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    New stat, water pump and belts fitted... All bang on as it should be now; runs at the right temp and needle is where it should be! Rear wheels re-balanced and new valves fitted; this was what was causing the wobbling at speed All underneath checked over, all bushes/srms/links/ball-joints/prop shaft,bearing and donut checked and all is is very good condition Needs another wash now the rains leaving sand all over the show... Bloody dark cars!!!
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    Put the hsd's on at last. Back needs to come down a little. Full alignment tomorrow. Will lowering the rear another 5mm require another alignment? Or maybe raise the front a bit. Would love to go lower but reality needs to take control!
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    Who be Interested in purchasing either of these looms to assist you when upgraded your seats to comfort/contours or just heated seats ready for next winter. All original BMW connections used. Wire of correct sizing and covered with overbraid to protect it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Reverse and Rear Fog lights have incandescent bulbs not LED.
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    new pics

    and another
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    This gives all of the ride heights in case anyone else needs the info for other rim sizes too. F10 Ride Height - Front.pdf F10 Ride Height - Rear.pdf
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    Is this worth it?

    OK, find me a similar spec car at £500 and I'll take it! I'm thinking £7-800 isn't unreasonable, £900 tops?
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    618mm for 18" wheel measured from underside of front wheel arch at 12 o'cock to outer edge of wheel rim at 6 o'clock. 604mm for 18" wheel measured from underside of rear wheel arch at 12 o'cock to outer edge of wheel rim at 6 o'clock. That's for low slung sport suspension. Took a while to find it again!
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    Another day, another bill New stat fitted (Wahler) New water pump fitted (Meyle) New belts (Meyle) New temp sender (OEM) System refilled and bled Temp needle is where it should be and car runs at correct temp Rear alloys re-balanced and new valves fitted due to them letting air out slowly; re-balancing cured the wobbling at speed Cars filthy again with the sandy rain; will give it a rinse off tomorrow and a proper wash thereafter
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    Crazy drunk driver

    drink driving with a baby in the Rear , life ban and minimum 5 years in prison
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Looks well; needs 15mm spacers to get the tyres flush to the arch lines now IMO and set at the ride height so they don't rub if going over bumps etc Get the full alignment done and then I'd leave it for 3-4 weeks for all the suspension to settle properly and then decide on the ride height (higher or lower)... It will settle and probably drop another few mm anyways!
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    Sometimes the answer is in the question https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/
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    Time to say good bye

    that looks nice! Really like the colour/spec combo. Other half has an F30 320d Sport. You do sit nice and low in them. Steering is a bit too light for a BMW though and the sport wheel is too thin. Hers is a 12 plate so the newer design steering wheels in the later f30's look more chunky.
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    Yes it's going up!!
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    The BMW5 random picture thread

    Use a good indy and save yourself a fortune....
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    X6 scam.....

    "In the immortal words of the Virgin Mary... Come again..."
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    X6 scam.....

    Do ya like dags? [emoji106]
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    X6 scam.....

    Dan what good is both of us going? Have you not seen snatch where gorgeous George gets knocked the fuck out and Tommie "the tit" is praying an if he's not he facking should be....
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    Bonfire smoke

    The previous owner of my house used to fall out with the miserable old bugger next door about fires all the time. The miserable old sod had told him, and then me when I moved in, not to light fires when there was an Easterly wind as the smoke crossed his house but the old sod used to light up any time with a West wind and then, being the tight sod he was about garden recycling bins, throw on loads of green leaves and wet wood. Apparently it came to a head one day and the previous owner here did in fact go and hose down his bonfire one bright sunny afternoon. The previous owner told me all this, and told the misery he had told me and so now courtesy calls are always made and I have told the old bugger 'No' sometimes as we, and other downwind neighbours, have been out enjoying the sunshine. Just build your own bonfire Richard and when the wind is just right to engulf your neighbours house grab a beer and light her up.
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    530d titansport

    Nervous Newbie

    Hi and welcome, what you have is a bmw e39 525i se auto from your description, they are very reliable but do have there issues, they are chain driven so no need to worry about a cambelt, service costs you will find very sim to you astra (indi) but where poss fit oem over cheap after market rubbish you will only have to pay for the job to be done again. Oil is a fully syn 5w 30w, coolant is the bmw downfall keep that in tiptop condition and you cant go wrong, autobox....even with that lower milage if the oil and filter has not been changed get that changed, there is alot of debate about gearbox oils and labels but i stuck to what my label said. Happy motoring and any problems or niggles just post im sure someone will be able to help
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    I would love to be able to spec a new one with some of those options. Very nice. Let me know if your towbar is fully wired to all 13 pins. The 3AC option previously in the UK is not wired to pins 10 and 11 so you can't chill your beers in the caravan fridge en-route to site. Not a problem if you don't mind warm beer or are just using it to carry a bike rack.
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    Feeler 2002 Carbon Black M5 FBMWSH 75k

    You was done ...Barris/Carphonics on here was doing that for £280
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Audi A7 quattro

    I've seen loads of A7's out and about on the road and have to say they've really grown on me, I may keep my eye on how quickly they depreciate (I already am with the Jag XF)..... And I find the back end reminds me of the Rover SD1 which is a car I loved the look of as a kid and still do;
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    Audi A7 quattro

    Hi There, The Audi A7 celebrates originality beautifully. Designed with sleek contours, impressive power, luxurious details and enhanced technologies, it's truly one of a kind. This is technology that can help connect you to the world and keep you connected to the road.