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    I think what he's saying is don"t let one dick head sour a whole barrel. What we don't need at this or anytime is knee jerk vigilante action against an innocent and peaceful group of people because one chump claims he's doing crap in their name. This would serve no purpose and lead to further division. It doesn't undermine the victims families loss to whom our sympathies are with. We, as brits, must stand against terror regardless of race, creed and colour rather than fight amongst ourselves. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Blaming one particular religion is exactly what the terrorists want in order to divide us. ISIS use Islam as an excuse just as the IRA used Catholicism. There is little difference as all these terrorists are just nutters.
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    B10 V8S

    They are great cars and I appreciate the low production numbers, however it is still based on a mass produced 5 series which IMO will never quite be a classic classic, if you know what I mean. The e46 & e39 were the start of the modern BMW's with more electronics, safety features etc. The problem with this car is its extremely limited audience. An enthusiast who wants to use it casually in the summer and enjoy the odd car show is probably its best bet. A buyer who wants to use the car every day will take a major hit value wise as soon as it's over 100k miles. C.
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    Start calling a spade a spade, and acknowledge what's right under our bloody noses. Time to stop worrying about being called racist or told we are discriminating, and go out there and kick some arse.
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    We all know the protocol by now- 1. This has nothing to do with Islam. 2. The guy was a mentally ill 'lone wolf'. 3. Those who object to points 1 and 2 are racist bigots. 4. Change Facebook profile to flag of inflicted country. 5. Light some candles, hold a vigil and go on a peace march. 6. Wait for the next slaughter to happen. 7. Repeat.
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    So, after the lease Tekna Leaf went back, a short spell in a Cooper S proved too small for mumsy duties. Sold on first viewing. Best bang for your buck, these come quite high on my list, sharp styling, good space, great mpg, bit leftfield!! Saab 9-3 150 1.9 diesel. Needed a good clay bar / detail / paint correction etc, but a few mods in and all is well: So far: Corrected paint, fitted xenon kit, added bluetooth bury cradle, led rear number plate lights, and best part, £60 of new alloys off gumtree with tyres like new!!! Before: ( detail had occurred by this point, loads of nasty scratches out ) El cheapo wheels added: Halfway through hid upgrade! look at the difference: Car has also recently been cambelted / waterpump, full front suspension overhaul, exhaust flexi replaced, gear linkages replaced, All this for the princely sum of £1500. 135,000 miles, feels great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    rubbish, hyprocisy is not my style, so don't make up my response - had I heard it there would have been no comment.
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    I'm amazed at that video! How do people find time to spend doing this, and how long does the result last? Perhaps it's a classic or show car. Each to their own I guess! [emoji4] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    B10 V8S

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    B10 V8S

    I think I've only had two cars sub 100k in the last 20 years [emoji15]and the lowest mileage has been the biggest pita.
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    For those who don't like modified cars, click back on your browser! Cheers, Dennis!
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    E39 2000 530D SE Touring Auto

    Thanks guys, fingers crossed!
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    B10 V8S

    No, at 155k miles its still unbelievably quick, never had it flat out and it so quick through the autobox - someone will always want it - just like the 175k miles rocket ship E34 M5. the old 3.8 straight six hth and just personal view
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    B10 V8S

    So are all Alpinas so i struggle to get your point, E30, E34, e36, e46 values are strong. These have bumped up because of the values of M5s Will it die at 100,000 miles then?!
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    Very moving. http://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/iain-dale/extraordinary-call-im-embarrassed-to-be-a-muslim/
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    Clutch pedal switch location

    Sounds like you got there in the end Adam! Nice one!
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    Best way would be to have a look, the ecu is located on the passenger side bulkhead under the bonnet, you will need to remove the pollen filter box and under there is a big black box, undo the screws and remove the cover and there you will find your ecu.
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    Like these from the Muslim Council of Britain, you mean? http://www.mcb.org.uk/westminster-attack/ http://www.mcb.org.uk/westminster-attack-call-for-solidarity-and-prayer/ Were apologies demanded of Christians for Anders Breivik?
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    Best OPolishing Wax

    Yeah they are filthy haha
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    Angel eye question (sorry!)

    Just installed mine at the weekend and I installed the packs. I wouldn't worry about it at all just make sure they are not touching the bulb etc. I tucked mine right down the bottom and on the right
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    Best OPolishing Wax

    Looks very nice, just needs the tailpipes doing....
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    Teresa May just said that the attacker is home grown and his affiliations are not yet clear. So we can't go blaming this on immigrants. Somebody at MI5 may be due for a rocket as it seems that while he was regarded as a peripheral figure, he was indeed on their books. But they can't watch every potential extremist 24/7. The solution would seem to be to stop the poison which is being spread and give our intelligence services whatever tools they need.
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    If you want to try other oils aside from the ZF oil, give Opie Oils in Cornwall a call. They're very helpful and will be able to recommend you a suitable oil. They may even say stick with ZF only but they're the experts at this kind of thing. www.opieoils.co.uk
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    B10 V8S

    Most of the B10 were business expresses so low mileage examples must be rare and rarer. my 2000 is sat on 155k although has a mass history of work done, so that's the realism now around 14/18 years into E39 model. still rate Alpina as the dog's danglies in terms of doing it all in style
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    B10 V8S

    And probably still is a 12k car. Now if it was in a nice colour with Alpina colour/stitch on the seats and not approaching 90k miles then the price would be a little more realistic IMO. C.
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    Matthew Ashton

    Radio switches 1-8

    The shortcuts can be changed whether engine is running or just ignition on but watch out for the "other keyfob" syndrome as this has foxed me too. I've set: Journey computer, SatNav direction and Music for the split screen along with my Home destination shortcut, tone settings (for the fader when my girls are watching their iPads in the rear) and a radio preset. The split screen changes I use very often.
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    Hi... very recent / new owner of an E39 530D and already been thrown into the deep end first with a laundry list of suspension issues needing sorting, and now some electrical problems this morning. Hasn't ruined my enthusiasm for this fantastic car yet though Drive to work this morning and ended up with a lot of similar symptoms to the OP. My radio was just 'on' and I was unable to turn it off using any of the controls either on the MID or the steering wheel controls. I stopped and restarted the car in the hope that would help, and was greeted by my self levelling suspension throwing up a fault. And then I found my indicators didn't seem to work either (though I now know from reading around they were probably working but just not displaying anything on the dash). Anyway.. looks as though disconnecting the webasto may be the thing to try. We had heavy rain yesterday and the roads were all wet today too so stands to reason the connector has taken a soaking. However I also stumbled across this forum post, and in the interest of just aggregating useful information about this problem in one place, to help other people searching for such information, I thought it was worth sharing: http://www.bimmerforums.co.uk/forum/f15/1999-e39-530d-touring-multiple-electrical-indicator-faults-t39735-post1375850/#post1375850 Interestingly however after I got to work, I removed the MID control panel and found the connector was only half attached. Reconnected it and now have control of my stereo again and the indicators are also back working, as is the self levelling suspension. So wondering if somehow the intermittent MID connection maybe caused the fault and confused the bus. Will see if it returns as an issue as at least I now have some things to try! Cheers.
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    530d titansport

    Android headunits

    Im not sure if the back light is changable on that model but it is fully adjustable on my unit and ive managed to get the perfect shade that matches the rest of the dash, the unit you have selected is the unit i was also looking at but i decided to spend the extra and get the latest unit that showed it had all the goodies.
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    There is a real danger of some "nut of the other extreme" planning vengeance as it appears to be planned provocation each time, then followed by a silence from the related community, no press of tv statements - just ignored or claimed he had a history of mental illness. PC correctness in this country is now absolute madness.
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    B10 V8S

    Prices have gone up nicely. 2 or 3 years ago that was a £12000 car. Rare beasts.
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    Expensive for a pan only. It would also help if we knew what model of car is for since there is a difference between number of bolts between 6hp19 & 6hp26.
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    Don't know, but I'd be more tempted to look at the BMW EBay store. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171324259861 "For a few dollars more" you could get the genuine article. Also try Cotswold BMW in the forum sponsors section. They might even beat the EBay price. Not saying the Meyle kit isn't decent, but your autobox really needs the best you can give it. [emoji4] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Marcus GTE

    New E61 owner

    Hello! Im Marcus, and I'm the proud owner of this E61 535d m sport LCI hope to find the forum a good source of info on any issues that may pop up in the future. She goes into BMW tomorrow for a once over, so I'll know what needs doing. It has an oil leak, and I've read that this can be the red charge air hose that can perish. Hoping it's just that, as it is dirty; but I'll wait to see what the experts say. Expecting to spend some money on it to get it ship shape. In general though its in great shape for 109,000 miles. The sunroof (heard they are problematic) has been coded just to vent, so I'll ask about that when I'm in too. Cheers
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    air springs

    But then it won't self level. Changing bags once every 125,000 miles or so isn't that bad. Shocks would be gone in that time and spring would be weak so it do the bags tbh Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Top cop on the tv just now, saying we must recognise that Muslim communities will feel anxious at this time. Jesus - really? This is what we should be concerned about? He's warning about consequences of hate crimes against Muslims. This is actually how our ever increasingly politically correct officials now think. No wonder we are soft targets. Get out there and protect us asshole.
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    Clutch pedal switch location

    you need to hold the switch in if you want to see if it works.
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    Let's at least find out where the guy came from and get to grips with why he did this. If it is politically motivated, the solution lies with MI5 or MI6. If they need an extra £1 a week from each of us to do their job better, my money is on the table. And I couldn't care less whose email they read or whose phones they tap.
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    E39 2000 530D SE Touring Auto

    Price reduced!
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    E39 520i auto

    It'll be the ABS sensors as other folk have said However, an everyday code reader will more than likely just give you generic codes Your location isn't stated, so what you need to do is update that and see if anyone has a decent reader or INPA etc What about your local indy mechanics or BMW; they'll soon read the codes correctly for you!
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    E39 520i auto

    From memory the speedo takes its reading from the left rear wheel speed sensor.
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    used all sorts of inserts my plan on my m52 i was rebuilding was to helicoil the head and then fit studs, could see no reason why that would not work effectively
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    Wouldn't have thought it would be his nuts.. Most men check them at least 5 times a day
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    had my alloys refurbed in anthracite august and changed tyre sizes to 245 45 17s but the spare was always silver and a 235 45 17 and albeit hidden it made me itch ! Anyway a nail in one of my rear tyres meant a new tyre and that meant more tread on one side than the other so replaced both back tyres , used the other good rear tyre for the spare and had it refurbed in anthracite too so all 5 wheels are the same!
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    Top Gear

    Those cars were cruising. The camera car was also overtaking them. Having driven that Golf, it is fun, but so is the much cheaper Golf R. And seriously, my previous GTR would have pulled it's trousers down. Show is fun but I'm not warming to it. Rory is enthusiastic, which I like, but there is a serious lack of chemistry. That said, it's better without Chris Evans.
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    You miss the point somewhat.......... Why do they not last 15 years? There are Maxis from the mid seventies on original Hydragas units and they were a cheap mass produced car.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Meyle HD rear subframe bushes now fitted. Was going to do this job myself, but pulled my back this week at work, so took the subframe bush tool - thanks Jimmy - and the bushes to my local indy. They only charged £50.
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    I had to travel from London to Chandlers Ford to get mine. It wasn't quite as advertised, but luckily the dealer didn't know much technically, so I knocked him down a few hundred quid for relatively simple fixes One 530i Sport I looked at was priced at £3800; had 97K miles, was an auto, silver with light green interior (actually quite nice in the flesh, although I admit it sounds crap), but on viewing looked like it has been in a sand storm or polished with an angle grinder; had mould all over the rear seatbelts and headlining ("that'll be from the valet mate"); had a random bunch of broken trim thrown in the boot; had a flat battery (despite me asking the day before viewing to take it for a test drive) and generally was a POS. I reckoned it needed a new rear window plus full respray at least; so I emailed the dealer and offered him £1000 - his words "come in and we'll talk about it". Funnily I couldn't be arsed, but clearly he knew he was taking the piss at nearly £4K It is a minefield though; glad I don't do it very often.
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    And the thing is, so many look very good in their ads - I bet 80% won't live up to the seller's descriptions.
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    Piper's E39 540i Touring

    Car back at Beemabuild for a new resprayed tailgate, removing some rust by the jacking points and a front Alpina spoiler Pics on the way when done; )