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    Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    Ford Reminiscing

    What a great looking car these were - this one's a 70-73 GXL with the four round headlights.
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    Ford Reminiscing

    Haha, we've done it again! Started talking about a classic BMW and got onto classic fords. [emoji23]
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    ... for me there is no doubt in my mind that this is the ULTIMATE E39 !!! Actually , it's the most beautiful car I have ever seen Everything about this car is , for me , pure perfection !!!!!!
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    Front disc rotors

    For anyone who may be interested - just replaced front discs,purchased from 123 spares, at a cost of 111 pounds each,free delivery. They are zimmerman discs. Had them on the car for a couple of weeks now and for me they are fine.
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    Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    Ford Reminiscing

    I'd have a diamond white 2000E with the dark brown (tobacco) vinyl roof, tan velour and the 3 speed auto. Really suited the car more than the manual.
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    Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    Ford Reminiscing

    Mark one pre facelift Capri - the GTXLR iirc.
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Bodged my wobbly foglight. Turns out the retaining bracket had broken, so I epoxied it back on. It's still not perfectly straight but it's better than it was and I've been for a drive and it hasn't broken again yet. Also, got the cable holder clips for the boot (they were part number 61138355134; £1.60 each from dealer), put them on and the tailgate is now back together.
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    You can machine polish these out, but to be fair the BMW is pretty good at withstanding attack from squadron leader sparrow. Lol most folk refer to their car as being a babe magnet......
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    MotorTechnik in Kirkcaldy are very knowledgeable if a little expensive. They're an independent BMW specialist. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    Air Cleaner Element

    Ahhh yes The RIGHT way up LOL not that i have ever EVER done that haha.
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    Seagull and pidgeon sh*t is the worst as there's usually a lot of it. I picked up a couple of 'burns' on the roof last year. I also had a big problem with sparrows nesting in my open garage until I took measures to deter them, and finding 10-15 calling cards overnight was the norm. I was beginning to think of the car as some sort if sh*t magnet. Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Kids before cars....
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    ^ I used to do that in the days before the littl'un arrived and when the wife didn't want to go shopping for a new sofa..........That's all I did in mine today, drove it to a soulless industrial estate to look at sofas.......and the littl'un spilt some food on the door card that her mum unbeknownst to me gave her!
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    Ah.. bollocks! I thought that load will actually not make it drop (if the car is on). I also thought that it would throw a code if there was an issue. A quick look shows that the Sport bags are more expensive than SE, unfortunately (for me). It seems you can never learn enough about these cars. Or by the time you do, it's 20 years old! Cheers, Ed
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    Great video mate. Thanks for sharing.
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    How much oil?

    All this means it is of low ash content.
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    London Taxi in Florida

    So that's where Stephen Fry left his cab....
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    X6 scam.....

    Thanks for that mr Lennox, I've just watched the first one. I thought it was ok, will reserve judgment until I've watched a couple more
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    New owner 3.6 M5

    and painted..
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    Paul, How do you find the tone now these are fitted? I was offered some small silencers at the shop when I got my muffler delete as they bloke reckoned they 'cleaned' up the sound. Not really sure what he means to be honest but just occasionally I do think the fully straight pipes are just a tad too loud.
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    New number plate - is 3D Gel legal?

    Nothing wrong with them, I have them on my F11
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    X6 scam.....

    Well, he was somewhat taken aback when I assured him his piece of potential Thai poontang was probably 6'4", weighed 240 lbs had a beard and answered to the name of James!
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    OK. will do as the new owner may now fancy the Alpina and the plans change.
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    I Hate black wheels.