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    On holiday for a week.
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    Well, another BMW has crept into my newly enlarged garage space. I warned the missus this may happen I was browsing the web on a Sunday night last month (as you do) and a nice looking M3 saloon popped up that had just been posted up and it looked interesting. The chap was a little difficult to get hold of but when I eventually got hold of him I managed to arrange to see it during that week as it was not far from one of my company's offices. It's Cosmos black with Black leather interior #402 of the 415 3.0 saloons. He had owned it for 5 years and driven it around 300 miles, basically getting a jacking point repaired for MOT and a some paintwork done whilst there. Then going a bit mad and spending a fortune on new parts from BMW and then mothballing it, afraid something would happen to it I think. Then he bought other daily cars including an E46 M3 and now a 996 turbo which he now wants to get in the garage so finally coming to the decision he needed to move the M3 on. When I turned up he removed the covers on it and brought it out of the garage into the sunshine and it presented well, sounded alright and drove well. The interior is in nice condition apart from some screw holes for a phone and a mark on the dash. He (like alot of people it seems) did not like the wood trim so replaced it all with brand new black items. But had all the original stuff still. The list of new dealer items is quite large: Exterior: Door trims, Bumper, bumper inserts (front and rear), door handles, grilles, headlights and covers, front indicators, rear light units, side repeaters, windscreen wiper arms. Interior: Steering wheel, door handles, dash Trim, console Trim. Mechanical: Radiator, springs, shocks, wishbones, ARBs , Evo exhaust (stainless), brake discs, calipers , pads Misc: Bonnet catches, boot fittings, battery and spare wheel fixings etc Refurbed all 5 wheels with new tyres. Has complete tool kit, first aid kit etc and is nice and standard which itself seems unusual with these. Not an optionmeister either: S255 Sports leather steering wheel S401 Lift-up-and-slide-back sunroof, electric S411 Window lifts,electric,front/rear S428 Warning triangle and first aid kit S473 Armrest front S498 Headrests, rear, mechanically adjustable S554 On-board computer V with remote control S687 Radio preparation S773 Fine wood trim L812 National version Great Britain S850 Dummy-SALAPA Anyway I decided to sleep on it and changed my mind about 4 times overnight then gave him a bell and agreed a deal. I could not collect it for a few weeks so I only picked it up last week. In the museum with the E28 The sombre inside after a quick spruce of the leather (yes I know it needs a hoover!) I got the machine polisher out to detail the outside (got to get it up to standard) at the weekend and it's starting to look quite good: It drove fine on the way home, it sounds nice and pulls really well. However despite changing all those suspension parts I think it needs rear trailing arm bushes as it feels a bit wayward at the rear after driving it and the E28 hard back to back. So I will need to address that shortly, there is a metallic scraping sound which is road speed related, possibly from the brakes when it is hot at low speeds and not all the time ? It may just need some use but will have a dig around and see if I can find whats going on. Then give the underside a clean up and address anything needs doing and get someone who knows these engines to give it a once-over, it's been serviced recently but I want to be sure all is well and anything preventative that can be done is sorted before we begin this little adventure. Then clean it all up to standard try and improve it as we go along (as usual) and enjoy it
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    Love this. Theres an abandoned one identical to yours near me in Hampton that's not been on the road since 2009. Despite being mid restoration on the 535 and paying for a wedding in 2 months i may have left a note on the windscreen asking if its for sale
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    Mid Atlantic 1995 - my mate up the mast taking the picture. Me on the aft coachroof.
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    A few days ago my son Andrew phoned to see I was home. He was close by and his wipers had stopped working. It transpired that the ball and socket connection on the passenger side had parted company. Water had got into the socket causing it to rust. This plus years of gunge had turned into effective grinding paste and worn the joint until it fell apart. A couple of elastic bands held it back together long enough to get him home. With this in mind we took mine to bits to check it out, whilst scratching our heads about the suspension pump. The whole of the well that carries the wiper motor and linkage was full of water. We stripped all the surrounding covers and stuff off, dried it out and found that the drain point, or gap, was full of mud. We gave everything a good clean, including the ball and socket joint. Packed the joint with grease and reassembled it all. Potential wiper failure averted. So, if you haven't had a look in this area for some time, do it now.
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    Went on this recently when on holiday in Aruba,fantastic experience,we were under for about an hour including putting us on the sea bed 135ft down.
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    With the extra fuel on the newer map, at a guess 430BHP/850Nm. It held up fine at 420BHP/820Nm.
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    Clearly jays dads birthday has come as a surprise [emoji849]
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    I'll be there too In the vert hopefully...
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    Eh? no one is disputing the 2013 entry, that's obviously some error but 2008 and 2009 are quite clearly not right. I've never bought or seen a car with mot mileage changes like that before. definite clocking
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    You mean lots of scratches and swirls and only 3 out of 4 wheels washed.
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    is this the Mrs's checking how much you've spent?
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    Hi, new to the 5 series had a couple of e36's and e46's, but thought I would grow up now brought this the other day There she is the beauty, 2000 manual it is only bit of rust is on the lip off the boot and it's got 135k on it with full service history. Should do well on my 70 mile round trip to work with 65 off those pure motor way. Few jobs got planned, get rid off the egr and change all the vacuum hoses, no swirl flaps on this bad boy and change the lp pump over. Already got inpa and what not on my little notebook and I have one off those c110 scanners (kept in glove box) she goes alright bloody comfortable. Nice to meet you all Martin
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    Filled it up again after the map testing. Which has resulted in it doing 16MPG since Saturday when I brimmed it. These gearboxes will take a right beating Ordered gearbox oil engine oil and filter kit for it too. Not brave enough to doing the gearbox one on the drive though - getting a garage to do that!
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    Watch this, a fairly balanced view imho
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    I know but I've got to give something back to the planet from all the VPower I've burnt over the years along with all the logs I burn.......
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    View from the roof top terrace of the airport at Bangkok/Thailand....love the place as does my Mrs and kids.
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    A few from last year Me on my hols Ed Force One at Cardiff Red arrows leaving Cardiff to go to the Welsh Air Show in Swansea On their way back from Swansea lining up to land in Cardiff
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    Winter still sucks! The beach in Barcelona
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    Several weeks ago I did a bit of a deal with a trader on my GT535 as all it did was sit on my drive way all week and I purchased a 2010 335i Convertible M Sport Highline DCT with 45k miles in Laguna Seca Blue. The car when I picked it up. And how she looks now. The car has been lowered on SPAX adjustable Sport Coilovers The BMW performance back box that was on the car was removed and I had a custom quad system fitted with a quad DTM Sport Defuser I purchased a set of electric fold wing mirrors, fitted them and did some coding so they work off the button and the key Alloy Wheels, 19" Quantum44 TS1,s, speck on the wheels is, 9.5j and 10.5 with a et30 both front and rear and 245/35 & 265/30 NS2 Sport tyres, great fitment and no rubbing. M3 Side skirts. Air Scoops fitted behind the front grills. Piper Cross performance air filter. I am waiting for a set of LCI rear lights to arrive so I can get them fitted and coded. Then it's some performance stuff to look out for.
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    Annoying. Ideas?... Drill 10mm depth in both pieces to take a fair sized 20mm long M bolt, screw in, dremel off the head and screw pieces together. Tidy if it works. Or get an appropriately sized strong mini jubilee clip over the pieces al glued together, that could mostly hide inside the fabric. Depends how much of the broken bit extends into the runner gap (can't remember on mine). Otherwise £100-£150 ebay effort.
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    Ignore him, he's been on the Buckie! Yes I've stuck with rfts as I can't afford to be stranded as I pick the littl'un up from nursery. A point driven home just two nights ago when I had my father in law at 10pm on the phone asking to borrow a jack to allow him to remove a wheel from my sister in laws car as she has no spare, no jack but only a can of gunk which failed to seal the hole. Thus leaving her totally and completely stuck. I like things standard, as you can go very wrong with some mods to your car. And yes I've bitten Lennox's bait!
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    It's the first thing I coded on my car, S/S Auto Off, bloody hate it.
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    Lovely looking wagon. If this late V8S Touring in a fantastic colour combo and at 88k miles made £15,950, then i'd guess at something similar for the fact it is not an S but does have 20k fewer miles. All IMO of course. http://www.classiccarauctions.co.uk/bmw-alpina-bmw-alpina-b10-v8s-touring--4-8---1-of-only-5-rhd-touring-v8s-ever-made--number-20 C.
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    Shame I can't boast about my mpg - been getting mid to high 30s... but then again I don't hang about
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    Thanks I think I will follow that advice also
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    Hi guys, Has anyone on here done this? I have CIC retrofitted, but I'm looking to add in combox too for bluetooth streaming etc. From what I can gather it's not that difficult to do. Thanks
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    As I said, this compact is just a stop gap so I'm not going to start buying things for it but if I can cure things with a couple of quid or a squirt of wd40 then I will.
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    Well you kept that quiet..... SWINE!!!! Looks lovely though.
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    You F10/11 drivers - so posh you have a second set of sunnies just for the car Us e39 peasants keep ours in the case and carry them about
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    have you pulled the wire block from door that goes into A pillar on compact sprayed liberally with contact cleaner and pushed / pulled apart to clean the contacts...might sort your door open message....or put a new door catch on the quarter panel side....cheap from breakers
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    With proper diagnostics you can check the last date of DDE software update and the software number. With software number you can check in TIS if it's already updated version for newer MAF. If DDE needs to be programmed you can use WinKFP for the job. Here is the table for DDE software numbers with new MAF. CLICK
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    CCV valve would be my suggestion When idling is there any more than slight vacuum at the oil filler cap ? Very common problem on the M54 engines
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    Not quite the same as the M5 engine. Thats the whole point of these cars, sleepers! To the uneducated it looks like a 520d but instead of an aga under the bonnet there is a nuclear bomb! The exclusive twin trapezoidal tail pipes are the give away to the 550i in F10/11 guise. Despite every option being ticked, I agree it's not worth £35k. What did they give the previous owner, £20k tops I bet!
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    It will depend on how many people actually want it. If only one person wants it and he and the seller can't agree a price then it'll remain unsold. If more than one person wants it, and wants it enough, I wouldn't be surprised if it gets advertised for around £20k and sold for well over £15k, nearer to £20k. As Dave pointed out, it's the only facelift car of the four I mentioned and (unless you get lucky with lots of prices) it costs a few thousand to make up all the changes to a pre-facelift car. Of course, it all also depends on the actual condition of the car as well as photos always flatter to deceive.
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    WELL, I BROKE IT The start of November I put the car away for the winter also giving me time to purchase all the performance bits I wanted. By the end of November I had accumulated a big pile of box's in my work shop full of new and 2nd hand shiny stuff. Performance parts I purchased, Mishimoto Intercooler, Stainless Catless Downpipes, BMS (N54) Performance Intake, Aluminium Replacement Chargepipe BMS Upgrades Replacement PCV Valve I started working on the car around the 2nd weekend in December, My first task was to remove the old intercooler and fit the new one, not a hard job but that came with an issue, and in the process of fitting it and me being ham fisted I broke the fan shroud behind the intercooler and while trying to fit the intercooler I decided to muller the boost pipe on the left side while I was trying to push it in place. I downed tools, felt very pissed off and closed up. I then called Cotswold BMW and ordered a new boost pipe @£190 and a new fan shroud @£130, the quickest £320 I have ever spent....... In the process of all this I discovered 2 oil leaks, I thought the PCV was leaking so that was replaced with the BMS upgrade but it looks like an oil leak behind the gear box or the back of the engine and a power steering fluid leak, The following weekend I replaced the PCV valve and the Induction kit, I then had another look underneath and looked at fitting the down pipes, that's as far as it got. Downed tools again and walked out, closed the doors and had breakfast. New Intercooler Replacement PCV Valve BMS Kit Broken Broken Mullard this using a large spanner, total twat Oil Leak New Boost Pipe Alloy Charge Pipe Cat less down pipes In-between all this the New rear spoiler arrived, this is being moulded on and smoothed in and painted NOW,,, 2 weeks ago as It's been a struggle I have finally bit the bullet and given my car to a mechanic friend who has done all the repair work to the car due to me being ham fisted and inpatient and he can do what I can not, and also fitted all the performance parts, I got the car back last night, its running but I now keep getting the engine management light on the dash, I was expecting this so in the morning I am booked in with reidyremaps in Yeovil at 10am,,,, Now if any one in that area want's to meet up for a chat n coffee possibly breakfast if there is a café near and to check out what go's on please feel free, I will be taking the obligatory video's etc and post the result up later tomorrow. http://reidyremaps.co.uk
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    Mmm nothing since last November. I took this while on holiday to the US while staying with friends, it is downtown Cleveland, Ohio in May 2016. We're planning on going next September, would have like to have gone again sooner but I want my car first. Also a bonus picture, I PC I threw together when I picked up a second case.
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    Finally fitted some LCI rear lights to the 335, coding wasn't required so I am guessing the last owner had a set on there and removed them, whati did though was code the 4 way flashers to double blink and de badged the boot lid... you tube link.... https://youtu.be/R2xUPYx7UtE JULY 016 011.MOV
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    Tiny Update I purchased a sunglasses holder to replace the ash tray and after asking the question on the e90 forum and finding a "How To" half an hour later it was done And on sunday I spent almost all day cleaning my 2 baby's.
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    Halloo! Guten Tag Bonjour G'day Awrite Hey Hi ...
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    Greetings and what took you so long!
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    I eh hallllooowww ive only been on this site a few days and must say "its solutly fekin gr8" cheers drew
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    There seems to have been quite an influx lately... Welcome all
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    And from me, welcome to you new members
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    Have been neglecting the new newbies so ill bump this up A nice warm welcome to all you newbies!