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    A few more photos just to enjoy (a) the rarity of sunshine and (b) a clean car! apologies for the black corners on some - wide-angle lens was designed for a crop sensor not the full sensor on my camera!
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    Unnecessary fiddling imo. Pull the bottom hose and be done with it. I wouldn't mess with the drain plug too much either. Leave it alone if undamaged or it could catch you out down the road.
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    Hi, At the moment I'm using 18" style 37 alloys, replica. They're 8x18 ET20 all around. I would like to swap them for a set of Rota Grid Drift 17": http://www.rotashop.co.uk/rota-grid-17-9-5x120mm-et35-flat-black-single-rim_p1040676.htm They're 9x17 ET35. What spacers do I need to make them fit? I know it's possible as I've seen e39's driving on them.
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    Hi Mick - should be be able to make it will dust off the old girl and bring her down e28 m5
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    I wanted to test-fit the sport bumpers before getting them painted, to make sure everything fitted up OK and if I needed any new mounting hardware, clips or bolts etc so went ahead and did that, along with black door trims: Next up was the shadowline exterior trim which was fun! Then the interior. The donor car came with half Alcantara stuff, aswell as a sliding boot floor. So over the easter weekend I attacked it! : I changed Boot interior Headliner Pillar trims Carpet Seats Doorcards Centre console Head unit Lower dash pads Much better! I started to refresh the Xenon's that came on the donor car, after a quick flat down and polish the came up good. I'll be splitting them to install CCFL angel's soon, then a little more work on the lenses to get them perfect. Next up is to wait for a Hamman front bumper lip to arrive before removing the bumpers for paint! Enjoying it all so far
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    You can certainly buy unbranded chinese stuff, but I'd worry about the overall quality. I know there were Boeing Aircraft parts in circulation that proved to be fake, but I'm pretty sure if buy for a reputable source, you're be ok...
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    Probably a partex for a Mustang ! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Stolen at knifepoint by two men in a part of the world not far from me. Black BMW 116i reg NJ12NUC When BMW spotting keep an eye out. Not exactly a nice experience having your pride and joy stolen especially with threat of a knife. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-39630881 I've no connection with owners.
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    @Lennox Where, pray, in my post above did I use the words try and economy?
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    the ride height ended up dropping a full 2" overnight on one side compared to the other. the front right was literally tucked up into the arch. I already had the shocks waiting to be fitted in the garage so this prompted me to crack on. stripped it all down and the springs were not broken. replaced both front shock absorbers and the ride height is now back to normal and rolling smooth. the only failed part was the shock absorber and this caused the drop in ride height as i suspected.
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    The compact was using my no claims too BUt i am not sure i am ready to hand over my 530 for me to have a compact !!!
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    Yeah silly question I know... Want to disconnect it and see if it makes a difference. This is the oil spatter Also noticed this when I took the front cover off - that piece of metal mesh that looks like it should go in that pipe? Cheers
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    If you have a laptop get yourself a cable and inpa software from cableshack. You'll be able to run your own diagnostic for a £30 investment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Its great fun, going over my self in May, the last 30 miles of my journey are 3 & 4 lane autobahn 164/5 mph is going some, I topped 155 in my 535 last year, taking the 335i this time as its all sorted and getting the final re map tomorrow and the gear box mapped on Saturday so should be good for well over that.
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    Can't do this weekend but ping me your number and we can work out a time. I'm in Ickenham so not a million miles away.
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    Agree with what's said above, If you've got some polish, no harm in giving this a go if you've got the time to. One less line on the advert for people to read, and one less reason for someone to say no, and virtually no cost to you if it works out. Personally, I'd steer clear of gumtree, "Free" adverts always attract the "Cash Now Bruv" planks, who deem it appropriate to offer 50% of the asking price on the premise that they've got cold hard cash and they'll take it away there and then. Autotrader and Pistonheads would be your next port of call, and although they are paid adverts, it weeds out the muppets and 'Tyre Kickers' over the genuine buyers. Have you thought about real-world fuel consumption figures? 62.8mpg sounds like you've copied and pasted the sales brochure. Maybe something along the lines of £60 full tank, gives me xxx miles of mixed local and motorway driving. *This lovely vehicle has been cared for and not driven by your average boy racer.* I've only ever sold a couple of cars in the last decade, and barely have much experience in this arena, but have read a fair few for sale adverts for cars i can't afford to buy. Some of the above, in my humble opinion, would help. My two pence, best of luck. Deepan
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    Yeah, defo remove the 'selling for someone else' bit as that always comes across as dodgy nowadays. Other than that, nice listing and pictures. Good luck with the sale.
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    A quick Google images shows it's located inside of a larger nut. Will this not undo and drain the radiator instead? (Nut to the left of the circled one) [img/]
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    Special tools? Try a coin. My first choice would be a 2p
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    Cheers, think ill give them a wirl and see what happens
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    Would imagine a ZF service agent could sort some seals out, there's loads available for landrovers which also use ZF steering boxes iirc, though the shafts I think are quite different, understandably given the size and weight of the rest of the steering and wheels. its more likely to be an oil seal like found on a crankshaft or driveshaft than an o-ring.
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    Well....that's right neighbourly of them... https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/bmw/m5/bmw-m5-e39-one-owner--low-miles/6463167
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    Pity they can't supply it without any rust !!
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    Oh didn't think of that but, as soon as you got into the stang, you would realise that you made a dreadful mistake with its fit and finish compared to the M5......
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    Was thinking same as above ☝️ Either that or someone bought an M5, realised they couldn't afford to run it and seriously downgraded. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
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    There, I fixed it for you! Performance wise, the e92 m3 may be quicker on paper, but in reality there is nothing in it.
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    Yes, hoping to make it this time Mick.
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    Hi Steve530, I see where you are coming from, however you don't 'have' to put on hard/harsh coilovers, you don't have to drop the car so that it's almost scraping the floor and running massive camber, you don't have to put on big wheels either. A 'mid way' level upgrade on the suspension, brakes etc is enough to ensure the conversion is a good 'balanced' one and you will or can keep 90% of the ride quality as well. I do agree that there's not 'many' owners who want to go for a 285-300 bhp E39 530d, however it has been done quite a few times and if you saw some of the cars I've seen with this conversion done, you'd think they were just mildly modified, same wit the E46 330d examples I've seen too. We all know the oem spec 530d engine is a fantastic unit as is, which suits 98% of owners out there, but as always, modifiers like myself want the good economy when needed and yet wish to also push the performance element when needed to give a nice surprise to when we meet other road 'warriors' who think it's just another slow Diesel Cheers, Dennis!