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    2010 F11 535d - Massive Spec

    Fair comment, and it will always be worth what someone is willing to pay. I would pay over the odds for this one, because the owner cares.
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    E39 525i Street Car

    Welcome to my Topic of my 525i. I have just purchased the vehicle only 3 days ago. The car has covered over 130000 Scottish weathered miles but the previous owner piled over £2000 in the 2 years he owned it. He has all the receipts over the time he has had it (a folder full). Although at the at the moment has seen better days. The work has been done by the previous owner: Luk clutch kit Valve cover gasket Both front track rod ends Waterpump Both rear anti-roll bar drop links Thermostat All suspension arms on front Brand new key Air mass sensor Drive belt Air con belt Starter motor JOM Coilovers Both front top strut mounts Both rear control arms Both rear subframe bushes (pollybush) As you can see a lot of work and money has already went into the car. I had the car on the ramp today and can confirm that I still need to: Rectify vibration at speed (had a look at the wheels on the vehicle and can confirm all the wheels are buckled and the tyres are flat spotted.) Requires all wheels to be repaired and new tyres installed. Blow from the exhaust header downpipes to the centre section. Radio/Nav fault, No sound intermittently Sort out the body work as the bonnet has been badly repaired and the paint has cracked and various parts of rust on the vehicle. Oil leak from sump I am very chuffed with the car! I only have the one picture of it as yet as it still needs a good clean. I will try and post as much as I can as i will be doing all the mechanical work myself. I will be posting bits and bobs here and there also so if anyone needs any help i would be happy to!
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    Hi guys....i have finally got my hands on a 1990 3.6 M5 with 128k and full history. It does however need a few things sorting for its MOT and my mechanic is giving it a full checkover next week!! Firstly does anyone know this car? Secondly where can I source parts for this apart from eBay And main dealer? I know I will be needing some front shocks and possibly some rear SLS shocks( which I know cost a fair bit). Finally does anyone know where I can get the M fabric for this car....it seems like a rare fabric which the aftermarket companies don't seem to sell?. Thanks Firas
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    Matial atrs funny

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    E38 740d

    Too long a story on here but I was offered a job in 1987 on an Azumit 105 ft with two 1000hp MTU's (ex owned by an Onassis) which I turned down and the boat was later chased around the Med by Interpol as it was purchased by Mr Barlow from Barlow Clowes in Gibraltar who did a Maxwell pre-Maxwell!! It drank heavier than Oliver Reid but at least it could 30 knots flat out! Always fancied an E38 V8 derv
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    First Mods on 530d

    Good info. So the original injectors with DLLA 145 P 1655 nozzles will have about the same max flow as solenoid x35d injectors without other changes to injector?
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    2010 F11 535d - Massive Spec

    good luck, if I'm honest I think the price is a bit strong, the options add a bit but not as much as I feel you are adding. I have most of the main option (pro, HUD, BMW warranty, adaptive, pano, paddles) you have plus mines a M sport, 2 years younger and if I were seeking now would take £20k. Granted it's done 67k. Sorry but just trying to be balanced. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Johnny Grabble

    Time to trade in for an F10

    I owned a 2012 F10 520d for about 2 years and 40,000 miles. I've owned my 2015 F10 535d since new for about 2 years and 40,000 miles. I'd suggest I'm in a good position to compare the two. If it's mainly motorway miles you're doing, a 520d will do the job, although it's a bit gutless in the higher gears, so you'll need to work it a bit. It's fine 90% of the time but i find the engine noisy and raucous when cold and around town at all speeds. Don't get a manual, they have an expensive habit of not engaging reverse. The main reasons i got rid of mine were because reverse was getting difficult to engage and the timing chain started rattling at 1500-2000rpm at 38,000 miles. The 535d is smoother everywhere, even when cold. It uses about 10% more fuel than the 520d. Until this second F10, I've never bought the "same car" twice. I chose the 535d over a 640d GC as the ride quality is far better but i wanted similar performance to the 640. My wife and teenagers didn't get it until i took them out in it and unprompted SWMBO said it's like a different car to the previous F10. In summary then, a 520's a fine car, that's why you see them all over the place. You won't regret it, timing chain and manual gearbox risks apart. A six cylinder F10 is even better (I've no doubt the big petrols are even better...) and if you can stretch to one, you won't regret that either. Good luck!
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    Main dealer is the best place for most stuff. Cotswold are sponsors on this site and usually give a decent discount. This is is the place in Poland; http://www.nagengast.pl/index-en.html
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    Bit sore today....

    ^^^None of the airbags went off, we found this a bit odd as there was definately enough force involved to set them off. The airbag light comes on with the ignition then goes off as it's supposed to do too. And thanks all for the kind words.
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    We had a "mega mini meet" the other night at Bilborough Top services on the A64 - Just me and Mike (who's not on this forum) were there
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    Driving test changes

    5 year refresher what does it entail? I'm pretty good at using a sat nav tbh. Having a refresher is not going to change people's attitude in driving selfishly, need to get somewhere before anyone else etc.
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    Driving test changes

    The Police cannot deal with crime already, lack of funds/person power etc so nothing would change ... But the majority would be paying for the idiots again, I'm all for protect children/old folks etc ... but the Police need to target the cause ....not make the majority pay for the idiots.
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    Driving test changes

    Why should the majority have to retest every 5 years for the stupid minority ? Just ban the bloody idiots .... Edit ... also the idiots will still drive and do the same crap .... just the majority will suffer as per normal.
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    Driving test changes

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, we should have a refresher test every 5 or so years! As as for the "how to follow a sat-nav" bit that just means there will be more people cutting chevrons as they don't understand meters...... fucking idiots!
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    E60 M5 LCI upgrade

    Just get the cables mentioned, it will be cheaper. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi, just thought I'd say a big hello to all the people that make this a great site to visit. recently aquired a e61 530d M sport and used this site to track down a few well know issues! These are PDC failure, brake pad wear sensor and parking light issue! all sorted!!! Thanks
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    Itching for a new car

    I love the E39 M5 but I love the E92 shaped 3 series too. I suppose it comes down to whether you want a classic or a relatively modern M. If you think about it both these are the last of the 'proper' M3/5's. Large naturally aspirated engines with manual gearboxes.
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    Auto Gearshifter

    I must say ,the finish is crackin must be the etch primer , but the fine wire wool is great stuff bout 4 coats of paint and quite a few of lacquer Halfords own paint VW orange
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    Itching for a new car

    Was looking at them not so long along Simon, was put off with the horror stories of the engines made from chocolate and the 335i can make same or better power for a lot less ££'s
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    Few more bits done of this years mods ;0) As the bixenon foglights are not made for the sport bumper I had to make them fit using projector style cases which I prefer anyway. Bixenon left and projector style right Light unit separated from housings. Bixenon right And with a bit of trickery here and there we have now mated the bixenon light units to the projector style housings So now have Hella xenons and Hella bixenon foglights And also got round to fitting the new button to the centre switch panel to control them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got round to getting the rest of the picnic tables backs back together in there new colour scheme. Can put them to one side now and get on with the rest of stuff I have to do lol How many ppl knew they come with a detachable notebook holder ?? Even managed to add a little bit of sterling grey to the notebook catch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thought I'd update this as I've been quiet over the winter months with weather and lack of motivation. So thought I'd best get going again on this years mods knocked this up for the rear heating Stripped down the vanity mirrors as the colour don't match my contours Also stripped down the rest of the seat back as they also need redying Old colour compared to the new Finally managed to source some new kick plates Changed the rear heated potentiometer type plugs to e53 Ines to match the fronts Bought some rather rare bixenon hella fog lights Fancied a change from the usual white angel eyes so bought some ambers Vanity mirrors complete and back together. Before and after New relasered buttons for my front switch pack to replace sedc and possibly blind buttons Picnic tables finally recovered in alcantara With matching rear seat trim also covered in alcantara Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    UKs first RWB Porsche

    And so after the crowds had gone I took some pics of the finished car n here it is
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    UKs first RWB Porsche

    So into day 3 and it was time to unveil to the public. The crowds had come on Friday and Saturday, allowed to stand at the workshop entrance and observe. But Sunday's crowd was massive, with loads of cars lined up in the industrial estate. There wasn't much to do on the car, apply a few stickers, give it a good clean, fit the passenger seat and floor plates etc. Nakaisan revealed the name Hibiki, which is a Japanese whisky, and translates to beautiful sounds, good vibrations. Quite fitting. He sat infront of the car in his famous chair, done some official interviews with local and international press that had come to see it. And also took time to meet the fans and sign autographs. Then it was official launched and taken for a test drive. Something wasn't quite right and he spotted right away it wasn't getting enough fuel. A quick check revelled a leak, quick fix, luckily before it caught fire as it was just over an exhaust! Another test run and all was good, Nakaisan was happy and signed it off as the UK official number 1! The rest of us mingled with the crowd, Nakaisan packed up his gear and sat at the back of the garage chilling before his flight, occasionally being asked for an autograph or photo by someone who'd come inside. And just like that it was over! He was off to the airport to catch a flight to Japan, pick up some parts and head to Melbourne to build Australia's second RWB. In fact as I type this I'm seeing it being unveiled on Facebook! The man doesn't stop!