climate-/182571321695?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=jOyLDmEDXCbsQXXdHFS0Sf3hAFE%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc
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    Going to Europe F11

    Just for clarity it's an artificial lawn... I like stripes on mine too, but at the end of the day it's fricking grass, the grass is short and well kept. The neighbour at the other side is forever pissing about putting lotions and potions on his, in fact at the moment it's got brown patches all over it where he's treated it. Life's too short.
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    Going to Europe F11

    I did mine on a tarmac drive and who cares, actually our neighbour does, he is a painter and decorator and paints his tarmac drive roughly twice per year. I still have some rust marks on mine form a skip 10 years ago, he's asked if I want him to paint it and I said no thanks they will wash off eventually. They also vaccuum their rear lawn once or twice a month, I shit you not, lovely people but need a life.
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    Hi, I think the article pushes the idea too far that privately owned, fossil fueled cars will disappear altogether in 8 years time. There's too many classic cars as well as more modern 'interesting' cars around that people will want to keep. Those people will be the 'enthusiast' sector of the car driving population and makes up maybe 10 or 15% max of total numbers. The 'masses' will begin to opt for electric cars (hydrogen powered cars has just had a consortium of the big 3 Japanese manufacturers endorse that) or Hydrogen over the next 2,5, 10 years as they'll take advantage of discounts and subsidies from the Government to make the switch. I think what'll happen is those enthusiasts who wish to keep a fossil fueled car will find the mandatory costs for doing so will increase. More tax will be added to fuel per litre pricing at pumps, the MOT cost will rise, more taxes/duties on spare parts and increases in insurance costs as well as Vehicle Excise Duty too. This will be done to 'coerce' more of these enthusiasts to scrap or get rid of the cars over the next 5,10 15+ years. More pushy tactics would be perhaps to force a car to have VED even if SORN'd and higher rates of the above aspects and as the years drag on, to keep increasing those rates. It'll ultimately mean that those with very deep pockets will keep and run special cars and the high end of automotive fossil fueled cars. I'd say most of the 'interesting' cars based on normal variants will become much harder to sell and only the absolute very best examples of those - with very low mileage, in totally pristine condition, stacks of receipts/invoices, dry stored, in the sought after colour combinations with the right specification will survive longer term. The loss of revenue from Fossil Fuels at the pumps for privately owned cars will perhaps be transferred/offset with home installed certified charging points and electricity costs. When it comes to commercial vehicles, there'll be more schemes where Diesel can be purchased by companies for their fleets (even if just one van) at a slightly lower rate than at the pump whilst more development takes place for Vans and Trucks become electric (or hydrogen) powered. Cheers, Dennis!
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    Manchester Arena blast reports

    I think a lot of people of my generation (60+) tend to be a bit 'stiff upper lip' with our emotions and it's not always a good thing. It can be a very thin line between life and death. In '79 my Mrs waved her parents off on holiday with just a phone call. A week later her Dad was on his way home in a box, killed by carbon monoxide poisoning from a dodgy Portuguese boiler. He was here one minute, gone the next. No goodbyes and it affects her to this day. Youngsters are more open about things like 'man-hugs' and good for them. I was attending an IT course in Hammersmith when PIRA bombed the TA place just down the road from the hotel. We were having a beer in the pub down the road when the bomb went off. We all played big and brave but when we returned to the training centre next morning our classroom and our training material was covered in broken glass where the windows were blown in. We weren't as brave then as it made us think about how things might've been had the bomb gone off a few hours earlier. I don't mind the security services reading my stuff as I'm an old f*rt with nothing to hide. [emoji6] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Going to Europe F11

    Isn't that exactly what I said 'if your lights move left to right you have adaptive xenon' i did not say the self levelling only works in auto mode, I said the adaptive feature only works in auto mode. This is exactly how they work on my car. Pls read properly before correcting. Thanks
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    Tracing an exhaust leak

    You mean like this oldie, but still funny as fook
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^ Detailing kit at the ready....
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    I have a new 2 Series

    No disrespect to healeyneil but... My neighbour has bought one (active tourer). He's a twat.
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    You should be worried Andrew, mine blew in my 14 plate F10 at 60,000 miles. It made some spectacular smoke. The AA man told me it was because there was no oil in the sump. I asked him to guess what made that dense fog of white smoke when the turbo went.... All replaced under warranty but what a hassle...
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    Drivetrain error

    I had this on my old N53 engined 5 series, a full set of injectors and coils sorted it. Drivetrain also means engine.
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    Jamie's E39 M5.

    Not too bad. One thing I've noticed about it is how much you can hear the belt etc when the cars cold, then once a little heat is into it its much quieter. Needs to go up to MSD in Blackpool for some final tuning in conjunction with Frank Smith over in the USA to dial the tune in 100%. Clutch has got some miles on but no fully broken in. I really need to sort some tyres next which will be done over the next couple of weeks. Going to go for Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2's